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There's no way to say all of this without sounding preachy, so just try to keep in mind we are not under the impression that we are better than anyone. In fact all of our artists generally have something to sell at live shows, whether it be limited edition vinyl or a t-shirt. We are just trying to do something different because different = fun. Quote Unquote Records is a donation-based record label. We have simple goals which is to put out good music, put out fun music and help our artists get heard. Record labels are failing miserably right now, and I'm pretty sure that is because they are trying to sell CDs. Aside from maybe the latest NOW compilations and that Red Hot Chili Peppers double disc (that was a shocker!), CD sales ain't doin' so hot. That's because people just download it anyway.

While some people who are very uncomfortable with embracing a new technology swear that this is going to kill rock and roll, I have seen first hand that it helps bands increase their audience and allows fans to discover tons of great bands. Then, usually at a show, people will buy a CD or something if the band is really good.

if you are diggin' what we're doing, please toss us some money so we can continue to grow and maybe start something new. I mean seriously, a million labels selling CDs, there's gotta be one that's giving them away, right? To download our catalog, click on the little albums link on the left and if you like an artist, please donate the suggested price. Even though we all try to record these albums on our own, your donations help us to eat on tour, pay for promotion and hopefully one day, allow us to do some cool stuff that "real" bands with "labels" do - like recording and packaging records. Fuck, with your help, maybe we can even change this stupid stupid underground music industry from fashionista indie labels back to friendly songwriters and nerds.

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Shinobu release new LP for free
Shinobu have released their new album... for free! The record is called 10 Thermidor and you can download it for free, or donate whatever you feel is appropriate, at Quote Unquote Records records. You can get the record here or…
2015-01-05 09:00:01

Shinobu: "The Void"
Today's stream comes from San Jose, CA-based Shinobu. We've got a stream of a new song titled "The Void". The track comes from their forthcoming record 10 Thermidor which is being released through Really Records and Lauren Records. The group are currently raising money for the record and…
2014-10-29 16:00:02

Jeff Rosenstock releases 'Summer" bonus tracks for free
Jeff Rosenstock has released the bonus tracks from his Summer 7-inch to the public, which was released last year, via Quote Unquote Records. The release consists of two songs which were on the physical release and five bonus songs free for download here.…
2014-03-12 13:00:01

Bomb the Music Industry! announce support for final shows
Bomb the Music Industry! have revealed who will be supporting their final two shows in Brooklyn, NY. The Slackers, Lemuria, and Hop Along will be at the January 17…
2013-12-23 16:30:01

Bomb The Music Industry! to play final show Jan. 19
Bomb The Music Industry! will be playing their final, final show on Jan. 19 at Warsaw in Brooklyn. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon ET here; the group are offering a free live recording of the show…
2013-11-21 13:00:01

Crying: 'Get Olde'
Chip-tune punk act Crying have released their new EP, Get Olde, for a pay-what-you-want download via Quote Unquote Records. You can check it out…
2013-10-09 11:00:01

Chewing on Tinfoil announce new album, Stza Crack collaboration, tour
Dublin-based Chewing On Tinfoil -- which sounds particularly unpleasant -- have announced their new album Marrowbone Lane, due out August 2, 2013. They've also released a pair of songs from the record for free download: "Fuck Team Sports" and "Just Like Me," the latter of which features…
2013-07-08 14:00:01

Jeff Rosenstock: "Teenager"
Jeff Rosenstock has announced a solo project, called the Summer Seven Club. Supporting the project will get fans a new two-song 7-inch record from Jeff, a "special 45 adapter," and a new song from Jeff every two weeks during the summer. You can check out the details and pre-orders…
2013-05-29 13:00:01

Cheap Girls releasing acoustic album, proceeds to pay for singer's surgery
Cheap Girls have announced that they will be releasing an acoustic version of their sophomore album, 2009's My Roaring 20's, digitally via Quote Unquote Records. As with all Quote Unquote releases, the album will be free, with an optional donation. Any donations for…
2013-01-14 13:00:01

Bomb the Music Industry!: "Big Kisses"
Bomb the Music Industry! have released a new (possibly their last) song entitled "Big Kisses". The song was created for the charity, Respond & Rebuild, who are working to rid toxic waste from hundreds of homes due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Bomb the Music…
2012-12-31 17:00:01

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