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"The story goes like this: (Circa 1995) There was a guy named Joe Sib who used to sing in a band called, WAX on Interscope Records (They were the band with the video of the guy running down the street on fire.) He started his own label to put out 7â?ťs of his friendâ??s bands. It was called, SideOne Records. His roommate at the time was Bill Armstrong, former axeman of the band Green Thumb, who was also starting his own label Dummy Records and was gearing up to release full length records. After not much thought at all, they pooled their life savings and joined forces. Why chage the name? Combine the two! So, there it was, SideOneDummy. Their first release was a Swinginâ?? Utters collection CD. Joe & Bill own and run the company to this day!"

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Timeshares: "Spend the Night"
New York's Timeshares have released a second music video off of their latest release, titled Already Dead. Already Dead is due out April 28, 2015 on SideOneDummy Records. The song is titled “Spend The Night,” and the video pays homage to The Replacements’ music video for “Bastards Of Young.”…
2015-03-26 12:00:01

Superheaven announces new record and tour
Superheaven has announced their new release on Side One Dummy Records. The new record is titled Ours Is Chrome and is set to be released on May 4th, 2015. They have also released a video for their first song off the new album, titled "I've Been Bored." The band will be touring North America this summer with…
2015-03-25 12:00:01

Timeshares: "The Bad Parts"
Timeshares have released a new music video for a song that will be featured on their second full-length release, titled Already Dead. The song is titled “The Bad Parts.” Already Dead and is due out April 28, 2015 on Side One Dummy…
2015-03-11 11:00:01

Restorations / Crazy Arm / Sam Russo (UK)
Restorations announced earlier today that this summer they will be heading to the UK on tour with Crazy Arm and Sam Russo. Currently, Restorations is on tour with Cheap Girls, Chris Farren and Hard…
2015-03-09 12:00:01

Andrew Jackson Jihad: "Do, Re, and Me"
Andrew Jackson Jihad have released a new video. it's for "Do, Re, and Me" which is off the recently released Christmas Island.…
2015-03-02 13:00:02

Pup: "Back Against the Wall"
Pup has released a music video for their song "Back Against the Wall." It comes from their 2014 Side One Dummy release,…
2015-02-12 15:30:02

Jeff Rosenstock: "You, In Weird Cities"
Jeff Rosenstock is streaming a new song titled "You, In Weird Cities". The track comes from his forthcoming release We Cool? which is due out March 3, 2015 via Side One Dummy Records. You can listen to it…
2015-02-12 12:30:01

The Suicide Machines / Break Anchor / Derek Grant / Bastardous
The Suicide Machines have announced a Midwestern and East Coast tour with Break Anchor, Derek Grant (Alkaline Trio) and Bastardous which will take place in April. The band will perform…
2015-02-11 15:00:01

Timeshares join Side One Dummy
New York's Timeshares have joined the Side One Dummy Records roster. The band plan to release their new album Already Dead through the label on April 28, 2015. Timeshares will be heading out on tour in Europe in May. You can view those…
2015-02-10 14:30:01

Jeff Rosenstock: "Nausea"
Jeff Rosenstock has released a new video from his upcoming solo album. The video is for "Nausea." The album will be called We Cool? and will be out March 3 via Side One Dummy Records.…
2015-01-29 12:00:01

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