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No Trigger

No Trigger: TycoonTycoon (2012)
No Sleep Records

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Contributed by: thepopeofchili-townthepopeofchili-town
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In six short years, the musical landscape can transform immensely. Back in 2006, no one had heard of the Gaslight Anthem, or Lady Gaga for that matter. Gratuitous autotune didn't inhabit every song on the top 40, and the Black Keys were just some garage rock band from Akron, Ohio. Things were mighty.
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In six short years, the musical landscape can transform immensely. Back in 2006, no one had heard of the Gaslight Anthem, or Lady Gaga for that matter. Gratuitous autotune didn't inhabit every song on the top 40, and the Black Keys were just some garage rock band from Akron, Ohio. Things were mighty different back then. For Worcester, Mass.' No Trigger however, other than a few lineup and label adjustments, not much has changed in the six years since their last full-length, Canyoneer. The band still play their trademark speedy melodic hardcore, coming off like a sharper version of Strike Anywhere or early Rise Against with a hint of Kid Dynamite in Tom Rheault's vocals. Since the group has been working at a Dillinger Four-like pace, their overdue sophomore effort Tycoon feels refreshing rather than rehashed.

Sticking with a familiar sound doesn't mean the group has grown stagnant. While No Trigger hasn't radically reinvented its sound on Tycoon, the band has made a few small tweaks that have helped their sound grow. On the whole, Tycoon is a more aggressive affair than its predecessor (Defeater guitarist Jay Maas' production probably had a hand in that), and the guitar licks on "Dried Piss" and "New Brains" are slightly more complex than what we've heard from the band before, suggesting a Wilhelm Scream vibe. Another twist one might not have expected is the nearly two-minute drum solo in "Turn In My Throat" that closes the album.

One aspect that drew a lot fans to No Trigger in the Canyoneer days was their catchy choruses, and those remain the same as they ever were. Look no further than "Checkmate" or opener "Maple Boy" for proof. These are sure to incite plenty of singalongs and pileups.

Melodic hardcore is a crowded field. No Trigger isn't doing anything radically different from the pack but the group manages to stand out by simply writing solid songs with solid hooks, and finding a good balance of aggression and melody. Tycoon will please fans of the genre, and give them something to mosh about. It's good to have them back.


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mowlio (May 13, 2012)

Good album but it gets a little stale towards the end.

timahelm (March 6, 2012)

another very fast album, nothing special

owneroperator (March 4, 2012)

it's no canyoneer. but that's not to say it isn't any good. it's just not as good.

smarttrigger (March 4, 2012)

top notch

friokir (March 3, 2012)

a more agressive afair? you gotta be kidding me. canyoneer was way more agressive. this is definitely more mid-tempo, more melodic singing/less screaming - poppier overall. 8/10. not as good as canyoneer, but digging it.

spoon_of_grimbo (March 3, 2012)

album rips! and the cover of soul asylum's "somebody to shove" at the end of the last track is immense!

theproblemwithfire (March 3, 2012)

It's not bad, but it's not great, either. This could have easily come out a year or two after their last album, for all I can tell. Pretty forgettable when you consider that bands like Propagandhi and A Wilhelm Scream exist. I only have so much money and space on my computer. Going to have to pass on this one.

harekrishna (March 2, 2012)

in short...it rips. glad these guys are back.

woodprop (March 2, 2012)

Haven't stop listening to it since I got it. Love the New Brains/Permanent combo especially. Maple Boy is a great opener too.

exitenglish1208 (March 2, 2012)

great record. echoing the other sentiments, it's no canyoneer, but canyoneer was incredible and this is pretty damn close. here's to not waiting another 6 years

Marchelo (March 2, 2012)

Oh, wow, a new No Trigger album!!! Oh, yeah, sounds nice, bro!!! Goddamn, the production makes you have an eargasm!!! Well, yeah, it has nice melodies... Yes, it is a nice record... Uhm... Well, that was not worth waiting for six years. Those are my thoughts across the five or six plays I've given it up to now. And I think it's enough, I think I'll go back to Canyoneer. A little bit delusional, but, yes, it is a nice album. But, yes, nothing more.

icapped2pac (March 2, 2012)

I still think Canyoneer is as awesome as I did the first time I heard it (and I've listened to it a shitload), so this had high personal standards to live up to. I like it, but for some reason it's not really clicking with me like I hoped it would. I'm going to keep spinning the shit out of it though with the assumption that it's a grower.

bryne (March 2, 2012)

It's pretty good. "Permanent" is my favorite song on it.

skeetopunk01 (March 2, 2012)

I like the album... but Canyoneer is far superior in my opinion. I mean.. Owner Operator and The (Not So) Noble Purveyors Of The Third Or Fourth Coming are better than any songs on the new albun.

fattony (March 2, 2012)

I'm really digging this after the first few listens. I liked Canyoneer, but it didn't really stick with me for very long. I feel like this one might have more replay value for some reason

eatdogs (March 2, 2012)

it is good to have these guys back. saw em' in oklahoma with third grade scuffle and smoke or fire.

left after no trigger...

damnitsderek (March 2, 2012)

This album is outstanding. Between this and the new albums from The Menzingers and The Sidekicks, there hasn't been much time to listen to anything else.

johnnyz77 (March 2, 2012)

great record. my first album by them. guess i got to check out there other stuff next.

Nate_desolate (March 2, 2012)

Only got two listens through it so far. It seems the energy starts to fade out by the end of the record. I start to forget it's even playing when the last few songs come up. Overall, it's another fun record from one of my favorite bands. I probably need to listen to it a few more times before I really figure it out.

inagreendase (March 2, 2012)

Rating is right on. It's no 'Canyoneer', but a solid comeback nonetheless.

r3vengetherapy (March 2, 2012)

I liked Canyoneer all those years ago, but I never listen to it, so I didn't know whether I would care about this or not. It's a solid record. "Maple Boy" is a badass song.

oldpunkerforever (March 2, 2012)

Fuckin brilliant, a bit more raw than previous work without missing a beat on melody. Mountaineer and Checkmate are standouts however this whole thing is tops. I hear quite a bit of Change is a Sound era SA on here-oldpunker-

kursk64 (March 2, 2012)

Sweeet record. Mountaineer has been stuck in my head since the day the record came out.

martinnz09 (March 2, 2012)

Such a great album by one of the best bands around today

Blackjaw_ (March 2, 2012)

Good for one listen, doubt I'll ever go back to it. I feel bad scoring it like this, it's probably just the (sub)genre that I don't like much these days.

AK3punk (March 2, 2012)

Incredible album, better than the last one. I hope it's not another 6 years before we get another full length album from these guys.

LooseKanonyankee (March 2, 2012)

Great record. Just a streamlined version of No Trigger's best qualities. Restraint is key

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