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JD & The FDCs: RecogniseRecognise (2012)
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Contributed by: Rich27Rich27
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The JD in JD & The FDC's is Jamie Delerict, a man who seems to have quite a musical past according to his Facebook page, having been in a number of bands including the Dangerfields and Panic in the UK. The FDCs are, well, not really sure really and to be honest, I'm not really too bothered to find o.
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The JD in JD & The FDC's is Jamie Delerict, a man who seems to have quite a musical past according to his Facebook page, having been in a number of bands including the Dangerfields and Panic in the UK. The FDCs are, well, not really sure really and to be honest, I'm not really too bothered to find out having listened to this album.

Firstly, this album comes with a whole list of people who have contributed to the record including the likes of Dez Cadena (some band with a famous logo), Richard Bacchus (D-Generation), Jesse Luscious (Blatz etc) and a handful of other "names" in the rock/punk scene. To me this seems like quite a desperate ploy to entice the listener into thinking that with all these seals of approval this is a damn fine record. Well, I wasn't enticed by those providing contributions and it shouldn't need them so blatantly pushed to make a good record but then this isn't a good record.

For me, Recognise is a tired rehash of well used rock ‚??n' roll riffs, filled with uninspiring lyrics that really someone of a certain age (JD, the finger points at you) should find too decayed to even contemplate using rather than ramming them all into one album. My immediate thoughts are that this is a sub-sub-par version of the Wildhearts but I don't think it's fair to use that band's name in any comparison, good, bad or otherwise. Although the main thrust, musically, is one that is more rock than punk, JD and the FDCs do at least try and mix things up a little bit and "From The Shadows," featuring Cadena, and Amy Dumas does have a neat opening riff but it doesn't take long before we descend firmly back into the pool of mediocrity. I won't deny that there is something catchy about some of the tracks but it just sounds so stale and obvious that I cannot get into it at all.

I'm not one for lambasting a record just for the fun of it as bands have usually put a lot of effort into the work but this just manages to wind me up in so many ways, from the lack of originality in terms of the music and lyrics, the slick artwork/inlay (all of which reminds me of something else) and the awful photos of the band included in that packaging. However, this has been sent to me to listen to and in doing so has offended me into writing over 500 words when I could have turned in about fifty or so and got my point across in an equally forceful way.

Believe me, I've not just listened to this once and thumped away at the keyboard with this negativity‚??I've played this more than I really wanted to in an attempt to find something I liked, but that has not happened. I have found positive reviews of this album, so there is no doubt an audience out there for this kind of stuff but it certainly doesn't include me.


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JoseyV (August 22, 2012)

Yeah common, what's your REAL problem Rich27?

nedsammy (August 21, 2012)

They posted the review to some fans, who have accused you of being touched by a male family member and liking Vanilla Ice. Mad rips y'all. Anyway, that's probably why there's all the support from these people.
Couldn't comment on the album myself, I'm just crazy bored and looking through reviews.

benduh (August 21, 2012)

I'm sure Howie Weinburg (Rancid, Ramones, Nirvana,The Clash,The Replacements etc etc) would not have mastered an album like you have described Rich27.

Bengals (August 19, 2012)

Haters Gonna Hate.

Rich27 clearly has a problem which goes beyond his questionable journalistic skills.

For me, this is the album of the year so far and the most entertaining band around. If they're playing in a town near you, go and see them and form your own opinion.

thebars1985 (August 18, 2012)

Close. It's The "Fucking Douchebag Cunts" actually :)

EchosMyron (August 18, 2012)

Jaded Dickhead & the Fucking Dipshit Cunts

thebars1985 (August 18, 2012)

JD has clearly taken this revieweers girlfriend from him at some point. Or is at least jealous of his friends that appeared in his album. This isn't just bad journalism, it's bordering on petty hatred. Tell us why it's unoriginal, why the lyrics are bad and why it's so wrong to have slick CD packaging! What a sad, bitter man who clearly wishes he had a fraction of JDs punk rock spirit. This is obviously a popular website. I'd recommend getting some reviewers on board who aren't fuelled by jealousy. I bought the box set of this album and it's an album of the year contender in my opinion.

thismikeisapipebomb (August 17, 2012)

v Clearly JD and FDC's mothers below

patientX (August 17, 2012)

I agree with JJFUBAR
JD & The FDCs are one of the best live bands I've seen in a long time, and I would challenge anyone who's seen them to state otherwise!
I don't agree with Rich's review of the album, but you can't pull someone apart for having an opinion.
Personally, I love it - it stands head and shoulders above much of the "bedroom jam" sounding crap that is forced fed into our ears these days ; that and all the rehashed remastered reissues of albums that were clearly sh1t the first time around.

''Recognise'' isn't sh1t, nor does it sound like a 'bedroom jam' - it's 12 tracks of pure aural pleasure ;)
JD, along with his band of FDCs, has produced a truly rocking debut album and I firmly believe that the guest artists chose to be a part of the project out of a genuine respect for JD and his music.
I would highly recommend giving it a listen before agreeing with Me, or Rich ...

JJFUBAR (August 17, 2012)

You should go see them live, they have some great energy, character and a joy to watch, that may not come across in the album.......id highly recommend JD 7 the FDC's and would totally disagree with Rich27's review!

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