The Starting Line - Say It Like You Mean It (Cover Artwork)

The Starting Line

The Starting Line: Say It Like You Mean ItSay It Like You Mean It (2002)
Drive-Thru Records

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Contributed by: WussEmoRockWussEmoRock
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Before I even start this review I want everyone to go into it with an open mind. Please, for your own sake, do so. If you know right now that you are going to be bias and throw this band into your typical pop punk category and not give them a chance, then please; for everyones sake, just stop readin.
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Before I even start this review I want everyone to go into it with an open mind. Please, for your own sake, do so. If you know right now that you are going to be bias and throw this band into your typical pop punk category and not give them a chance, then please; for everyones sake, just stop reading right now.

Alright, now that we have gotten rid of 95% of the people that were going to read this, I would like to start off with saying The Starting Line are the typical pop punk band with nothing new to offer. But, who ever said that is a bad thing? In my opinion, just because a band isn't showing the world something totally new and original it doesn't mean we should shun them away. The Starting Line are a great band that are very enjoyable to listen to, and they do what they do very, very well.

TSL starts the CD off with a great song called "up and go," that has standout vocals that sound absolutely outstanding while covering your average pop punk palm muting. My ony problem with songs like this, and even their bigger songs like "leaving" is that I can't ever listen to the whole thing. Because, when you get to the end it is so annoying/boring to hear the same chorus sung 4 or 8 more times, when you have already heard it at least 3 other times thru out the song. That is my only complaint with this cd, it happens far too much.

The next song on the cd is "given the chance," a song Kenny (vocals, bass) wrote about how excited and thrilled he is to be playing music for a living and how it is a dream come true for himself ("I guess dreams do come true this song itself is living proof"). "The best of me" is a great song that is the one they are pushing over at Drive-Thru right now on their main page, so who knows, maybe a video is instore for this song in the near future. Then come a few mediocre songs on the disc, "A Goodnight's Sleep," "Left Coast Envy," and actually thats about it. Even those two are very good songs that do not deserve to be passed up.

"Hell Houston" is a good song, but the beginning sounds identical to a Blink song, I swear to god it is unreal how alike it sounds, only the first 6 seconds though. The second to last song called "The Drama Summer" is an acoustic song that is pretty good, nothing exciting. It could actually fit under the mediocre section of the cd for sure. My favorite song on the disc would have to be "Saddest Girl Story," and you can't forget about "Almost There, Going Nowhere," "This Ride," "Decisions, Decisions," and "Cheek to Cheek."

One thing that you should all know is how much better the lyrics are in this cd than most pop punk albums about girls. Yes, the songs are still about girls, but it's a little different. Here's how: Kenny writes songs like he and a girl are talking, for instance in the song "Hello Houston," it looks like this in the lyric book: Kenny: "speak to me," Karina: "what can I say? We just live too far away." Kenny: "That's a shame that love can't make you stay."

Now from what I have stated above, you should all realize that if you are into any form of pop punk than this is a great record for you, but remember, it is nothing ground breaking, but will keep you entertained for hours on end. If you like one song, you will love them all, so please, put all your drive-thru comments behind, all your pop punk is gay comments behind, and just take a listen to this album, I promise, it will not disappoint.


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Anonymous (December 14, 2005)

THE STARTING LINE IS THE GREATEST BAND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. You have serious problems if you don't agree with me. Although, I don't like Pop Punk.. who cares? All of you TSL haters just need to FUCK OFF.

Anonymous (April 27, 2005)

Dude whatsername182 here. DUDE THE STARTING LINE IS LIKE AWESOME SO TAKE THAT. I love the song 'This Ride' its awesome. Oh and let me say if I had to chose over yellow card and The Starting Line I would chose THE STARTING LINE, but yellow cards cool to.

Anonymous (January 4, 2005)

WOW hello!!! wake ppl this is not punk rock
the dudes nipples are like sticking out on the video... is that punk??
these guys sucks plus the 3 or 4 emo bands that exist
they suck donkey balls
get a life and try to listen to mens music for once listen to sum nofx or bad religion now thats PUNK!!!! PUNK not sissy crying babies that call them selfs punk with their nippls sticking out :x
by the way gary lee is the best bass player EVER!!!

Anonymous (October 15, 2004)

if you like blink 182, the starting line, and new found glory, check out this really awesome band Stanley. listen to them at this link: www.purevolume.com/stanley

horrorbusiness78 (October 8, 2004)

I dont bash anyone for liking this band since i happen to like some pop-punk bands but for me I just cant stand TSL. The songs are just so long and boring i have to eventually skip after like 30 seconds. I try to be open minded so if i dont like a cd the first time I listen to it a few more times to make sure and this one just makes me grind my teeth every time. Ok for other people, maybe, but deffinately not for me .

Anonymous (June 27, 2004)

damn wassup wit these ppl takling shit about other bands and gotta tell everyone how much they suck and shit. At least they can play music, tats all tat matters who cares if they suck or not, they play watever music tat sounds good to them. Just cuz u like different type of music like metal or sumthing doesnt mean it gives u the right to say if a band is good or not just cuz they dont play ur type of music. TSL is a good band, their songs might have repeated choruses but tats their type of music and they like it so who r u to tell them wat the should play. Most of you ppl r just whining bout how bad they suck and shit but if u think u can do any better than go ahead, do sumthing tat will make the punk scene or watever, musics music, watever sounds good to you, you like it, watever dont than theres no need to tell the whole world, it makes it seem like u aint got nothing better to do but rag on other ppl. Just grow up and stop be so ignorant and accept wat they do.

Anonymous (August 20, 2003)

"I Think The Starting line are just a bunch of gays. There music sounds so un-natural...the voice of the lead singer is so f*cking high, it just ain't normal for a guy...I think TSL isn't punk...it's just too soft. I actually like Blink 182 and sum41...and i like 1 or two songs of NFG...but i think TSL really s*cks. The only things they sing about are girls...while those guys are gay...so it was better when they sang about boys and gays...TSl is a danger for the punk music, cause they say it is punk ---> but it isn't. They better write reviews about this cd on a dumb R&B site...this music fits better in that world.... nofx rulezzzzzz"

Now I'm no psychologist, but your reoccuring refernces to "gays" makes you look gay. His voice sounds high? The dude is like 18 years old, sorry he's no Barry like yourself. And to end your review with NOFX rulezzzz? One, we get your point, you don't need to make us visualize you dragging out the word. And 2, who cares about NOFX, that was like the most irrelevant comment ever.
screeching weasel rulezzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous (July 31, 2003)

Dear sweet Jesus, what happened?
I loved their EP to death... thought they were grand. I saw them live a while back and shoved "get their full length" in the back of my head. So an overly expensive t-shirt and about a month later I bought this, and found it to be a... positively mediocre effort. If they didn't use the fucking choruses so much. And the lyrics to "Given the Chance" make me want to grind my teeth.

Anonymous (May 13, 2003)

In response to the comment posted on 2002-09-09 08:38:54, complaining about the unoriginal, uncreative cover art of this album (assuredly the most important part of any musical act, but probably the only thing that reviewer had any information about to rip on), it's actually more intriguing than that one picture shows. The full liner note booklet, when unfolded, has her on the right end of the couch which extends far to the left (probably, ~10 ft.) and at the opposite end is the guy she's talking to on the phone (just two receivers plugged together). This is actually an interesting image in full, with quite potent Baudrillardian implications of simulacra (the phone interaction has become more real than speaking face to face in a postmodern world) and intimates at the painful distance technology has created in our lives, even while seeming to conjure connection. I'd like to see that much substance in the cover of a teen magazine...

Of course, you aren't aware of this until you actually purchase the cd (or just rip it open in the store, which doesn't go over as well as you might think in many establishments...). Whatever.

Anonymous (May 8, 2003)

shush you condesending fuck..we get your point.now fuck off

Anonymous (April 28, 2003)

fuck you all assholes! Just b/c you don't like a band doesn't mean that you constantly need to rip on every little detail you get from them. You guys are like children! I'd like to see you get as far as TSL or NFG. Then maybe, i'll side with you but until then, shut the fuck up all of you cause it's a waste of time complaining about something that won't change a goddamn thing.

Anonymous (March 18, 2003)

yeah, there music ain't great, hell it sucks, but no need to bring the gender issue into it. i mean, thats so immature. and if they were gay, what would be so bads about it? gays are fucking human beings asshole.

Anonymous (March 17, 2003)

they give me a headache

Anonymous (February 6, 2003)

I Think The Starting line are just a bunch of gays. There music sounds so un-natural...the voice of the lead singer is so f*cking high, it just ain't normal for a guy...I think TSL isn't punk...it's just too soft. I actually like Blink 182 and sum41...and i like 1 or two songs of NFG...but i think TSL really s*cks. The only things they sing about are girls...while those guys are gay...so it was better when they sang about boys and gays...TSl is a danger for the punk music, cause they say it is punk ---> but it isn't. They better write reviews about this cd on a dumb R&B site...this music fits better in that world.... nofx rulezzzzzz

degenerate (November 9, 2002)

mmm not bad...try it with a tuna sandwich...mmm. Ha peter pan killed Hook!! Go Pan

Anonymous (October 6, 2002)

honestly why bitch and moan about music u dont like? no1 likes everything and its totally pointless fighting over whether or not u like a band or watever why waste that time? those that just go from review to review commenting on how pop punk or nething sux or even talking about how other bands not even being reviewed are not punk and suck are really sad they dont like punk at all in my opinion they r just sad indivuals who pose as ;true; punks in order to make themselves feel better over those who like TSL or any other band. SERIOUSLY WHO CARES!

Anonymous (September 28, 2002)

This CD takes time to grow on you. The Starting Line probably isn't the most talented or original band in existence, but it certainly isn't the worst.

And to BostonMusicGuy regarding the comment "rufio sucks no one should talk about them ever." Um... aren't you the one that likes sum41? And you are talking about Rufio sucking? Ok then.

Anonymous (September 17, 2002)

Hey, Everybody's getting off subject, I thought this was about the starting line not Rufio. They're both awesome anyway. The Starting Line album deserves alot of credit for being pop punk. They have been able to sound good live give them credit.

Anonymous (September 11, 2002)

Im glad rufio gets killed by captain hook in "Hook" because hes ugly, stupid and has a bunch of dumb kids drooling over his unoriginal ass, kinda like the band "rufio." Thats why I like andrew wk.

ltjskank324 (September 10, 2002)

cant we all just get along?

Anonymous (September 10, 2002)

Basically what Rudio does is say "Hey look at us, we're gonna do what NFG and TSL do, and try to do it better, but we can't because we have no talent. but fuck, we'll do it anyway"


Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

Rufio sucks... no one should talk abour them... ever... -BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

whoever the ignorant asshole is that said rufio sounds like NFG and TSL needs to check his head. their voices may sound the same, but rufio is way more fucking technical and complex than NFG or TSL. fucking ridiculous.

evildeadalive (September 9, 2002)

Creed sucks and they shouldn't be allowed to make music anymore. Seriously. The world would be a better place. I mean, how could I possibly bring a child into a world where Creed is popular? I can't.

Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

Wheres the meaning in most music these days? If you are going to complain about pop punk but not make it a punk thing you have to complain about pop punk, pop stars, rap metal, some rap, and some of that shitty wannabe indie rock like John Mayer and shit. I dont really care for the Starting Line but if they want to sing about girls, high school, among other things why complain about it. Everyone needs to sing about something and they chose that. Sometimes music is just fun without the deeper meaning (ie Andrew WK). But to complain about it not being deeper with meaning isnt doing anything for you. why must you complain about things that do not affect you or your enjoyment of life. It seems like most people complain just to complain. Ive got no problem that big with any band that i would go so far as to say they never should have formed, and that they shuold die. There is a lot of music I think sucks and really hate but I do not go around preaching about how Creed sucks and they shouldnt be allowed to make music anymore, Dave Matthews always sounds like a drunken asshole who has no business trying to do anything anymore, or that Linkin Park... well they basically speak for themselves. Hell they are all giving it their best shot and if thats what they come up with then I think they deserve some credit for actually making it.Basically what this all boils down to is... if you hate it so much why complain about it and more importantly why read about it?-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

Sorry, pal, but my opinion must be heard. Pop Punk needs to die- it's just so cutesy it makes me want to wince- what is this cover? It looks like the cover Teen magazine or something, like it's directed towards 12 year old girls in suburban neighborhoods. Fuckling too childish and inept./ Where's the meaning? Where's the energy? Where's the creativity? where's the originality? Gone, gone, gone. Might as well be Britney Spears. This isn't a "punk" comment, this is a comment for music period. It's just so fucking contained and "within the boundaries".

Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

All of this Whiny pop-punk will be gone in a few years, so relax and let them have their fun. Their careers will be over before it's time to go to college.

Anonymous (September 9, 2002)

this cd is alright but there are three problems with it, first they re-recorded three songs that have been either realesed on there ep or through sunday drive, why they had to re-record "leaving" which i think the new version is a hell of alot worse, Cheek to cheek, which is worse, and left cost envy, which again is worse. why would a band who only has had a ep, go and re release 3 songs that where already good and have new versions, its so lame. i dont get why bands have to put songs on like 3 different cds and have 3 versions, same damn thing with New found Glory, do you really need to have 2 versions of Hit or Miss, whats the fucking point. whatever, its just lame and frustraiting and stupid. whatever.
fuck it all

WussEmoRock (September 9, 2002)

I agree with pat41 and chris (nice name bro same as mine), don't be so fucking ignorant and just say the first thing that comes to your head about a certain type of music and the labels and bands that fit that stereotype. The main reason is everything you say is completely and utterly wrong, and the other thing is it is your damn opinion so instead of saying they suck and saying that no drive-thru band has been together longer than 3 years (which everyone who knows anything knows that every band has been around much longer than 3 years, SL being the only one I'm not sure about, even though they were sunday drive before hand), say somethings that give proof to why the band sucks. don't be so damn ignorant, it makes you sound like a complete and utter fool. pat41, you have a good head on your shoulders, I commend you.


Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

At least someone has a brain on this site... thanks for saying something with reason for once.-BostonMusicGuy(The score is for the comment under me.)

Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

Let me start this out by saying there is probably no band on this earth I cannot stand more than the Starting Line, which is why I find it very odd that I am (in a way) defending them. They're doing what they want, whether they make money or not, that's what they're gonna do. I used to see them all the time around the PA/NJ area before they changed their name from Sunday Drive (and actually they have been around for over 3 years to my knowledge, just not under the name TSL).But the guy who was a few posts down saying "BLink 182 is cool blah" is exactly the kind of person I hope I never have to deal with in real life. He thinks his ignorant, one sided, closed-minded rant. He thinks he is so punk and is doing something great for the scene by shitting all over music he doesn't like. Well, isn't unity and open-minded-ness (if that's a word) a vital part of building a strong scene of anything? Hey buddy, even though you think you're God's gift to the 'punk rock scene', you're exactly what is destroying your beloved scene. Face it pal, you've become what you hate.


Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

That guy 2 posts down that was trying to be all funny and sarcastic is definitley being wrong as well. First of all half of Drive Thru's bands have been around longer than 3 years. The Starting Line not being one of them but who cares they suck anyway. They are not trying to say anything bad about the "true punk scene" as you so wrongfully put it. I mean yea they are trying to make money by putting out something that will market to a specific group of kids that will buy a lot of merchandise but that has nothing to do with how true they are being to the punk scene. A poor punk band is a punk band that wont be around that long. They need to make some kind of profit to keep themselves up... a label even more so. Drive Thru is a respectable label in my mind... just because you dont like their music and the music of any of their bands doesnt mean that they should be looked down upon... and if you can give me one good reason why they should be other than they are exploiting the punk scene to make a dollar... which is exactly what epitaph is doing as well... then i will believe you. -BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

there are a few good songs on this cd. And by the way, anti-flag sucks my left nut. If staying true to punk rock means you have to suck balls, and write stupid as pseudo-anti government lyrics like "gotta die for your government", which is an absolutely witty line, (sigh) then I think i might just listen to "lame" punk bands like the starting line, who have something a little more interesting to sing about.

Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

wow! drive-thru records is soo coool!!! i luv all their bands!!!! they are sooo original!!! none of them are blink-182 rip-offs!!!! drive-thru is not a mega-corporation trying to make $$$ off the punk scene!!!! drive-thru is soo damn cool!!! I love nfg and all those bands. even though none of them have been arounf for more than 3 years, they are so punk!!! i heard that blink182 invented punk!!! they kick ASS!!!! screw all those those bands like "Nofx" and "anti-flag" for trying to be true to the punk scene, because thanks to drive-thru and other bands like mxpx, the scene doesn't exist anymore!!! go hot topic!!! go vagrant! do drive-thru!!!, but especially, go THE STARTING LINE!!! they are so great and original and nothing like what the Ataris were doing 5 years ago!!!

Anonymous (September 8, 2002)

I heard this CD in my friend's car. Upon hearing it, I was struck with something. These guys sound exactly like every single pop-punk high school band in the history of the universe! I'm in high school and I'm in a band just like these guys! It's incredible, why the hell can't I be on Drive-Thru huh? Why the hell can't I be a rock star? I write songs whining about how girls don't like me, I can subsequently attach three chords to said songs. It ain't rocket science. I can play both 4 string guitar and 2 string bass (this is apparently what TSL does, I can tell from listening to 'em). SO WHAT THE HELL GIVES HUH?!?!??! Oh yeah, I'm ugly...

Anonymous (September 7, 2002)

I've been wondering for a really long time how people can think they have a good live show. I guess maybe if you've only seen Jettingham and The Riddlin' Kids, it'd be decent.

The album isn't much better, but at least unlike at a show, you can turn it off or just walk away.

Anonymous (September 7, 2002)

1. if those lyrics that were printed here are an example of the good ones on this record, i'd REALLY hate to see the rest of them.

2. using the terms "punk" and "the starting line" in the same sentence should be punishable by death.

Anonymous (September 7, 2002)

come on. if someone wants to like this then why do you feel it necessary to call them sad and pathetic? doesn't anyone believe in equality anymore?

ltjskank324 (September 7, 2002)

oh yeah and im a huge yellowcard fan does anyone consider them to be pop punk idont...

ltjskank324 (September 7, 2002)

despite what critics say about pop punk, this band actually puts on a good live show, i saw there firstwarped sho ever and i dont like pop punk either but at least they can play

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

SHUT UP BITCH!! this isnt original it is dumb!!! you are probably some poser kid who thinks NFG is punk! your dumb!!!! so goddamn dumb!!!!

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

this cd is one of the years greatest awesome and highly original!!!

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

You don't have to be a depressed sad person to realize TSL suck, you just need to have a little musical taste.

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

"...to all of you who said they aren't good, go fuck yourself."

I'd expect a comment like that from some hardcore kid, or some hardline straight edge geek. But that doesn't read like a comment from someone who listens to "upbeat fun" music all the time. I think maybe you sir, should go fuck Yourself.

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

Or you'd have to be a sad, depressed person to defend a shitty band like The Starting Line on an internet message board.. heahea0eh0ahe0ahe0ha0e

Anonymous (September 6, 2002)

i agree with Anonymous!

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

Starting line is awesome, plain and fuckin simple. How could you not like fun, upbeat music? You have to be a depressed, sad person to not like it, so to all of you who said they aren't good, go fuck yourself

tgarn (September 5, 2002)

New found glory, starting line, rufio, all sound exactly alike, no arguments about it!!!

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

i'm not at all into this sorta stuff, I was about 5 years ago, but if you just want something poppy that your girlfriend might dig burn a few songs off this, don't buy it though

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

Yes this band, and album, suck hard. But is it really fair to make fun of Drive-Thru and its gaggle of shitty bands? They know what thier core audience is: a bunch little pre-pubecent kids, and theyre appealing to it. Its called capitalism. Would you make fun of Sesame Street? They sing songs for kids:thier core audience.

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

the starting line suck simple plans cock

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

If you want to hear similar.. check out track 16 on Out Come The Wolves (You Don't Care Nothing) and compare to 'Whats my Age Again'.... oh did I say similar I meant exactly the same.

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

'"Hell Houston" is a good song, but the beginning sounds identical to a Blink song, I swear to god it is unreal how alike it sounds, only the first 6 seconds though'

don't you mean Up & Go compared with the song: Blink 182 - The Anthem Part 2... i think (and many people i know agree with me) that these songs have got an almost identical intro!

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

To the person asking about Atention Deficit (sorry i guess they mispelled it on purpose) their website is: http://www.atentiondeficit.com/ took me a while to find it since they lack the scholarly know-how to properly spell their own band name, unless there's some witty ironic twist i'm missing to spelling it 'atention'

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

No need to pick on us slim fellas there Sara(H negative).


Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

I Think The Starting line are just a bunch of gays. There music sounds so un-natural...the voice of the lead singer is so f*cking high, it just ain't normal for a guy...I think TSL isn't punk...it's just too soft. I actually like Blink 182 and sum41...and i like 1 or two songs of NFG...but i think TSL really s*cks. The only things they sing about are girls...while those guys are gay...so it was better when they sang about boys and gays...TSl is a danger for the punk music, cause they say it is punk ---> but it isn't. They better write reviews about this cd on a dumb R&B site...this music fits better in that world.... nofx rulezzzzzz

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

what the hell is the url of the atention deficit website you are talking about??? i want to check out if they're really that similar to NFG

btw. TSL is way better than NFG. the lyrics are better and it just sounds much better!

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

and to add to my already overly long comment, TSL seems to have more talent than NFG. their older shit is MUCH more complicated than anything NFG has ever done. yes, even nothing gold can stay.

Anonymous (September 5, 2002)

this cd is good, but i wish that the majority of the songs didnt start off with the music that would be the background for the choruses too. seems to be a trend most drive-thru bands have. my only other complaint about the cd is that it was produced by mark trombino. yea, hes a great producer, but EVERY cd he seems to produce nowadays have the same sound with all their instruments. he also makes the bands sound too "hard." with finch he did magic. with midtown, he did magic again. but for some reason he made TSL, who are more of an upbeat poppy-punk band, sound way too "bassy" and low for their pop sound. side note...im from dallas too, and atention deficit sounds EXACTLY like NFG, hands down. you go to their site even, and the opening picture just SCREAMS a new found glory. theyre not bad tho, they have a good live show. they just DEFINITELY need to work on their lyrics because theyre outta high school, time to stop writing about meeting someone by the lockers and waking up and brushing your hair to go to school.

waste_elite (September 5, 2002)

"tall fat boys with NFG and Rancid shirts on"

and you should be flogged with a hose for placing Rancid and NFG on the same plane. good god...

waste_elite (September 4, 2002)

"anyone else downloaded the new SR-71 single, Tomorrow? I found it hillarious that their old single was a shitty pop pop pop pop song that sounded very similar to blink/living end and now their new stuff sounds just like Linkin Park"

yeah, i heard that song on the radio the other day and it made me cringe. SR-71 sucked hard as a pop-punk band and suck even harder as a Linkin Park ripoff. that's gotta be the most obvious cash in attempt of all time. "hey, let's make music that mimics whatever is popluar at the time!" what a fucking joke, anyone who actually buys that album should be flogged with a hose.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

I was in no way entertained by this cd as the reviewer said I would be.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

Yes, I do realize that saying there is no h in my name is a bit odd. However, I have run acorss people who never have heard of spelling Sara without an h. I went to sign for my state ID, and the lady thought I misspelled my own damn name,and spelled it with a fucking h. I had a history professor who thought Sara was some forgein exotic name, and I was like no it's like Sarah, but without an h. He was pronouncing my name Sayra. Therefor I make it clear for all you idiots and fuckers out there that it's Sara(no h)

And in response to the other guy/girl, I am in no way jealous of The Starting Line, or the girl he macked on. I wouldn't want to be touched in any way by that scrawny 17 yearo old mono kid. I don't go after jail baits.

Sara(no h)

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

Hey Sara(no h), do you realize how a constant reminder of saying there's "no h" in your name is either really really super punk, or really really horribly not punk at all?

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

i come from pa, where these guys are from, and i remeber seeing them when they were called 'sunday drive.' so you write about how they use a chorus 4 or 5 times in a song? well thats drive thrus fault. drive thru told this band they were good, but they just had no chourses so drive thru wouldn't sign them. thats when they did a split with two other local pa bands, the commercials and the jimmy tuesday band. those three songs are better than anything this band has recorded since. after that was released, they added eight million chourses to their songs and totally fucked them up. i haven't heard this cd and i dont know if im gonna buy it.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

i've said it before and i'll say it again....sara (no h) is the best poster on the board

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

We need to ban all fat people who take up sapces at shows.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

Sara's probly some ugly ass jelous bitch

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

theres ugly girls at all punk shows pop punk to street punk

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

This is pure shit. NOW cd should make a compilation called "Now This is What I call SHIT 11" I saw The Starting Line a year ago, I'd never heard of them, but I had a feeling of what they would sound like when I saw a herd of fat pale girls with bangs rush to the front of the stage, and the tall fat boys with NFG and Rancid shirts on. What was the sound it was shit. The wimpy ass whiny mono boy made me want to pass out. After their set he was hitting on some fat 16 year old chick I was just laughing at his lame moves.

This ain't punk at all.
Sara(no h)

JOE_MOMMA (September 4, 2002)

if i made an album and every song was about cheese...it'd be called a gimmick...but bands like NFG and TSL sing every song about girls and its called a million bucks in their pockets. fuck them both

Geetarchick (September 4, 2002)

Personally, I wouldn't consider Good Riddance and Bad religion depressing music, but ok...

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

Oh yea and another thing... NFG is better dont fool yourselves... they may play unbelievably similar music and be on the same label... but NFG is 200 times better than TSL.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

The Starting Line are ok.... at best. Nothing that I would go out with the intent to purchase. I liked Leaving... and Cheek to Cheek... but the rest of the songs are kind of boring. I heard some of this album and nothing impressed me. I know they didnt work for their fame but neither did a lot of bands. Just because a band didnt go through years and years of work in the underground doesnt mean they arent a good band. Actually it probably means they are a good/talented band because someone picked them up right away.-BostonMusicGuy

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

I like pop punk. I like Drive Thru records. TSL is no NFG. Hands down. TSL is good at being pop punk. NFG is better.

Oh, and if you think they sound the same....you're a moron. They're structured completely different.

WussEmoRock (September 4, 2002)

starting line are much better than nfg. Oh and to the comment below, I know what you are trying to say to the guy below you so I will just comment on what you said cause I know someone else will say it just for no reason. It does not matter if you are smart to listen to a band or why you listen to a band, you listen to a band because you enjoy their music and that's plain and simple.


Hamish (September 4, 2002)

"Let's listen to some depressing music like good riddance/bad religion type shit you faggots"

Ooooh, eloquently said. TSL really seems to attract a crowd with high IQs.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

To the comment below..what the fuck are you talking about? "depressing like good riddance and bad religion"??

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

too bad all of you who put TSL down are a bunch of pussies. How are you gonna say they are no good? They are MUCH better then NFG. Let's listen to some depressing music like good riddance/bad religion type shit you faggots

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

i love this album! i've never enjoyed an album more in my entire life! don't tell me i'm just a stupid pop-punk guy (maybe i am:) it's just that this albums sounds incredible. why everybody here hates it? they're just not really fans of this kinda music... if you like New Found Glory, Blink and stuff like that, you'll definately love this album!

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

yawn... ever heard the album 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' by New Found Glory? Yeah. It's this album. The band even admits they started out trying to sound exactly like new found glory. If this trend continues look for a shitty local dallas band named Attention Defecit (who in fact, also sound exactly like New Found Glory!) to make a huge run in the near future. Fucking sad. On another note, anyone else downloaded the new SR-71 single, Tomorrow? I found it hillarious that their old single was a shitty pop pop pop pop song that sounded very similar to blink/living end and now their new stuff sounds just like Linkin Park, who recently received alot of attention. Pretty fucking sad.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

Who give a shit if there is women on the cover. but when thats all they sing about there is a problem with that. Oh yea and how come no one complains about politics being used to much ala Good Riddiance and Propagandhi who are both good bands its just the people that like them seem to be able to make fun of say the Ataris who werent bad for a while but stand by their Anti Flag when Anti Flag sings just about politics. Hmmmmm this puzzles me.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

can we please stop with album covers featuring pictures of girls? a la starting line, something corporate, keepsake, midtown, and far too many others. please?

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

I liked the With Hopes of Starting Over EP, but this album just didn't do a damn thing for me at all. I was pretty excited about it too. I also hate all the re-recorded songs, with the exception of "Leaving," which I think sounds a little bit better now. But I listened to this CD maybe 3 times and I don't think I'll ever listen to it again. The band is good live though. I suggest seeing them if you get the chance.

To the reviewer: I wouldn't recommend calling a song mediocre and then saying it's good. Makes your review lose a little credibility. You also might want to proofread next time.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

This was a really mediocre album. I usually attempt to avoid Drive thu (with the exception of older NFG and Finch) but for some inexplicable reason I purchased this disk at Best Buy for 6.99. I wasn't even worth that. Weak hooks, generic hooks, and lack of passion plague this band.

Anonymous (September 4, 2002)

i really can't stand this band. the lyrics are incredibly poor, there seems to be no emotion in ken's voice and the vocal patterns are really, really boring. the music on this album isn't too bad, but the lyrics and vocal patterns just kill me.

Anonymous (September 3, 2002)

"Kenny: "speak to me," Karina: "what can I say? We just live too far away." Kenny: "That's a shame that love can't make you stay."

- Hm that is the worst display of effortless lyrics in the entire world. Is that some kind of joke. Anyway horrible album, and a horrible band. Want good love songs try Paperwalls by Strung Out or a lot of Inspection 12 songs. And if you want good pop punk the guy below metioned some pretty good bands also try Lifetime you will see where this sound came from. And of course Dillinger Four. -Rock

Hamish (September 3, 2002)

It does matter that this band doesn't do anything interesting. They're just riding a trend. And they don't even do the style well. I come from PA, I'm aware of their history. They did almost no work to get where they are. Didn't play that many shows or really contribute anything to the scene. Then Drive Thru signs them and their success is handed to them because thousands of kids with shitty musical taste will buy things just because they're on Drive Thru. I'm not against pop-punk, but I am against pop-punk this bland. Try some ALL or Piebald if you really want pop-punk, at least they do well written and interesting songs.

Geetarchick (September 3, 2002)

With all honesty, i like the starting line, i liked with hopes of starting over, but i did not enjoy this cd that much. It really didn't grab me at all... the new versions of some of the songs are very watered down in my opinion... but oh well.

Anonymous (September 3, 2002)

eeeewww. come on...this really stinks...

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