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The Lawrence Arms: MetropoleMetropole (2014)
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Contributed by: matt_bmatt_b
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"What's up? This is the Lawrence Arms," announces Brendan Kelly through a sample leading off "Hickey Avenue". The statement, though redundant, is very much necessary. For the better part of the last decade the Lawrence Arms experienced some synergy issues. After releasing five studio albums, a handf.
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"What's up? This is the Lawrence Arms," announces Brendan Kelly through a sample leading off "Hickey Avenue". The statement, though redundant, is very much necessary. For the better part of the last decade the Lawrence Arms experienced some synergy issues. After releasing five studio albums, a handful of EPs and inexorable touring, the Arms profile touted their prolificacy and relentlessness. But after 2006's Oh! Calcutta! they entered a period of relative dormancy. Reprieve was offered in 2009's extended play Buttsweat and Tears, and they managed to play a smattering of shows over the years. Still, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts. In the interim, de facto ringleader Brendan Kelly released music with The Wandering Birds tag as well as a split solo effort with Smoke or Fire's Joe McMahon. He also had two children. Chris McCaughan put out three records of (mostly) solo material under the Sundowner moniker. He also moved cross-country to Portland. Rounding out the trope, fan favorite Neil Hennessy kept busy with The Treasure Fleet, Smoking Popes, and Council Trail (though the latter never got off the ground). That all three could find time to write an album is cause for celebration. So, the guys got together for a New Years Eve soiree in their hometown of Chicago, played a new song, and fumblingly counted down to 2014. And with that: a New Year, a new album, Metropole.

Upon initial listen, Metropole feels reserved. For a record so long overdue, it definitely eschews any sense of immediacy. Everything seems turned down ‚?? the guitars, the provocations, the intentions. It's emulated and contrived. Perhaps a casualty of the hype machine, maybe a bit overthought; either way, the first few spins are disappointing. In fact, it may even prevent the staunchest supporters from giving it a fair shot. But like a long lost friend, you start to remember what you liked about the person, and things change quickly.

Kelly and McCaughan have always treated the Lawrence Arms as a vehicle for airing their grievances ‚?? or demons ‚?? concerning life, love, ambitions, politics and friends, and Metropole doesn't attempt to alter that approach. However, what makes it stand out against the Lawrence Arms' previous work is its acute obsession with delineating these themes through the concepts of time and space ‚?? specifically, reconciling reality with temporal relativity, the actual and the perceived. This isn't the same treatment we're used to seeing from a band whose unofficial logo is an hourglass with wings ‚?? a purported notion of (ir)reverence that promotes equal parts stagnation and carpe diem. In the first few seconds of album opener "Chilean District" a faded McCaughan sings, "I was born and I died, just a moment went by." From there they proffer experience as analysis, and for the first time arrive to some very different conclusions.

At the forefront of Metropole's discourse is the diffusion of our tendency to mitigate time in an attempt to preserve a frame of reference. The title track opens with an acoustic guitar strumming and is quickly accompanied by scant electric notes and a somber McCaughan who ‚?? sounding more like his Sundowner alter ego ‚?? shares that despite uncertainty and a lack of familiarity that can arise from change, life can feel like "years on repeat." When the song kicks into gear, a soft, but characteristically raspy, Kelly reverberates the defeatism: "The traffic lights blinked a million times/ I blinked twice and 20 years went by." To maximize the sense of desolation typically characterized by a perceived break in space-time continuity, the music swells with the aid of additional guitars, creating a surreal space that is simultaneously lush and empty. This feeling of detachment is central to the shit giving firestorm "Hickey Avenue", an explosive track in the style of Oh! Calcutta! Kelly and McCaughan trade vocals, targeting their visceral judgments at entities (people, institutions, etc.) that spend their time marred in fruitless activities (the oft repeated "we talk a lot" says it all) before launching into a rousing chorus, declaring, "We've been drowning through this endless parade of identical days/ Nothing changes, it only rots away."

The cavalierism doesn't stop there. On the vicious "Drunk Tweets" Kelly doesn't spare anyone a "fuck you" ‚?? not even himself. On "Acheron River", eponymously titled after the river of woe from Greek mythology that led to the underworld, Kelly provides his brand of blunt pith on life: "Here's the fucking spoiler: Everybody dies." While the focus may have changed, the delivery is still very much the same, which works because, like their fans, the Lawrence Arms are just older versions of themselves. This fact is constantly recognized throughout Metropole. For example, "Seventeener (17th & 34th)" presents a dejected Kelly reflecting on the aging process ‚?? one that he had every intention of skipping ‚?? with calm observation (his beard is getting white) and lighthearted dreaming (he wants to die high), until ultimately conceding, "and dying young just didn't work/and so I guess I'm just dying old." In there lies a resignation often not imbued in the Lawrence Arms ‚?? it's neither defiant nor defeatist, simply acknowledgement. And while drawn to making fantastical claims in the past, things seem more sober this time around. In the cheekily titled "Paradise Shitty" Kelly divulges, "I'm so alive, I'm so afraid/ that I'm going to waste what's left of these days." His complex builds urgency lock step with the music until it finally reaches a confessional precipice, the constantly steady drums breaking into crash fits and a guitar riddling off disparate notes; "Fuck me, man, I knew not what I've done."

Still, even as fleeting as time can feel, there's a very real sense of loss on Metropole. "Beautiful Things" is a nostalgic plea for the past, where early experience both constructs and defines youth and life potential. It provides the necessary context for dissecting Metropole's bifurcated explication of mortality ‚?? the individual's ability to both die and live forever. As explored on the title track, it's easy to walk through life with blinders on, succumbing to the indiscriminate monotony of the day-to-day, losing those (beautiful) things that distinguish life, and awaking to find yourself, years later, in a strange place alone. For the Lawrence Arms, maintaining perspective is the trick for evading the consequence of time. "I fired, I missed. I fired again," McCaughen and Kelly sing on "Never Fade Away". "Don't know where I'm headed, but I know where I've been." Translation: Meet people, take chances, fuck up. Spend a night reminiscing, and then spend the next one living. Because here's the short of it: life's about living for tomorrow, but living without regret.

It can feel trite when an artist lauds their latest effort as "the best one yet;" worse when they make some contrived comment about the recording process ("It had to be fun or we weren't going to do it," "The music needed to be good," etc.). Despite the fact that the Lawrence Arms have said some of these exact things regarding Metropole, they also know this record could very well not exist. But it does exist, and it deserves the praise because it's vibrant and familiar and realized; like meeting up with old friends ‚?? everyone seems to get it. Metropole isn't visionary, it's nothing new, and it certainly isn't for everyone. But it is the Lawrence Arms par excellence: catchy melodies, superb rhythm, snarky but contemplative, harsh but relieving. Every drum fill perfectly executed, every backing vocal impeccably placed, every Brendan Kelly grunt uttered completely. As much as Metropole is a record by the Lawrence Arms, it is also very much for them, too. So a toast to some old friends ‚?? you did it, again.


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FazMountain (July 23, 2014)

I really fucking love the title track; the ending gets me all emotional and shit.

TibbsTastic (February 6, 2014)

Solid Record.

woodprop (February 5, 2014)

It's alright as a whole, but nothing stands out like their prior albums.

dromar (February 5, 2014)

Definitely improves with each listen‚?¶ and was already great at the first listen

filbunke (February 3, 2014)

At a time when shuffling is the standard, this album really gains from being listened to in the right order.
It took some time to grow on me, but it's a great album.

limbo (January 31, 2014)

I''m still digesting it but so far, song by song, this record is about 50% boring and 50% holy shit this rules

banal242 (January 30, 2014)

This review, man. Garbage.

kevineleven (January 29, 2014)

Great album and great review, though it didn't mention "The YMCA Down the Street From the Clinic," which is likely the most haunting song the band has ever written.

idiot (January 29, 2014)

@tengue -I owe an apology. Douche was way wrong. TLA and BK call it like it is for a kid growing up in CHI. BK relates it to anybody who is in control of a kid‚?¶deal with who u are. Not punk rock?? I'm not sure but whom knows

idiot (January 29, 2014)

@tengue douche, you're missing the point. TLA commenting on growing up w/o being some asswipes like Auntie Flag. But enjoy‚?¶and ur you're welcome

notfeelingcreative (January 28, 2014)

Upon my ny sixth listen I've decided this may end up becoming my favorite Lawrence Arns album. It doesn't have as many standout tracks (I've been able to pick favorite songs from all of their previous releases) but I think the album as a whole flows wonderfully

nickyno (January 27, 2014)

First off, it's "October Blood". October Sky is way to Gyllenhaal for the Larry Arms. But, like a wholehearted attempt to send their own object into space to compete against the Sputniks of the world they proved they can still go into orbit with the best of them. Great song that I've given plenty of revolutions to.

commie1848 (January 27, 2014)

First off, BK had a boy and girl, so great job actually researching a band who just released one of the most anticipated records of the past 8 years.
This record is like, fucking amazing. As others have stated, really reminds me of Greatest Story. It is growing on me more and more and Greatest Story did. Which is the complete opposite of O!C!, I just loved every song right away on that album. Chilean District is a great opener and October Sky is perfect for a closing track. I do wish there was a little more grittiness in the BK tracks to juxtapose more against Chris' melodies. But I do love this album, and I'm just glad that the wait for this record didn't make D4's "Civil War" seem like "No Control" in comparison.

BrainTrust (January 27, 2014)

Great record. Definitely a grower, though. Now get your asses to Europe!

tahoejeff (January 27, 2014)

This record is great. Its like a mix of Apathy and Greatest Story. Gets better with more listens.

lmchc (January 27, 2014)

random crazy thought: the last time TLA put out a full length, "Drunk Tweets" would have been about an intoxicated bird.

davebrave4 (January 27, 2014)

Really if you like pole that's not even metro that's just like what gay even means.

davebrave4 (January 27, 2014)

Most people named Lawrence tend to be vaginas and arms are like the least important indicator of sexiness and metro pole is a gay album title anyway so this band was doomed from the start.

FuckYouOiOiOi (January 26, 2014)

none of these songs are memorable or catchy like their other albums. almost every song from oh calcutta has an instantly memorable sing along chorus . guess i have to listen to it some more.

telegraphrocks (January 25, 2014)

I just got my copy of News From Yalta. Another 3 good songs, but I can understand why they were left off the full-length.

loveshackbaby (January 25, 2014)

Say what you will. But this is easily their best album in 8 years.

sleepwalker (January 25, 2014)

I'll give this a listen out of curiosity(I suppose), but damn, this is the easily the most overrated band on this site for years running.

hesitationstation (January 25, 2014)

Being a TLA fan that grew up listening to these guys and obsessing over everything they've created, I have absolutely loved how they've changed. It took me a while for Oh! Calcutta! to grow on me (I thought Greatest Story was unbeatable), but eventually I loved it just as much. This album has been the same way.

The general "getting old" theme of this album is absolutely perfect for fans like me that kind of feel the same way as BK and crew- punk rock is music built for young people. What happens when you're not young anymore? Lyrically, this album echoes so many of the same feelings I think many aging punks can identify with.

Also, thanks Epitaph for sending my digital download 4 days before the record came out! I've never had a preorder download come that early.

thisrespirator (January 25, 2014)

Their worst since they signed to Fat. This record does absolutely nothing for me.

Indecay (January 25, 2014)

Pretty good.

Rich27 (January 25, 2014)

Good review. Never been a fan of Larry Arms but listened to this the other day and it wasn't bad.

hbwlons3 (January 25, 2014)

The fans of the band will find something great in it, the people who don't care for them will find something shitty in it.

dirkaloo (January 25, 2014)

Absolutely loved the album. I'm a little disappointed that people are talking about how it doesn't sound like others but isn't that how TLA has always been. Bk even said it wouldn't be like any of them. If you compare any two albums they may sound similar but also very different.

kursk64 (January 25, 2014)

Great record, feels more like a follow-up to TGSET than O!C! did.

DarrenMcLeod (January 24, 2014)

Great album (not that I'd expect anything less from TLA), but I do find the start of the title track sounds like Sundowner and YMCA Down the Street from the Clinic sounds like BK & The Wandering Birds rather than TLA. Those parts kind of stick out in a weird way for me, but oher than those minor complaints, great stuff.

telegraphrocks (January 24, 2014)

"What a pile of garbage. It's like Epitaph realized they struck gold with The Menzingers and had to balance it out by ruining Larry Arms."

Epitaph ruined them by putting the logo on the back of the record?
Sorry, I don't get your logic.
Every note of this record was written before they signed to Epitaph, and then the band even stated that Epitaph hadn't heard any of the record when they signed the band.

You don't have to like the record, but it's quite clear that your mind was made up the moment you heard what label was releasing it.
You're the stupidest kind of stupid.

rubikspube (January 24, 2014)

I love this album very much.

renaldo69 (January 24, 2014)

this is blowing up on social media. good review mate

slymer (January 24, 2014)


eran_zombis (January 24, 2014)

Big fan. It's different than past stuff, but that's what you get with seven years in between albums. Stoked to have a new record from these guys.

MN_DrNick (January 24, 2014)

This album is boring as hell.

levidolphin (January 24, 2014)

My favorite band from my 20's!!!! (besides maybe Propagandhi if the mood fits)

I gotta listen to this more, so much greatness as with each album TLA does!!

ATTN: The Lawrence Arms

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I LOVE YOU ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

DaveMc429 (January 24, 2014)

I absolutely love Alkaline Trio, they are a great band with so many awesome songs, but TLA has always been just a little bit better. Sorry Tengue.

superskabro (January 24, 2014)

this review is good but it feels almost as over blown as some Skibz777 crap-ola.

Teboner (January 24, 2014)


sadastronaut (January 24, 2014)

Paradise Shitty is the best Larry Arms tune ever. album rules.

jward (January 24, 2014)

What a pile of garbage. It's like Epitaph realized they struck gold with The Menzingers and had to balance it out by ruining Larry Arms.

ZappBrannigan (January 24, 2014)

I listened to this a few times but found it quite forgettable. It didn't have any charisma or personality. I wish this band could write more albums like Apathy and Exhaustion. I'll go back to Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

BonerPirate (January 24, 2014)

Definitely a bit of a grower. Disappointed at first but then I found I couldn't stop listening to it.

DesertBurst92 (January 24, 2014)

a little darker and gloomier sounding than Oh! Calcutta! but this is great. Can't wait to see them on the 18th.

killtaker (January 24, 2014)

FYI: Red City Radio was number 5 on the readers list for 2013 so to say they were ignored is incorrect. There was also a dude (Paul) from RCR on the Punknews podcast so I think they get their due around here.
This record is fantastic.

telegraphrocks (January 24, 2014)

1- Isn't against Punknews law to post reviews of albums that aren't out yet?

2- Like many (it appears), I didn't care for this upon the first few listens. But, after letting it sit for a few days, I returned to it and totally fell in love.
The only song I don't love is, oddly enough, the title-track. More Lawrence Arms, less Sundowner, aye? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Not their best, but their Asian Man days are fucking hard to top.
Nonetheless, this is a fucking great album.

mattbeall (January 24, 2014)

So happy to have you back TLA. This record ranks right alongside Porno and Greatest Story, in my book, just edging out Calcutta.

Problematiclogic (January 24, 2014)

Larry Arms records usually take a long time for me to digest but this one was an instant winner. Good to have them back.

Tudor (January 24, 2014)

Albums a grower not a shower, but even when the album is at boner length, it's still not that impressive. 5 stars for dick metaphors.

martinnz09 (January 24, 2014)

Have been listening to the stream non stop for the last few days - cannot wait for a physical copy so I can take it everywhere

piata (January 24, 2014)

Liked it from the very first listen. Great album.

HeyLittleFingers (January 24, 2014)

Man, listening to this record and reading the line in the review about TLA fans growing up with the band just reminds of the fact that I bought Ghost Stories when I was a freshman in high school--14 years old--and seeing them play at the Fireside a month later. I'm 27 now. Yeesh. So much has changed it seems nothing ever changes!

ak3punk (January 24, 2014)

This record soars, it just sounds fucking "huge". It feels like these songs would feel right at home in a larger venue, no longer destined to dwell in tiny clubs. Reminds me of the last Alkaline Trio(albeit much more entertaining). It's a more mature sound for the Larry Arms, and I love it.

KevinJamesSuperFan (January 24, 2014)

Well, there you go buddy. All is well. Just enjoy music as a whole. Start up the next great El Salvadorian punk rock band, I'm sure some of us would love to hear it.

tengue (January 24, 2014)


I apologize for the length too, I've never been confident enough to review an album or submit an article (probably because english is not even my main language) but I will man up some of these days and I will submit a very objective review on some album just to get it off my chest. I respect your opinion especially because you are from Chicago one of the cities that has given us big punk rock bands (88 fingers louie, Rise Against, Allister and Smoking Popes come to my mind right now) thank you for giving me another perspective of one of the "issues" that I've been having lately with this website and probably punk rock in general. Never been to Chicago, but I will look into the band you mentioned and I will try to contribute to the site so we can give credit to other band that deserves attention.

wallofyouth (January 24, 2014)

paradise shitty, man

KevinJamesSuperFan (January 24, 2014)


Everyone's entitled to their opinion, that's the great thing about music. If you don't like one band, there's thousands more to choose from that might be up your ally. And, hell, if those bands aren't doing it for you, than the great thing about punk rock, is that you don't need to be a virtuoso musician to start your own band. For every band that gets a lot of hype there's thousands of great bands out their busting their asses that'll never receive the same level of hype.

I grew up in Chicago. That doesn't make me any sort of expert on these bands. But, I will say that I've seen both the Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio countless times. And for me, the LAwrence Arms are a lot more a part of that scene than Alkaline Trio ever were. That means something to someone who used to be a kid crowding into little shit hole venues to catch the bands that I loved live. They embrace the city and are a part of it. I know the feeling of riding the very trains they speak of thinking about how I got too drunk and messed up my chances with some girl. I listen to their songs and relate because I've had those experiences and know the places they're referencing in their songs. That creates a sense of community around their music. That being said, you don't need to relate to where they're physically coming from to appreciate their tunes, it's simply a factor for me.

Alkaline Trio is another great band, and I'd never fault you for your opinion of them. That said, they're recent output doesn't do a whole lot for me. I can't relate to the melodramatic/ gothic imagery of their songs. And, while I believe these songs to be perfectly well-crafted and worth listening to, it's just not for me. I miss the sense of humor that made their earlier output so fun to listen to. The Lawrence Arms maintain the self-depreciating viewpoint, and connection to a familiar place that I love about them.

Hell, if you wanna talk about bands not getting a fair shake, speak to anyone who grew up i that same scene and the name Apocalypse Hoboken is sure to come up. No better live band ever played those same venues, and called Chicago their home. They're tragically underrated, but the cool thing about that is that they get to be "my band," so to speak. A great band that I have great memories of and can spread the word of to people who've never heard them.

In conclusion, there's always going to be bands out their that never get their due. It's just the way it works. There's nothing you can do about it. But, instead of wasting precious time attempting to trash bands you feel are unfairly hyped, why don't you use that same time to contribute the news you'd like to see or write a review for a band that you really love? This is a community. Build people up instead of tear them down.

Sorry for the length. I haven't commented on here in years, prior to today

flowerfeeder (January 24, 2014)

EVERYONE here loves Red City Radio. Why their record fell so far down on the top lists this year is a mystery to me just as much as you. I love it.

The Implants, on the other hand...hell, all new melodic skate punk in general...has been criminally underappreciated here.

party-animal (January 24, 2014)

Boring record

eggainst (January 24, 2014)

Hey Tengue, read the part about articles being contributed by readers. If you feel something is being under-represented then maybe it's your fault for not submitting an article.

tengue (January 24, 2014)

@KevinJamesSuperFan I'm sorry, I might have gone a lil crazy and mad about this review, I'm not trying to make people change their opinon and/or tastes, what really bothers me (and probably I completely missed the point, and I'm sorry) is that I've followed this website for a LONG time, when you type punk rock on google it comes up on the first page, when I want to research something about a punk band (say a review, interview etc) I ALWAYS come to this website, and is not the hype that is given to certain bands (TLA, AM!, World's Scariest Police Chases, Direct HIt! etc) what grinds my gears is the fact that there are very good bands out there that don't get as many attention as these. For example (and trust me, I don't like them that much) Red City Radio put out a great and solid punk rock record last year, and it barely made it to one of the "best album of the year" lists, it really pissed me off cuz in my personal opinon the site is very driven to promote some bands more than other. I know I dont pay shit for this website, and I could probably go to absolutepunk, dyingscene, thepunksite etc. but if a kid who knows nothing about punk rock wants to get into the genre, and he comes to this website he will probably end up listening only to the bands you guys give a good review and promote on a daily basis, and I dont thinks is fair...

I know is a lost cause for me to keep on arguing and defending my point cuz everyone here loves this band and hates anyone who talks shit about them. But please just take a minute of your time and think about how unfair is the fact that they posted an article about Brendan Kelly not liking some REM song, and they didnt say a word about the tour that Red City Radio just began, or The Story So Far playing Europe (Dont like that band either, but they had a killer record last year too).... And giving 4 and a half stars to an album that in general terms is not that close to being a legendary record (it even tells you when you're about to review an album that 5 stars are exclusive for masterpieces) is nuts.... I just think is not healthy media

tomripley (January 24, 2014)

first few listens i really didnt like this record, there aren't really any songs that stick out and hit me as hard as anything from previous records. but it's growing on me and i'm realizing its more of a full album then the others were packed with hits.

RedScare (January 24, 2014)

It's neat to see people write about TLA and when they pick up on the 'trials and triumph' vibe that has always pervaded their albums. Some listeners totally get it and identify with it, and some don't. But it seems like their fans have more of a community than any other band happening right now.

The reviewer opens with the line from Hickey but doesn't explain the reference. Anyone? Am I the only old person around here?!

EliWhitney (January 24, 2014)

Doesn't Brendan have one daughter and one son?

Oh, this guy I've never met, I know about his kids. Not feeling weird about that.

eggainst (January 24, 2014)


I wouldn't completely agree with that. I think Hickey Avenue is Metropole's equivalent of Cut It Up, while Drunken Tweets, Acheron River, and Chilean District are just as "hard" (hehe) as anything on Oh Calcutta. Maybe it's because Brendan's voice doesn't sound as gruff on this album.

exitenglish1208 (January 24, 2014)

Fantastic record, as was expected

garrspete (January 24, 2014)

Good stuff

strangleholtz (January 24, 2014)

drbeexo: He gets it. he really gets it! The reviewer, I mean. Not this meanie below. 'HeyLittleFingers', too.

danperrone (January 24, 2014)

good record. very different than oh calcutta, which is a good thing, i'd say. however, this time around, pretty much all the tracks are the melodic TLA, whereas oh calcutta was the harder TLA. why can't they blend the two like on greatest story?

renatohc (January 24, 2014)

did you mean life's NOT about living for tomorrow?

dudepalbro (January 24, 2014)

TLA is a band you grow up with. I think the people who don't like it are definitely young and grew up on the old drive through bands.

KevinJamesSuperFan (January 24, 2014)


You spend every post about these guys attempting to force your negative opinion of them on everyone else. What's is so wrong about simply not enjoying their music and leaving it at that? It's fine and well that you enjoy the music of the Alkaline Trio more than the Lawrence Arms, but whose mind do you think you're going to change? Music is subjective, pal. Like what you like and let other's like what they will. No need to log on and trash a band repeatedly in an effort to convince everyone else that your opinion about them is the defining opinion. Just move on and enjoy the tunes that you do.

mowlio (January 24, 2014)


HeyLittleFingers (January 24, 2014)

I love this album so much. There are moments throughout this album that remind me of every previous TLA release--even Guided Tour of Chicago. "Paradise Shitty" reminds me so much of "18 inches" at times. The consistent theme and level of detail surpass that of TGSET. The line that opens and closes the album is perfect. 8 years was worth the wait, thanks!

tengue (January 24, 2014)

Four and half stars?!?!?!?! WOW... People here at punknews really like to lick Brendan Kelly's ass.... Guy is a douchebag, music is bad and the hype around this album is ridiculouis. The wors Alkaline Trio Album (Crimson) is WAY better than this piece of crap. I'm giving it 2 and half star because compared with their previos efforts they at least managed to stop making similiar songs, you can kinda tell the diference between tracks on this crap, besides the slow-almost-playing-acoustic-guitar approach was interesting, it sorta reminded me of Elway (which is like a million years better than TLA)

You guys are like Directioners or Believers for this band...

drbeexo (January 24, 2014)

I think, not sure, but I THINK this came out on Epitaph, actually. Thanks so much for the good words. xoxoxo

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