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Pennywise: YesterdaysYesterdays (2104)
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Contributed by: HeavyPettingDrewHeavyPettingDrew
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Haters gonna hate, but for a '90s So Cal punk fan like me, a new Pennywise album is something to be celebrated. Yeah, their songs all sound pretty similar and some of their albums may not have aged all that well, but Pennywise is one of the quintessential skate punk bands and there's a reason why th.
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Haters gonna hate, but for a '90s So Cal punk fan like me, a new Pennywise album is something to be celebrated. Yeah, their songs all sound pretty similar and some of their albums may not have aged all that well, but Pennywise is one of the quintessential skate punk bands and there's a reason why they've been around for as long as they have.

You must be living under a rock if you aren't familiar with the band's recent history of releasing an album (All or Nothing) with Zoli Teglas from Ignite on vocals after original singer Jim Lindberg left the band to be a punk rock dad and to form The Black Pacific, only to have Jim rejoin the band a couple of years later. What better way to return to form than by revisiting some songs from the band's past that were never properly recorded and/or released? Yesterdays does just that, and the results give a nod to the band's history while also showcasing a band that has been through a lot and is clearly revitalized.

Many of the songs on Yesterdays are typical Pennywise, for better or worse. Fletcher's guitar and Jim's voice are still one of the most powerful and distinctive combinations in punk rock, and it's great to hear them back together again. Opener "What You Deserve" sets the tone with a sound that wouldn't be out of place on their self-titled album. In fact, a lot of the songs have a really old-school sound without sounding dated.

Pennywise never fails to deliver songs that are catchy and melodic but still aggressive and dynamic. However, the re-recording of "Slow Down," which was originally a bonus track on Unknown Road, doesn't quite capture the energy of the original version. Same goes with "No Way Out," which shows that Jim's vocal range may have changed a bit with age when compared with the original from A Word from the Wise.

"She's a Winner" definitely strays from the Pennywise formula, in the same way that their cover of "Stand by Me" did back in the day. It's one of the few tracks that is more obviously an older song, but it's a nice change of pace from the rest of the album.

Although somewhat of a mixed bag, Yesterdays is an interesting chapter for the band. While the concept of recording an album of older material in many cases would indicate that a band is running out of steam, it seems that Pennywise needed to take a look back and celebrate their past in order to move forward. It will be interesting to see where the unknown road leads to next.


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blackflagrulez69 (2 weeks ago)

I don't know how much shit I'm gonna get for this but, I've always considered Pennywise the Nickelback of punk rock.
Their music's never really stuck out to me as anything interesting. They're kinda like a less interesting NOFX without the sense of humour, and who the fuck wants to listen to that?

rraikov (2 weeks ago)

great review

whatchokesbegin (2 weeks ago)

90 years later, Pennywise is still boring.

ak3punk (2 weeks ago)

If you haven't listened to Pennywise in years, but loved the old stuff this a great album to pick up. I loved "All or Nothing", but this is definitely classic Pennywise. Really fun album, really enjoyable.

CrossBuster (2 weeks ago)

It`s not their best album, but there is some really great songs on it, so definitely worth of buying if you like old Pennywise. 3,5/5.

frisbyrat (2 weeks ago)

I'll never like these guys. Everything they do is so predictable. They're like a watered down (insert any band's name here).

9mind8 (2 weeks ago)

I was hoping for more of a ST sound to the older songs, but it has more of a 'wildcard/ word for the wise'
Apparently a few songs were outtakes from more recent albums. I think 'public defender' and 'I can remember' are likely the ones.

faithisforfools (2 weeks ago)

So, all of these WERE re-recorded recently?
The production definitely sounded like boring 90's production to me.

killtaker (2 weeks ago)

"Jim we need to figure out how to end this movie."
"I'll quit Pennywise".

renaldo69 (2 weeks ago)

Cool record. Much better than I expected

upstart13 (2 weeks ago)

I was excited last week when i found out this album was streaming before it's release. I made it halfway through. I am a huge pennywise fan and something new, albeit, old songs with Jim back on vocals was going to make my slavery in the cubicle better. Wrong. Just boring. Lacks any punch I love from pennywise. I will give it another chance though. Stoked to see them live in philly august 2nd.

mclz (2 weeks ago)

I enjoyed it. Maybe not 4 worthy, but a 3.5/5.

swank (2 weeks ago)

Who knew Pennywise will still be going strong 90 years in the future...

twstdbydsn (2 weeks ago)

Giving it my first real listen today, and not just background music. Really digging Noise Pollution so far.

hobbzoid (2 weeks ago)

I like it.

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