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Jets To Brazil

Jets To Brazil: Perfecting LonelinessPerfecting Loneliness (2002)
Jade Tree Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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I have no idea what to write about this CD. On one hand, I can argue that it's the band's finest work yet. With this album, the band should be able to escape their "ex-members of" stigma [if you don't know, this band is ex-Jawbreaker, Texas Is The Reason, Handsome, and the Van Pelt, but that sho.
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I have no idea what to write about this CD.

On one hand, I can argue that it's the band's finest work yet. With this album, the band should be able to escape their "ex-members of" stigma [if you don't know, this band is ex-Jawbreaker, Texas Is The Reason, Handsome, and the Van Pelt, but that shouldn't matter anymore]. Each song is a mini-epic, with most clocking in at 5 minutes or more. Musically, the album seems to be the most mature of the three. The songs take all the rock of the first album without bringing along the cheesy new wave, and they mix it with the country of the second album, but leaving the hokeyness behind. It's the best of both worlds, really.

Then, on the other hand, we have Blake's lyrics. Blake's always been known for his lyrics over anything else - talk about pressure! This album's songs seem to be lacking in the lyrical department - if there was ever any question that Blake blew his lyrical wad on "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" [an album which I still know every word to], this album puts the final nail in the coffin.

The band is also still recycling themes from the first album, too. Take the "rock" theme - the first album had "Resistance is Futile," the second album had "Milk and Apples" [a straight ripoff if I ever heard one], and the new album has the one-two punch of "William Tell Override" and "Disgrace." All four of the songs, while good, tend to blend together. The band seems to be running out of ideas, so all they did on this album is just make the songs longer so Blake can include more words.

More words. That's another complaint I have. Blake has always been able to tell a story with his words, but now it's like he's writing a novel. There's no consistency between verses and choruses, there's no lyrical repetition, nothing. I know I'm nitpicking to some people right now, but I think it's important - I can't for the life of me remember the lyrics to these songs, and I've been listening to them almost nonstop for at least a month. I don't know what Blake was trying to accomplish with this, but it didn't work.

So yeah, the lyrics are not up to par, but the music is strong as ever [if somewhat rehashed]. Opener "The Frequency" reminds me of Hum somewhat, with pounding guitars and drums, and some neat spacey effects during the verses. "You're The One I Want" is an upbeat, playful number that Blake's voice shines on. The same cannot be said for "Rocket Boy," an eight and a half minute album closing dirge where Blake's age [and throat problems] show. "Cat Heaven" and "Wish List" could have both been on "Four Cornered Night," as one is a kind of folky pop number with a pretty piano part, and the other is an acoustic guitar driven song. "Further North" is the new "Sea Anenome," literally - the song is almost a carbon copy of the latter. I listen to this song and wonder how the band did not realize they were ripping themselves off.

The album goes on like this for over an hour. It seems like in each song I can pick out something the band's already used on the past 2 albums. While I do think that this is the strongest musically the band has ever been, it also makes me think they're at "one trick pony" status [sort of like the Alkaline Trio now]. Sure, the Jets can write good catchy rock songs, and touching sappy ballads, but does making those rock songs and sappy ballads longer neccessarily make them better? I can't really decide. The songs seem to go around and around in circles, dizzying this reviewer until he doesn't know which way is up.

"Orange Rhyming Dictionary" is one of the best albums I own. "Four Cornered Night" is one of the most disappointing albums I own. This album falls somewhere in between, I just can't decide where yet.

Perfecting Loneliness
Cat Heaven


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Anonymous (June 13, 2006)

this album is brilliant. a definite masterpiece. these 2 reviews on here are whack.

tristan (February 26, 2005)

Now that they're gone, I bet a lot of you appreciate this record a lot more than you did three years ago. Hey, that's a bit like what happened a few years earlier with this other band...

Anonymous (July 22, 2003)

The only song I've heard on this album is 'William Tell Overide' because it's on the second Atticus compilation.
It's far and away the worst song on that CD.
Seriously, it's sounds like Smashmouth. This singer doesn't deserve all of these accolades.
Again this is going from just the one song, but if this is, as the reviewer says, their finest works to date, then I fail to understand this group's sucess, as minor as it may be.

Since I don't expect to receive any feedback by any of Jets to Brazil's ten or so fans I'm just gonna throw this on the table, These guys suck worse than a hooker with lock jaw. (Get it, because a hooker who has lock jaw would give really lousy head)


Anonymous (March 28, 2003)

Easily the best record of 2002

Anonymous (March 24, 2003)

Its a good album. Not Orange Rhyming Dictionary, but you can't have everything. The only songs I didn't like were 'Disgrace' and 'Rocket Boy'. Disgrace just went on and on and on. And 'Rocket Boy'...well, just listen to it.

The other songs are all pretty good, even if they're a bit too drawn out. Blake's writing is a bit off, but it is still better than most stuff out there.

Anonymous (November 18, 2002)

AWESOME! Whoever criticizes this album for its so called lack of atomicity is in great need for an awareness, appreciation and shrewdness on the delineation of competent music. So what if it ‚??sounds the same;‚?Ě was it good the first time - than why not the second? Whether commonly accepted or not, Jets To Brazil‚??s perfecting loneliness is the greatest album I‚??ve ever had the privilege of hearing.

Anonymous (November 14, 2002)

to me, this album is slower than ORD but still very good and I'd have to say that if you like long albums these guys do it best.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

Hey, thanks for basically repeating what I said about the use of metaphors and then telling me I had "my head up my ass." Of course it is easy to be critical, but just read a little closer next time.

Anonymous (October 28, 2002)

Perfecting Loneliness. Boo Hoo. I'm sitting naked in the dark drinking wine by myself. Boo Hoo. What a gay name for an album. It's a decent enough album I guess. Boo Hoo.

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

"There are some pretty medicore writers who do won't hesitate to throw a terrible metaphor out for their reader/listeners"

and there are some amazingly talented writers who are exceptional at using metaphors...it doesn't make someone a good writer, but if used well, it can...

Bob Dylan is a genius...

but would Robert Frost be considered one of the greatest poets ever if he wrote like bob dylan? Nope.

no one ever said metaphors have to be used...your head is in your ass...but the person below me said that, so all is good...

Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

No one said metaphors were essential...

Someone just said that they can make you a good songwriter.


Anonymous (October 27, 2002)

just picked up the cd. Pretty damn good. Actually I really want to comment on some of the previous responses claiming how metaphor usage was essential to being a good song writer. How fucking ludacrist is that. Some of the best writers, music and literary, don't use metaphors all that often. There are some pretty medicore writers who do won't hesitate to throw a terrible metaphor out for their reader/listeners. Bob Dylan, wrote some great stuff with metaphors. He also wrote some tremendous, straighforward material. Metaphors don't always provoke true emotion.

waste_elite (October 25, 2002)

i don't think this record is bad at all. i'll agree that the lyrics aren't as strong, but it's good nonetheless.

Anonymous (October 25, 2002)

I really can't comment on Blake's song writing ability, while it may not be as good as Jawbreaker, it's certainly better than the majority of other bands around. And I think he voice sounds great on this album.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

"So you think Blake is just as straightforward as Blink? Maybe I am "reading the post wrong"

Yes you are reading the post wrong...I was saying Blink writes straightforward songs...last time I checked that was the case anyway...


Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

First off, I was replying to Wyzo (I believe) from a post a couple comments down (which he was commenting about one of my posts a few before that)...backtracking is fun

and this "Oh yeah, one more thing. How are you going call Blake a corny songwriter? I don't get you at all. Maybe it's just me though."

I was quoting Blake from a song called "Wishlist." It's off of the new album, called "Perfecting Loneliness." Have you heard it yet?

Blake is my favorite songwriter. He has been from the first time I heard Jawbreaker, and he will always be one of my favorites....but lately his lyric writing hasn't been as solid as it was. Perfecting Loneliness seems to be stradeling the line between corny/sappy and great....I jush wish it was closer to the latter...


Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

I've always thought that Blake's later work - everything from Dear You on - tended to be too wordy. That's not to say that there aren't interesting ideas being expressed, just that you really can have too much of a good thing. A good alternative to the latest JTB album is the recent Jawbreaker 'rare and b-sides' album. I think maybe the catharsis of Blake's earlier punk days is what's missing from more recent recordings.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

Oh yeah, one more thing. How are you going call Blake a corny songwriter? I don't get you at all. Maybe it's just me though.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

Ok, first off I'm not some little kid like you seem to assume. And second, I'll quote you: "calling the Weakerthans lyrics straightforward is asinine...the blink reference isn't....they DO write straightforward songs, just as I said...
" So you think Blake is just as straightforward as Blink? Maybe I am "reading the post wrong" but that's what it sounded like to me and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who interpreted it that way.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

"Wow Jimi, you sure are cool comparing Jets To Brazil to Blink-182. I can't believe no one else noticed the similarties between Blake and Mark. In case you hadn't realized it yet, you are a fucking moron. Just thought I'd clear that up for you. I can't fucking believe you compared Blakes lyrics to Blink's. What the FUCK."

Wow, if you knew how to read, you'd see not ONCE did I say Blink is anywhere similar to JTB, nor marks lyrics similar to Blakes...You're asinine for even thinking I said remotely that...I was talking about how writing straightforward lyrics is not always a good thing (as the person I was replying to said).

God, it's people like you who take everything out of context, and make everything sound so much worse. I'd wager to say you are in...oh, 10th grade? I bet I'm not wrong in assuming so.

Get your head out of your ass and read the post again dipshit.


Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

jawbreaker was way better.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

Oh yeah, I agree, the Weakerthans are not straightforward. In fact, Blake should study those lyrics. Metaphoric, poetic and not trite in the least. John Sampson is a great story-teller and can dabble in many styles of music.

Which means I disagree with the point made a few posts down that you don't need metaphors to have good lyrics. I think you do. Just saying what happened to how you feel does nothing. It gives the lyrics a lot more depth if you can relate it to something. Something maybe your listeners can understand. And wouldn't most people agree music is a kind of art? Who doesn't enjoy well-crafted lyrics laced with poetry and metaphors?

I kind of like Orange Rhyming Dictionary for its very cryptic nature. You can intepret it a lot of different ways, which is important if you want to be a dynamic songwriter.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

As for this rock theme, what about "Lemon Yellow Black" and "Morning New Disease" and "Crown of the Valley?" All those songs are pretty, well,"rock," you could say. I just think your (Scott's) theory that they have some formula is pretty ridiculous.

And "William Tell Override" has possibly the worst backup vocals I've ever heard. That dude sounds fucking tone deaf in the song. Hah. Minus a small part of the chorus, that song just makes me ill.

But I've never liked Blake's voice is backup vocals. He carries the music pretty well (in both Jawbreaker and Jets to Brazil) by himeself. His own backup vocals are all right, but someone else doing them always seems kinda off.

I sorta agree with the rating, but this review just seems inadaquete. Full of half-baked theories and Pitchfork's rhetoric.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

Wow Jimi, you sure are cool comparing Jets To Brazil to Blink-182. I can't believe no one else noticed the similarties between Blake and Mark. In case you hadn't realized it yet, you are a fucking moron. Just thought I'd clear that up for you. I can't fucking believe you compared Blakes lyrics to Blink's. What the FUCK.

Anonymous (October 24, 2002)

calling the Weakerthans lyrics straightforward is asinine...the blink reference isn't....they DO write straightforward songs, just as I said...

when Blake sings "some people say, i'm corny or I'm morbid..." I think "yes Blake, getting pretty corny..."

he said it first...


Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

I think wyzo really nailed this one. I don't think Blake cares about what you metaphor freaks think at all. He's going to write what feels right for him. Oh yeah, I enjoyed this album greatly. I think I'm the only person who actually thinks all JTB albums are equally incredible. Just each in their own different way.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

"Blake IS poetic...it's what he's known for... "

I think blake would know what he is, and its up to him to be what he is. And pre-"Dear you" he was much less cryptic. If you want to listen over and over to metaphors until you get it, talk to charles manson. Their straightforward like the weakerthans are straightforward. I mean does anyone ever consider that the person writing the lyrics has a personal interest in the words, and if that is how blake felt then why would he add some hokey metaphor.

Do you want him to sit around like a monkey churning out obtuse metaphors just because you want the truth in a certain style?

The blink-182 reference was just asinine.

waste_elite (October 23, 2002)

i'm still debating whether to pick this up or not as there seems to be a heated debated on whether it's good or bad. the only JTB album i own is ORD and it is quite excellent. we'll see...

i can kind of see Alk3 as a one trick pony. i mean i love the band, goddamnit, self-titled, and maybe i'll catch fire are all incredibly amazing, but they have somewhat painted themselves into a corner lyrically with writing songs almost exclusively about girls and alcohol.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

"If anyone had any doubts that Schwarzenbach blew his load on Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Perfecting Loneliness will likely only confirm your fears."

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

"Like the way a bullet will go until it is stopped" and "Like the way that a painter must have a surface to hit" are not interesting at all."

amen to that brotha...those are some of the first lines I heard that struck me as horrible...for blake anyway...

and Wyzo, yeah, his new lyrics are straightforward...but so are Blink 182's...the poetic imagery is what made Blake a lyrical genius...Orange Rhyming Dictionary had me listening over and over again to try and understand what all the metaphors where...it's a brilliant album, a masterpiece even, and pone of the best indy rock albums ever written...just look to "Conrad" for some of the most depressing, heartfelt lyrics ever...I'm sure if that song was on perfecting loneliness, the lyrics would have went a little something like this...

"please don't kill yourself...don't slit your wrists in the bathtub...wah"

okay, maybe not THAT horrible, but that's how different the lyrics are on this album...

I think it's a sick joke ANYONE could consider this a better album that "ORD." Blake IS poetic...it's what he's known for...


Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

This isn't good, it's tame pop rock.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

I think its there best album. I think people who disagree with his lyrical style on this one forget how "Dear you" and after blake got a little over the top with the poetics to the point of nonsense. I think he's returned to a much better and straight forward style. If you have to have an enigmatic or useless metaphor for your heart to break, your heart isn't human.

I think the lyrics are as good as ever, I think they are perhaps even more honest because he doesn't try and confuse whats going on by hiding behind the pigeonholed style he got into on "Orange rhyming...".

This is blake as bitter and angry and sad as ever, and their love songs for people who are past high school theatrics. So many of what are called bland lines are so relevant and powerful for me because they are exactly simply the truth. This isn't the girl doesnt love me, this is the girl got married and had a kid, or the girl moved and chose the job over me love songs. I think at 35, Blake shouldn't have to hide how he feels especcially if its honest.

I think its the best one, and one of my top ten this year.

And what is alkaline trios one trick, cause I count 3.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

What? No funny ass review? -SaYnE GuY

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

"one trick pony like the Alkaline Trio.."

Hmm, we must own different albums by them.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

go buy some creed.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

wow myself and the reviewers tastes are completely different, I love Four cornered and hated Orange Rhyming
weird. As for the new one, don't know yet boy its long tho, what is Alkaline Trio's one trick?

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

First, here's the correct rating.

Secondly, I messed up my quotation marks on that last post, but you get the point.

Lastly, here's Pitchfork's review that I was referencing:

http://pitchforkmedia.com/record-reviews/j/jets-t o-brazil/four-cornered-night.shtml

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

I hate to say it, Scott, but you've been reading Pitchfork too much. Your commentary on Blake's lyricism is almost ripped verbatim from Pitchfork's review of "Four-Cornered Night."

I quote:

"...it's clear that Blake blew his lyrical wad on Orange Rhyming Dictionary"

and Scott's words:

"...if there was ever any question that Blake blew his lyrical wad on "Orange Rhyming Dictionary"

I'm sorry, but I think the likeness is too obvious. I don't mean to be picky, but I want to read Scott's words, not Pitchfork's. It's small, but I want a reviews that are completely unique to Punknews -- that's why I read the reviews.

But I do agree it's their weakest album. Especially lyrically. Analogies such as "Like the way a bullet will go until it is stopped" and "Like the way that a painter must have a surface to hit" are not interesting at all. They're ridicously bland. Still, it's better than 90% of the indie rock that's out there if you ask me. "Wish List," "Further North," "Autumn Walker," "Perfecting Loneliness," and "Cat Heaven" are all five exceptional songs. It's too bad the entire album couldn't have been made up of songs like these.

Anonymous (October 23, 2002)

"Smoking Popes and Afgan Whigs vocal stylings. "

Are you sure you weren't hearing Blake's influence in those smoking popes songs, and not the other way around? I think Josh said it best in "You spoke to me."

As for this album, I still think it's their weakest yet. I don't know why everyone gets so down on 4CN when it wasn't a subpar album at all. No, it wasn't as great as ORD, but it was fantastic to say the least. Yes, some of the songs were not so great, but overall, the album was much better than "Perfecting Loneliness." With songs like "Orange Rhyming Dictionary," "Air Traffic Control", "In the Summer..." and "Empty Picture Frame," the Jets managed to write some of their best songs yet.

Don't get me wrong, I definitly think "Perfecting Loneliness" is a good album, but definitly NOT one of the best of the year. The lyrics have dropped off, and you can't tell me it's a maturing process. The lyrics are a lot more like 6th grade poetry than the awesomeness of Blakes past lyrics (in Jawbreaker AND JTB). I'm a huge Jawbreaker and JTB fan, and I'm not afraid to say this album is dissapointing. Just because it's got Blakes name on it doesn't mean I'm going to worship this album.

Another thing that dissapointed me was how much these new songs rocked live. When I saw them in Indy, the 4 new songs they played sounded MUCH better than they do on this disc. After that show, I could hardly contain my excitement to hear the new album. After finally hearing it, I was left with a sad feeling in my stomach.

I suppose no one is going to agree with me, but everyone should know damn well JTB could have written a better album than this....They have twice before...


Huey (October 22, 2002)

I think a lot of people say Four Cornered Night is a disappointment because it was such a change in approach, and it had to have been pretty hard for the Jets to go in and attempt to top Orange Rhyming Dictionary. To me, ORD sounds like Blake getting out his remaining Jawbreaker aggression. Four Cornered Night was the Jets creating a new style, and they had to go through some critical harrassment to develop it. Meaning, with Four Cornered Night, their style was still in development. And with the new record, Perfecting Loneliness, the band has fused the best aspects of ORD and FCN and expanded on them, to create an epic piece of music. Jawbreaker is my favorite band, and I feel no shame in saying that the new Jets record tops even some of Jawbreaker's work. However, I'm still pretty sure Dear You is my favorite record ever. But, I love the new direction of the Jets record. It's fresh, it's mature, but it still harkens back to the days of old at times. I don't know how they could top this record, of course I said the same about ORD. I guess anything's possible. I just hope these guys don't break up because I haven't seen them live yet. I'm still kicking myself in the ass for never seeing Jawbreaker.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

ya man, get Huey writing reviews. His comments were golden.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

Holy shit are you serious? All the jets to brazil songs sound the same?? That is a fucking shocker! Were you expecting the jets to brazil gangsta rap album? Or how about something right up your ally, like jets to brazil do show tunes! I can see you now. Walking into your room, fresh out of an hour long soak in the tub, wearing your favorite pink robe. Your hair up in a towel and a cup of tea in one hand. You're tired from a long day of knitting little tiny sailor outfits for your many cats. You pop in your soundtrack to Oklahoma, take out a mint milano and open up your copy of "Lustful pirates of the Caribbean." I do have to give you some props though. I know how hard it must be for you to pry yourself away from will and grace. At least you can listen to this album while you lay on your bed twirling your hair and reading your 17 magazine. Don‚??t get confused at your erection when you look at britney spears. The reason why is that you associate britney with justin timberlake. That‚??s why. I heard her cunt smells like a dead baby's coffin. Twat

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

The only way you could honestly say Jets are a "One Trick Pony" is if you have a limited knowledge of music. The list of influences that "Perfecting Lonliness" draws on is long and amazing. I hear everything from John Lennon to the Rolling Stones and Replacements in the music and Smoking Popes and Afgan Whigs vocal stylings. The similarities all be it are subtle and may only last for a line or two but just go to show that this album is nothing short of magnificent. A Masterpiece! Listen to the record again Scott. Then listen to it again and again and again. It deserves nothing less.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

Why couldn't Huey write the review instead of Scott?

bruceless (October 22, 2002)

I agree completely with poster Huey below. This is Jets To Brazil at their strongest; I love it too much and won't be able to put the album away for too long.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

album of the year. hands down.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

please blake, leave that god-awful band and bring back Jawbreaker!!! you may think you are but youre not too old to play some punk buddy

Huey (October 22, 2002)

Best album of the year along with The Promise Ring's Wood/Water. I disagree with most things in Scott's review, but it's okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I have read so many reviews of people saying that Blake's lyrics have gone downhill. It's not that Blake's lyrics have gone downhill, it's that he's at a different point in his life now, and obviously the stories and words he presents to us are going to be in a different style. It's normal for a songwriter to switch up styles throughout their career. It is what keeps them interesting to watch. I'm still struggling to figure out how Further North is a rip-off of Sea Anenome. That makes no sense what-so-ever. And by the way, I could have sworn I've seen the following quote "if there was ever any question that Blake blew his lyrical wad on "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" [an album which I still know every word to], this album puts the final nail in the coffin." nearly word for word in another review. Another thing that bothers me are the amount of Jawbreaker elitists out there who just relentlessly bash Blake and JTB. Grow up, move on. It's not 1995 anymore kids (Note, I love Jawbreaker as much as JTB, if not more). Orange Rhyming Dictionary seems to be everyone's favorite because it's very accessible to old Jawbreaker fans, and fans of new. Four Cornered Night and Perfecting Loneliness are aquired tastes. Four Cornered Night isn't a disappointing record, it's just not up to par with Blake's other work. It has some very strong parts, and some very lackluster portions. Orange Rhyming Dictionary is a great record, and definitely features some of Blake's best songs yet, but Perfecting Loneliness is pure gold, and in my opinion their best work yet, musically, lyrically, and all together. Blake's lyrics are much simpler at times now, but you can still tell he's giving it all he's got, and putting all he has into these words, and I think it comes out beautifully. His voice has indeed aged, but that happens to all the greats. Scott, how can you possibly criticize Rocket Boy? It's easily the strongest song on the disc, and one of the most sensational songs Schwarzenbach has ever written. His voice has aged, but it's still incredible as ever. As an early comment said, Rocket Boy is to Jets To Brazil as Bivouac is to Jawbreaker. The whole album is incredible, and if you go into it with an open mind, or a depressed soul, then you will be sure to understand this. Easily one of the top three records of the year, but be warned, it is an aquired taste. Thank god (Hi, I'm agnostic) for Blake Schwarzenbach: Truly one of our generation's most important song writers and musicians. I'd go as far to even call him the indie Thom Yorke. The new Jets To Brazil? Oh, it was worth the wait alright...

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

Blake is GOD!!

He could take a dump in jewel case and it would still be worth $10.99. While it's no "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" this album is still great and sounds like a masterpiece compared to the disappointing "Four Cornered Night"

That's all

aubin (October 22, 2002)

I love the first half of this record, but the second half really drags, and Rocket Boy is just painful.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

"further North" and "Perfecting Loneliness" seem to be the only songs on this album that are up to par for JTB. Don't get me wrong, I still like this album, but Blakes lyrics really have gone downhill. That's the first thing I noticed and I'm sticking with that statement...Blake used to be a lyrical Genius, and with "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" he seemed at the top of his game...since then, both albums have gotten progressivly worse with the lyrics...I want to love this album as much as all the ass-kissing magazine reviewers, but I can't...I expected so much more...


Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

"The same cannot be said for "Rocket upbeat, playful number that Blake's voice shines on. The same cannot be said for "Rocket Boy," an eight and a half minute album closing dirge where Blake's age [and throat problems] show."

I disagree, I think its their bivuoac. I thought his age should show, and I'm happy it did.

I also disagree with his lyrical style going downhill. Someone complained about the lyrics to "your the one I want" but fuck at 35 I hope those things are still relevant to me. Unless I'm a jaded old fart with no blood pumping in my veins.

Anyway, my only complaint is "disgrace", way too long and too much middle clutter.

But "Lucky Charm", "Wish List", and "Further North" are amazing and worth every penny. I wouldn't say the songs are mini-epic just cause their over 4 minutes, it just means their over 4 minutes. There is nothing epic about any of the songs. There just long.

I think "further north" has the same depressing feel of sea anemone, but I don't think musically its the same at all.

Anonymous (October 22, 2002)

this album is great, just different from what i expected to hear. blake is just turning over a new leaf with this album. worth picking up if you are really depressed.

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