No Use For A Name / Yellowcard / Eyeliners

No Use For A Name/ Yellowcard/Eyeliners: live in Orlandolive in Orlando (2002)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: KevinKevin
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When I heard No Use was coming to Orlando, I was very excited. I bought my tickets about 3 months in advance and could not wait for this show. The show took place at the Social, a small venue downtown that holds about 450 people, although it was obviously overcrowded tonight. The first band w.

When I heard No Use was coming to Orlando, I was very excited. I bought my tickets about 3 months in advance and could not wait for this show. The show took place at the Social, a small venue downtown that holds about 450 people, although it was obviously overcrowded tonight.

The first band was Slick Shoes, an awful generic pop-punk band. They sounded like a MxPx cover band. All the kids in the Atticus shirts really dug this band, that should give you an idea of what type of band this was.

The next band was The Eyeliners, another pop-punk band, who were slightly more interesting due to the fact they were girls. They breezed through a 30 minute set, however they were a step above Slick Shoes, but nothing spectacular.

Next up was Yellowcard, quite possibly the worst set I have ever seen a non local band play. Boring and uninteresting. They played about an hour of bubble gum pop. Included on stage was a violin player, and although that may sound like a cool and original idea, was indeed an awful experience. The 14 year old New Found Glory fans dug this band. They played a cover of Michelle Branch's "Everywhere". I don't think we need any further explanation on why that was horrible.

Next was No Use For A Name, who put on an hour long amazing set, starting off with "Feels Like Home", the first song off of "Hard Rock Bottom" they went straight into "International You Day" from there, and played a great mix of old and new tunes, including:

Dumb Reminders
Coming Too Close
On the Outside
Pre Medicated Murder
Straight From The Jacket
Answer Is Still No
Room 19
Justified Black Eye
Redemption Song

All in all, a great show all because of NUFAN, it would have been a lot better if not for the horrid support acts. But I still had a great time. I would recommend you see this tour if it comes near you. But only if you can sit through 3 hours of generic pop-punk.


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Anonymous (June 16, 2005)

to all those fans of yellowcard...tell me..did you listen to them a month after the first album came out, like i have...no?kthx.

yellowcard is terrible aside from their first album

new nufan is pretty good

i loved old nufan, but im adapting to the new stuff.

this review wasnt great..i loved the stereotyping

slick shoes is terrible.

Anonymous (November 4, 2002)

to the person who said that the social is phasing out shows: no, they arent, they have a seperate place for the nightclub shit, the actual show part will only be used for shows, look at the upcoming schedule, they have tons of shows including Piebald on December 13th! anywho, if the social gets rid of shows...A) wills will be the only thing left and that sucks ass for major shows and B) My band cant play anywhere cool.

crazyjeb (November 4, 2002)

I thought we were supposed to review the show...not whether or not you cared for a band's particular psuedogenre.


Anonymous (November 3, 2002)

I think it's about time Wuss Emo Rock wrote a review.

Anonymous (November 3, 2002)

oh yeah and the social = coolest place to see a show...

A fellow Orlando punk? Although the Social is a pretty kick ass venue, the Orlando punk scene is weak. To make matters worse, I heard a rumor that the Social is starting to phase out shows.


Oh yeah, the review. I'd wait until roughly 10 o'clock to go to the show, just in time to see No Use, and no one else. Verdict: 4

Anonymous (November 2, 2002)

yc is awesome no question... a little poppy but so what... im really gtting sick of this Poppunk crap tho... pop means popular and punk is well punk popularpnk is nuthing more than an oxymoron and emo is just a shitty term for rock...

Anonymous (November 2, 2002)

it's an OK review...

I was gonna go to this show but me and my friend got caught in traffic so when we got to Orlando we drank with our friends instead. Seen Yellowcard play in Gainesville and really wasn't impressed at all, I guess since none of the other openers were particularly good either it was an OK show to miss.

Anonymous (November 2, 2002)

I just saw these guys tonight in Cincy. No Use kicked ass as always, even though they didn't play redemption song or don't miss the train. It was cool when the singer from the eyeliners sang the girl part for "on the outside"
Overall, excellent show.

Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

Too bad that that one dude actually wants the reviewer to get aids just because he writes a review. So what if he doesn't write particularly good reviews. He just wants to share his experience. Pretty sad to see how people can get so pumped up over a piece of harmless text.


Anonymous (October 31, 2002)

Slick Shoes wasn't there in Montreal. Maybe they don't came for the shows in Canada (Toronto and Montreal).

- Louis

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

good review. best part is calling slick shoes a mxpx cover band. its exactly how i would describe them. but their even worse than mxpx. real bad.
ps. most people on this site are assholes

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

what are you talking about? that Droog dudes comment is the best one. its not just some loser whining over someone else's review or post (like this one). besides i thought the clockwork Orange reference was cool. but watch out. he is a Droog, he'll most likely be kicking your ass first...and then raping your mom.so now i guess youre gonna make fun of my comment. proceed......

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

I don't know ... I got there at 7:30pm and it said 7:30pm on the ticket. And there were no Slick Shoes merchandise, so I thought they weren't there... Maybe the show started really early and they had nothing to sell...

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

Actually...someone told me that they didn't like the slick shoes set at the montreal show...meaning that thew were there. Hehe are you sure they weren't there?

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

I saw the show in Montreal and Slick Shoes wasn't there... Anyone know why ?

waste_elite (October 30, 2002)

to the droog who posted the lame clockwork orange wannabe post:

shut the fuck up or i'll get ultraviolent on your yarbles

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

Thanks to the guy below who understand that english isn't my first language. Montreal rules !!!

- Louis

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

slip in a puddle aids...lol

Anonymous (October 30, 2002)

Yellowcard is a "gimmick" band. I'm surprised they don't wear masks (ala Slipknot). Slick Shoes is nothing special I agree...they have a decent following though. Eyeliners...amazing. Everytime I've seen them they put on a wonderful show. I really am surprised that they are not much more popular. NUFAN's new album was great I though...I think I may be the only one to think so though. Wish I could have seen this show the other night in Pittsburgh...stupid job.

TJmoney (October 30, 2002)

oh yeah and the social = coolest place to see a show...

TJmoney (October 30, 2002)

"International You Day" by NUFAN is the coolest song right now though...

TJmoney (October 29, 2002)

Obviously he lives near orlando cuz that's where the show was. Central Florida pretty much...I almost went to this same show but I knew a total of 6 songs from the 4 bands. I am seeing BIGWIG, the Bosstones and the Spitvalves on November 11th though!!!!

WussEmoRock (October 29, 2002)

again I would like to remind everyone that this is the all time worse review ever written, ever!

how could someone be so excited about no use and write one sentence about them in the review? hahaha

piece of shit


Vien (October 29, 2002)

Nobody has to sit though NUFAN period. Ever see that music video for "Dumb Reminders" where all those kids were kicking thier asses? Yeah, I wish that happened for real....

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

nobody HAS to fucking sit through three hours of "pop punk" in order to see this show. just go late, if you want to see no use for a name. fucking idiot.

i would rather spend my money figuring out where you live, so that i can chop your fucking hands off so that you can no longer type on a fucking computer. I hope you slip into a puddle of AIDS.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

I'll be the first to bag pop punk, but I always love seeing yellowcard. They all look like they are having the time of their lives out on stage. I hate bagging on peoples reviews because its kind of messed up, but man your review really really blows.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

"Heh if you think Slick Shoes is a generic band, your an idiot."

"You're" an idiot...yes you are...

and slick shoes sounds like every other tooth and nail band...


Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

hello. first off let me reveal to you all that i am a Droog and that you should only interpret my opinions as that of a Droog and nothing less.

This young boy. This 'reviewer' who you all bash for his distaste in music...shame on you! He is probably just very smart and cannot be bothered with shitty openers. i admire his honesty and openess to share his opininos with everone. i express myself through violence, at least he's found a safer medium. for that i give him the ultimate, a full star rating. also , i have seen the lead singer of the Eyeliners. what a babe. I stood in the back of the venue. watchign her bend over carefully to pick up her water bottle. the pants were plaid. the pants were tight. there was a camel presentbut you could only see its toe. it was pleasant.

I was surprised at how unnoticed i, a Droog, went at this show. but that is probably because everybody was too bummed at how much it sucked to notice that anything cool was about. the atmosphere was abundant with SUCK. SUCK. SUCK. SUCK.


aphrodisiacs of the evening: the smoky air, the violent "pit", the seductress herself (Eyeliners singer), the lack of quality and last but not least... the joy of its ending and my departure.

left to roam the streets , i was. the boys and i headed down to the pub. the locals call it "katie O's" . but we werent welcome , so we left them there. with their puny minds and their unfortunate opinions on CRAP bands. as we walked away we spotted a mistress alone in the parking lot. the night was young. we were bored and antsy.
we went to work....

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

your all ugly, yellowcard is bloody awesome, NUFAN is the bubble gum pop punk...

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

i like the broken english or franglais that louis posted. i miss montreal kids.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

NUFAN today blows huge donkey balls. I can't stand to listen to any of thier new crappy songs. Until they start going back writing songs like "Feeding the fire" and "Justified Black Eye", I will vomit on each and every song they put out in the future.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

That is probably the worst review I have ever read on this site. For starters, talk about the bands more, especially NUFAN since you were supposedly so looking forward to their set. You didn't say anything about it. Also, yellowcard are very good, and not even close to as bad as slick shoes. Anyway, your review pissed me off, and on that account...

Nufan didn't play that many songs off of their new record, and for that matter not that many songs at all. 13? weird. when I saw them they played about 20.

*****Wuss-Emo-Rock***** (at school)

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

Feeding the fire is a fuckin great song

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

Slick Shoes hasn't been able to recover since the talent of the band left years go. When Jackson left, they became every other pop punk nightmare out there. Jackson WAS Slick Shoes. Now, they're garbage.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

I like this reviewer. He recognizes crap when he hears it.

NUFAN is cool. They've gone in a direction I'm still trying to get used to though.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

I saw this show in Montreal,QC,Canada, last week and it's was a great show. Here in Montreal, NUFAN got a big fan club (it was solded out, we we're 1600 fans in the club) and NUFAN always give their best. By the way, I don't underdstand why you hate Yellowcard cause musically they almost sound like NUFAN with his melodic and energic sound. I follow NUFAN since "Don't miss the train" album and they always sound great (maybe a little generic), but always good. They survived the 90' wave of california punk with success and I think that not many bands did it so well.

- Louis

waste_elite (October 29, 2002)

slick shoes is awful

NUFAN lost their edge years ago

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

What an excellent review it was extremely informative and insightful.

Yellowcard is terrible, I can't believe they weren't the first band of the night. Their first album was good but they went straight down hill after that.

Slick Shoes is actually a very good band, but their last two albums have definitely been lacking something.

I typically don't like girl punk bands but the Eyeliners are remarkably talented and very entertaining, plus lead singer is hot. They are much better than the Donnas.

NUFAN's last two albums were horrible, luckily for them they still have "Leche" and "Making Friends" to fall back on.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

Um, Yellowcard is an amazing band and there cover of "everywhere" I thought was one of the best songs on the Punk Goes Pop compilation. I agree with a few people below me, if you don't like the band you don't have to lower them and their fans like that, because NUFAN is as generic as the other bands anyway. All in all, thats was a damn shitty review

Geetarchick (October 29, 2002)

I'm a fan of NUFAN the most out of the bands that are on this tour, but I still like YC. Slick shoes i'm indifferent about and The Eyeliners i've still yet to see. But I didn't think this review gave enough description of the bands aside from calling all of them generic.. the labeling of fans thing was funny but this review just wasn't enough..

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

Heh if you think Slick Shoes is a generic band, your an idiot.
If you think that The Eyeliners were better then them, your a really fucking stupid idiot.
Sorry, but Slick Shoes and Yellowcard both have tons more talent then the Eyeliners, and although maybe not as popular as No Use, talent-wise it's a very good line-up I feel.
BTW No Use is just as generic as the other bands, just cause you like them doesn't mean you gotta put them above everyone else...

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

You call slick shoes generic??? , what the fuck is nufan... I hate stupid people-oldpunker-

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

i like it when people tell someone not to stereotype punk fans. Cause its only a stereotype if its NOT true.

funny review, only cause i agreed with him.


Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

worst fucking review i've ever read in my entire life. and that's saying something considering all the shitty reviews i've read on this site. god damn, no fucking details at all. i could have written this review just by asking someone who went to the show what they thought.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

man...fuck you and your stereotyping of punk rock fans. "the kids in the atticus t-shirts dug this band" its assholes like you that water down the punk scene and make it into something thats totally material and and about the looks. i liked all the bands on the tour. slick shoes wasnt on but GOB was, and i loved every band. and hey guess what? i wear atticus. ive never read a worse review in my life.

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