Hot Rod Circuit / The Reunion Show / Bleach

Hot Rod Circuit / The Reunion Show / Bleach: live in Atlantalive in Atlanta (2003)
Vagrant Records

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Contributed by: sweetsugarpezzsweetsugarpezz
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Ahhhh? the Cotton Club. By far, my favorite venue in Atlanta. Over the years, so many bands and so many killer shows came and went through, and yes I was at a majority of them. But due to moving 3 hours away for college this past year, I had not been there since April 2002. So it was due time for a trip back up to Atlanta. First off, I just wanted to mention the great setting and atmosphere of the Cotton Club, perfect for any punk show, and anyone who has frequented there probably has a soft spot as well. Moving on with the actual show?.

The show was scheduled to start at 9 and we arrived promptly at 8:45. According to local flyers and Creative Loafing ads, the lineup was Northstar, The Reunion Show, and finally Hot Rod Circuit. Out of my 3 buddies and myself, I was the only one familiar with Northstar, but I assured them that it would be worthwhile not to miss them and get there a little early. Early we did, and as soon as we walked through the doors, I heard Northstar blowing the crowd away with "Rigged and Ready". Just as I made my way towards the crowd, Northstar thanked everyone and left, leaving me to tears that I missed one of my favorite bands.

The night was young though, and I waited for The Reunion Show to play. As the band started playing I was surprised that, there was in fact another band playing tonight; Bleach. I was surprised to see them on this tour, and although I hadn't listened to them for quite some time, I remember Bleach as playing "space-rock/punk" if you will. Their lyrics were great, but sometimes to "uplifting" (See Tooth and Nail). As soon as Bleach started playing, the crowd was hooked, and their music seemed had a harder, faster, and overall different feel than what I remembered. This was definitely a good thing as they rocked for a good 30 min set. Due to the great atmosphere of the Cotton Club, and the lack of bouncers (yay), my buddy and I climbed up on stage with Bleach and we proceeded to air guitar our hearts out. Good times I tell ya.

After an unsuccessful stage dive into a sparse pit, we recovered and waited for The Reunion Show to set up. I was not especially excited about seeing them due to many negative reviews I had read here on punknews.org, and I really wasn't expecting much more than generic pop-punk. But my main thing when going to a show is to give every band a chance, and that I did. For the first 2 songs, the crowd didn't really seem to dig TRS. Then came "Television" and for some reason, the crowd started going ape-shit. The band had plenty of energy, and soon the Cotton Club was rockin and it stayed that way for the next half hour. Now, to all The Reunion Show haters out there, if you have not seen them live, go check them out, they definitely have a killer live show. As for their music, it was well played, fun rock, which my have me at my local record shop looking for their CD.

So then came Hot Rod Circuit. Plenty of screams from the ladies out there, but not in an annoying "We love Benji and Joel!" or "Blink me!" way. HRC played almost every song of off "Sorry About Tomorrow" except my personal favorite HRC song, "Get What You Get". Hot Rod Circuit also played a few tracks off of their new B-sides album, "Been There, Smoked That", which the HRC faithful belted out every word with Andrew. "The Pharmacist" was also a crowd favorite, with virtually everyone singing the first verse at the top of their lungs. After chanting over and over for "Radio Song", HRC tore the walls down, proving that they still put on one helluva show. Out of the 3 times I had seen HRC, this was the best, even though Andrew cut the set a bit short due to "losing his voice". Rock!

All in all, this was a great show, and an even better homecoming to my favorite venue. Hot Rod Circuit rocked like they always do, and if you like them and you haven't seen them live, you are missing out. The Reunion Show shocked the hell out of me, proving once again think for yourself and don't base all your opinions on other people's reviews and opinions. The Reunion Show had plenty of energy along with their catchy as hell songs. Bleach rocked as well and now I will be looking for my old Bleach cd's and get them back into rotation. If your looking for some well done, rock and roll, check out their new album "Again, For the First Time", it will not disappoint. Though I missed Northstar, I know they kick mucho ass, and if you are a fan of Taking Back Sunday, etc., check ??em out. Good stuff. Be sure to catch this tour in a town near you, definitely one of the best ways to spend 15 bucks.


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Anonymous (February 27, 2003)

I added you to my list to have a 'civilized' discussion.

Also don't lump me into a group of people that you like to call bad music listeners. Just because I like Reunion show doesn't mean I like every band that sounds kinda similar to them. To be quite honest I really don't care for Hot Rod Circuit, but then again I a)didn't go to see them, or b) not going to talk shit about them, (unless they sucked horribly live, which they didn't)

I also gave you the entire opinion to say they suck. I'll be honest when I say not that many people like the Reunion Show. But then again I am not going to stop listening to them because of other people not liking them.

I also like some of the bands you like as well, such as Pavement, Chocking Victim/Leftover Crack, Sleater-Kinny, Ikara Colt, and so on.

I'll leave the rest of what I would like to talk about for when ever talk online.

evilmidget2 (February 27, 2003)

madcap, the bouncing souls, the eyeliners, as well are "punk" bands i like. if you want to actually discuss all of this in an intelligent manner, i'd love to dismember your opinions over instant messenger. my s/n is evilmidget2, same as my s/n on here. dont think i wont block you if i dont like the cut of your gib, tho.

evilmidget2 (February 27, 2003)

hmmmmm.... how to address that. the cotton club does have good shows, they just usually arent the punk ones. dont get me wrong, i do like SOME punk bands (after all, it wouldnt make much sense for me to post on here if i didnt). DKs, bad brains, sick of it all, choking victim, tsol, dag nasty, some misfits, hmmmmmmmm, uh, i cant think of any others that yall woulda heard of. but i dont think any of you can argue against the idea that most punk is EXACTLY THE SAME AS WHATS BEEN PUT OUT FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. the main reason i'm here is because there are a lot of good bands that get grouped under the vast umbrella of punk: sleater-kinney, new bomb turks, turbonegro, supersuckers, sahara hotnights, ikara colt, pavement, interpol, slint, etc.

and just for the record, i'm not pretentious, i'm cynical. well, i probly am pretentious, too, but i do it in a joking way, around my friends at least. on here, its just to piss people off, as that seems to be the general point of this community anyway. plus, i find it amusing. unfortunately, not many people seem to strike back at someone like me with such far superior music tastes (hows that for pretentiousness?). so i salute you, bad music listener. of course, i will now get a bunch of lame comments ("punk is about unity, you're only dividing us!"), but oh well. and oh yeah, if i am to believe what a lot of your definition of punk is, then i'm punk as fuck for actually listening to more music than just the used or jimmy eat world. of course, then we get into the absolutely incredibly stupid trend of trying to attach a definition to a FUCKING MUSICAL GENRE, which still somewhat confuses me. i guess its just trying to give meaning to both your insignificant (not to say mine isnt, but thats not the point) life and a genre that establishes your beliefs, dress style, and politics, and has been dead since it began.

and the bands at this show still suck.

its all fucking humor, the downfall of the internet, however, is that not only can you not express tone of voice, but the simplicity of it means that stupid fucks can get on here and have everything i do go completely over their heads in every way. now if you'll excuse me i have to go burn my sex pistols LPs.

Anonymous (February 27, 2003)

"its too bad that with such great music in atlanta (carbonas, black lips, the lids, jucifer, lifeform project, the helgas, the hiss, the woggles, rock*a*teens) people still flood to shitty shows like this one."

My comments about the shitty pretentious assholes stand. I know you can cast your own opinion on something, and I am not going to say you can't. I am going to do that right now and say that almost every band you listed I really don't like at all. I am really not sure as to how long DJ-EZcheeze has been involved in the underground punk community. However this will be the only time I say something. I am not going to go on their board and post shit. I am not going to go and post shit on a show I didn't go to because I don't like the bands. I just don't have the hours in the day to do so. If you don't like the bands that's fine, just don't be a dick about it.
and here is logic for you. If these places didn't have the big shows like they do, do you think they would be able to maintain their operation surviving on under 100 crowds?. No. They have to put on stuff that people like in order to maintain their buisness. And if no one shows up to see thebands like this club will lose money and go under. And if they only put on bands like Jucifer all the damn time they would be losing on a large part of their clientel. If the the Daddy long legs and the shrimp fuckers wanted to play there and they automatically sold out the place and packed the bar, I think the club would be more than happy to put them on, regardless of how much of a "shitty show" it is

evilmidget2 (February 26, 2003)

and to anybody who remotely likes garage rock: get The Lids 7". it's s/t and you should be able to find it at wax 'n' facts, full moon, etc.

evilmidget2 (February 26, 2003)

and the only good venues in ATL (in terms of the bands that play) are the echo lounge, MJQ, the earl, the variety playhouse, OCCASIONALLY the neutron bomb, OCCASIONALLY the cotton club (i cant wait to see dead prez AND killer mike) and OCCASIONALLY swayze's. actually, the masquerade did have DJ Z-Trip once, but its usually just shitty metal and generic punk. and eleven50 (DJ krush and fischerspooner and royksopp and jazzanova and supergrass in the next two months? shit yeah).

http://mtseccom3.mtsecurecommerce.com/MTCalendar.asp?Re fID=36697&AType=V&EP=1

thats the echo lounge's site. look at the fucking lineup!

evilmidget2 (February 26, 2003)

its too bad that with such great music in atlanta (carbonas, black lips, the lids, jucifer, lifeform project, the helgas, the hiss, the woggles, rock*a*teens) people still flood to shitty shows like this one.

Anonymous (February 26, 2003)

yeah, you're right, i fogot about ticketraper's charge

yanni805 (February 26, 2003)

you air guitared on stage? mmmmmm. I dont about the interviewer, kinda sounds like a tool

yanni805 (February 26, 2003)

These are some rad bands

sweetsugarpezz (February 25, 2003)

well technically $12 then ticketmaster's bastard of a service charge ($3). and yes, i miss the 513 club.


Anonymous (February 25, 2003)

the price on shows in atlanta depends on the club that is being held at. All cotton club shows are at least 10 bux normally they are like 12-15. Cotton Club and the Masquerade are where most bigger punk shows happen so all the door prices are kinda high. We used to have the 513 where I saw AFI/Fury 66 as soon as Black Sails came out for 5 bux. However there are very few places in atlanta that do under 10 dollar shows.

if you are in the are check out the MJQ. I just saw rescue there and the place, as well as Rescue, was fucking awesome.

TheBouncingSoul (February 25, 2003)

yeah, wait a minute....15$?!

i payed 8 to see the bouncing souls and flogging molly, what planet are you living on where a hot rod circuit show is 15$?

Anonymous (February 25, 2003)


alkalinetrio55 (February 23, 2003)

hot rod circuit is awesome.....

Hot hot heat is in Rollin Stone...goddamn canadians

maverick (February 22, 2003)

Holy shit! I never even thought of doing that. I am totally going to start ripping off those dumb fucks who ask me to buy them cigarettes. Thanks for the idea!


sweetsugarpezz (February 22, 2003)

to the post below... yea i forgot to mention the Jawbreaker cover, and you are absolutly correct, it wasn't worth mentioning, but it did not detract from an overall good set.
also, when i get little kids asking to buy cigarettes, i just take their money and never return... its called: learning the hard way. i think some of them will never bother asking again after they are victimized by this horrible crime!


Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

I as well was at the show. I thught the show was good, but I really didn't expect as many people that were there to show up. The only problem I have when alot of people go to shows is there is always a ton of shit talkers and assholes that go. Such as the stupid 13 yr old kids that surrounded me and a friend and kept trying to get us to buy them ciggerettes. Or my favorite, the elitist assholes who stand completly still and expect everyone else to do the same as they are doing and if people are dancing and having fun then something is wrong with them. I guess this is true for any show...but typically it happens more at bigger venues in Atlanta, like the Masquerade or the Cotton Club. (I have seen some kick ass shows at cotton club though, but same thing with the crowd. i.e. Hey Mercedes/Koufax.)

I gave 4 stars because Reunion show, although one of my favorites, covered the Jawbreaker song from the "Dear You" albumn "Unlisted Track" and fucked it up. No band should ever cover Jawbreaker live...no exceptions. (unless maybe Jets to Brazil started covering Jawbreaker songs) On the plus side they said they weren't going to cover it again.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

the cotton club is a cool venue. but not the best. under the couch is the best. but they have some stupid new policy where only GA Tech bands can play there or something. and only GA Tech students can go there. i don't really know. but as i said before the old cotton club was MUCH better. the new one is still cool though.

TheBouncingSoul (February 21, 2003)

hot rod circuit is good times....i haven't listened to them in forever, perhaps this review will motivate me to do so

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