Remembering Never - She Looks So Good In Red (Cover Artwork)

Remembering Never

Remembering Never: She Looks So Good In RedShe Looks So Good In Red (2002)
Ferret Records

Reviewer Rating: 2.5
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Contributed by: Robert Rode
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11 songs - approximately 44 minutes of music from the great state called New Jersey. This starts out with a 33 second song with some fast beats to begin, then vocals with a muted guitar together, kinda of dancy. I couldn't help but to bob my head. This leads to the second song, i like that idea. I.

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11 songs - approximately 44 minutes of music from the great state called New Jersey.

This starts out with a 33 second song with some fast beats to begin, then vocals with a muted guitar together, kinda of dancy. I couldn't help but to bob my head. This leads to the second song, i like that idea. It works really well. The second song is much different then the first, it's much longer. It has an odd strong structure to it, a repetitive element, a talk part, slow mosh part to end it.

The band incorporates acoustic guitars into the beginning of the third song and the forth song. The forth song starts out with some singing, moderate tempo into distorted guitar, back to acoustic guitars, into some major muting action, full with heavy drums to back it up, back into the melodic singing and moderate tempo.
The sixth song titled: "meadows," starts out, hmm, how can I put it; metal. alright, I won't go into a map of the album song by song but I wanted to describe some aspects of the structure within the songs.

A returning element, lyrically, is death. "the tag on your toe says, i love you": in the song titled "blue." This is sang within the song. In "rape kissing jesus;" "i'm killing you like you killed me, cut my throat one thousand times, empty salt through your hands, to make you feel like me, my last wish, to see your dead fucking body." You might want to put the kids away when listening to it, unless they enjoy cannibal corpse as much as you do. The inside layout also has a woman who looks as if her head is underwater.

The last track on the cd is track 66, oooh how creepy! Though, the song isn't that creepy, it has a lot of the muting thing going on. The cool part about this song, half way in, the bass has a solo of sorts, then its singing vocals, screaming vocals in the background. Cool.

The thing I don't enjoy about this, is when the vocals go from a throat-esque growl to a singing. I mean it's not horrible, and at times it's short when it takes place. Okay, it isn't that bad.

Throughout the cd, you'll find the common muting that is taken with dancing hardcore. Unbroken style.

A notable about this cd, is the work of the bass drum. It's very constant. I like it, creates a different element from what I'm used to. And it's not just the bass drum thats constant, the drumming work is insane. I'm willing to bet the drummer is a machine.

Despite my sarcastic remarks regarding this art; I enjoy the cd. I don't find myself listening to many bands like this one from the illustrious state of new jersey. Check it out if you enjoy really disturbing pictures, mosh metal and death.


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Anonymous (April 30, 2003)

This review...weird...good album, just listened to it this morning. Good band!

Anonymous (February 27, 2003)

"pick up the latest at the gates record, sit in the corner and cry"

as if we've never heard this band and when we do it's going to be too brutal for us...give me a break

preacher (February 27, 2003)

This is the funniest review. Ever.

Anonymous (February 26, 2003)

Hey nice try Soulbleed. Looks like you're the only one that thinks that way. I certainly don't agree either. Besides, production value and the connection between bands sounding similar is fucking stupid. So, it's cool for all the bands to sound like eachother and use the same protools to overproduce it? Right. Why don't you get off their nuts with you circle of hardcore shit, you fucking meathead.

newjackshit (February 26, 2003)

since when does knowing at the gates make someone an elitist?

Anonymous (February 26, 2003)

Newjackshit never misses an chance to stick his foot in his mouth. What an ass.

Anonymous (February 25, 2003)

against me, strongarm, shai hulud (originally), evergreen terrace, mastadon...plenty of good stuff has come from fl, shut the fuck up...oh, you know at the gates, special you, stupid elitist...in flames is better anyway

Anonymous (February 25, 2003)

"nothing is good from florida except hot water music"

assuck, early grace, reversal of man, i hate myself, palatka, combatwoundedveteran, end of the century party, twelve hour turn, asshole parade. yeah, no good music comes out florida.

i'll agree with you on the crybaby-emo metal crap comment, that shit needs to go. but florida has/had one of the best scenes in the country.

newjackshit (February 25, 2003)

florida needs to stop letting music come out of it. nothing is good from florida except hot water music. that is it. period. i hate this silly crybaby emo-metal. black spikey hair, tight jeans, reeboks, and a studded belt....there are tooooo many kids like this today. oh yeah, don't forget the nice shiney earings...oops, plugs. pick up an at the gates record and sit in the corner and cry.

Anonymous (February 25, 2003)

PTW sounds like crap, one of the worst band ever but UTE is one hell of a band. All their songs sound the same but they are so great with those mosh parts at the end..wow!

FortyMinutesWest (February 25, 2003)

I dont think Until the End sounds anything like either PTW or Remembering Never.

soulbleed (February 25, 2003)

heh, jay, you moron, it -does- mean something, considering the two bands are like brothers - half the members of remembering never have guest-appeared/been in/done work with poison the well, and until the end, and vice-versa. it's a big web of cool hardcore. not to mention all 3 bands have the same signature style, and that uh, could be helped by the production. so, shut your piehole, you moron.

FortyMinutesWest (February 24, 2003)

UTE was better when it had Pete and Alan Landsman from PTW on vocals..

Anonymous (February 24, 2003)

UTE vocals...great!

Anonymous (February 24, 2003)

The song itself sounds pretty cool. I'm not usually interested in this kind of hardcore. I hate the generic hardcore *chugga chugga* shit, but this stuff has enough diversity to satisfy me. I don't like Static Lullaby, but this is cool to me...go figure. Why can't there be hardcore bands that experiment and do more than just scream?! Screaming is cool, but it needs atmosphere, a groove and maybe some talking/singing (depending on the frontman).

Anonymous (February 23, 2003)

what is with hardcore kids' obsession with blood? it's like ska kids' obsession with pez.

Anonymous (February 23, 2003)

They're from Florida fucknuts... Oh wait. That's already been pointed out. 3 or 4 times.

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

Hey Soulbleed. Just because it was produced by the guy who did PTW means pretty much zero. Talk about stupid.

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

After being on the road with these guys for about two weeks, they kept on saying we are Remembering Never from FLORIDA, not Jersey, dumbass. Get your facts straight. This band is awesome and having Peter the Never on vocals doesn't hurt.

Anonymous (February 22, 2003)

there also bitches

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

They're Vegans

soulbleed (February 21, 2003)

heh, this is possibly the stupidest review i've ever read on this site, and the most factually incorrect. learn some things about both of the aforementioned before you even start typing, dipshit. This album is an excellent choice for any fan of melodic hardcore .. after all, it was produced by the same guy who produced Poison the Well. Forget what this idiot said and judge it for yourself.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

dude REmembering never are from FLORIDA!!!

Geetarchick (February 21, 2003)

I dont really get why it was given 2.5 stars seeing that the review didn't say so much bad stuff. Anyway, i like Remembering Never but this review didn't really sway me to buy the cd or not..

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

Absolutely a terrible review. Besides some palm muting and screaming, I really get no sense of what the band is like.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

more shitty metalcore.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

umm, this band is not from Jersey, but from Florida. Yup. Great cd though. Jordan Pastepunk

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

Until the end has some of the most over-the-top lyrics. Funny stuff.

FortyMinutesWest (February 21, 2003)

This score is for having Pete of Until the End as their singer.

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

This isn't bad. Reminds me of From Autumn to Ashes style metalcore. Like Emo-metalcore. Although it doesn't really sound like FATA. Hey it's better than a Static Lullaby, but not better than Everytime I die...

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

seriously, what a shitty review.

but i'm sure the band is even worse. could it be filled w/ any more cliches?

Anonymous (February 21, 2003)

That review was fucking awful man.... Despite describing every song I still have no idea what the band sounds like...

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