Blueline Medic - Text_Bomb (Cover Artwork)

Blueline Medic

Blueline Medic: Text_BombText_Bomb (2003)
Fueled By Ramen Records

Reviewer Rating: 2.5

Contributed by: maverickScott
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I feel like there's a lot more to this disc than meets the eye, and for some reason I just can't see it. Blueline Medic is obviously a talented foursome from down under who carries a deep appreciation for the melodicism and lyricism Jawbreaker made famous in the mid-nineties. The band has studied .
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I feel like there's a lot more to this disc than meets the eye, and for some reason I just can't see it. Blueline Medic is obviously a talented foursome from down under who carries a deep appreciation for the melodicism and lyricism Jawbreaker made famous in the mid-nineties. The band has studied the aggressive-yet-kind form of pop-punk well, utilizing it on tracks like the upbeat opener "Sleepyhead." They're also not afraid to downshift for a time, showcasing their balladry on "Loss" and "Scotch In The Clown." These could have very well been Jawbreaker songs circa-Dear You, only with an Australian accent providing the vocals.

So I listen to the album and can pull out these little analogies and comparisons, but for some reason I still feel distant to this disc, like I can't make a connection to it. I don't know if my ears just tune out the fairly repetitive sound as the CD wanes into it's final tracks. I'm not sure if it's because of the lack of real, honest-to-god hooks throughout the album, leaving me with nothing to really latch onto [dangerous territory in this style of punk, to be sure].

Whatever it is, it frustrates me, because I really feel like I should like this album a lot more than I do. It's enjoyable, but doesn't really hold much of a replay value for me - it tends to just turn into white noise in my mind as I go about my daily business.

Maybe it's just not for me, but if you really dig the style of emotional pop punk that Jawbreaker helped forge, check out Blueline Medic. Hopefully you can crack the code of this text bomb before it blows up in my face.



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Anonymous (May 2, 2003)

I fucking loved 'a working title in green'. after that, BLM got... well... SHIT.
and irrelevant kick arse you tasteless fools.
PS. thanks again for the CD punky.

Icapped2pac (April 28, 2003)

The only good thing I've ever seen with regard to australian bands was the way that singer guy from Midnight Oil used to flail around like he had whole-body parkinsons. When I was 8, I honestly believed his bed must've been burning, what else would explain it? This score is for flailing in general, especially to music.

pope_schlomo (April 28, 2003)

this score is for the insincere one. especially rhyming count with amount.


insinceredave (April 28, 2003)

I've lost count of the amount of great Australian bands!

insincere dave

Anonymous (April 28, 2003)


- Mr. T (NOT rancidpunx)

Anonymous (April 27, 2003)

RancidPunx goes away and Mr. T shows up... Odd.

Anonymous (April 27, 2003)

I like Sex Bomb better.

Strewtho (April 27, 2003)

Day of contempt is shite, anything must be better than shoddy metal.

Anonymous (April 27, 2003)

Holy shit. An entire weeks worth of reviews and not a single perfect score. Congratulations punknews.org. Maybe the unbiased reviews will continue.

Blueline Medic are alright.

Icapped2pac (April 26, 2003)

punky punky punky, go fart in a puddle

Anonymous (April 26, 2003)

punky, shut-up, Irrelevant sucks!!

rayjay (April 26, 2003)

irrelevant suck now and australian punk is dead.

Anonymous (April 26, 2003)

im digging that song Sleepyhead, i gues im just a sucker for Dear You type stuff.

punky (April 26, 2003)

There are better bands from Australia, like Irrelevant, Mindsnare, Toe to Toe, Day of contempt, The Killchoir Project, I killed the prom queen...

Icapped2pac (April 25, 2003)

I like abusing furniture.

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

i like the cover art

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

Actually, I've gotten to the point where most of the reviews bore me. I just look at the star rating, listen to one or two of the mp3s and then I read the review if I'm really interested in the band.

But you're right, I am retarded. RETARDEDLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. LET'S MAKE BABIES.

waste_elite (April 25, 2003)

are you retarded? read the review, they're from australia.

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

Is that vocalist from a foreign country? He kinda sounds like he has a slight accent.

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

its not as rocking as the last one, but it's growing on me. wyzo

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

i don't know man, i really enjoyed this album a lot. They mixed the sound from their last album with some upbeat rock say a Foo Fighters. Sometimes you just amaze me maverick. However opinion are opinions. My opinion: Best FBR release of 2003 (unless Teen Idols come back strong).


Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

Yeah Scott, what bands do you like?

seek (April 25, 2003)

Anonymous, do you really don't know how to speak English, why do you comment on punknews.org anyway?

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

Scott, do you really don't have any taste, why do you write for Punknews.org anyway?

Anonymous (April 25, 2003)

This is incredibly bland jibba-jabba!

- mr. T

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