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The Jealous Sound

The Jealous Sound: Kill Them With KindnessKill Them With Kindness (2003)
Better Looking Records

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Contributed by: maverickScott
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I'm not feeling incredibly eloquent today, so let's see if I can get this out without sounding like an uneducated fool. Basically, here's the skinny - once upon a time [about the early-to-mid nineties,to be exact], there was a band called Knapsack. Knapsack was fronted by a man named Blair Shehan..
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I'm not feeling incredibly eloquent today, so let's see if I can get this out without sounding like an uneducated fool. Basically, here's the skinny - once upon a time [about the early-to-mid nineties,to be exact], there was a band called Knapsack. Knapsack was fronted by a man named Blair Shehan. The band, alongside bands like Jawbox, Mineral, Texas Is The Reason, and Braid helped define what the modern "emo" sound is today, except Blair had a significantly cheerier outlook on songwriting. Where Knapsack left off, the Jealous Sound tried to pick up on their self-titled EP that came out in 2000, but the release felt suffocating and a bit stunted, as if Shehan was writing it for other people, not himself. With this, the group's first proper full-length, Blair has regained his footing atop the mountain of indie rock songwriters.

And the music ain't half bad, either.

But first, the other members - this band isn't just ex-Knapsack, you know. Guitarist Pedro Benito sharpened his claws in the wholly underrated Sunday's Best, and new drummer Adam Wade's name might ring a few bells - he was responsible for hitting the skins for both Shudder To Think and the aforementioned Jawbox. These four guys aren't youngins; they've been around the block and back many a time, and have used this wisdom to make a tightly honed rock machine.

And rock the Jealous Sound does, and does well. Juxtaposing the cute album title and kitchy pastel artwork is some thick guitar lines driven by solid drumming and Blair's highly unique voice [think Mineral or Sunny Day Real Estate's vocals but without as much whine]. The music has a feel of what maybe Jawbreaker might have evolved into, given time - a lot of it is emotional pop punk, but with a happier edge. This band might bridge the gap between "Dear You" and "Orange Rhyming Dictionary" [especially with their use of keyboards on a few tracks]. Now I'm not saying Shehan is as good a lyricist as Mr. Schwarzenbach in his prime, but he easily rivals a lot of stuff Blake's spat out in his JTB days [and totally demolishes a lot of the fodder found on the Jets' newest disc].

I'm not sure exactly what more to say about this album, besides there isn't a single time I haven't listened to it that I haven't enjoyed it. It's not breaking tremendous amounts of new ground, but it's enjoyable for what it is, and it will see many a spin in my car this summer.

The Gift Horse


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Anonymous (July 18, 2005)

the fucking rock!

Anonymous (July 18, 2005)

the fucking rock!

stricken (April 16, 2005)

first cd i've gotten in a long time that has warranted multiple listens.. i've had it for like two months now and still listen to it almost everyday.

i cant fucking wait for their next one.

Icapped2pac (October 26, 2003)

"anyone knows what is the difference betwen samiam and jealous sound?"

Jealous Sound doesn't suck.

beitO (July 23, 2003)

extremely emotive music. just, wonderful. anyone knows what is the difference betwen samiam and jealous sound?

Anonymous (June 27, 2003)

blech... no lyrics!!!! grrr.. but otherwise i like it.. Sorry, I'm a very visual person

Anonymous (June 9, 2003)




Anonymous (June 8, 2003)

yeah, when i was them i was in tears also. My tears were not tears of joy if ya know what i mean. (i mean they suck)

Anonymous (June 5, 2003)

I saw this band with the Foo Fighters, and although they sounded sharp, they bored me to tears.

Anonymous (June 5, 2003)

Obviously a hater. 'Anonymous' and without any reason backing up his opinion. Not that you have to have one but by only posting "this band blows" it only makes your comment seem, I don't know, cheesy.


Anonymous (June 5, 2003)

this band blows

fallingtopieces (June 5, 2003)


lieutenant (June 4, 2003)

The songs sound great, a lot better than Knapsack I believe, while the album cover is just as entertaining in its simplicity. I will pick this album up the next day, and I am actually a bit excited about it.

Anonymous (June 4, 2003)

i wasn't aware the record was finished...
i really enjoy them though

Anonymous (June 4, 2003)

I've been waiting for this cd for a long time now. When the hell is Interpunk going to have it available. I live in NYC and none of my indie shops have it. Fucking rediculous.

Anonymous (June 4, 2003)

good review, good band, and they SHOULD make a Family Guy movie

Anonymous (June 4, 2003)

this band owns, the EP was amazing, they were flawless live, and with only hearing two tracks i can almost guarantee the full length will destroy as well.

Anonymous (June 3, 2003)

The EP was great, but this album is amazing. They put on a great live show too. However, I can't put my finger on it, but this band is lacking something.

preacher (June 3, 2003)

Wow, these MP3s are even better than Knapsack.

Anonymous (June 3, 2003)

I thought the first EP was good. Nowhere near as good as anything he did with Knapsack, but I'm sure this album doesn't match up to the greatness left behind by Knapsack. Just as JTB, although a very good band, won't be as good as Jawbreaker, in my opinion. Please don't hurt me, it's all opinion. Just like this:

-Bing Crosby

Anonymous (June 3, 2003)

Been waiting way to long for this one and I can't wait to pick it up. Here's to a midwest headlining tour! - Painaxl

Anonymous (June 3, 2003)

I just don't get Scott's beef with Perfecting Lonliness...

Anonymous (June 3, 2003)

I can't get over how fucking good this album is. Even if I wasn't obsessed with knapsack I think this would still blow me away. -Avi

Anonymous (June 3, 2003)

dont pick on blake dude.


this beats four cornered, but no perfecting.



greyicewater (June 3, 2003)

i just found out about pedro from sundays best being in this band a few weeks ago. but these songs are great. and this band is great. i really need to pick up this album.

travis (June 3, 2003)

im listening to this album as i type. its quite good, i think. i didnt know that pedro from sundays best was in this group. learn something new every day i suppose.

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