Lagwagon / Pulley / Hagfish

Lagwagon / Pulley / Hagfish: live in Pomona, CAlive in Pomona, CA (2003)
live show

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: irish_jooirish_joo
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I went to pomona and I didn't really know what to expect. I had never seen pulley or hagfish and I had only seen lagwagon on the warped tour(twice). I met my friend Aaron and his friend Adam and we went in to watch the show. The venue was the glasshouse. This is a fairly big place that looks.

I went to pomona and I didn't really know what to expect. I had never seen pulley or hagfish and I had only seen lagwagon on the warped tour(twice). I met my friend Aaron and his friend Adam and we went in to watch the show.

The venue was the glasshouse. This is a fairly big place that looks like a converted dance hall.As some of you may know, it's a terrific place to see a show because the crowds are always wild and usually big. They sell out alot of the shows they have there(except Avail where only 15 people showed up...bastards). There were a lot of "brodies" there and they brought their Hurley attitudes and lifeted trucks with them. The "real" punx didn't make it in to this show because the show was sold out and someone forget to remind them that tickets are available for presale.

The first band to play was F.O.N., a mediocre pop-rock band from San Diego. They were kinda crappy and im sorry I listened to them. Next up was Hagfish, a pop punk band who seem to remember from somewhere...but I can't quite place it. I wasn't really paying attention but from what I heard, they were good.They sounded like 80's style pop punk, like ALL but with a raspier voice.

Now for a band I had always been interested in, but never had a reason to see until now, Pulley. They came up and performed a very energetic set and got the crowd ready for the main event. Throughout the set, the crowd kept yelling about the Los Angeles Dodgers, who were interested in signing the lead singer, Scott. Scott blew off these rumors by saying "It seems that you have read an old paper." They played mostly songs off of their self-titled and Together again for the first time but there were a few older song thrown in. Songs that i remember included- Second best, hooray for me, and working class whore.

Finally came the reason everyone was at this show, lagwagon. These guys are one of my favorite bands, have been for years. They came out and played a very energetic set that included a few off the new album but mostly old stuff. Joey had some trouble hitting the higher notes and messed up on some of the lyrics. I don't know if he was enebriated or sick but he seemed frustrated at times. There was an unusual amount of fat-assed crowd surfers and they got plenty of back punching. They did the fake walkoff thing and came back with Dave on guitar, Joey on drums, and chris(the big one) on vocals. They played Don't call it a comeback then switched back to normal, played a few more songs, and finished the show. A crew was filming the show for a TV show but I can't remember for what station. Anyways, I'll give this an 8. One off for FON and the other off for stupid ass crowd surfers. It was an awesome show and if you ever get a chance to see lagwagon, do it.

Lagwagon setlist(in no order)

e dagger
never stops
Mr. Coffee
Alien 8
making friends
one thing to live
May 16
After you my friend
Hurry up and wait
island of shame
coffee and cigarettes
brown eyed girl
whipping boy
bombs away
razor burn
Don't call it a comeback
[And maybe one or two more]


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Anonymous (July 6, 2003)

I went to see the same line up @ the house of blues, and i mean i LOVE Lagwagon. A lot, hell i flew out to LA from chicago for the show. But i just didn't get the same feeling at the LA shows that i did when the played 6 weeks before in Chicago and the other times i saw them at warped tour. It may have been that they were just burned out from the 3 months of touring, or it could have just been that the crowd was shitty.... the future yuppy generation predominated, no punks there. Me and my friends looked way out of place there. Pulley RULED. And Lagwagon did an awesome job. Although i walked away feeling less satisfied than i am whenever i see them play. Fuck!! I mean i'm glad they're popular now and making it pretty big, but i miss the days when they actually drove the Lagwagon and played small but cozzy venues where you could truly rock out. Oh how i miss the Duh Trashed Hoss days! If you've never seen them, i suggest doing it before its too late!!!

irish_joo (June 13, 2003)

hey THAT_GUY you make me laugh. Why do you need a lifted truck, I mean seriously. I didn't talk about your friends, I don't even know you. I live in California and there are alot of stupid people that like their fabtech lifts or whatever and I see no reason for it. Whatever you do it doesn't bother me. If you want to blow 11 grand on a truck, whatever. I'll take the money that I earned from working and do something constructive with it, and not brag about it. If your truck is so important to you, why don't you call yourself LIFTED_TRUCK. That's all, i've lost interest in discussing this while writing it. Enjoy your truck or whatever.

p.s. I like pulley and i'm not an asshole

THAT_GUY (June 12, 2003)

Hey assclown,yeah,anonymous,I never said my friends were "cooler"what I said was that I'd enjoy hanging out with them more than that dipshit of a reviewer.And you,you don't even have the balls to post with some sort of signature at the least so that I could adress you personally.And if you think that my truck is a peice oof shit,what do you drive ? And before you answer that,think long and hard about who bought it,you ? or mommy and daddy ? I bought mine,fully,everything on there,besides the rims which were a hand-me-down,I've bought out of my pocket.And when your asshole reviewer friend made a generalization that depicted a group of my friends,it made me mad,so maybe I won't say shit next time,if he doesn't talk out his ass next time.

Anonymous (June 12, 2003)

Hey dickface, yeah THAT_GUY who commented on the reviewer. You don't know the reviewer, so shut your mouth. He wasn't talking about your friends at all, since he doesn't know them. So don't get all butt hurt and try and tell us just how "cool" your friends are. The bros in their lifted trucks were dicks at the show and they should have just saved their money for the Good Charlotte tour that went through California and not bothered going to Lagwagon.

So, shut your mouth and go hang out with your supposed cooler friends and have a good time in your crappy ass Ford truck that you wasted 11 grand on. Anyone who wastes that kind of money on a piece of trash ride is UNCOOL in my book.

THAT_GUY (June 10, 2003)

What a shitty review,you said NOTHING about the first two bands.Not that I know anything about either,except having heard some Hagfish songs,but your review told me nothing about them.And maybe you could have spent some more time talking about Pulley,I for one have never had the cnahce to see them,they don't tour here in Texas.And Lagwagon is always amazing,I can't say a bad word about them.

But I can say a bad word about you,asshole.I personally don't wear Hurley,Billabong,Atticus,or any of those other "Bro" brands,but alot of my friends do,and I could bet they're a lot more fun to hang out with than you.I wouldn't say you or they are more "punk",but I would enjoy hanging out with them more than you.And I drive two vehicles,and one just so happens to be a lifted truck,what of it ? I own a 1977 Ford Bronco with a 3 inch body and 3 inch suspension lift,33 inch Mickey's,and quite a few other things on it.I payed for the whole thing myself,working my ass off,almost 11 grand,and I DARE you to say you could do the same thing.I wish people wouldn't make stupid generalizations like you did throughout that whole review.

Anonymous (June 9, 2003)


drewcifer (June 9, 2003)

did anyone else stop reading and/or caring at "punx"?.

Anonymous (June 9, 2003)

Coffee and Cigarettes are also awesome vices.

Anonymous (June 9, 2003)

Coffee and Cigarettes is an awesome song.

Anonymous (June 9, 2003)

Crazy! I know was at this show and I know the guy who wrote this! Awesome! My name was even in the review! Crazy...

But yeah, I liked the show a whole lot. Well actually only the second half. I didnt watch those first two bands and there's a reason for that, they suck. I decided to sit there reading a free punk zine about Alk3 instead of waste some energy standing up and watching crappy filler bands play. I went to see the lag, not talent-less crap bands.

Ok. I liked the review. He made fun of bros and their big lifted trucks. Always a plus. Also, yeah, crowd surfers suck.

Anonymous (June 8, 2003)

ahaha, FoN... lame.

Anonymous (June 8, 2003)

Stokin' the neighbors is definitely one of their best songs. I dont get why they don't play it any more

Anonymous (June 7, 2003)

ARe you kidding me...F.o.N is crazy talented!! 5 points off of you for a shitty review

Anonymous (June 7, 2003)

Real punx dont buy at the presale! oi oi oi

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

review was less than spectacular, kinda like that lineup.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

This review was mediocre, not bad though.

lieutenant (June 6, 2003)

I really liked reading this review. It was, I don't know, fun?

Unfortunately, I did not find the opportunity to catch Lagwagon a month back, though I am sure watching the band on stage is still somewhat of a blast. Let's just hope they can moderately keep it up within the next few years, though I will admit that I am incredibly biased with this band, in that I eat up everything they throw out.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

one of the worst reviews i've read in a while.

irish_joo (June 6, 2003)

some chick had a sign for stokin the neighbors but joey cape said no way

sloppyblake (June 6, 2003)

no 'rifle' or 'no one like you'? boo.

TahoeJeff (June 6, 2003)

it seems they never play stokin the neighbors anymore..what the fuck

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

Wow. That review was craptacular!

turdcorn (June 6, 2003)

Ya, Hagfish got back together like a year ago. They are so great. I love this band.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

I saw the show and the only thing I disagree with you on is that I thought F.o.N was fucking amazing. Its not everyday you get to hear something different.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

Joey's voice is fucked. Totally sick. Can't sing right now. He tried hard but man, it was painful.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

That review is terrible, it said sweet fa about the bands and i know nothing about the show.

Anonymous (June 6, 2003)

Next up was Hagfish, a pop punk band who seem to remember from somewhere...but I can't quite place it. I wasn't really paying attention but from what I heard, they were good.They sounded like 80's style pop punk, like ALL but with a raspier voice.

^There's the entire Hagfish review section.

timis (June 6, 2003)

first of all..hagfish is back together????? where was the review of hagfish....did they not play?

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