Give Up The Ghost / Every Time I Die / Black Cross

Give Up The Ghost/Every Time I Die/Black Cross: live in Poughkeepsie, NYlive in Poughkeepsie, NY (2003)
live show

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Contributed by: JohnnyDangerJohnnyDanger
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When they announced this tour over a month before, I almost died. A chance to see Give Up The Ghost/Nightmare/Nothing plus a few other great bands. We never get hardcore shows around here, although our local promoter has been great as of late, getting Bane, Most Precious Blood, Terror and Throwdown .

When they announced this tour over a month before, I almost died. A chance to see Give Up The Ghost/Nightmare/Nothing plus a few other great bands. We never get hardcore shows around here, although our local promoter has been great as of late, getting Bane, Most Precious Blood, Terror and Throwdown among others.

The show started promptly with local act Slugworth. They play a metal/hardcore style and are pretty good for a local band. After seeing them so many times around here, the set was forgettable, but I could see them touring.

Black Cross was supposed to be up next, but they had an accident involving their trailer losing its struts and so would be late. The Hope Conspiracy took the stage instead. They played a pretty straightforward but fairly short set of their fast hardcore. Most songs were off of the newest record, Endnote with a few more favorites from Cold Blue. The pit started intensifying during this set as Dan Zimmerman screamed his way to the end.

As the Hope Conspiracy broke down their gear, the promoter asked if anyone in the room went to the recent Thursday show there, where the singer passed out on stage. No one raised their hands and so he said "you're all just too afraid to admit you like that fag shit". He then went on to ramble about scene unity and going to his shows before introducing Black Cross as "The Red Cross".

I had heard a lot about Black Cross before the show and they didn't disappoint. They had a great stage presence, with the singer constantly in the crowd and the rest moving around wildly. It was hard to judge their style by the chaotic live performance, but I think they're worth checking out. The guitarist then made a smart comeback to earlier comments saying something along the lines of "We may play fag shit, but we do this for ourselves and this is who we are." Very nicely put.

Next up was Every Time I Die, a personal favorite. The whole crowd seemed to be in to them as they ripped through a fairly equal set of songs from their Ferret debut "Last Night In Town" as well as upcoming release "Hot Damn!" For those who aren't familiar, they play a melodic hardcore/metalcore mostly free of the Poison the Well type singing. The pit reached its peak during this set, and as they left the stage, many left the venue.

Next up was Give Up The Ghost. Wes, the singer, and the promoter talked for a few minutes about the history of GUTG, the local scene and some other stuff. They wasted no more time in blasting through many songs from Background Music, (I believe) an older song and a new song from their upcoming 7-Inch, "Love American". I was far too involved in going nuts to them to remember an entire set list, but I know they played We Are, There's A Black Hole..., AM/PM, Shoplifting In A Ghost Town, I Saved Latin and Postmark My Compass, not in that order of course. The set was over far too soon and they played one encore song.

All in all, it was a great show, with all the bands playing great and a rare great crowd. Check out Give Up The Ghost whenever you can, because you never know when they'll break up or change their name again.


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etwiels88 (September 2, 2005)

Haha, last sentance is awesome.

Anonymous (June 16, 2003)

Our scene is being taken over by a bunch of homophobics!

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

ETID doesn't do chug-core. They have a pretty wide array of influences that show in their music. Punk, hardcore, rock and roll. The lyrics are really good and they're pretty talented dudes. The singer also doesn't sound like the typical hardcore monster screaming. You guys have no taste.

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

Why dont these gusy try giving up the sucking first. Totaly fucking gay. -corbra-verde

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

Every Time I Die is seriously one of the worst bands ever. I tried listening to them, but damn, the fag-core needs to stop.

Anonymous (June 14, 2003)

I tried to listen to ETID I really did, but I just couldn't get over the jud jud jud.. scree jud jud jud... scree thing that they do EVERY SONG

yellowtrash (June 13, 2003)

So I hear Give Up The Ghost are a bucnh of cokeheads (ie Give Up The Coke). Can anyone confirm this?

Anonymous (June 13, 2003)

In was gonna go to that show, but had too much shit to do. I really liked Black Widows (Cross) last year at Krazyfest, so I'm surprised to hear that.


Anonymous (June 12, 2003)

Basically the same show played here in Richmond VA, only with My Chemical Romance and a local band, DTN. MCR sucks hard, but know what was worse? BLACK CROSS. Dude...thats the worst fucking live performance I've ever seen. The singer sounds like a wannabe Floorpunch, only he's incredibly offkey when he's screaming. To top it off he got mad at someone while they were talking and threw a bottle at them, but hit the WRONG person. He's a prick. But the rest of the show didn't disappoint.

BITTER (June 12, 2003)

you're purely getting aimed.... and of course i'll buy it... it IS AN after all...

sickboi (June 11, 2003)

I like the ferocity of American Nightmare, or Give up whatever, but I don't like Wes' range. Sure its hard as fuck to scream and yell like that, but based on what I've heard, thats all he does. Can we get a little variety? Please? You guys rock it hard, lets see a tad of progression.

JohnnyDanger (June 10, 2003)

7 Inch isn't out. The magic of the internet provided me with it. I'll send it to you but only if you pinky swear to buy it. AIM: killjohnnydanger.

BITTER (June 10, 2003)

cool... where'd you get the new 7"? (well... the show presumably, but if otherwise...) is it off bridge9, cause i gotta get a copy, i had no clue it was out...

sk8punx4evr (June 10, 2003)

i saw this at the empress in danbury, it was pretty good. although i was expecting more songs from GUTG, they only played ten.

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

Haha. Those dudes are gonna want to fight you now!

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

let's hear it for canadian daydream!

JohnnyDanger (June 10, 2003)

I have the new 7 inch and its good, seems a little different from the older stuff but not a major change.

And yeah, I was wrong about the singer thing. My bad.

BITTER (June 10, 2003)

as much as i love AN/GUTG, i'm sort of skeptical as to how their new stuff is gonna be.... background (prob. due to the production) was sort of a letdown.. well at least compared to their demo/eps... so how is the new song anyways??

and who wants to buy my AN shirt? heh.

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

ETID is the best hardcore band out!

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

ETID is so good live. i can't wait to see em at the unitarian in philly.

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

small point about the Hope Conspiracy:

Kevin Baker is the singer. Dan Zimmerman was only in the band at the beginning, playing guitar on the first CD and demo.

I didn't think that many people left after ETID.

Yeah, the promoter says some dumb things at times.

JohnnyDanger (June 10, 2003)

Yes, it's true. He only has one hand, birth defect.

Anonymous (June 10, 2003)

I heard Wes from GUTG has only one hand is this true?

turdcorn (June 10, 2003)

Good Review. GUTG is GREAT. One of the best in Hardcore right now.

JohnnyDanger (June 10, 2003)

My first review, be kind.

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