A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies - My Smile, Her Corpse (Cover Artwork)

A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies

A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies: My Smile, Her CorpseMy Smile, Her Corpse (2003)
Dressed To Kill

Reviewer Rating: 3

Contributed by: InaGreendaseBrian
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Death Notices

TOM ? the basic role player of singing-to-screaming-and-back-again. Such vocals were underproduced, consequentially representing what many believe should be the true values of punk nonetheless. Occasional verses growled entirely, a l¡ Avenged Sevenfold. Lyrics show consistent approach in the death of heart-breaking girls. Services will be held at the Saetia School for Screamo Students.

JUDSON ? passed while composing another spectacular riff. Stirred brain endorphins with intricate introductions and head-bobbing triads. Enjoyed exploring the fret board and keeping attention spans intact. Shiva will be sat at Teppei Teranshini's house.

COLIN ? appropriately played follow-up basic chords to complex leads. Despite simplicity, necessity was just, because even series of power chords provides balance to a piece. Filled in rhythm niche while relatively complicating normally unadorned sounds. A wake will be held near a notable cemetery.

MIKEY B. ? manned the four-string duties. Whereas nothing inexplicably noteworthy made its presence felt frequently, he seemed to improve upon the Matt Freeman process of scales. Liked to shift from one bookend of the pitch range to the other despite avoiding solos. A consecration of his ashes will take place.

SAM ? crashing symbols and helping dictate structures ended his being. An occasional staccato approach in keeping the pace fluid, littered with everyday backbeats. Friends said he was "nothing special but always did his job right." No funeral plans were made at press time.


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Anonymous (July 19, 2003)

I love ATFODB. The new CD is great. Tommy T. kills it.

Anonymous (July 17, 2003)

And that is one hell of a review, these stars shine for you my friend. ALL 5.

Anonymous (July 17, 2003)

Im glad someone reviewed these guys. I never had heard of them, and am really enoying the songs they have on their site

Anonymous (July 15, 2003)

I love these guys.

Anonymous (July 15, 2003)

redline rocks

Anonymous (July 11, 2003)

...i know everyone on this site likes to tear one another down because their mommies didn't hug them enough as children, or their daddies touched them inappropriately, or whatever the case may be... but describing a band or cd or show... to someone who's never heard of the band or heard their music, writing a review i mean, it seems like it'd be really tough... maybe some people need to relax with the reviewer bashing... but what do i know

ps - this was more creative writing than an actual review, but i liked it (especially the part about the saetia school)

Anonymous (July 10, 2003)

worst band name ever.

Anonymous (July 9, 2003)

Correction: *Their live show is sloppy. And, *heard perviously by them.

Anonymous (July 9, 2003)

They're live show is sloppy. Trunks seem like they can not play in time with each other. Their choice of tones are very am-band to me. There's a lot of room for improvement, and when I heard Green on '73 I was totally suprised because it's much better than anything I've heard previously.

FortyMinutesWest (July 9, 2003)

Ok, I was just wondering. Because I didn't recall you writing alot then all of the sudden it seemed like I was seeing your name at the bottom of a couple reviews each week.

Anonymous (July 9, 2003)

fairly well i meant. i dont proofread posts

Anonymous (July 9, 2003)

Actually, I really AM glad you asked, Forty. For one thing, I'm going to admit that all the music that's gotten posted on review from here (me) I bought, except for the Bandits, downloaded that. So that's one thing that I think might take a ball to admit, because I have what's known on this site as really, really bad musical taste. There are some borders I won't cross (Simple Plan, GC), but am still a teenybopper by the site's standards I believe. I am in no way getting stuff sent to me by labels for review, the biggest writing job I've ever held account to is school newspaper staff writer. I don't think I'm a COMPLETELY shit reviewer, I think my stuff half the time explains what something sounds like fairly. However, this is also why I don't criticize a lot of CDs I review. I only go and buy something I'm pretty sure I will like. There are only ten CDs in my collection or so I completely regret buying (if you really wanna know, ask). That's why I never bash something, because I'm not going to say to myself "I know I'll hate this but I'll buy it anyway." But yes, I've bought this CD. Yes, I have horrid music taste. I've been made aware of this already, but if there's anything you'd like to add, feel free.


FortyMinutesWest (July 9, 2003)

Are you buying all these albums or is someone sending them to you?(honest question)

Anonymous (July 9, 2003)

hogging the spotlight is quite the overstatement. i'll say this was one of my better reviews and the BOTAR one is one of my worst, if not the.

mr. assclown himself inagreendase

Anonymous (July 8, 2003)

what the fuck is with this no talent assclown hogging the spotlight for reviews lately... someone needs to reprimand his fucking keyboard. or gouge his eye out with a hammer and two nails.

Anonymous (July 8, 2003)

these guys are a good band and good dudes as well. my band has played with them a bunch of times. i have yet to hear this record, but i've heard all the songs live and i'm a fan.

thebouncingsoul (July 8, 2003)

what a horrible horrible name

Anonymous (July 8, 2003)

doing stuff different sucks balls

Anonymous (July 8, 2003)

oh and its an EP

Anonymous (July 8, 2003)

I knew a lot of people would say "great but now i know nothing about the CD." i just wanted to do a review a little different from the way people usually do, plus make a nice little parody out of it.

the CD is basically screamo-lite, with good riffs, death lyrics, decent production, and one "ballad". best song is "green on '73" it should be up for dload on their site.


P.S before people jump down my throat, the implication with the Saetia comment was that the vocalist is pretty good but he's still learning screamo vocals, so he would've went to that school, not actually have graduated from the hypothetical university.

MrOhio (July 8, 2003)

Great review, but what about the album?

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