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Warped Tour 2003: live in Clevelandlive in Cleveland (2003)
Warped Tour

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Warped Tour in Cleveland sold out two days before taking place this year, and it sure showed. The scene in Cleveland is pretty strong to begin with, but for this years event, everyone and their mother's came out to see the likes of some great bands, good bands, Simple Plan and the All American Rejec.

Warped Tour in Cleveland sold out two days before taking place this year, and it sure showed. The scene in Cleveland is pretty strong to begin with, but for this years event, everyone and their mother's came out to see the likes of some great bands, good bands, Simple Plan and the All American Rejects.

I walked in to see the closing few songs of The Starting Line. I won't lie, I didn't have any real problem with "Say It Like You Mean It", but at the same time, it was always lacking as being anything more than a guilty pleasure. Last time I saw them they were in a small club with very few people there. This time around, they were on the mainstage, and put on a pretty good show. The crowd was really into it, especially for "Best of Me", as was expected.

Next up was Vaux over on the Volcom stage. There were maybe 30 or 40 people watching, and I'd say were were some of the luckiest 30 or 40 people of the day. They tore through 3/4 of the songs off of "There Must Be Some Way to Stop Them". The band put all they had into every song and seemed almost held back by the tiny stage. They're touring with AWK later this fall, and I can say that will be one of the most intense and fun-filled shows of the year.

I ventured back over to the main stage for a handful of bands, the exact order of which escapes me...

Rancid put on one hell of a show, playing mostly material off of AOCTW. They also played a new song which sounded good until Skinhead Rob came out and started rapping. I hope that isn't in the album cut of the track.

Less Than Jake delivered one of the best sets of the day, playing all old songs sans "The Science of Selling Yourself Short" which is an amazing song in its own right. Almost the entire crowd aroudn the main stage was moving during their set. It's nice to see they haven't lost their touch just yet.

I caught the tail end of Simple Plan. The singer really tried putting some balls into their performance, but in the end, it was still Simple Plan, and the crowd still went crazy. I say, give me back Reset.

Thrice followed Simple Plan to deliver a rather lackluster set. The bassist was sitting because he was sick, but the rest of the band had no excuse for standing as still as they did. The sound was mixed horribly, and the only time you could hear any vocals at all was when Dustin yelled. They are a much better club band.

Suicide Machines delivered the most energetic set of the day. They did the Braveheart thing, and although I've heard about it from so many other people, it was still really cool. They turned all of their fans against the Ataris fans waiting at the other stage. SM need to tour on their own, and soon.

The Ataris were next and delivered probably the most surprising set of the day. They were my favorite band back when I was in high school (3 years ago), but their live show always left something to be desired. They seemed to have more drive this time around though, and definitely played to cater to their older fans rather than those of just So Long, Astoria.

The Gimme Gimmes were up next, and they were horrible. Two years ago, they were the best band on the tour. Theres really nothing more to say, it was just a bad performance.

Glassjaw was the last band of the day I saw. They were definitely the best of the day. Since this is the last week of the tour, many of the bands seemed like they were ready to go home, but GJ had so much energy, and every song sounded dead on. They played one new song that sounded a bit different, but was still pretty cool. All the other songs were dead on, and Darryl's vocals were even more sporatic than on the albums. If you have yet to go to the tour this year, please go support them.

I also caught part of Brand New's set on a side stage. They played acoustic because Jessie hurt his knee a few days back. Their set turned out to be the most disappointing of the day. They spent over half of the set time tuning their guitars. The only highlight was Soco Amoretto Lime.

Overall, this year's tour was pretty good. There were a lot of solid performances and it was nice to see the tour scaled down a lot from last year's advertising campaign. My only real complaint is that at age 20 I felt too old to be there much of the time.


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Anonymous (January 6, 2004)

i fell asleep on the back fence during the brand new show. i probably would still have fallen asleep even if they werent playing acoustic though.

Anonymous (August 18, 2003)

I did not mean to imply that The Transplants were hip hop...Let me re-state my point:

If I wanted punk injected with hip-hop...I'd go buy a transplants album.

adamvms (August 14, 2003)

The transplants are NOT hip hop

Anonymous (August 13, 2003)

I was in Cleveland and I thought overall it was a good Warped Tour year.
I just wanted to comment on Thrice...Cut the guys some slack. Like someone (maybe even the reviewer) said, they are more of a club band (so I pray they don't start playing bigger venues if they continue to gain popularity). Like someone else said, half the bands there probably couldn't pull of Thrice's songs at all.
Eddie was sick and had to sit down. I was totally thrown off by this when I saw it, but read about it afterwards. That meant know energy from him playing and moving around as well as screaming (since his tonsilitis prevented him from doing either). On top of that, Riley has been having back problems throughout the tour which I'm sure is taking a lot out of him. Anyone who has played in a band can vouch for the fact, that if two people in the band are playing at less than 100 percent (and in Eddie's case, not even close), it's going to suck a lot of energy from the band.
Whoever said the sound mixing sucked was right too. I walked up to the set in the middle of a song and still have clue what song it was because it was so difficult to discern anything.

So...credit goes out to Thrice for their incredible talent and the fact they just released the third of three kick ass albums. I hope they all feel better soon and go on a club tour to kick some ass...

And as for the whole Skinhead Rob debate...I'm sad to hear he is on the record...No disrespect to him meant...I am a total proponent of diversity and being open minded, but the truth is, if I wanted hip hop, I'd buy a Transplants album or a hip-hop album...Not a Rancid album...I'm slightly concerned about the new album, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

Anonymous (August 13, 2003)

I'm glad I don't go to shows with this reviewer, ugh.


Anonymous (August 12, 2003)

I wrote the review...

I didn't comment on those bands because I didn't see them.

I didn't talk about the crowd or the pit because I wasn't there to watch either.

What I meant by the strength of the scene was by the amount of people there, not by what type of music they like. I suppose scene may have been the wrong word.

Anonymous (August 12, 2003)

After seeing that the Cleveland Warped Tour was reviewed on this site I was a little bit excited, but after reading the write up I am very dissappointed this person even submitted it.

This was my 4th Cleveland Warped Tour attended to, and I must say that the scene in c-town is so blown out due to crap pop punk bands like simple plan and sceamo bands like the used.

The pit at this show was the worst ever. Never have I seen so many people so disinterested in such great veteran punk, ska, emo and hardcore bands. Maybe it's because the average age of the attendance was 13 and they just went to see simple plan. I was surprised as hell to see only 5 or so people in the pit who knew any of the words to face to face's or thrice's songs.

Maybe I'm getting old (only 22) but I don't ever remember seeing so many parents and 12 year old girls at any concert. These are the people at punk shows that annoy me the most when they give me funny looks for singing my fav songs they don't know, or get pissed b/c I bump into them when I'm dancin in the pit.

I remember the good ole tour days like the stop at the Valley View Cloverleaf flea market in 96 when bands were flicking lit joints into the crowd and asking people to party backstage. The Deftones were barely known, and the show ended with a thunderstorm and Face to Faces speakers blowing up. The only thing good about Tower City Amp. is the tent that keeps the bands and kids cool. Other than that it is a horrible venue to hold the show. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from the main stage to the other stages. The vert ramp is placed under the tent to take up space from the crowd to watch the bands.

Back to my point... the reviewer failed to mention a bunch of Warped Tour vets like Face to Face, Dropkick Murphys, and Pennywise. Also up and coming bands like Rise Against.

Face to Face - great set, they sound even better as a trio, took one short break, played something off of each album

Dropkick Murphys - I have seen them 5 times and this was my least fav set. I'm surprised they are still playing Spicy McHag jig even though spicey has left the band. They played new songs like Dirty Glass, Black Velvet Band, Time to Go, and Workers Song. As usual they tore the place up with Baroom hero. I don't even think they played a song from sing loud, sing proud. would have liked to heard blackout or as one.

Pennywise - probably one of the most energetic sets of the day. a refreshing vent of screaming and fist pumping after hearing simple plan. played a good mix of songs, including pennywise, perfect people, fu*k authority, and a new one called god save the usa. as usual they ended with bro hymn tribute and got some hardcore fans with PW tatoos to join them onstage and sing along.

Rise Against - this was my ultimate favorite set of the day, and it took place on the volcom stage. the pit was close up and intimate, screaming into tim's mic as there were no bouncers. i knew alot of kids were looking forward to this show. RA played over half the songs off their new album, and a couple off their debut ' the unraveling' Just when everyone thought they were done, they busted into generation lost, off of the fat comp, and played a couple more songs after that. RA mentioned they'd be back in cleveland in november.

i wish i could have seen more bands on the smaller stages, but the way the tower city amp. venue is set up it is just too hard to seem em all. Overall, the cleveland warped tour was great, but i imagine that like other cities it is getting too crowded and commercialized for us old farts.

Anonymous (August 12, 2003)

S.T.U.N. was the easily the best in Cleveland

Anonymous (August 11, 2003)

I was at the Cleveland and Pittsburgh shoe and got to see Brand New. Ive been a longtime fan and have seen them many times before. I thought BOTH sets were awesome. How often do you get to see Brand New jam like that in an acoustic set. The next night they rocked out like they always do. Vin was totally crazy and i love it. Kudos to Jesse for playing with the hurt leg...it was still great. The Pittsburgh set was one of the best ive seen them play...

Anonymous (August 11, 2003)

I was at Warped in Cleveland this year...

LTJ actually played a couple more new songs in addition to Science..., they also played Ghosts of You and Me and Welcome to the New South (closer). Awesomeness.

Coheed were really quite good.

I still don't like Glassjaw live. Their guitar sound just mucks everything into a big pile of mush. For some reason they just can't hang with Poison the Well who came on right after them. I'm not a fan of PtW, but they're sound was so much crisper they impressed me more.

I think every Warped Tour evens out in the way of quality (at least for me). For every band I don't like, there's always another that I do (or come to like).


Poisonthesink (August 10, 2003)

"Hey, did anyone see the "Code of tha Cutz" stage at the Cleveland warped? It was off to the side, and it featured all rappers. I saw a black and white duo rap to the gorillaz beat, i watched it for a minute, and had to leave because I was laughing too hard. Terrible. That is all."
I saw a real band play there right at 12, they were the on;y non-rap group on the stage they said, they're weren't awful, but weren't great, same pop-punk/emo schtick that we're all use to, but they did get some sympathy for being the only non rap group from me.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

now i cant belive there is one person who said somthin about rise against i think they were the most energetic band there SM a second and pennywise a close third

SpamMan (August 10, 2003)

The biggest laugh about the communist booth is that they sell stuff. I honestly believe that the idiots running those kinda booths truly don't even understand what they are trying to propagate.

Unconcerned (August 10, 2003)

I remember the first tour in clevo. the parkinglot show. second one ruled too at the agora. clevo's scene fell apart in the mid-late 90s.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

The scene in Cleveland is not good. It is piss poor. Everyone is an elitist.

bluetunehead (August 10, 2003)

i didn't understand the communist booth, or the half a dozen different places with bob marley shit. to each their own i guess. but what good is converting 14 year old simple plan fans to communism?

the rappers were kinda there, but i never was interested enough to pay attention.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

Hey, did anyone see the "Code of tha Cutz" stage at the Cleveland warped? It was off to the side, and it featured all rappers. I saw a black and white duo rap to the gorillaz beat, i watched it for a minute, and had to leave because I was laughing too hard. Terrible. That is all.

Anonymous (August 10, 2003)

Cleveland show kicked ass. GJ ruled the day for sure. The Suicide Machines rocked so fucking hard and Rancid was just, wow. I've been waiting to see them for a very long time, worth the wait.

LTJ needs to spice up their set lists because it's practically the same songs everytime i see them.

Anyone notice the commie booth set up? Hilarious. Here's an idea, let's set up a commie booth on a tour that is SUPPORTED by Vans and Clear Channel.

Fucking hypocrites.

SpamMan (August 9, 2003)

I went to the Pittsburgh show.
Brand New had the best set, they played all new stuff except for two songs (a great thing, the new album is sick)
Thrice was incredibley tight. I dont know how anyone can say they put the crowd the sleep. It took a couple songs to warm the crowd up, but when they played Deadbolt, the crowd EXPLODED.
If you go to a Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies' show and expect to be musically enlightened, you my friend, need some help, they were a ton of fun though.
Punchline had a larger crowd at the Ernie Ball stage than some Main stage bands had.

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

i went to the pittsburgh show.
ltj had the best performance
suicide machines had the best energy and sent their fans against the simple plan fans
glassjaw was boring but played well
pennywise need to retire, and they sure come off as meathead assholes
f2f was boring
i passed thrice up, who i do greatly enjoy for bowling for soup. yes this is true, and i am glad i did it. bowling were funny and great, i heard thrice managed to be th e only semi-hardcore band that put the crowd to sleep.
mad caddies rocked it, and only i knew who they were
me first were hilarious and terrible, cheers!
well thats about it.

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

i cant believe no one has even mentioned coheed and cambria yet..they were, by far, the best performance in cleveland. They played the maurice stage to a decent sized crowd, but they blew away all the other bands there.

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

MCS was the best band @ the Detroit show !!!!

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

a big reason the crowd was poor for MCS in Cleveland was that they were having problems with times, and they fucked with the times of many bands on the smaller stages

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

yeah, MCS had a very large and enthusiastic crowd in milwaukee too...thats odd

JustinsFanClub (August 9, 2003)

my score goes to the guy who saw the big d set, i was there too, best band of the day

captaincrunch (August 9, 2003)

MCS only played to about 30 people?? At the Detroit show, things were insane. Their crowd was one of the largest for a small stage all day and the energy was great. They are definitely getting pretty big around here. Is that how it is elsewhere?

-Captain Crunch

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

I was dumb enough to shell out money for both cleveland and buffalo warped tours two days apart, and I have to say that it's amazing how some bands are so different day by day on the tour, and how others are the same damn thing.
Mad Caddies = Same damn thing
Rancid = Same damn thing, except one song
DKM = such a better set in Buffalo, many different songs including "Good Rats" and "The Gauntlet"
Thrice = same set, so much better in Buffalo. They played at night, and I think that's part of it. To those who saw em in Cleveland, I'm sorry, but believe it or not, they do actually move around at points
Rise Against = basically same set, but wow sooo good ( punknews.org points)
Pennywise = same set, so much better in Cleveland
Suicide Machines = they tore up both shows, but to hear the exact same gimmics both days kinda disillusioned me (in buffalo he was wearing the maiden shirt for the show he went to in cleveland)

Oh yeah, to the guy who said shame on lack of musical variety for not liking skinhead bob, I'm sorry, theres a difference between lack of musical variety and lack of musical talent (bob). Most pointless part of the show.

One more thing, Cleveland doesn't know how to start a circle pit, the Big D set was so good, but so much skanking in place.

Anonymous (August 9, 2003)

The Maurice stage at the Charlotte Warped was also placed about as poorly as one could imagine. It was on a hill so the stage looked downhill, basically meaning that if you weren't in the first 10 rows you couldn't see the stage because the incline meant everybody ahead of you got taller and taller as it went on. Basically, you had to sit on another hill behind the sidewalk and over 100 feet from the stage if you wanted to see anything.

bluetunehead (August 8, 2003)

ya the whole main walk where the volcom and maurice stages were was always jammed because it was so narrow (and a lot of the more popular bands had their tents set up there). that got really obnoxious.

Poisonthesink (August 8, 2003)

I would like to also add that whoever decided to put the Maurice Stage where they did should be fired...... Trying to enjoy Tsunami Bomb while 13 year old girls are trying to get to Simple Plan and trying to get to the main stage while the whole road is blocked by All American Reject fans was more than slightly annoying. Oh to the kids that were sitting down in the middle of said area, Fuck you!

Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

technical songs != good songs

Poisonthesink (August 8, 2003)

Motion City Soundtrack also played really well to an unenthusiastic crowd of about 30 people on the Volcom Stage.

Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

"Thrice followed Simple Plan to deliver a rather lackluster set. The bassist was sitting because he was sick, but the rest of the band had no excuse for standing as still as they did."

have any band play thrice's songs and see them do the same damn thing... thats if they can even play it, because the majority of the bands on that show most likely could not.

Anonymous (August 8, 2003)

That song that you said Skinhead Rob ruined, was called Red Hot Moon, and yes, he actually sings on the album. Poor you for not having diverse tastes.

bluetunehead (August 8, 2003)

oh and for all the shit they get i thought the used actually had a decent show. last time i saw them i was insulted for what they passed as a live show but i was pleasantly surprised this time around.

bluetunehead (August 8, 2003)

letter kills put on one of the best shows of the day in front of about 25 people. tsunami bomb was pretty good, too.

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