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The Escape Engine

The Escape Engine: Celebrity Role ModelCelebrity Role Model (2003)

Reviewer Rating: 1

Contributed by: FortyMinutesWestFortyMinutesWest
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This is really dull. I wouldn't recommend listening to this album in the car, lest you fall asleep at the wheel and drive into a tree. I swear I've heard this band before, and yet this is the first material of theirs that I've heard. In short, they sound like every other nu-emo band (yes, I said .
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This is really dull. I wouldn't recommend listening to this album in the car, lest you fall asleep at the wheel and drive into a tree. I swear I've heard this band before, and yet this is the first material of theirs that I've heard. In short, they sound like every other nu-emo band (yes, I said nu-emo, and there's nothing you can do about it).

Perhaps this record would've been better with different vocals. The singing on here so incessantly whiney that I was expecting the songs to stop to allow the singer to take a much needed cry break. I knew this was going to be an adventure from the moment I heard the overly melodramatic intro clip, but unlike those cool "pick your own adventure" books you read when you were a kid, no ending could really satisfy me, they all led to the same place. But wait! What's this? The band decides to mix things up a bit, and can you guess what they do? If said you said "they probably add some terribly out of place screaming" make yourself a nice bowl of ice cream, with sprinkles. They did add some electronics to the song "Transparent", and it actually ends up being the most interesting track on the album. Unfortunately, it's only about a minute long. It is followed by the lackluster "Weapon of Choice" which is sadly lacking in the "Dancing Christopher Walken" department.

The guitar playing is above average at times, but that can't save an otherwise bad album from becoming just another shipwreck in the sea of mediocrity that is this genre. One the things that really bugs me is that whenever they seem to find an good riff, the song slows down and the riff is never heard from again. It's almost as if they were trying to make this album as plain and uninteresting as possible. The lyrics are typical for this style: "riding on the coattails of agony, and careful not to miss a beat, automated exit of your mistletoe deceit." I guess they thought people would mistake vagueness for profundity, no such luck, try harder next time.

The press release that accompanied this album predicted that this band is going to be bigger than Taking Back Sunday. Maybe they will be, maybe that's all this band is after. I'd set my goals a little higher and try to top a good band, but hey, that's why I'm not in the record business. I'm sure this will sell quite well and this band will develop a loyal following that calls them "the voice of a generation" and hails this as "the best album of the year!" But don't lose any sleep over that, because they'll grow out of it. This band is made up of competent musicians who could play good music; unfortunately, they're satisfied with putting out material like this.


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Anonymous (December 12, 2005)

you ripped this cd soley based on the fact that someone compare them to taking back sunday. you obviously didn't listen to it, which makes me happy because I don't want someone as ignorant and hypocritical as yourself rocking out to good music.

Anonymous (October 3, 2004)

I saw them not to long ago,here in georgia,called twin earth.its just a place where local bands get to come and play.They came and i talked with all of them,and they were very down to earth guys.this is one of the best bands i have herd in along time

FortyMinutesWest (November 12, 2003)

Glad to see that the fans of this band are so intelligent.

Anonymous (November 5, 2003)

the kid who wrote this review is a fuck...a faggot fuck!

FortyMinutesWest (October 26, 2003)

Oh, one more thing. I don't run the site, I'm just a staff writer, so who pays or doesn't pay for an add doesn't matter to me. Even if I did run the site, there's no way a shitty band like The Early November (whose banner ad currently hovers over this comment) or whoever would get a positive review. I don't write my reviews thinking "hmm, I wonder what this person will think of my opinion", I listen to albums and give my honest opinion of them. Im amazed that so many people can't deal with someone disagreeing with them. If you don't like it, write your own review.

FortyMinutesWest (October 26, 2003)

So wait, I should review an album based how someone else would feel instead of how I MYSELF feel about it?

Anonymous (October 7, 2003)

it has come to my realization that kids running these sites are 12 years old. Sorry they are better than brand new or taking back thursday. Just because they dont spend the big bucks on your site doenst mean you should bash them. Learn to review cds that maybe you would never even listen to. Think about the kids that would. You are writing about this band to metal kids. Grow up and think before you write a piece of garbage like that.

FortyMinutesWest (September 18, 2003)

I reviewed this because it was sent to me. I love how you fanboys get your panties in a bunch just because someone happens to disagree with you.

Anonymous (August 27, 2003)

really, I did not know he had the cd. He should stick to writing his hatebreed reviews and then kissing ass to bands like sworn enemy. Do not review something you are not into. I am sure there is 29479283 other people.

Anonymous (August 26, 2003)

Saw these guys live last night. Fucking intense. Honestly.

Anonymous (August 26, 2003)

Gotta say I like the CD. Opinions are just that, opinions.

Anonymous (August 26, 2003)

He has the cd.


Anonymous (August 26, 2003)

he has nothing to back up what he says!

Anonymous (August 26, 2003)

Let the guy have a fucking opinion. Shit. Yes bands can wear their influences on their sleeves and still be good. By, you know, taking said influences, and adding something new to the mix. By having sincerity. In his opinion this band did not do that. Get over his opinion and write your own, that's what this little comments section is for. You like this band? Great. Forty didn't. Get over it.


Anonymous (August 25, 2003)

sorry but this is a solid album.

Anonymous (August 25, 2003)

"Just because alot of bands are doing something doesn't mean one of them can't do it extremely well." -FortyMinutesWest review of Unearth

Nothing is new anymore; it's all interpretation and perspective. You should know this Forty, metalcore is played out, hardcore is played out...it's all been done. Don't be so quick to dismiss a band based on the genre that they fall into to. I'm not saying not to be partial to a particular style of music but using The Escape Engine as a vessel to bash the whole emo genre doesn‚??t seem right; at least that‚??s how it reads to me.

GreenVandal (August 25, 2003)

You seem to be confused. Influences are one thing. Ripping off a succesful formula for a paycheck isnt. Have fun in that "new musicla world" of yours while all of the bands back here in the real world exploit your wallet. I can only take so much of the scremaing about girls songs. Seriously. Are you trying to be smart, or are you just ignorant to the fact that trends do exist, and some people are actually stupid enough to follow them?

Anonymous (August 24, 2003)

Everyone on this post dresses a certain way because they saw something on someone else that they liked. That's a fact. Maybe this band sounds like another band. That could be very true. But you know what, that is what music is. Using influences of what you love to create something of your own. Every band does it, even the bands that you say these guys sound like. Thursday was compared to sounding like Boy Sets Fire when they first started out. Does that mean they suck, because they sound like another band. No, it just means that they are in that genre, and Boy Sets Fire is an influence to them. Everyone wants to be cool, and bash bands for sounding like other bands. If you are someone like me who doesn't even think like that, and listens to a song, "as a song", a whole new world will open up to you. Then maybe you'll use music to secure an emotion inside of you, rather then using it to make yourself look cool. I never hear of the escape engine, but I like them already. I just hope their music rocks more then rocks taking up all the space inside your heads.

Anonymous (August 24, 2003)

....? Im sorry, I was unaware that hatebreed was considered music. I always considered them to be shit.

Anonymous (August 24, 2003)

Go listen to the new hatebreed cd kid.

GreenVandal (August 23, 2003)

I have this problem...everytime I hear a new "screaming emo" band I instantly compare them to Thursday, because they were the first band of that type I ever really heard. They are sort of my benchmark for this genre. In retrospect...your right...they dont sound alike. But they still blow. And there are FAR more good bands that are unpopular then there are good bands that are popular...LIKE

Dismemberment Plan
These Arms are snkaes
Bandits of the acoustic revolution
The Killing Tree
The Ghost of Lester Bangs
its early and i dont feel like typing anymore band names

A few of these may be big in the "underground" but you sure as hell wont be seeing them on MTV or the radio.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

Thursday? God that guys arguement sounded pretty good till he said they sound like Thursday. Unless you mean the fact that both bands have guitars and drums?

And if something is popular of course it's not always good. But in the "punk/rock world" if it's popular it's prolly good.

So hopefully the reviewer is right and they get popular. Then they will be among other "popular" bands like:

"At The Drive In"
"Hot Water Music"
"Alkaline Trio"

etc etc etc. All popular and all quite good.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

where do you even hear thursday? Please! Is it because both bands happen to be from jersey? They do not sound a like.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

we played two shows with them, and, if i may say so, their live show does live up to the album, in fact, it blows the album away.

GreenVandal (August 21, 2003)

accept* rather then except.

GreenVandal (August 21, 2003)

You wanna know what? Forty is absolutely right. And he usually is, so maybe you fuckers should except just how generic this band is. Its like listening to Thursday with all the good parts taken away. Oh wait thats Anatomy of a ghost....haha, even this bands stolen sound is stolen. Anyway, your statemtents of "if its popular its good" must mean your a big Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit fan. I hear they are pretty big. Fucking fan boys. If you dont have any thing constructive to say dont say anything at all.

FortyMinutesWest (August 21, 2003)

Another reviewer compared them to BSF and By A Thread, I don't hear it, but maybe it's just me. In any event, Boy Sets Fire(atleast their older material) is much more interesting and diverse than this band. They also come off as sincere instead of contrived.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

Weird thing to me is I think they sound like Boy Sets Fire a lot. And you reviewed them pretty well. In any event to each his own.

FortyMinutesWest (August 21, 2003)

Popularuity and sales do not equal a good record. Why should I "admit" anything when I don't actually feel that way?

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

So then admit the cd hits and it sounds good. Could you do better? Shit is hot.

FortyMinutesWest (August 21, 2003)

Plenty of bad bands have a large following, this band has "the sound" that is popular right now, so they'll do well.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

"I‚??m sure this will sell quite well and this band will develop a loyal following that calls them ‚??the voice of a generation‚?Ě and hails this as ‚??the best album of the year!‚?Ě"

I don't get that. If it's not good why would they develop a loyal following and why would it sell well?

FortyMinutesWest (August 21, 2003)

Hey, I like a wide range of music, I just don't think this is anything interesting or new. I think I was very fair, I listened to this three or four times and I didn't even read the press release until I was ready to write the review. Like I said in the review, this band does have potential, but they need to color outside to reach it. Except the singer, I have nothing good to say about that. It's really easy to come on a website and try to downplay someone's opinion just because it differs from your own.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

If you read the reviewer's other reviews you'll see that he likes his music a little harder. If there were a few Dillenger Escape Plan riffs on the album he would have hailed it as "The CD that will save Emo". However it's not his fault, he was handed the CD and he reviewed it. Bands sending in CDs to sites such as this roll the dice. It very easily could have been reviewed by someone else here and they might have loved it. Maybe the next album will.

Moral of the story: never trust zines and news sites reviews. Listen to albums yourself and then decide.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

I guess them dressing in black is SOOOOO much worse than all those die hard punk rockers who look absolutley NOTHING alike. I mean, why can't The Escape Engine go and buy thier authentic punk rock gear at a cooprate overpriced store like Hot Topic? I mean, in emo thier is such a uniform look, but in other genres of music everyone looks sooo different from one another. Nu metal kids are so orignal..people that like R&B? Im sure you can be looked at, and I could pin what music you are into, so give them a fucking break for having black hair. Which they all don't by the way. The picture you looked at, was I dont know, BLACK AND WHITE! Get your facts straight before you make some ridiculous false claim and observation. And yeah, I totally can respect the reviewers opinion, as I am in the industry myself, but come on..actually make it relevant to the CD, instead of venting on the entire genre itself. It sounds like you read the press release, put on 2 songs, and were so quick to label it "emo."...your review really didn't come off as someone who actually listened to the CD from an objective persective. I am fine with people not liking the CD, but at least have the vocabulary and intelligence and be informed enough (aka actually listeningn to the CD) to explain why, This review comes off as a kid who didnt want to do thier homework, and just read the Cliff Notes.

FortyMinutesWest (August 21, 2003)

One more thing:I've been called a lot of things, but an emo scenester? That's definitely a new one.

FortyMinutesWest (August 21, 2003)

Oh well, you guys disagree with me, I can live with that. Can you?

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

I don't think he listened to every song. This is definately not a review of the album, it's him venting on the genre. Then again maybe he just had a shitty day. In any event I liked it better than most of the albums I bought this year. Oh and I saw them live on Warped Tour and they had , black hair, red hair, and brown hair. So much for your "looking the part theory"

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

Well I guess this is the type of review someone gets when someone has a grudge againt the band fact this is one of the best record I have heard that is emo and is I think diffrent then what a lot of bands do. TEE are one of my favorite bands and once these guys sign to a Vagrant or Victory they will rise to the top.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

to everyone that is bitching about him reviewing a record from a genre that he doesn't like, has it ever occured to you that he might get sent these albums to review? i really doubt the kid goes out and buys random albums of "the next big thing" or what have you just for shits and giggles, and to write a review about how generic they are.

in all honesty i haven't heard these guys, but i'm incredibly tired of the genre too. one band hits it big and all of a sudden record labels are rushing to sign every band that has a remotely similar (or preferably identical) sound. so now websites get flooded with reviews of shitty, generic albums. this is just as bad as the pop punk boom.

has anyone bothered to click the website link? that picture is ridiculous. everyone with dyed black hair and black clothes. whoa, way to be original guys. of course they might not be mistaken as the emo giants they will become if they don't look the part. i seriously don't care too much about a bands image, but that's really fucking corny looking.


p.s. mr. West's reviews are generally good. stop bashing because you don't like his opinion. stupid fuckwads.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

"In short, they sound like every other nu-emo band (yes, I said nu-emo, and there‚??s nothing you can do about it)."

This review reads like every other "punk news" website review. You basically hate the genre and now everything you listen to sounds the same. Blah Blah Blah. You are prolly one of those kids that claims they were into Emo back in the day when things were "real", right? Let me guess, you saw Rite's of Spring and they stayed at your house and it was so cool cause you felt like you were the only one who even knew what "emo" was all about. However, now that everyone likes emo you think it sucks and basically that makes you a lame scenster wannabe. So why don't you just get over it and review albums based on content and not on your preconceived notions about entire genres?

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

first of all... i am aware that i dont have an account here... and it is posting under anonymous and that's not something i like... especially when speaking my mind... so to fix that, my name is casey neal carter and my e-mail address is caseycarter05@hotmail.com... now that that's out of the way, let me get on with my bitching.

why must such morons review an album? it is obvious that someone pissed in your cheerios and you are simply jealous that you, yourself could never write such a wonderful piece of music. i bet you don't even play music.. maybe strummed a guitar once or twice or sang a few words out of key? that still doesn't make any sense that you would dog such a wonderful album... then again, it is your right.

"In short, they sound like every other nu-emo band (yes, I said nu-emo, and there‚??s nothing you can do about it)."-------- there obviously is something i can do about it... i am replying right now, aren't i?

one thing inparticular that stuck out-- "I guess they thought people would mistake vagueness for profundity, no such luck, try harder next time." Have you read any other lines? Or was that all that stuck out in the lyrics when you realized you were almost past deadline for your "review" to be turned in, so you simply picked up two or three lines your could read? that's the only valid reason i can find... because, honestly... every word that dom lattera sings on "celebrity role model" sends chills down my spine.

"I‚??m sure this will sell quite well and this band will develop a loyal following that calls them ‚??the voice of a generation‚?Ě and hails this as ‚??the best album of the year!‚?Ě" ----- I almost felt the sarcasm in that comment... God, you are so clever... anyway...

Perhaps if you gather new material, instead of the same bitching in every review, i will have a little more respect for your feebleminded self. A pathetic and failed attempt to be superior and intelligent is shown in the vain failure of a person. Why review music if you dont even appreciate it? Honestly. If you had any intelligence, you would drag that lustrous, silver blade across your delicate wrist and pray for the courage to press down. Thanks and have a lovely day.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

I totally agree. When you don't like a genre, you really shouldn't review a record in that genre. My friend bought this record at warped tour after seeing this band. She told me they were "sick" and I had to not only listen to it, but I had to see it. At first I was like, ok, pretty cliche intro to a record, and I was already disappointed. When track two kicked in, I was in shock, and right away I understood what all the hype was about. Let me tell you something. This band fucking rocks. They better come to philly soon, and there show better live up to this record.

Anonymous (August 21, 2003)

Why do people review these albums that do not even like this type of music. Pass the album on. The album is solid and is in my top 5.

FortyMinutesWest (August 20, 2003)

It's P. Diddy, step off dawg.

Anonymous (August 20, 2003)

whoever reviewed this cd must be fucking deaf, or constantly listen to puff daddy.

501 (August 20, 2003)


Anonymous (August 20, 2003)

Ditto on the review. I'm in the process of reviewing it (for another site)and this morning on the way to work I was tempted to pull it out the cd player and hurl it out the window. Great drums and guitar, horrible vocals. I still have hope for them, though.

Anonymous (August 19, 2003)

yeah i saw these guys at warped and they were so good i had been listening to their songs on mp3.com and i loved them so i bought the CD yeah this CD is so good and I really wish the review was not so harsh because i love this CD and I definitely see these guys getting big and I saw them at two warped tour dates so when this band get so big that you cant get really close to them I can say that I was close at the beginning

travis (August 19, 2003)

yah, i didnt think this cd was that bad at all. it has a couple good tracks on it

Anonymous (August 19, 2003)

i saw them at warped and thought they were pretty good.

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