The Bronx - The Bronx (2003) (Cover Artwork)

The Bronx

The Bronx: The Bronx (2003)The Bronx (2003) (2003)
White Drugs

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Contributed by: adamAdam
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On record, The Bronx succeed where other hyped bands fail because they completely deliver on their promise. Unlike New York's garage revivalists there is no sense of irony or trend baiting in this album. The Californian band's punk rock is refreshingly raw and genuine: stripped of the pop-rock.

On record, The Bronx succeed where other hyped bands fail because they completely deliver on their promise. Unlike New York's garage revivalists there is no sense of irony or trend baiting in this album. The Californian band's punk rock is refreshingly raw and genuine: stripped of the pop-rock, emo and metal influences that so many bands are awash in. It's funny that there's such a lack of ostentation here, as this is one of the few albums of late that would warrant it.

"Heart Attack American" is a perfect opening shot. I'm sure more than a few people turned up the volume upon hearing the song's (purposely low) intro only to be blasted by Matt Caughthran's initial scream. Joby Ford's dirty, metallic surf-guitar licks drive the album, a style not unlike East Bay Ray's playing with the Dead Kennedys. Equally compelling is the rhythm section James Tweedy and Jorma Vik, providing the band with a strong, rhythmic core but never falling behind the breakneck speeds of guitars and vocals. There's quite a few great bass and drum fills peppered throughout the record as well. Things only slow down (relatively) for the moody album closing "Strobe Life."

Caughthran's vocals lie partway between Dennis Lyxzén and Eric Ozenne, so fans of Refused or the Nerve Agents should definitely give this a spin. Hidden beneath all the rage however is a keen sense of good pop melody. You can hear this on the many of the tracks and it grounds the band surprisingly well. While defiantly brutalizing his vocal chords, Caughthran thankfully keeps things far away from both emo-shrieking and gruff metalcore-barking. Again, this makes The Bronx sound more realistic and less genre-dependent. The band's flaws-intact live-style recording of the songs does the same.

There's nothing profound to explain about The Bronx, other then the fact that they're making a familiar set of characteristics sound incredibly good. The Bronx's debut is a scathing, pretence-free, well written and played and punk rock record.


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blood-guts-punkrock (August 14, 2011)

This is, for me, their best album. I love the others and earlier EP but this is a cracker!

Anonymous (April 7, 2006)

fucking absolutely brilliant record

up the grainy, rock & roll punk rock gods who are the bronx

miff (October 30, 2005)

why does it only get 8 cos tis a great record

Anonymous (June 6, 2005)

I have had both "The Bronx" and "La Muerte E Viva".
(Their EP) in my CD Collection for ages and they are still my favourite albums.

Definitly Worth It Buy It Now

Anonymous (December 9, 2004)

this band kicks ass!!!!!

Anonymous (December 27, 2003)

Yeah, just bought the cd, theyre good.
Top 10 2003


notaclevername (November 15, 2003)

Holy damn.
I just heard this record all the way through. Instant classic. I'm going to see these bastards in December and I will most likely hurt myself badly when they begin to play and I lose all conscious motor control. One of the best of this year (and the past few years, really).
There is a God, and this is His/Her backing band.

Anonymous (October 4, 2003)


Anonymous (September 3, 2003)

...and that cover art is outstanding - bigjerk

Anonymous (September 3, 2003)

My homie landon from Sidekick told me that this band was gonna be the next big thing. I didn't believe him. I downloaded "Heart Attack American". And though the song reminded me of something Iggy Pop would do if he sang for the New Bomb Turks, I still didn't believe him.

Then I went to see Sidekick, The Hunns, and I think my friend's band the Ladykillers...(But I can't remember if the Ladykillers played..maybe. I dunno. I've seen them live way too many times to keep track) at the Troubadour. The Bronx opened....Then I believed him.

They fucking exploded. They started out playing some bullshit Creed type song and everyone looked really confused and then they just blasted into song after song. I remember their singer's eyes were super red. He was moving around the stage like he was posessed by Iggy fucking pop himself. He then proceeded to give my friend Kristen a beer and for that, she got kicked out for underage drinking.

A few months later at that Rollins Band/Black flag thing they did at Amoeba records...I was across the street at Jack in the Box buying curly fries and I saw the singer again and said Hi and told him his band was fuckin rad.

Anyways. Theyre the best thing thats happened to L.A. since the Stitches...and my old band r.i.p. How these lucky bastards played with social d., got their shit produced by the fucker from g & r AND got signed to island is beyond me. Not that they don't deserve it, but usually good bands get shafted by the L.A. community.

We want uniformed elitist crusty street punks screeching about beer and being a punk...NOT GOOD MUSIC! Remember that....L.A. home of the clones.

Anyways. Later all you mother fuckers.

Oh and if anyone from the l.a. area is into working with me on a new group send me an email theroachkid@yahoo.com I'm looking to do something along the lines of Adrenalin O.D., Gang Green, and early Screeching Weasel stuff.

Goodbye. And let the schwartz be with you.

Anonymous (September 1, 2003)

Awesome album! I wasn't sure when I first heard this if it was just generic revival rock. After listening to it, this is exactly what I wanted to hear in a punk rock record.

GreenVandal (September 1, 2003)

This isnt "emo-scremo whatever the are calling it these days" so I dont understand what is wrong with you for liking this little slice of goodness. Speaking of littlew, this thing needs more fucking songs! I already heard 6 ofthese ones, so this album only had 4 new songs. Granted all the songs were rerecorded since the "sure death 1&2" demos, but still....10 is so little, especially when the songs shoot by so fast.

Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

Uh-oh... something's wrong with me. I like some emo/screamo whatever the hell everyone's calling it these days and I think this is one of the best records I've heard in months

Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

their bass player did a&r work for vagrant a while back and their guitarist did some graphic design for a few albums.

annonymous (August 31, 2003)

These guys remind me a bit of the icarus line.. Maybe its just me

ElVaquero (August 31, 2003)

The New Bomb Turks would eat this band alive, but since they aren't around anymore, bring it on, I say.

GreenVandal (August 31, 2003)


Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

These guys are alright.. But dead sky falling on a burning sun in december is waay better..... Posted-by: emo pussies everywhere

Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

Didn't a couple of the guys in the Bronx work for Vagrant Records awhile back?

Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

"There were back to back E True Hollywood Stories on Corey Feldman and Corey Haim the other day"

i fucking LOVE corey feldman

Anonymous (August 31, 2003)

This record is fucking dope. Really great, honest rock n' roll. Totally stoked that we're involved with their Web site.

Liberation Media

Anonymous (August 30, 2003)

I like this , its good shit!

Reminds me of the New Bomb Turks a lot but is that a bad thing? Hell no.

Anonymous (August 30, 2003)

Other than the fact that this album kicks the virtual ass.........there is another great thing about it.....there isn't a single song which has possible mainstream radio play appeal. I can't see all the little wimpy highschool emo and screamo kids getting into stuff this harsh.

Anonymous (August 30, 2003)

yeah greenvandal.

at first. let me say, i love this band.


this cd will be rereleased on island pretty soon and this band signed with island over 6 months ago. OVER 6 months.

Anonymous (August 30, 2003)

the record is amazing. i was lucky enough to see them play nearly every night for 3 weeks while on tour with them. great guys.

Anonymous (August 30, 2003)

like two years ago, i decided to download "the super bowl suffle" and then i forgot for like 25 months. thank you kevin11 for reminding me.

GreenVandal (August 30, 2003)

Im pretty sure that this record isnt affected by the island deal. I have seen NO promotion for it. The only thing I ever saw on these guys was in Rolling Stone and that was before they got signed to island. I think there next record is on island, and this one is on there ownlabel(white drigs) which is a subsidiary of ferret. At least that sounds right. Any corrections anyone?

Kevin11 (August 30, 2003)

Why are they trying to pass off the Island deal as if it isn't real? It seems like, in the email at least that they are trying to out-satire Buddyhead. Alright. In any case, I think the buddyhead thing was also directed to Vendetta Red, who released a few "indie" eps, and maybe the All American Rejects.

-Kevin "I'm not hear to cause any trouble, i'm just here to do the super bowl shuffle" 11.

Anonymous (August 30, 2003)

There were back to back E True Hollywood Stories on Corey Feldman and Corey Haim the other day

GreenVandal (August 29, 2003)

huh? Adam did you say something mean and i missed it?

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

i got to get this record. for some reason the cover makes me want to see "the lost boys".

(another reason why corey haim rocks)

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

This is the realness...one of the better records this year..and there has been some great ones...Don't sleep on the bats! ep either, it rips!

Knobby gobbler

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

Is it just me or is there way too many tunes out right now, to fucking find time for. This is brilliant, The Bled tears shit up and Streetlight Manifesto makes me want to dance crazy.

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

the record was produced by Gilby Clarke of guns n roses fame...he played guitar on the "illusions" tour and played on the spaghetti record, too

TheOneTrueBill (August 29, 2003)

Fucking hated this band live. But I've heard one songs off this album and it wasn't real bad.

Who knows.

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

i think it's funny that buddyhead used to be all over the bronx's collective dick and now they're pissed off at them for being on island and releasing their first album on ferret.

FortyMinutesWest (August 29, 2003)

This band tears it up, I'm not sure what "it" is, but rest assured, it's fucked.

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

What a great album. Reminds me of a slightly melodic black flag.

adam (August 29, 2003)

;) I'll try harder next time sickboi


Anonymous (August 29, 2003)


(yeah, I said that)

adam (August 29, 2003)

hehe naw, I deleted it. I'll try and maintain my dignity a bit by not jumping into that shit-storm


Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

Wow Adam is now spittin' venom....

What's next, Aubin talks shit about Tate's momma?

(come on Aubin!)

i-type-poorly (August 29, 2003)

This band is as tough as that one 16 year old on band message board who just saw Resivoir Dogs and makes empty threats of elaborate over the top deaths using forgien utensils to anyone who has different music tatses than him. You know who i'm talking about.

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

must everyone continue to misuse the word 'irony.' lyrics can be ironic (although that is extremely rare), but music itself cannot.

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

jason tate jizzes over these guys...how can they be good?

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)

Did anyone see their response to the shit Buddyhead said about them? Fuckin hilarious...

(Bronx=the next GnR?)

Bryne (August 29, 2003)

These guys rule.

aubin (August 29, 2003)

I like this record a lot.

maverick (August 29, 2003)

I'm still iffy on this album, but I absolutely adore the cover art. Some of the best I've ever seen.


GreenVandal (August 29, 2003)

Yeah, I know, but its just so fucking funny....but in truth, They seem to be trying to do this on there own. The onyl promotion I saw for this was on this site on that banner up top (which I also thought was hilarious)

adam (August 29, 2003)

GreenVandal: I believe they were responding to Buddyhead's accusations from their last gossip post. The Bronx have signed with Island, but that hasn't really been a secret. They've been on the Island site for a while.


GreenVandal (August 29, 2003)

oh, and i just would like to share the email they sent everyone on the mailing list to annouce the release of this album.

our record comes out today. we all have huge boners. but -
this is a fake indie record. sorry. we are actually signed to a major
don't be fooled by those independent looking record label logos on the
of our album. we are just trying to retain our indie cred so people
think that we are more street. right now - we are all celebrating with
CEO's of our giant major label, sitting around in smoking jackets and
laughing about how we fooled everyone. so if you are thinking about
our album, you better think again, because we took money from our huge
label to advertise our album, get some guitars, and buy more blow then
anyone has ever seen. boy this Cristall is really hitting the spot
I love being rich.

record release party tonight at 3 of Clubs. Santa Monica & Vine in
over and out.

- The Guvn'r


GreenVandal (August 29, 2003)

These guys are so fucking awesome. They are my favorite modern punk band. I know thats saying alot off of this and tey other lp...but they just have so much energy and emotion in there songs. Strobe Life is incredible.

travis (August 29, 2003)

i love that this band is made up of the bass player of sundays best and the guy that designs all of the covers for vagrant records. pretty darn good cd.

Anonymous (August 29, 2003)


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