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Various: Tracks And FieldsTracks And Fields (2004)
Kill Rock Stars

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Contributed by: JesseJesse
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Well, this came out in April via Kill Rock Stars, and sent a barrage of boring indie rock our way in the form of a two-CD sampler featuring previously unreleased and rare tracks. I guess it's part of a trilogy, like one they put out in the 90s. Combined, there are a total of 41 tracks on this rele.
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Well, this came out in April via Kill Rock Stars, and sent a barrage of boring indie rock our way in the form of a two-CD sampler featuring previously unreleased and rare tracks. I guess it's part of a trilogy, like one they put out in the 90s. Combined, there are a total of 41 tracks on this release. Get ready for a much too long bore-a-thon. A lot of you are going to hate this review. All capitalization is preserved from the press sheet.

1)The Legend! - I'm Not Like That - boring.
2)Antietam - This Lush Life - boring.
3)his name is alive - peace in detroit - this is groovy old style soul shit, like Marvin Gaye, in fact, the vocal line follows the same rhythm as "Inner City Blues." Make me wanna holler, the way they do my life. This ain't livin' this ain't livin'. Just like this song isn't Marvin Gaye, so it's not worth listening to.
4)Superchunk - Everyone Gets Crushed - sounds like Blur. Boring.
5)Bro. Danielson - Our Givest - boring.
6)dos - Make Her Me - boring.
7)Gas Huffer - Release the Robots - with name like Gas Huffer, you better bring 100% rock. They bring 83% rock.
8)John Wilkes Booze - We've Got Room in Outer Space - the singer reminds me of the dude from The Frogs. Starts out fun. Gets boring.
9)The Capricorns - Steve and Tiffanie - inde/electronica is boring. The genre was murdered by The Postal Service. Deal with it and start a new band.
10) Cynthia Dall - Eric's Song - down tempo acoustic that sucks until the banjo comes in. Then it starts to suck when the banjo starts getting out of tune.
11) Lovers - Birds In the Sky - boring.
12)xiu xiu - clowne towne (live) - Finally, something good. Hearing Jamie play live is great. That boy is one wussy emotional dude, but in a good way. It's just singing and electric guitar. Still good.
13)GRAVY TRAIN!!!! - Ghost Boobs (LIVE at BATWADDICALS) - again with the fucking indie/electronica. It's not cool because it's ironic. It's not ironic. Boring.
14)The Buff Medways - Pink 14 - They try to rock, but they don't. Boring.
16)The Wiretaps - TV Life - boring.
17)Brooke - inside out - Right, this is exactly what we need. A girl, and acoustic guitar, and a song titled "inside out." There's a reason why you're not as popular as Ani - you're not as good. Boring.
18)Young People - Version Valley - This shit is fucked up. And good. A lot of blank space and bells and noise with nice soothing female vocals singing something like an olde Irish tune.
19)Jucifer - Amplifier (live) - This tries to rock, but it doesn't. Boring.
20)total sound group direct action committee - wake me when i'm over - All I have to say is: jazz organ. And swagger. Jazz organ and swagger. I like it.
21)the king cobra - this town ain't big enough for the both of us - boring.
22)Semiautomatic - Search & Seizure - boring.
23)alaska! - R U Listenin - In response to the song title: No.

2)Biography of Ferns proudly presents: John The Barber - What Belle and Sebastian would sound like if they got better. I dig.
3)RADIO BERLIN - Bright Things - this tries to sound like Leonard Cohen's "First We Take Manhattan." And that was a much better song. Good ol' Lenny.
4)Measles Mumps Rubella - Fantastic Success II - worst band name ever.
5)Slumber Party - Electronic Boots Remix: Brown Rice vs. Young Soul Rebels Sound System - fucking indie/electronica.
6)sleetmute nightmute- walking backwards - besides having an extremely awkward name to pronounce, these folks bring crazy freakout noise making. Crazy and enjoyable to a point. Then it becomes boring.
7)need new body- ggaannkk - noises and pianos and repetitive drumming recorded through a tin can. This might be even too pretentious for me. Nope, it's not. It's good.
8)Male Slut - industrial noise blues - sucks. AND boring.
9)the pAperchAse - i'm your doctor now" - eh. It's decent.
10)Devendra O Banhart - Poughkeepsi (Demo) - this is great. It's olde-timey 1920s crooning with acousitc guitar. Fucking amazing.
11)Laura Veirs - Icebound Stream - boring.
12)Thanksgiving - The "In The Lake" - never name your band after a holiday.
13)nedelle - begin to breathe - see: brooke above.
14)Sahara Hotnights - Rockaway Beach - it's like The Bangles on Speed playing a rip-off of "Rock n' Roll High School." Instead of "rock rock, rock n' roll high school" it's "rock rock, rockaway beach." Meh. I liked it better as a Ramones song.
15)Sweet Heat - Oh Johnny - boring.
16)C Average - Stalwart (Main Title) - boring AND long.
17)Dead Meadow - Golden Cloud (acoustic) - hippies suck.
18)The Decemberists - Everthing I Try To Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right - like a dumbed down Death Cab For Cutie with an organ. He talks about dirty filthy sex in the song a lot. That's pretty cool.

And there you have it. 41 tracks, and only about three of them are worth hearing. This review took way too long to write, and these CDs took way too long to listen to.


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Anonymous (September 5, 2004)


The 3 tracks that really stood out on this double cd were Superchunk, Decemberists and Biography of Ferns (you actually liked that one Jesse!)

Give this label props. This is a great cd and a good poloroid of indie music at this moment in time.

Anonymous (September 5, 2004)

labels usually lose money on comps....i totally respect krs for taking the chance to put this varied a group of bands out....2cds....you wont find this eclectic a mix of indie rock anywhere else....they really love music at this label......look at their catalogue...they have some of the best bands of all time (unwound, bikini kill, elliot smith, deerhoof) as well as stuff no one ever heard of when it came out and doesnt know of now...they release music out of love....look at their website....they arent profit based....if you want a purely profit based 'indie', go check out subpop....they never take any worthwhile chances anymore

Anonymous (September 4, 2004)

I like this cd and I haven't even heard it- this reviewer is 'boring'- go cosy up with your Blink 182 cd, you rube

Anonymous (August 3, 2004)

You're telling me... And I live in Kansas City... Which was evidently a huge, deviant, underground gangster town until the mid 50's.

Also, it's home of hillbillies who oppose things just to oppose it...

"What's this? 4 dollar tax on my car rentals for light rail? I vote NO!"


Jesse (August 3, 2004)

Dude, that place sucks.

Anonymous (August 3, 2004)



Jesse (August 3, 2004)

Where the hell are you from?

Anonymous (August 3, 2004)

Jesse, get this, there's a show in your city on the 28th (third day of my schooling, so I'm not going). You should go. Thrash Fest, I think it's called. Skitsystem are headlining. And Victims. SHIT!!!! I about lost my shit over it!


Jesse (August 3, 2004)

I never said they suck...this Superchunk song bores me. It's the only Superchunk song I've heard. Belle and Sebastian, generally, bore me. I'd like to like Belle and Sebastian, and I do like some of their songs, but I think they play music that is far too simple with lyrics that are far simpler. I just think they could be much better.

Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

He's right. Belle and Sebastian are for girls with annoying haircuts and "hip" emo kids. That's not making fun of them because of their audience, it's stating that their music doesn't appeal to anyone besides those two groups.


Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

so you think Superchunk and Belle And Sebastian suck? I normally dont judge on taste in music alone but yep...you must be a douche

Mr_Pink (August 2, 2004)

I didn't even know Gas Huffer was still around. They were great back in the early 90s.

Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

Dahhhahahah violent metrosexuals. My score is for violent metrosexuals.

Jesse (August 2, 2004)

We have tons of records stores. Cheapo, Extreme Noise, Electric Fetus...all these are the big names...then there's Let it Be, Treehouse, and about 30 more smaller ones.

Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

PS- Does your city have a crew or something? I overheard them talking and it sounded like they were trying to be like the Boston crew. "Yeah, he was shit talkin', we're gonna kick his ass." Perhaps the Angry Young Christian Hoodies club or the Violent Metrosexuals.

Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

You might have seen me if you were one of the ten kids in tight pants and sideways baseball caps who swarmed into Let It Be Records. Or, if it's a local chain, the one downtown. Probably not.

Seriously, while I was in Minn., I came across three record stores that look like warehouses or distro's compared to all of the music stores in KC MO compacted. Lucky!


Jesse (August 2, 2004)

You were in Minneapolis? Hittin' up my hometown? Without me knowin'?

"There's been a great disturbance in the force..."

Anonymous (August 2, 2004)

I was in Minneapolis fucking ho's left and right and going to Extreme Noise.

We ain't go-in'
We ain't goin' nowhere
We can't be stopped now
We Bad Boyz 4 lif4


Jesse (August 1, 2004)

BSD! And to think, I thought you had given up on punknews.org. I'm surprised you didn't bitch me out for not recognizing a Ramones song. If you really want to be a staff reviewer, talk to Scott.

Anyway, I've got a review of an amazing band that I think you'd like. They're called Black Lips and they're from Atlanta. Check them out.

Anonymous (August 1, 2004)

Because I can cover the new crust scene angle without you guys having to send me "shit", it would balance out the site a bit. Some indie, some fake indie, some fake emo, some pop-punk, some metalcore, and some crust punk.


Anonymous (August 1, 2004)

How do I become staff reviewer?


Anonymous (August 1, 2004)

i hate the Ramones.

Anonymous (July 31, 2004)

this reminds me of a livejournal survey. sadly, every one of you have done one and just won't admit to it.

Anonymous (July 31, 2004)

"Did you honestly have to ask it like a question? Well, I'll answer it. No. It's not. I've written far worse."

Hehe, no, it was just a typo. Sorry.

Anonymous (July 31, 2004)

xiu xiu is so lame/bad.

Anonymous (July 31, 2004)

no, im pretty sure this is the worst review ever, but if you wanna try to make worse, then please save us the pain of having it posted

Jesse (July 31, 2004)

"This is honestly the worst review ever to appear on this site?"

Did you honestly have to ask it like a question? Well, I'll answer it. No. It's not. I've written far worse.

Anonymous (July 31, 2004)

This is honestly the worst review ever to appear on this site? I couldn't even finish reading it. Don't you have any standards?

travis (July 30, 2004)

the decemberists track on this album is really awesome.

Anonymous (July 30, 2004)

Fucking bloody great review.

Anonymous (July 30, 2004)

probably the most half-assed review i've ever read. as the reviewer would probably say...."boring"

Anonymous (July 30, 2004)

what the fuck
the reviewer doesnt recognized that ROCKAWAY BEACH is a RAMONES SONG. This song by Sahara Hotnights also appears on THE SONGS RAMONES THE SAME (TRIBUTE)

Jesse (July 30, 2004)

Oops. My bad.

I don't own any of the Ramones CDs.

adam (July 30, 2004)

"14)Sahara Hotnights - Rockaway Beach - it's like The Bangles on Speed playing a rip-off of "Rock n' Roll High School." Instead of "rock rock, rock n' roll high school" it's "rock rock, rockaway beach."

"Rockaway Beach" was a Ramones song. It was on a little unknown record called Rocket To Russia, you may have heard of it.


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