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On My Signal: Exit ParametersExit Parameters (2004)

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Contributed by: JesseJesse
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Bulletpoints (taken from press sheet) Formed in June 2003 Live and work in New York City Plays rock music "On My Signal's five members achieve the ambience of Slint with the fangs of Thursday." Last time I checked, Thursday was pretty fang-less. In fact, I'd even go as far to say tha.

Bulletpoints (taken from press sheet)

  • Formed in June 2003
  • Live and work in New York City
  • Plays rock music

"On My Signal's five members achieve the ambience of Slint with the fangs of Thursday."

Last time I checked, Thursday was pretty fang-less. In fact, I'd even go as far to say that they are toothless altogether. They have to gum their food. I'm guessing you know what to expect from a band that thinks Thursday is hard. Imagine every single fucking "screamo" chord that's been picked out into a riff. Imagine every single fucking drum fill that's been overdone. Hear the whiny vocals resemble the war cries of a twelve year old, freshly converted eunuch. Weep along with the deep, poetic cries of "No one loves me! I hate my parents! The suburbs totally rule! Pain! Suffering!"

What did I fucking tell you? WHAT did I FUCKING tell you? Shut your whiny yap. Stop ripping off chords and vocals from every other band making it big. Realize that artistic integrity does not involve the words "screamo" or "copycat." As my roommate just said, "It's not so bad. It sounds like everything else so it just blends in and I could just ignore it." This review might sound boring, and might make you angry, but as long as these shitty bands keep sending their shitty CDs to Punknews, I'll keep giving them bad reviews, doing my part as a contributor to the welfare of society. Stay away from this one, stay far, far away.


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Anonymous (October 17, 2004)

hey other scott -

before blindly supporting this reviewer, you might want to educate yourself enough to know what you're talking about. you clearly haven't listened to this band because they're not a screamo band at all.

Anonymous (October 15, 2004)

if you don't like the review, go start a screamo band and cry about it

- the other scott

Jesse (October 13, 2004)

I don't know what to say kid. You didn't call me a fag or douche anywhere in your reply. I don't know how to respond to a well thought out response except...

This band sucks. End of story.

Anonymous (October 13, 2004)

hey, i'm new here, but it seems like this review relies too heavily on what the reviewer read about the band before actually listening to the songs themselves. however, if he did that, it's odd that he associated this band with angsty suburb bands when he states clearly that they are from New York City. granted i'm aware it's just a snide example of the general emo bullshit that too many bands are guilty of these days, but if you actually go and check these guys out, you'll hear that this band doesn't actually fall into many of the common trappings other bands do.

they may not be your favorite band in the world, and they may play loud rock music in a style that groups them in with other contemporary bands, but they're lyrics are far from "emo" and much more introspective and abstract than anything i've heard lately. their lyrics are available to read on their website, so check them out and you'll find that there are no mentions of hearts breaking or pleas of misunderstood youth. the songs are about memory, planes crashing, and running from the cops. that's more than i can say about most bands reviewed on this website.

i don't know if the writer of this review plays guitar or not, but if you pay attention you'll find that the chord progressions used are far from conventional in the way they are voiced and utilized within these songs. they don't do stupid emo shit like screamy background vocals or using a cheesy telephone vox effect over some obvious breakdown. the guitarists don't palm mute or play power chords and interact in a way that often breaks the common indie rock trends. the bass lines are far more interesting than most in the way they move on their own and lock with the drums rather than following what the guitars are doing.

i know this may come off as high praise, and i don't mean it to. everyone's welcome to their own opinion and taste. i just feel like this review unjustly pigeonholed this band based on what was written about them instead of a fair listen-through. whereas they do plenty of things that are popular these days, they also do a lot of things that are different. in my opinion, i'd say give a listen to their purevolume tracks (www.purevolume.com/onmysignal) and judge for yourself.

Jesse (October 13, 2004)

Well, it was supposed to be funny, but I guess you're too angry about me bashing your favorite band to take any sort of joke lightly.

Anonymous (October 12, 2004)

He wrote the book 'High Fidelity,' which you enjoy plagiarizing...but I guess you've only seen the movie since you must not have enough time to read when you're busy writing terrible poetry and trying unsuccessfully to get girls to come back to your dormroom with you.

You don't know shit.

Jesse (October 12, 2004)

Ha, I don't even know who Nick Hornby is.

Eat it.

Haggard (October 12, 2004)

Score is for the fucking review.


Anonymous (October 12, 2004)

Jesse, being an asshole doesn't make you a good reviewer, it just makes you an asshole. Why don't you stick to things you're good at, like giving Lou Reed head while trying to convince him you loved 'White Light/White Heat' before everyone else, or you could possibly steal more Nick Hornby quotes to pass off as your own ribald wit...that would be cool, too.

ZING. Fuckhead.

Anonymous (October 11, 2004)

And now we know more about you, saying that you actually like this band. Like, for instance, how bad your taste in music is.


Anonymous (October 11, 2004)

I think you people are nuts. This is a great band. Before listening to this one sided review go out and see them play.

Those guys aren't even from the suburbs...shows how much research you know about something before you rant about it.

I have to say I'm not going to take your opinion on any reviews now since it seems that you don't even listen to an album before you form an opinon.

Anonymous (October 10, 2004)

I saw these guys play when I was in New York, Great live show, good band all around.

Anonymous (October 9, 2004)

Wow. What a one sided, single minded review.


Anonymous (October 9, 2004)

yeah i was haoping this would sound like Slint. oh well got my hopes up.

-I Hate The Kids

Jesse (October 9, 2004)

That's right, bitches. Worship me.

Anonymous (October 9, 2004)


Jesse is my hero.

This score is most definitely for the review.


Anonymous (October 8, 2004)

So, does this sound like Slint at all?

Anonymous (October 8, 2004)

there's far too many good albums being released lately for shit like this to take up precious space.

Anonymous (October 8, 2004)

Cover art?

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