This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - Dance Party With... (Cover Artwork)

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb: Dance Party With...Dance Party With... (2001)
Plan-It-X Records

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Contributed by: SkanknsmileSkanknsmile
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Every now and then a band comes along that you listen to. They may not be your favorite band in the world, but you still love rocking their CD whenever you get the chance. They are the awkward kid band that you know is going to do whatever the hell they want and you respect that and think it's aweso.
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Every now and then a band comes along that you listen to. They may not be your favorite band in the world, but you still love rocking their CD whenever you get the chance. They are the awkward kid band that you know is going to do whatever the hell they want and you respect that and think it's awesome. If that band was getting kicked in the mud, you would have no qualms about kicking some ass in the name of that band. When they are getting made fun of at the lunch table, you go sit with them and make them feel loved. That's what This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb is for me. They may not have the look of a band who is going to rock out with everything they got, but you know that they are still going to put forth an awesome rocking effort.

You've also heard the story before - a band that plays folk punk and has a "fiddle." Along with that folk punk-ness comes their politically charged songs that make you wanna pump your fists in the air. They are on a tiny D.I.Y. punk label that has gained a little buzz in the underground scene due to a band of larger proportions blowing the fuck up (Against Me!). Add the fact that they are from Florida as well will make most people turn away and disregard them as a bastard sibling of the said band. For those who, with the said description, are turned away: you're sorely missing out on a great record.

As said before, this may not be one of those records that you can just leave on repeat day after day after day, but it's still a good time nonetheless. With the classic dissatisfied lyric content about the wonderful state of Florida, and anarchist values, with the folk rock influence more prevalent then the punk influence for the most part, you get an effort that probably shows how tough it is for a band to make a name for themselves while playing music that seems, for the most part, to be covered by many bands today. Yet, there is still something there with them that makes you know that they stand out. They just have that sarcastic, non-abrasive additude in songs like, "Johnny," that mockingly say, "aren't you proud to be an American now?," the fast-paced fiddle adding to the raw glory with the subtle undertone of the bass flowing under the strumming of the guitar that makes you see why they are so special. They need not be ignored; they need the recognition they sorely deserve.

So don't let them be picked on at lunch, and don't let the big brothers' light distract you from taking notice, because they are a growing boy, who is going to do great things. You'll see....


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tbiapb (December 4, 2006)

great great band, does any body have guitar tabs for them, i cant find ANY except the one for "body count" so if anyone could help me out that would be amazing, thanks

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

cynic , dickface , way to have a closed mind , there is no way you can be into music if you can't take the stuff like this, this shit is like all energy its not about skill though i'd like to see you write and play this shit its about the thought and energy and this band has tons

Anonymous (February 17, 2006)

haven't hurd the new one cause i can't find it but the rest of thier stuff makes me wanna shit my pants , and yes i could listen to it all day every day , makes me wanna never shower and never change clothes

Anonymous (February 10, 2006)

this band and record rules

Benjasaurus (February 22, 2005)

This band is amazing.

Anonymous (January 10, 2005)

Whoever just asked how Against Me! stacks up to Stiff Little Fingers is a fucking FOOL. Why would you compare two bands that are SO different ? That's like saying "Peter Tosh is far superior to Peter Frampton".

Get over yourself, the only thing more annoying than a band I love like Against Me getting popular is douche bags like yourself who hate them simply because they got big.

fritobandito (January 5, 2005)

what a great album. not something I could listen to all day, like mentioned, but it finds its way into my cd player quite often.

Anonymous (December 31, 2004)

Speaking of Aaron Cometbus, when is the next issue of Cometbus coming out? Its been sooooo long.

Anonymous (December 31, 2004)


Anonymous (December 29, 2004)

What I heard sounded like badly played folk/country with stupid lyrics. Call me a cynic, but I'm not "down" with anarchy enough to give two shit about nodding along to their ridiculously stupid lyrics.


Anonymous (December 28, 2004)

No, Aaron Cometbus actually playeed drums for TBIAPB at the Fest III in Florida in October. Word is that he may be the new drummer.

And as for "see'em live if you get the chance. it isn't like it'll be expensive" last time they came to COnnecticut it was a private 21 party.

Anonymous (December 27, 2004)

about aarom cometbus playing with TBIAPB, not exactly, but close. Aaron and Rymodee (guiratist, singer for TBIAPB) had a band called blank fight, who released a cd on plan-it-x. pick it up if you get a chance, its excellent

discharge (December 27, 2004)

bravo. bravo.

Anonymous (December 27, 2004)

this album really is great, give it a shot if you haven't already listened

Anonymous (December 27, 2004)

Against Me is better than the Stiff Little Fingers

Anonymous (December 27, 2004)

And by the way, can we go one review without bringing up Against Me! ? Seriously, once the hype is over, you will all come to your senses and realize how mediocre Against Me is. Want a test? Put them on a mix tape next to Stiff Little Fingers. "Embarrassing" is right.

Anonymous (December 26, 2004)

I heard Aaron Cometbus was recently playing with these guys.

Anonymous (December 26, 2004)

Awesome band, discovered them last year and I fuckin love em!

Anonymous (December 25, 2004)

what makes me sad is how many people will probably say they don't "get" this band.

see'em live if you get the chance. it isn't like it'll be expensive.


Anonymous (December 25, 2004)

prob the best show i have ever been to, was when i saw these guys. haven't danced so hard in my life

Anonymous (December 25, 2004)


princessdanarchy (December 25, 2004)

This is one of my favorite cd's ever.

Anonymous (December 25, 2004)

this album was a huge surprise. It was alot better than i thought it would be. The DIY production is key. THe music is gold ..A song on this album has been placed on many many mix tapes.

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)

if you like these guys, you'll probably like The Tim Version from Tampa.

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)

I lost this cd, but when it was mine it was badass!

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)

great band, bad review. there's nothing mentioned about the music...

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)

best punk band in the biz

i can not wait for the plan it x tour this summer.

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)

this band is so fucking good.

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)


I fucking LOVE this record.


Fuzzy (December 24, 2004)

This album is great. This band is great. Their new one finally got released.

Anonymous (December 24, 2004)

This review didn't even talk about the album, only how the band is "overlooked by everyone."

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