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Goldfinger: Stomping GroundStomping Ground (2000)
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Contributed by: blakeBlake
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I first listened to this album last week, and I am convinced that this is the best of all of Goldfinger's cds. All fans of Goldfinger should give it a listen and even if you've never heard the band and want to listen to them, this is the perfect album to start with. Here is a list of all the songs.
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I first listened to this album last week, and I am convinced that this is the best of all of Goldfinger's cds. All fans of Goldfinger should give it a listen and even if you've never heard the band and want to listen to them, this is the perfect album to start with. Here is a list of all the songs on the cd with a review for each one:

1. I'm Down- a slower song but packs a good melody, and is a great way to start off the cd.
2. Pick a Fight- picks up some speed, and is an alright song, that's about it.
3. Carry On- this song has more of that mellow ska beat that's found on Hang-Ups, it also kind of sounds like a Sugar Ray song but we'll let that slide.
4. The End of the Day- starts of slow then speeds up and is a mediocre song.
5. Don't Say Goodbye- This is my personal favorite song on the album. A good beat and the chorus is very catchy.
6. Counting The Days- This is my second favorite song it is also the first single off the cd. It's another pretty catchy song.
7. Bro- SUCKS! A lot of screaming and yelling and...this is just a cd filler.
8. San Simeon- this another kind of ska-ish song, but it's a good one.
9. You Think It's a Joke- another ok song, it's one of those songs that sound like a bunch of other songs by punk bands just with different lyrics.
10. Foregiveness- another ok song that you've probably heard a million times by other bands, but tolerable.
11. Margaret Ann- A slower song but still a good one.
12. Get Away- hmmmm..... it's ok, not too fast not to slow.
13. 99 red Balloons- Third best song on cd, great cover of the 80's new wave hit.
14. Donut Dan-not a song just a cd filler.

All in all it's a fun cd to listen to whether you are blasting it in your car, at a party, or just privately on headphones.


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CountDruckula (April 5, 2011)

My Favorite Goldfinger Album Ah, Nostalgia

Anonymous (October 9, 2001)

that's pretty sad that this guy thinks that this is their best CD, since he labels nearly every song "...just ok"

Anonymous (September 26, 2001)

I was just wondering if anyone knows when the new cd comes out. However, I do have this album, and consider it to be a great one. Lots of people say this band is immature and is appropriate for adolescent teens. I totally disagree with these opions and feel this album shows some maturity, especially with You Think It's a Joke. The title is fairly explanatory. The song says that you can't treat life as a joke, you can't be self centered, and that you need to make something of your life...or something along those lines. The song Pick A Fight is another song about relationships, however it seems a lot more mature than a lot of the relationship punk songs out there. The End of the Day basically says, he's going to live his life how he likes it. Anyway, i don't want to ramble on, but my point is that while this band might have really catchy songs, but they're by no means a shitty pop-punk band. (any rambling is due to the fact that i'm pretty stoned)

Anonymous (September 6, 2001)

sucks...too pop

Anonymous (July 26, 2001)

This is a pretty decent album but by no means their best. If you are a new listener to Goldfinger your money wouldn't be wasted on this album but it would be better spent on one of their other two CD's.

Anonymous (July 17, 2001)

This cd is pretty good,not my favorite from Goldfinger but is very good. I'm more of a ska kind of guy so my favoite is Hang-Ups.

Blake: this is a shitty review, do us a favor and never write another review, ok? But if you ever decide to write a review again please actually listen to the cd that you review.

Anonymous (July 17, 2001)

This is the worst review I've ever read. Im Down is slow? Riiiiight. Bro and Donut Dan are fillers? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Geez, seriously, never review another cd again. This cd was great by the way, sorry if its not punk enough for you close minded idiots. Apparently any punk cd with an acoustic guitar riff at some point makes it suck. Go listen to your soccer riot oi shit.

Anonymous (July 17, 2001)

This CD rocks!

Anonymous (July 16, 2001)

This review suck ! This cd ain't that bad ! But I have to admit that I didn't like it the first time I listened to it, this is the kind of album that is getting better and better when you listen to it more than 2 times ! Trust me. I agree it's not their best cd, the self title was better, but it's a great album even if it's a bit poppy. And how can you say that "I'm down" is a one of the slower song ? Are you on crack ? cuz it's one of the fastest of the album. My personnal favorites : I'm down, You think it's a joke, 99 red balloons, San simeon.....enough says now, Listen to it and judge by yourself

Anonymous (July 16, 2001)

goldfinger's worst without a doubt. i listened to it once and shelved it.

sickboi (July 16, 2001)

I don't know, I've always kinda liked Goldfinger. I thought at least 2/3's of this album was good. They just need to decide if they are a ska-core band or a punk band. Every album they change back and forth.

Anonymous (July 15, 2001)

Good Cd, but its no Hang-Ups

Anonymous (July 15, 2001)

hey blake, keep on writing. you'll get better everytime. i never liked goldfinger that much. they seem like" just another trendy punkrock band jumping on the bandwagon"....or something like that.- fathead

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

Hey this is Blake, you guys are right this review sucks. This my first review on here. I just wanted to write one, and half way through I got bored of writing it. If I write another one I'll try to put more effort into it.

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

why did you say the cd was amazing and then say that half of the songs were "filler" or "just ok" or "not that great".

Personally, I think this is goldfinger's worst album ever. Its not horrible but its certainly nothing special and I really got tired of it fast.

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

PLEASE, if you're going to review a CD... DESCRIBE IT

Josip (July 14, 2001)

hey, this review sucks, come on, this cd isnt bad, i also enjoyed it, but the self-titled and hang-ups are much better, and "end of the day" and "bro" rule! "bro" and "san simeon" are probably the best songs on this cd, i like the goldfinger "hardcore" songs like "city with two faces" from the self-titled and "skiers must perish" from hang-ups", if you've never heard goldfinger, listen to the first two cds, and your life will be better, if you like the band or you like pop-punk, get this cd, it's also worth the money...but not 5 stars

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

Personally, I didn't find anything about this CD very original. Goldfinger has had some really great songs (Mable, Answers, Miles Away, Superman...) but they've never put together a full CD that I would want to listen to. Too many average songs along with the good ones. This CD is a low point for the band if you ask me. Aside from I'm Down, San Simeon, and 99 Red Balloons, I see nothing special about this CD at all. Definitely try this CD out before you buy it so it's not a disappointment.

One more thing...isn't there more to a song than just the speed of it? Just because a song isn't fast doesn't mean it isn't good.

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

oh shit this getting annoying.- Blake

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

this is blake 4 stars not 5.

Anonymous (July 14, 2001)

This Blake The reviewer, I just realized that I gave the album 3 stars instead of 4 which I intended to give it. So just pretend those are 4 stars instead of 3.

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