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311: From ChaosFrom Chaos (2001)

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Contributed by: Nada Machine
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Yeah, ok, I know 311 is a far cry from anything punk, but I felt that this album was an outstanding release and something needed to be said about it. 311 is the only non-punk band that I listen to, and that is because of their talent and emotion that really comes through on their songs. I fee.

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Yeah, ok, I know 311 is a far cry from anything punk, but I felt that this album was an outstanding release and something needed to be said about it. 311 is the only non-punk band that I listen to, and that is because of their talent and emotion that really comes through on their songs. I feel that I can relate their releases to those of Rancid, who are probably one of the best punk rock groups out there today. Rancid, early in the 1990's, released their first Self-Titled cd, which pretty much summed up their talent and showed that they could thrash with the best. They followed with their breakthrough Let's Go! and the softer, more mainstream ...And Out Come the Wolves. Instead of selling out and recording a similiar sounding follow-up record, Rancid went with a slower, reggae sound on 1998's Life Won't Wait, and returned to their roots with the powerful sound of their second Self-Titled release in 2000.

I feel that I can directly relate 311's past albums the same way as Rancid's. In the early 1990's 311 released their debut Music and followed up on it with 1994's Grassroots, which openly defined the 311 sound. A year later, they recorded their Self-Titled 311 which broke them into the mainstream. But instead of rehashing their sounds to continue their popularity, they went with a slower, more reggae-sounding approach on 1997's Transistor and 1999's Soundsystem, before returning to their roots on From Chaos.

This Album starts with the upbeat You Get Worked and follows into the lightning-fast Sick Tight before launching into their new single, You Wouldn't Believe. The next two songs, Full Ride and From Chaos, I am kinda impartial to, but they lead into my favorite track off the cd, I Told Myself, an excellent song about controlling your urges and not making a mistake you would regret. The seventh song, Champagne, is a mellow song that is excellent but unfortunately misplaced as it precedes two of the fastest cuts on the album, Hostile Apostle and Wake Your Mind Up, which really pull from their classic early 90's sound. The tenth song on the album is Amber, a beautiful song that grooves and follows into another slower cut, Uncalm, before finishing the record off with an excellent song about maturing with your music, I'll Be Here Awhile.

Overall, even though this is not a punk release, it is an amazing disc and one that I would hope you would all listen to with open ears and an open mind.


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Anonymous (December 6, 2004)

i couldnt agree more with this last comment. 311 has and always will be open to ANY fan, regardless what they dress like or listen to. And as for the band itself, they are extremely talented and i love their fusion of several different genres. Their amazing messages of positivity and unity have helped me to turn my life in a different direction. Besides, there is so much negative music out there--its about time the kids get some positive vibes. I've been a fan for eight years now, and i've loved every minute. Oh, and if you havent yet, see them live. Its an amazing experience, even next to spiritual if you're already a fan.

Anonymous (April 27, 2003)

oh,and to the elitest saying 'teenyboppers stay away', chill out man, 311 don't care who listnes to their music, so long as they are tolerant and open minded. if you listen to avril or b2k and are tolerant and open, all is well. if you judge people on their hair and dress style, maybe you should re-examine yourself. whats worse, an open teenybopper wanting to get into good music, or a judgemental 'i discovered them first' elitest?

Anonymous (April 27, 2003)

new album july 24 "evolver"
god its good to see 311 fans showin love on these posts, they are so good and have the most chill fans. i love all their cd's, even soundsystem and transister, their 2 weakest efforts contain classic tracks. oh yea, anyone who compares these guys to limp bisquick needs to shut the fuck up.

Anonymous (March 25, 2003)

keep your eye open...they're gettin ready to drop their 7th full lenght LP. can't wait for that shit.

311 is the shit...all you teenie boppers...stay the fuck away from this shit (this means you if you have on a spiked belt, spiked hair, or a brand new pair of white DVS, OSIRUS, or GLOBES)


Anonymous (February 5, 2003)

lets do the list of the good 311 songs:

welcome, freak out, visit, paradise, unity, hydroponic, my stoney baby, nix hex, plain, do you right, feels so good, fat chance, homebrew, nutsymptom, lucky, 8:16am, omaha stylee, applied science, grassroots, lose, silver, salsa, six, offbeat bareass, 1,2,3, down, random, jackolantern's weather, all mixed up, hive, guns are for pussies, misdirected hostility, loco, brodels, DLMD, don't stay home, sweet, t&p combo, transistor, prisoner, galaxy, beautiful disaster, inner light spectrum, electricity, what was i thinking, jupiter, use of time, the continuos life, no control, running, color, light years, creature feature, tune in, rub a dub, starshines, strangers, borders, stealing happy hours, freeze time, come original, large in the margin, flowing, can't fade me, lifes not a race, strong all along, sever, eons, evolution, leaving babylon, mindspin, livin and rockin, you get worked, sick tight, full ride, from chaos, i told myself, champagne, hostile apostile, wake your mind up, amber, uncalm, i'll be here awhile, let the cards fall, outside, tribute, who's got the herb?, dreamland, gap, bomb the town, firewater, slinky, rollin, this too shall pass, right now, summer of love, soul sucker, today my love, down south, damn, to be honest, thriving to the scene, push it away and fuck the bullshit.

there you go...all the really good 311 songs on one list...ENJOY

Anonymous (February 4, 2003)

no amount of words can do justice to 311...CHAD SEXTON is the BEST DRUMMER, TIM MAHONEY is the BEST GUITAR player and nobody and i mean nobody can touch P-NUT. 311 HAS NEVER AND WILL NEVER EVER DISSAPPOINT THE FANS and thats' why 311 has one of the MOST LOYAL FAN BASES EVER. can't say enough good stuff about 311

someone review MUSIC
someone review GRASSROOTS
someone review 311
someone review TRANSISTOR
someone review SOUNDSYSTEM

Anonymous (September 20, 2002)

you can say what you want about 311 but these guys have been rocking it out longer than most bands out there its impossible to compare them to limp biskit. limp biskit sux my ass im from there home town i should know all about how much they suck . This cd tends to be a stoner album but hey whats wrong with that and plus these guys are amazing musicians so a big fuck you to all of you that are to punk for this band -mark-

Anonymous (July 22, 2002)

who cares if its punk or not? its good. listen to whatever you like and if anyone gives you shit for it kick there fucking ass for being such a stupid little bitch. By the why this is a very good cd, just like all 311's other cds.

Anonymous (June 6, 2002)

shocked to see a 311 reveiw out here, but to be honest, i consider them more punk than most 'punk' bands. not musically, but in lyrical attitude. they are so positive,tolerant,w/ songs about being yourself, unity, relationships,etc. this album is dope. so many styles.reggae, hip hop, rock, funk.brillant lyrics, SA and nick can both rap and sing, w/ distinct voices. chad is the best drummer out there, travis comes close though. pnut is fuckin amazing on bass.so good.these guys are very down to earth. forget their breif encounters w/ the mainstream.my fav. band ever, although one of the few non-punk bands i listen too.beutiful album, my favorite of 2001, beating out alk3,saves the day,dashboard, adn even thursday in my opinion.thursday comes close.

Anonymous (March 30, 2002)

yeah... 311 was the first band i ever really got into, before anything, there was 311 to me... 311 is sacred, always has been, and always will be my favorite band, and this album is definatly, definatly worthy to be in my collection... its been, about 6 years now, and i still cant get enough of them... and i guess i'm not the only one to see the same type of progression between 311 and rancid... finally someone else points it out...

rock on m/

Anonymous (October 17, 2001)

311 on a punk site? cool enough i guess... and they DO mention NoFX in one of their songs (Come Original). 311 is one on my favorite non-punk bands, but this CD, in my opinion, isn't their best work. My absolute favorite 311 CD is their very first release "Music".

Anonymous (October 8, 2001)

I was going through all my old, "pre-punk" Cd's the other day, and the only ones I still listen to are this and Incubus.

-Sr. Potpourri

Anonymous (July 20, 2001)

It's been a steady decline from their first album. Still, compared to most mainstream crap... it's pretty refreshing to hear them.

coldjuly (July 19, 2001)

311 is the only non punk/hardcore band i listen to as well. I dont quite know what it is about them....just gets me away from punk sometimes, Because after listening to punk for 11 years i found that a lot of the bands are just trying to be like one another...Im giving up on the new school punk in general, Its all the same...which refers to 311's song from soundsystem "come original" that song rings sooo true and many of these bands today should take advice from it.

Anonymous (July 19, 2001)

i hate 311 always have. they licked on warped tour...sorry for the negativity but they rub me the wrong way.

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

311 is a great band that i've listened to long before i started listening to punk. anyway this album is incredible and i'm glad to see people respecting this truly great band, especially on a punk site.

seek (July 18, 2001)

311 is definitely one of the best non-punk, mainstream bands there is. They have a unique sound and they have good lyrics/messages in their songs. To tell you the truth, they are punker than blink 182, at least they dont have their own honda paintjob.

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

good band, but what the hell, comparing them to rancid is dumb. It doesnt tell me anything about the new album saying that the 311 albums and the rancid albums both follow a similar progression, that was really stupid, just talk about the damn album in a reveiw, thats what i read them for

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

independance day is a good song, but pretty much everything else sucks. i will give them credit for being better than most all the rest of the hard rap out there(limp biscuit).- fathead

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

I like 311, but lets not compare them to Rancid, k? :)

sickboi (July 18, 2001)

Ugh, not to be a dick, but I hate 311. Too wanna-be-Beastie-Boy-ish for me. And that dude's voice gets on my damn nerves. Reminds me of that early 90's white rapper "Snow".

Anonymous (July 18, 2001)

Very good review, it's nice to see someone supporting this great band. I respect them not only for musicianship but also for the positive message.

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