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Maroon: Endorsed By HateEndorsed By Hate (2004)
Abacus Recordings

Reviewer Rating: 0.5

Contributed by: AnchorsAnchors
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There are several ways to start off on the wrong foot with me as a band. One of the absolute worst things you could do is cite Hatebreed as a major influence to your artistic development. That's not starting one foot in the grave, thatâ??s being half an inch from sealing the casket door. Well, Germany's latest export is Maroon, attempting to launch themselves into the American market with their album Endorsed By Hate. Fitting, really, because that's the emotion I feel towards this band for stepping inside a recording studio. I'm sure plenty of kids here in the states will eat this stuff up, but for anybody with any sort of discriminating taste, don't even look in this album's direction.

After the first track, which is just noise, the album begins with "The Worlds Havoc." The song starts with a gunshot, which already had me annoyed, and then they proceeded to launch into the very same riff played by more metalcore bands than I can even hope to count. It's not horrible, hell, I caught myself tapping my foot at a few different points, but it's as far away from original as a band can be.

None of the album's tracks offer any sort of variation. You've got your fast parts, you've got your slow parts, and what would any of it be without breakdowns? Yep, they're there too. That's what's so frustrating: competent musicians who refuse to deviate from the same crap that thousands of other bands are doing. There's only so many times I can here double bass, then some growled vocals, and find it impressive. And those times stopped a few years ago.

To continue with the clichéd feel of this album are the points scattered throughout where things slow down, so they can put a melodic interlude in to really show how diverse they are! For a shining example of this, check out the track "At The Gates Of Demise;" deep title by the way. About three minutes through the song, the guitar breaks, and there's some spoken word over the drums. Here's the profound lyrical content: "Take this blade, to your wrist / Forget, all your doubt." How do bands get away with writing this bad? Honestly, what the fuck. I don't even care to make an attempt to look into the lyrics any further than that, because if that's any indication, I could find 9-year-olds with better writing skill. Sadly, not an exaggeration.

The vocals are nothing you haven't heard in one of the thousands of metalcore bands jocking this same style, with some heavy growling, and then some half-assed screaming once in a while. It's so tired, and so lacking in any sort of passion, that I can't even give them credit for trying.

For a band that's supposed to deliver "the delicate balance of technicality and brutal delivery," this band accomplishes neither of their goals. There's no technicality here whatsoever. It's the same lazy delivery of recycled tired chords and breakdowns that I wouldn't be surprised if they were stolen from Hatebreed themselves.

To make things even worse, they feel the need to throw in some acoustic guitar for an intro and an outro on an instrumental track, which is actually the best song on the album. It couldn't possibly sound more forced. The track itself is less forgettable than most of the others, but the wholly unnecessary use of acoustic guitar ruins any sort of value the song had.

I honestly tried to find some redeeming value here, but there's just absolutely none. Boring music, boring vocals, and quite possibly the most atrocious lyrics I've yet to come across. Please, go back to Germany.


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Anchors (February 7, 2005)


I respect your opinions of this review, and where you're coming from in your perspective, but you've got a few things a bit skewed.

First off, as a kid who was just like you, reading the reviews of staff and kids who were submitting them, I always felt it important to know where the reviewer was coming from in the kind of things they listen to. For instance, I'd take Fortyminuteswests opinion of the new Comeback Kid record over Jesse's, because Forty seems to enjoy hardcore a lot more than Jesse does. Secondly, Hatebreed was mentioned twice, and if you'd listen to this entire record, you'd see that there are points where the two bands sound alike, thus validating the comparison.

Third, as I said below in the thread, I still do enjoy some metalcore, just not as much as I did when I was 16. I don't let how I feel about the genre as a whole be biased, I gave this album a completely fair shot, and repeated listens. And I completely disagree that this band has something to say. They mention nothing about veganism and straight edge in this record, not even that they need to. There's a myriad of vegan/sxe hardcore bands, why does it even need to carry over into metalcore, it's a different style, but similar enough that if you can listen to one, than you probably can the other as well.

Fourth, I really don't believe the lyrics are bad because they suffered in trying to articulate into a second language. How do you know these guys didn't even speak English from birth, or from a very young age? And regardless, talking about slitting your wrists in song is a completely juvenile thing to do, not even regarding the fact that every metalcore band under the sun has done it already. This isn't original music, I'm sorry, but it's not. If the lyrics were in German, and I couldn't translate, it wouldn't have gotten any higher of a score to begin with.

Last, if a band from Asia sent something to punknews to get reviewed, and it ended up with me, it would get just as fair a shot as a band from New York City, or Uganda. I don't discriminate in the least on a national basis, or pass premature judgement because of a bands origins. This is just a bad record.

Thank you for taking the time to articulate your feeling on this album, and my review, but you really need to look at the entire picture.

- Jordan

Anonymous (February 7, 2005)

Wow, Anchors really got roasted.


hobbitcore (February 7, 2005)

worlds apart

hehe :P

oh yeah but uh...i'm not in charge of crap...just a viewer like yourself ;)

Anonymous (February 7, 2005)

Thank you hobbitcore - that's what I feel is so lacking of reviews like this one, objectivity. I personally tend to read CD reviews because I live in Hong Kong, China and we don't get to find out about bands out here except through sites like Punknews.org, Lambgoat etc. so reviews are very important to people like me who want to know what certain bands sound like.

This review, from start to finish was one of the worst things I've ever read because of the selfish nature of the reviewer - why do I want to know whether YOU like or dislike metalcore? I don't give a shit about what music you listen to. Your non-stop reference to Hatebreed (even if Maroon's press releases may have stated the same thing) gave me the impression that Maroon actually SOUNDS like Hatebreed - from what I've heard off of their website, their new stuff sounds more like Bleeding Through then Hatebreed and if you are as in tune with metal/core as you claim to be, those two bands couldn't sound more worlds apart.

My only wish was for sites like Punknews.org, or magazines/zines around the world is to choose their reviewers carefully. If someone doesn't like metal/core then don't give them any metal/core to review. If someone doesn't like emo, don't give them any emo stuff to review. Doesn't that just make complete sense or what? That way the band being reviewed will get the justice they deserve - I mean this reviewer totally wrote off Maroon as a band not worthy of any respect regardless of the fact that they're one of only a handful of metal/core bands that actually have something to say. How many metalcore bands are vegan/straight edge these days? It seem to be all about the fasion and the "rock n' roll" aspects - but Maroon are still doing the vegan/straight edge thing. I can barely name any bands off of the top of my head who believe in this except for Most Precious Blood and Remembering Never! The reviewer was so arrogant that he/she didn't even keep in mind that these guys are German so maybe English ISN'T their first language, and so it could possibly be difficult to get their feelings across articulately in English. Why did they choose English? Maybe they want to reach a wider audience - we totally understand this situation because its the same thing in Asia. I know of MANY Asian bands that are stuck in the same scenario, but I don't feel comfortable knowing that if an Asia band that sends a record to you guys for review WON'T be ripped apart because of their choice of language.

Just needed to get ALL that all off of my chest. Thank you hobbitcore for posting a message restoring my faith that there ARE some objective people in charge here at Punknews.org and for giving me hope that future reviews will be a lot more to the point.


Hong Kong

hobbitcore (February 7, 2005)

yeah i feel ya
i remember when i reviewed for this one website
i got some AWFUL shit to review
one local band apparently wanted to kick my ass because of a review I wrote
shit i didn't even think it was THAT bad
crazy punx

Anchors (February 7, 2005)

I can understand what you're saying, Hobbitcore, and I don't intend on making a habit of slandering bands in my reviews, but at the same time I wanted to give a bit of background as to where I was coming from on not liking my first impression of them.

I can't really compensate on not liking the genre of music, as I've explained my distaste for most metalcore in at least one previous review, and I don't want to preface every metalcore review with that, kids will get sick of hearing the same explination every time pretty quickly.

But thank you for the constructive criticism, I'm always willing to hear it.

hobbitcore (February 7, 2005)

here's another little tidbit of advice I may have forgotten last time:
now that you're a staff member, you definitely have to be a little more objective. sure you don't like Hatebreed or any of that type of music but many people who read this site do, therefore, while you shouldn't sugarcoat your opinions you should provide some sort of compensation for hating this style of music and not just by saying "kids here will eat this up" which is a little derogatory. you know what i'm sayin?

Anonymous (February 7, 2005)

first of all I´m from germany and I fell sorry for this ridiculous
band. your review is very good and I agree with you in every single point. there is no originality at all. there are so many other bands, I don´t know why they choose fuckin maroon?!?! forget about them.


Anonymous (February 7, 2005)

i actually like maroon 5. they're very good musicinans, they use a lot of jazz elements in their music, which is not easy. and girls love them. sorry if i enjoy getting laid. you keep rocking poison the well and see how many chicks will fuck you w/ that in the back ground.


Anonymous (February 6, 2005)

im a fan of maroon 5

KFClown (February 6, 2005)

This band is so stupidly awesome. The early stuff with the spoken parts rule, if only because of the dude's accent.

Allular (February 6, 2005)

Here's some hardcore you might like Anchors.


Anonymous (February 6, 2005)

The funny thing is that there are bands as bad as this who claim to be keeping it "old school" (as in ten years ago, but whatever), but ten years ago Zeni Geva were making a much more unique combo of metal and hardcore, creating a noise/thrash/death metal/arty sound that predated Converge by some years...

Anyone hear "Freedom Bondage"? Brilliant stuff.


Anonymous (February 5, 2005)

bring me back pg99,please god

slippy (February 5, 2005)

Good review by the way.

slippy (February 5, 2005)

Originally is pretty important, especially to people who have listened to a lot of the same music...

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

ewww you make no sense

Barkley"fuck I never make sense, never ever"Barkster

kenjamin (February 4, 2005)

like did anyone stop to think that maybe these bands that don't bring anything new to the table don't because they like the way they sound? why must everything be based off of originality?

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

The Hatebreed I heard was so slickly produced. I can't really embrace aggresiveness when it sounds like old Def Lepard. Aggro stuff to get

Old Man Gloom
Kid Kilowatt
Cave In


swingline (February 4, 2005)

sunday morning makes me want to watch gay porn

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

Whoa, maroon 5 got heavy!

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

This review was pretty good.

FUCK mosh metal. Every grunt I know likes it.

sickboi (February 4, 2005)

This is crap, I'll gve you that, but what's with your scorn for Hatebreed, did they anally rape your grandmother while pouring sugar in your gas tank? Hatebreed is semi-meathead moshy-mosh, but they have a few good tunes.

Anchors (February 4, 2005)

I've got nothing against Abacus records, but you're right about my distaste for metalcore. I've just heard so much of it the past few years, that for a band of that genre to impress me, they've got to do something different.

And neither these guys, or Bleeding Kansas do anything different. It's boring at best. I still do enjoy some metalcore, This Day Forward, some Zao, but if you think this album is anything other than third rate garbage, than I'm afraid you're mistaken.

inagreendase (February 4, 2005)

Anchors has another negative metalcore review coming up that I slightly disagree with, but he's right here. This is crap.

Score is for the absolute hilarity of their interpunk description, which I would link to if the site wasn't down this moment.

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

If you want to hear some really insane german aggro stuff, pick up anything by Yacopsae. Your nuts will never forgive you.

pastepunk (February 4, 2005)

I don't know what Anchors has against Abacus Records, but I'm seeing this review and the Bleeding Kansas review being more about his distate in metallic hardcore than anything else. Maroon might not be inventing the wheel, but they're hardly worthy of such a poor rating.

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

if you want some german metal, check out the older caliban releases. stay away from the new one though.

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

oh my god, this band is so bad. absolutely over-hyped, rehashed, watered-dow and sucked out metalcore boredom. even though i'm from germany (and appreciate metalcore) i can't find just one selling point of this piece of crap.


check out www.fallofaseason.net - this band hails from germany as well and delivers some expensive metalcore!

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

I think it was very mean Anchors. It was even better because you were somewhat articulate with your anger so, good job.


Jesse (February 4, 2005)

Still not mean enough...but hey. I'm me.

TheOneTrueBill (February 4, 2005)

Everyone should read this review because it points out what's wrong with a huge portion of what's wrong right now.

Nice job.

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

score is for razor blade

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

Score is for people who use the word "jock" as a verb. Fucking die.


Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

Score is for bands who have super clean production on their records.

Ah fuck it...Score is for metalcore in general.

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

hey, a least they're not maroon 5 , right?

Archangel (February 4, 2005)

Wow, a negative review by Anchors... didn't know it was possible.

Informative, though. This is what Jesse should be doing.

Anonymous (February 4, 2005)

Maroon 5 without the ballz......


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