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Jersey: DefinitionDefinition (2001)
Fueled By Ramen Records

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Jersey started out being a side project of the highly influential Grade. At first, both bands were the same priority, but with the heavy touring schedule of Grade, it became to much for both bands. Grade suddenly became highly popular (scoring a buzz worthy song on MTV) and the high demand for e.
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Jersey started out being a side project of the highly influential Grade. At first, both bands were the same priority, but with the heavy touring schedule of Grade, it became to much for both bands. Grade suddenly became highly popular (scoring a buzz worthy song on MTV) and the high demand for everything Grade became too much. Greg Taylor decided to leave the band and in turn focus 100% on Jersey despite all the success that Grade had endured. Sean McNabb later replaced Greg in Grade, but for a surprising twist, Sean left shortly after and joined up with Jersey! There were also many shakeups in the band that I'm not going to get into after Jersey released their Fueled By Ramen debut, "The Battle Has Just Begun".

Jersey went out to tour with such bands like AAA, Ensign, Dillinger Four, Less Than Jake, and many other bands. So here we are, Jersey has just released a new EP called "Definition". The sound that band has on "Definition is more rough than previous works like "The Battle Has Begun". The band has changed there sound naturally because of the addition of new members.

With Influences stretching from Avail to Ann Beretta, Jersey isn't your usually run of the mill punk bands. The band even has a cover here of Dag Nasty's "Down Time' which rocks pretty hard and is a well done cover if I may say so. I think it will be interesting to see what the next Jersey full length will sound like, but "Definition" gives you a good idea of whats to come.


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Anonymous (October 21, 2003)

Too bad they signed to a major label. I was a huge fan of their their pre-Generation Genocide Stuff. And personally, I think they were better with Sarah Brookbanks in the band.

Anonymous (September 29, 2002)

Jersey is amazing!

I've seen them 6 times already and they just keep getting better. I've talked to most of them before the shows on numerous occasions and can definetly say they are not assholes. Anyone that thinks they suck, sucks. That is all

Anonymous (November 30, 2001)

Yeah, Jersey is amazing. They're bass player is really talented and compares to the kid from anti-flag. The vocals are amazing. In fact, jersey is pretty much a more upbeat version of anti-flag.

Anonymous (August 6, 2001)

It seems pretty clear that the punkest thing to do nowadays is bitch about Epitaph and Fat. Does anyone know why these labels are so popular? Ill tell you...because Mr. Brett and Fat Mike have incredible ears for talent. If you don't like the label fine, support you argument. I'll agree, some of the bands on those labels sound alike but so do a lot of bands. Quit being such posers and bitching about stupid shit. Fat and Epitaph rule the scene because they know what the fuck they are doing....sickboi

Anonymous (August 6, 2001)

The kid that posted first...Why the fuck did you goto that show if you didn't like any of the bands?

Anonymous (August 6, 2001)

The reason why nobody likes them is because they suck.

Sorry dude, but your not impressing anyone or winning any punk points for jumping on their bandwagon and dissing easy targets like Epitaph and Fat just because (god forbid) other people might like them.
fuck off.

Jersey's ego's are bigger then any 5 or 6 epi/fat bands combined, their total assholes and they've changed their style more times then a fasion model.

The only reason I give this a 1 (or a 1/2 star) is because I couldn't give it a zero.

fuck jersey.

Anonymous (August 5, 2001)

JERSEY are one of most talented punk bands today. I don't know why nobody likes them; they play fast, loud, aggressive, sing-a-long power-punk. And technically, they are amazing. Their albums are great, but live they just fucking rule. I saw them with AAA/D4, then at SNO JAM 2001, then with ANTI-FLAG, and they just keep getting better and better. It makes me sick to stand in a club while JERSEY are playing, BUT only about 5 people seem to care, and everyone else is waiting for the Epitaph/FAT headlining band. All those 14-year-old-girls with backpacks, wearing ATARIS tank tops, and MILLENCOLIN visors need to FUCK OFF!

Anonymous (August 5, 2001)

I saw them play with Anti-Flag, Unseen, and One Man Army also. I thought they did a pretty decent job. Bassist is great and they used alot of backups which was entertaining. Besides being the poppiest band at the show, I thought their music was pretty damn good. However to respond to this dude who posted, One Man Army was awesome, their pits were crazy and if you actually listen to them you'll realize how great their guitar player is. And the Unseen were the most intense band there, they played the longest and the hardest and were by far the most enjoyable band there. Anti-Flag just rocks. So since you love our government so much, go give President Bush some pointers on how to get dressed and play some New Kid on the Block together. Rock on man!

Anonymous (August 4, 2001)

saw them on the anti flag tour with well, haha anti flag, the unseen, one man army, and of course jersey who opened. and jersey was by far the best band on it. one man army sucks my left testacle, and the unseen i didnt like but i do give them some credit for a well done show, and anti flag, well they can go fuck themselves instead of the govt

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