Millions of Dead Cops

Millions of Dead Cops: live in Lincolnlive in Lincoln (2005)
live show

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Contributed by: Nick_VNick_V
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Lincoln, Nebraska is a far cry from the "punk city" status of a place like Boston or Los Angeles. In fact, my town serves as little more than a rest stop for touring bands to get gas, stock up on Slim-Jims and have conversations along the lines of "Man, I'm glad I don't live here." Needless to say, .

Lincoln, Nebraska is a far cry from the "punk city" status of a place like Boston or Los Angeles. In fact, my town serves as little more than a rest stop for touring bands to get gas, stock up on Slim-Jims and have conversations along the lines of "Man, I'm glad I don't live here." Needless to say, we don't get as many shows as we'd like to, but when a band does decide to book a show in one of our humble venues, we are very appreciative and show up in force. While Midwestern punk scenes lack the bragging rights and reputations of our brother scenes on the East and West coasts, the geographical direness of our situation only affirms cohesion within the scene and passionate appreciation for the music that runs through its veins.

Millions of Dead Cops, the seminal hardcore act from the 1980s, was kind enough to grace our stage with their presence during their Fall tour of this year. They did not bring any opening bands with them, and the two bands that opened up the show are local bands that you've never heard of and probably don't care about, so we'll just skip right to Dave Dictor and his crew.

The full original lineup of MDC took the stage shortly after the second opener finished their set, and after a brief introduction, started the show with "Greedy and Pathetic," which sparked the first of many circle pits that would take place that evening. Though the band is now comprised of four middle-aged men, each of whom are probably old enough to be your father, you wouldn't know it if you heard the music. The intensity of this band has not diminished with age; every note was dead-on and every snare drum snap was right on target. Dave Dictor, MDC's garrulous frontman, kept the crowd laughing with his smart-ass quips on current events, dedicating the song "Business on Parade" to Haliburton, and performing a lounge-y a cappella rendition of "Chicken Squawk" while the guitarist fixed a broken string. The bulk of MDC's twenty-something-long set list was pulled from their older releases, including staples such as "Born to Die," "Corporate Deathburger," "Church and State," "I Hate Work," "Radioactive Chocolate" and "Dead Cops." Their newer material, such as "Destroying the Planet" and "Nazis Shouldn't Drive," was well-received and reciprocated with pumped fists and churning mosh pits. After closing the set with "I Remember," Dave and the boys migrated to the merch booth to hand out stickers and meet their fans.

MDC delighted all of their old fans that night and made a few new ones. If you haven't heard of these guys, go and pick up one of their albums in the next 24 hours or I will be forced to take 25 scene points off of your scene-boy scorecard.

Oh, and to everyone who knows somebody in a punk rock/hardcore band, tell them to come to Nebraska. Punk does the most damage in the reddest of states.


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Anonymous (November 18, 2005)

hey i was there too. was a good show for sure. i was MDC's roadie for both thier american tours this year and it was a blast! one the highlights was the show on 9-11 in thompkins square park NYC. there were about 2500 people there and the biggest fucking circle pit ive ever seen! also there was the original choking victim!! and dr. know!

mdc is undoubtedly fucking awesome, and talented as hell too. if you take a break from moshing and watch al schvitz pounding away at the drums or ron posner or mikey offender tearing up a solo or watch dave dictor jump kicking and singing his heart out, i garuntee youll be amazed! i was every night for 90 days.

there were few bands that were on the same level as mdc that they played with this tour: behind enemy lines, choking victim and UK subs were great. i saw jello biafra with the melvins this month in portland OR and that was a fucking great show.

thanks to MDC for bringing me along and being a great band for 25 years! great people and great musicians, lots of love!

Anonymous (October 27, 2005)

hey dunno if this review guy knows this or not, but in elections nebraska divides its electoral votes by population. Its actually not that red. about half are blue and half are red.

OKSoda (October 23, 2005)

Nope Bill, I wasn't at that show. We will meet some day. I'm afraid when we do though, its going to take away the magic!

Anonymous (October 22, 2005)

Thanks a ton, Bill.


TheOneTrueBill (October 22, 2005)

A Wrench in the Gears records
1133 Hunter Road
Wilmette, IL 60091 USA

the band's email adress is Iattackhc@yahoo.com I'd try talking to them

Anonymous (October 22, 2005)

Maybe you guys just have similar taste in music.

Bill, is there any address on that LP, or label?


TheOneTrueBill (October 22, 2005)

Mr. OKSoda, were you at the Effigies show at DePaul this summer where Raining Bricks opened? Because if you were at that too, then that's just weird.

TheOneTrueBill (October 22, 2005)

Hey Will, I don't know if you'll see this or not so I'll re-post it next time i see you post, but here's the I Attack record for order http://www.wrenchrecords.com/order.html

TheOneTrueBill (October 22, 2005)

They sell it at their shows and I've seen it at one other record store around here, but never anywhere else. It took me until the third time seeing them to finally get it. And even then I had to go find Rob the singer and follow him into the back room to get one. It's really fucking good though. Yeah, I think the guitarist was in Los Crudos, but I'm not sure about that.

OKSoda... Damn! There are connections on so many levels! I swear to god I'm going to meet you some day.

Anonymous (October 22, 2005)

as long as ya DANCE muthafuckas!!!

Anonymous (October 22, 2005)


First M.d.c was good then a decade they were mediocre now they┬┤re back in shape

Nick_V (October 22, 2005)

Name this band:

"Save that fist-bang shit for bands like Motley Crue! Or when you come see us, we'll dive on top of you! FIST BANGING MANIA!!!"

Anonymous (October 22, 2005)

Not to hog this message board, but I like how the review noted the fist pumping, because I'm noticing this, too.

Why is it making a comeback? Fuck fist-pumping, when the mosh hits, you bang your head!!!


localh (October 22, 2005)

try to find a disney land in africa ...... not asia not nebraska
yeah gorgeous was a good one

Anonymous (October 22, 2005)

The hooser is welcome to look for me on the streets of downtown Kansas City, KS.

He won't find me, but he'll get mugged and maybe murdered.


Dante3000 (October 21, 2005)

Wait...Did someone challenge Will to a fight on here? I can't tell because they went ahead and spelled it will (no capital W). But that'd be the shit. I don't even like Will that much and I'd support him because anyone who challenges anyone over the internet is a chump! With a capital "C".
MDC rocks out. They've written some "blah" shit over the years but their solid songs are totally 100% awesome.

Nick_V (October 21, 2005)

To the Anonymous poseur-smacker:

Thanks for smacking me around with the poseur-beating
stick. I've lost 10 scene points, and if I want to get them back, I'm going to go have to hunt for some limited-edition red vinyl bootlegs so I can make all my pals jealous. UP THE PUNX!

Sick_Nick (October 21, 2005)

score is for the band... and all they've done.

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

Bill, I've been looking for the "I Attack" LP forever now, to no avail. Were they selling one, by chance?

And are I Attack ex Los Crudos? Damn!


Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

Bill, I've been looking for the "I Attack" LP forever now, to no avail. Were they selling one, by chance?

And are I Attack ex Los Crudos? Damn!


Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

If you REALLY wanted to support your scene, you wouldn't have ignored your local openers.

MDC is great.

OKSoda (October 21, 2005)

haha Bill, I was at that MDC show! And a buddy of mine is in the one opening band you said you didn't like, Raining Bricks. Thats perfect.

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

will fight me.........or post a picture of yourself...........go ahead i dare you

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)


911 is a joke in your town?


BrandonSideleau (October 21, 2005)

Actually.....there probably are literally MILLIONS of cops who should be dead. Not ALL, but fuck man I'm from LA and let me tell you, the police ARE NOT out to help you.

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

I love the name.

Their following names couldn't compete!


Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

"Ian Stuart, King of the skinheads, tough as he can be....OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE!"

Fucking genius.


colton (October 21, 2005)

Shitty name for a shitty band. Yeah dead cops are awesome, right?

What a bunch of assholes.

You don't know shit about shit. I may not agree with the name, but you're an idiot.

clamum (October 21, 2005)

"Yeah dead cops are awesome, right?"

I don't see a problem with it

Nick_V (October 21, 2005)

To the below noter - They did play "John Wayne..."

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

No "John Wayne Was A Nazi"? That's their best song, I think.

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

Fuck yeah, it's good that Millions of Dead Cops (MDC) finally played a show in the conservative-bible belt of the midwest....

TheOneTrueBill (October 21, 2005)

I caught this in Chicago. It was a real good show, and my last show at the bottom lounge. Two of the three opening bands were real good. Chronic Seizure and I Attack (even though they only played five minutes). MDC were great, even if at times they tended to almost play the songs too fast.

http://photobucket.com/albums/a260/BillRamone2/Sept 23/

Anonymous (October 21, 2005)

Shitty name for a shitty band. Yeah dead cops are awesome, right?

What a bunch of assholes.

greenerton (October 21, 2005)


localh (October 21, 2005)

phish used to play lincoln

joeg (October 21, 2005)

mdc rules.

FuckYouOiOiOi (October 21, 2005)

MDC is a great band, right up there with dead kennedys, black flag, minor threat, etc

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