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Boy Sets Fire / the Esoteric / Biology: live in Sayrevillelive in Sayreville (2005)
Equal Vision Records

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Contributed by: danperroneDan Perrone
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I can't begin to express how excited I was when I found out that Boy Sets Fire, the band that got me into a lot of the music I like today with their brilliant After the Eulogy, were finally touring again after almost two years of being dormant. I'll spare you the back story, and hope that this revi.

I can't begin to express how excited I was when I found out that Boy Sets Fire, the band that got me into a lot of the music I like today with their brilliant After the Eulogy, were finally touring again after almost two years of being dormant. I'll spare you the back story, and hope that this review doesn't turn into a rant about the "scene"â?¦

* - Warning: After completing this show review, I realized just how long this really is. However, I feel it is warranted, as it is a six-band show, and a very, very eventful night. I apologize in advance.

First up were Chiba-Ken, who were nothing more than your typical unknown show opener. I wouldn't listen to their nĂ¼-emo-rock-core (I'm obviously being facetious) any time else, but they got the job done as the opener, in the way of getting fans remotely excited for the upcoming bands and going on stage with a good amount of energy. Their singer sounded atrocious through the first few songs, but soon found his voice and didn't sound all that bad from then on; as a word of advice, this dude should utilize his scream more effectively, as it's rather strong, but placed awfully throughout the band's music. Not great, but not bad.

Next was Years Spent Cold, your token tough-guy hardcore band, sticking out like a sore thumb on this bill. Now, when I tell you how bad this band was, you need to imagine the worst band you've ever heard. Now subtract any talent you might have, and give them the stage presence of a high school band playing their first gig in a backyard in front of twenty kids. That's Years Spent Cold in a nutshell: Terrible, generic hardcore music played by guys that were constantly giving each other the "Dude, what the hell are you playing and where in the song are we!!" look, even though their music was nothing but bad metal riffs and chunky breakdowns behind a Cookie Monster vocalist (a description holding true for the man's scream as well as his size). The fact that they brought along a disrespectful crew of your standard scene thugs was no good either, as the vocalist urged the gang to "have fun" as they deliberately moshed on the outer ring of the pit, sending a girl waiting for From Autumn to Ashes in the second row behind me out of the club bloodied up, and starting numerous fights. My only thought over the duration of this band's set? Fuck them.

Biology is fronted by Francis Mark of From Autumn to Ashes fame (the drummer/vocalist), and they came on stage with a somewhat boring take on what seemed to be a flashback to `90s emo (think Texas Is the Reason) mixed with some current flavor. Mark put on the "strange, deranged" persona through the show, which seemed a little forced, but the band had good energy and didn't suck. I'm on the fence with these guys; it is ultimately up to the listener to assume whether Biology is truly any good. No verdict on them.

In a truly impressive set, the Esoteric, featuring members of Coalesce, took the crowd's attention and held it for their half an hour with their no-bullshit hardcore music. It's bands like these that renew my faith in heavy music -- no unnecessary stage antics, no overly flashy riffage, just heavy music played the way it should be played: heavily. The band put all of their effort into their music, and it showed, as the band walked off the stage completely drenched in sweat, and were totally grateful to everyone who payed attention to them. I highly recommend this band not only live, but on CD as well. Watch out for these guys.

We know that Boy Sets Fire is outspoken. How outspoken? To be honest, as soon as the band took the stage, vocalist Nathan Gray turned the head of everyone in the goddamn room:

Before we start, we want to thank the first band for coming out here and giving it their all, because we know how tough something like that is. And to the second band, fuck you. I'm thirty-three years old, and never in my life have I seen something so fucking pathetic as a bunch of moronic thugs instigating their group of bullying, lowlife, homophobic fans into tearing up the club, starting violence, and being assholes. It makes me fucking sick to think that these are the people that own the scene right now. To everyone sick of that fucking band and their fucking fans, STAND UP. Don't let those thugs bully you. This is your scene, take it back. Fuck them. I'm disgusted. There's hundreds of us, and only a few of them. Are you with me!!!
The place went ballistic. Everyone's feelings and fears during that one band's set were washed away, and all eyes were on Boy Sets Fire, as they ripped through the opener, "Release the Dogs," completely blowing the roof off of the Starland Ballroom. The band was psyched, and had more energy than I had ever seen in them in the previous three times I saw them They played about half of After the Eulogy, only two songs off of their Wind-Up release Tomorrow Come Today (which came out surprisingly heavy and intense live), and a few rarities, most notably "Vehicle," dedicated to all the friends they made on the tour, as it was the first time they had played it all tour. I was amazed at how Boy Sets Fire had not missed a fucking beat over the last few trying years; if anything, they came back better. The two songs played off of their upcoming Equal Vision effort, "Requiem" and "The Final Communique," sounded excellent, with the latter closing on a completely heavy, almost spastic note. Here's to hoping the songs get pulled off with just as much ferocity on record. Interjecting between songs to further shit-talk Years Spent Cold, they closed with arguably their best song, "After the Eulogy," but preceding it with "I have just gotten word that Years Spent Cold and their thugs are waiting outside for me to kick my ass. I just want to let you all know that as soon as we finish this last song, I am walking off of the front of this stage and walking out that fucking front door, and I want all of you to come with me." Nathan kept his word, tearing through the song and its anthemic chants of "RISE!" and walking right out, with no less than two hundred people following him. He kept his word, which was a ballsy move: After all, it turned out that no outside violence took place, with the cops interjecting and pulling the skirmish apart.

I didn't stay for From Autumn to Ashes. I didn't want to. Just imagine how much longer this would be if I had stayed? I'm sure you don't even want to think about itâ?¦

This was a decent show. Saw some awesome bands, saw some not awesome bands. However, the whole good vs. bad thing was a completely awesome thing to see and even be a part of, especially after witnessing Boy Sets Fire back up their big words with even bigger actions and an even more gigantic performance. I've seen them four times now, and they haven't played this good in a long time. I can sum this up real nice, short and sweet: Don't be an asshole. Boy Sets Fire is, in every sense of the word, back.


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Anonymous (February 10, 2006)

I think that what happened, i wasn't there but what happened with that opening act sounded retarted. I play in a hardcore/metal band but we have a respect for the audience being that we play various types of concerts. Fuck those guys i love bsf and i wish nathan would have kicked their asses.... I wanted to be there too

Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

wait...so your parents named you kutz?

i dont believe you eugene.


Anonymous (December 2, 2005)

that actually is my real name. same goes for myspace. myspace.com/kutz. thanks, KUTZ

k-dubs (December 1, 2005)

hey kutz-ey...whats yoru real name?


i bet its fucking eugene, isnt it?

eugene, you're the shit.

Anonymous (December 1, 2005)

yes, presale includes the 400 tickets sold by both of the opening bands. im sure there were a few presales but definately no more than roughly 100. KUTZ

k-dubs (December 1, 2005)

i knwo i said im done but after scott / underground scene....


theundergroundscene (December 1, 2005)

presale was bad?

i was the only person to walk up to the box office and buy a ticket on the spot, cutting a line of about 100 kids who already had tickets - this being 45 minutes before the show began. of course, this is only from my observation...

were you watching boy sets fire? obviously you have bias against them because of what happened, but from anyone else's standpoint? there were a fucking shitload of kids pressed against the barrier, screaming the words to every bsf song as they gave an absolutely awesome performance.

their peak has passed? they just signed to one of the largest and best labels around, and have a new album on the way which is going to be an absolute BEAST.

we know you don't like bsf because of what happened. but to ignore the way that band owned the fucking stage and held their fans in their grasp like they did...that's unforgivable. i'm not even talking in the sense of holding the crowd's attention with what they were saying - i'm talking about their fucking music. not everyone can do that.

regardless of what you think, boy sets fire are not fucking chumps who play second rate music.

xPat_Gerityx (December 1, 2005)

The show really wasn't selling well, they did horrible presale...thats why both of the side rooms of starland were closed before the show, and when people started coming, they decided to open one....from autumn to ashes and boy sets fire aren't that big of bands anymore, their peak days are over

maverick (December 1, 2005)

I'd say that shitty Jersey hardcore bands like Years Spent Cold are trash, but at least trash gets thrown out.

Seriously: You are ignorant. There is nothing to be "watching your back" for at shows, especially not a From Autumn To fucking Ashes show. To you, violence is a recreational activity. You get a rush every time you punch or kick someone. Only you're too afraid to admit that you're some sort of junkie for inflicting pain.

The whole hardcore scene could switch to S&M fashion tomorrow, and no one would miss a step.

Seriously, violence has NO place WHATSOEVER in any scene of any music, and it hasn't served a real purpose or outlet since Black Flag's glory years. Your shows aren't being broken up by police anymore. No one's spitting at the band onstage. Punk's dead. Stop being fucking douchebags.


k-dubs (November 30, 2005)

give me a fucking break, show wasnt selling well. im done with this argument.

heres my immature, tough guy statement:

you guys can eat my ass, learn some respect and don't think being a thug justifies your hardcore-ness

im done.

Anonymous (November 30, 2005)

yeah, i dont change my age on myspace. i turn 22 on march 3rd. when i was younger there was definately an aspect of fear at shows, but thats part of it. eventually you get through that stage. it was something that was a part of hardcore and still is. we were asked to play the show. being that we like some of from autumn to ashes older stuff we agreed to play the show. not to mention they are great dudes and are personal friends with one of my best friends. fata by the way face to face said they didnt wanna get in the middle of it, but they dont agree with what bsf did. the show wasnt selling well and they knew we would definately bring a lot of people. the first band busted there ass to sell tickets too, who were also super nice dudes. as for the person who said there was no reason to meet BSF outside just because of there opinion, it wasnt that. bsf clearly said to meet them outside and that they will take on any crew or group of kids by themselves and win which is the funniest thing ive ever heard. so i dont know if u were at the show at all or if u are going by what u here on message boards like 90% of other people do on message boards, but thats the straight story. its on video. Thanks, KUTZ

k-dubs (November 30, 2005)


the topic here is this: years spent cold was dick for encoruaging fans to be violent at a show where they don't need to "watch their backs," because it was populated by mostly younger kids. boysetsfire called out years spent cold on what they saw, and its the end of the story.

no one cares about boysetsfire changing music, or demanding money years ago.. we're talking about one show that just happened.

years spent cold acted liek thug idiots, they should of been mature about it, said fuck it, and left. not been idiots.

end of story.

theundergroundscene (November 30, 2005)

kutz, your myspace says you're 20

if you've been going to shows since the mid-90s as you said...you were 11? shit, in 99 you were 15 - if you are 20 right now

i don't think 15 year olds have too great of a grasp on this hardcore scene where "people need to watch their fucking backs", and if you were 15 and waiting in the crowd for from autumn to ashes and some dude five years older than you and 100 pounds larger than you punched you in the face because he thinks violence is "fun", you wouldn't think it was too funny

i think you're all missing the point - hardcore is OBVIOUSLY violent music, that's no secret...i do feel that you and your fans crossed the line, however, and the fact that boy sets fire called you out took you completely by surprise

note that i'm not talking shit, don't want to fight, don't need to meet you at a show and say it to your face, etc...i'm calling it as i see it

Anonymous (November 30, 2005)

OK, but when you signe on for the show didnt you realize that you're style of music is the complete opposite of BSF? We know they have strong beliefs and speak their mind. Sure they can't always pick their openers but im sure they werent thrilled with what took place before they went on. Your fans obviously wanted to run the show and that doesnt have much respect for everyone who m ight have had interest in the openers but came to see other bands as well.

The biggest pit isnt the best band. Fucking shit up isnt the battle cry of a generation and unfortunately some of your fans think thats true. You may be a cool guy but you cant think that your friends waiting outside to kick the shit out of nathan is a cool thing.

He didnt liek your band and he said what he thought, basically your fans should have been bigger and said, fuck it we dont need their respect anyway. But instead they looked to resort to violece if they could and it resulted in multiple pages on bullshit message boards.

So many posts have been talkin shit that "oh my god, i cant believe nathan came off stage and went to the door with mad people behind him, he would have gotten so fucked up."

ok, but what if we went out the back door, people would still be talkin shit that he has no balls and you guys "won", it doesnt make sense. And you dont know if he would have even retaliated if someone threw a punch. I think it was just more of him showing a few ignorant people in the crowd that what was goin on was bullshit.

Mark C
Middletown, NJ

sorry i forgot to include my name before

Anonymous (November 30, 2005)

ive most likely been going to shows longer than anyone on here. so to bunch everyone into a group as far as the YSC people go, into listening to bands that have been around since 2003 is rediculous. im not saying you arent right about some of our fans cuz i dont know what everyone who comes to our shows listen to, but that is no different than any bands fan base. i can say for the most part the majority of kids who regularly come to our shows have been going to shows and doing the same thing at shows for more than 5 years. ive been going to shows since the mid 90s so dont lay that shit on me about not being around. hardcore has and will always be somewhat violent, but its people having fun with violence. its aggressive music. expect it, its what happens at hardcore shows whether it be in NJ or anywhere else. the trouble starts when hardcore kids and non-hardcore kids mix. atleast post your name if you are going to talk shit and post as anonymous. its amazing how people can say things on the internet, but will never say it in person. you all know where to find me as far as shows go if you have something to say. Thanks, KUTZ

xPat_Gerityx (November 30, 2005)

www .myspace.com/trydyingrecords

get into it!
try dying records baby

Sally_Field (November 30, 2005)

If I had a band, I would only hope the fan-base was soley 16 year-olds who talk big and have a false sense of toughness, homophobes, girls who say "fuck gay scene bands" but take pictures with their tits out and listen to It Dies Today, and kids who buy brass knuckles just to take Myspace pictures with them.

Really, it's a dream.

I'm gonna go listen to the Starting Line now.

I mean, I'm going to go tag my neighborhood with Madball album covers and take pictures with weapons.

Anonymous (November 30, 2005)

so who is years spent cold? Oh year, some mall metal "lets put 9 breakdowns in a song" band that impresses their local friends at VFW shows and gives them a reason to punch the walls since they didnt make the football team

I know who all these kids are who go to these shows and they have no idea what respect is. They high five eachother for hurting people and listen to the same bands that have only been out since 2003.

They dont know what hardcore is, hell, they dont even know what music is

They arent a scene, they arent the NJ scene. They are just low lifes who get their kicks when we talk about this shit on a message board.

congrats kids, see you at the next VFW show, im sure everyone at the lunch table will be talkin about it

k-dubs (November 29, 2005)

totally finally registered, by the way...but yeah...fuck the powers that be...and all that jazz.

Anonymous (November 29, 2005)


i do believe it was boysetsfire who dropped off of wind-up because wind-up didn't hear a "single." if they joined windup for the money, then they sure got to hating money because they dropped off that shit quick. boysetsfire has always had poilitics in every aspect of their music, possibly it might be that you can';t read between the lines and pick out the refrences, but they're there.

congradulations, they asked for $5-00 to play a benefit show, you keep bringign ti up as a bad move...but encouraging fans to fuck up little kids is a pretty fucking bad move, and you keep moving the subject off of that. i'm not talking about what boysetsfire has done in the past, i am talking about years spent cold did a little bit ago and how a majority of tghat venue agreed with what boysetsfire had to say.

i am sorry that these 14 year old kids are too afraid to go up to some huge thugs to tell them to fuck off for being violent. when i was 14 i would of had the same problem.


p.s.: theundergroundscene, i love you like lil bow wow loves ciara.

theundergroundscene (November 29, 2005)

i was there, i saw what happened, and i called it as i saw it

i didn't falsify anything

xPat_Gerityx (November 29, 2005)

i was at 120 hamilton st the other day to see ensign, mother night, the procedure and between the wars, i go to all types of shows, hardcore, metalcore, metal, punk, thrash, oi...whatever it is, chances are i'll be there....all i'm trying to say is, for a scene you're not involved in, you don't really have much room to talk about it

Anonymous (November 29, 2005)

dude's 19.

Anonymous (November 29, 2005)

I give big ups to years spent cold. and whoever that was that said calling out bands like boys set fire isent good promotion and doesent help them gain fans. thats tottally untrue coz that made me like them more then I already did. I agree these kids can be assholes somtimes but I know them and they are friends of a few of my friends and I think its fine they do there thing at there shows, its when they bring it to shows with bands that arent evern there style music that I dont like it. No one wants to see a guy hardcore dancing at a ska or punk show.

theundergroundscene (November 29, 2005)

pat, listen...first, i'll be the first to admit i'm not at a show every weekend, especially now - face it, people have other things going on, other shit to take care of. but to say i don't know shit because i don't to go every single local show in new jersey? come on, man. and to say i only hang around starland ballroom? i got to rutgers fucking university in new brunswick, home to a very, very good local scene - though maybe not the one you're used to, a lot of very good bands come through here, dropping by local basements on hamilton st., we well as the hamilton street cafe in bound brook (two different places, but not far from each other). i'm not going to sit here and name drop bands that i've seen and people that i know, but i don't appreciate your ignorance. and no, i don't go to shows that you and your friends will probably be at. that's not the kind of music i enjoy the most, and those aren't the kinds of places i feel like being all the time. can't you accept that? i'm not some fucking celebrity, and if you and your friends don't recognize me, then that's cool - and if you did? does that make me miraculously know what i'm talking about when it comes to music? absolutely not. and my name comes from my very first website, one i've written for for five goddamn years, and one which i wrote for when i come over here to write as well. i'm not telling you that you don't know anything about music, because you probably do know a good amount, as you run a label and all. i told you that you ignored the points made and sat there saying how you were right since no one really said anything to you, which is pretty cocky and just stupid, i must say.

bands make mistakes and no one's perfect. after playing the way they did on the 12th, boy sets fire, without a doubt, deserves to be forgiven for that mistake by everyone, except, obviously, the fans of years spent cold. the band makes fantastic, intense music, and has fun doing it. that's what makes them so good.

pat, you aren't the only one that knows shit. don't act like it. we're the same age, are in (slightly) similar situations - don't be an asshole.

xPat_Gerityx (November 29, 2005)

K-Dubs, theres a difference between changing your style of music because you want to and because you changed to a label and are trying to appeal to a larger group of people, boy sets fire's politics were completely thrown out the window when they signed to the same label as CREED, and when they ask for 500 dollars to play a benefit show for a kid in a wheelchair, the singer has been known to make child molestation jokes, i have friends who have played with boy sets fire and said the singer is nothing but a drunk pervert...i could get up on stage and talk about oppression and womens rights and all that jazz too and then get off stage and act like a complete hypocrite, but hey...whatever makes the $$$$

xPat_Gerityx (November 29, 2005)

Theundergroundscene.... all I'm saying is that the local nj jersey hardcore scene is pretty tight knit....if you were so into "the underground scene" and came to shows, chances are atleast one of my friends would know who you are....sticking to starland ballroom doesn't make you know what you're talking about..i'm assuming that you don'tk now what you talk about because i've never seen you at a show, and yes, i know what you look like...none of my friends have ever seen you at a show...when was the last time you came to a show at a firehouse? or a skating rink? or even like bloomfield ave cafe to see local bands from new jersey play....or even bigger touring hardcore bands play....

Anonymous (November 29, 2005)

all im sayin is he can kutz my pubic hair.

theundergroundscene (November 29, 2005)

i think it's funny that you didn't answer shit, just went on a rant about what hardcore is and how your integrity is measured by how many brainless insults you guys can dish out on the internet....wait...

Anonymous (November 29, 2005)

i think its funny how someone says something and i answer and they never bring it up again. most likely because its nothing but the truth. as for the kid who posted we should be greatful. were greatful for absolutely nothing about boy sets fire. they can eat shit. were grateful for the people who actually do something for the scene.

Anonymous (November 29, 2005)

I like this, YSC a band with no where near the credentials that BSF has decides to talk shit. Talk about respecting the scene. If I were the second band playing on a show with BSF I would be grateful for the opportunity and just deal with any criticism that came with my way. Responding with violence towards a well respected band is a bad way to gain fanfare.

Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

patrick, if i may call you that.

you own a record label, which is a very hard thing to do. let me ask you this, if the next 3 years spent cold cds sounded identical to one another, do you really think people would keep on buying the cd? no. changa and evolution through music is needed. bringing up that boysetsfire has had music changes has no point in this arguement, so that is null and void.

boysetsfire has been playing shows for years upon years, with their first official release in 1995, doubling the 5 years you mentioned. they are widely respected for being "underground," and get shit for it all the time.

the fact that they called out years spent cold on using a derogatory word, and encouraging fans to provoke violence at a show which is primarily made up of kids under the age of 17 who may not be into your "underground, gotta watch out back" scene, is disgusting. these kids may not be the type of crown years spent cold appeals to, but it is no reason to rag on them nor to purposefully instigate fights with them... they enjoy the music, and that is that.

and lastly... we are a bunch of kids who enjoy posting on a forum to rant and rave about music we love and hate, consider it a message board and an open forum. if you cant take the heat, get out of the kitchen


theundergroundscene (November 28, 2005)

pat, that's awfully hypocritical to write a twenty line rant talking shit about people you seriously have no idea about, and then say "if you have something to say, say it to my face and not on the internet"...as well as to say that you aren't the ignorant ones, as you display pure ignorance right there

it really seems to me that years spent cold and their fans are having a really hard time dealing with all of the criticism their band has amassed, warranted or not...people have opinions and they will talk them...you guys are obviously all about integrity; how much integrity can you guys have when, immediately after someone shows displeasure with your band, your minions, without missing a beat, jump on boy sets fire's message board and your myspace site to talk shit?

it makes no sense to me, pat

don't assume

Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

you should get the facts straight before you decide to write anything about it.

You should probably just stop writing all together.

Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

Before I forget, I just wrote that last comment

my name is Pat Gerity
my myspace is www.myspace.com/xpatgerityx

i own try dying records

i have no problem with anyone messaging me, or coming up to me at a show and talking to me in person if you have some to say insted of handling it over the internet, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I understand that completely, but if you want to talk shit, do it in person

Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

Here is the thing about this show, this isn't a hardcore show...from autumn to ashes and boy sets fire left the hardcore scene years ago.... I saw from autumn to ashes when they were ripping off the whole poison the well hype thing that was giong on in like 01....they are good dudes, but the music they make isn't hardcore....their entire schtick is a fashion based music scene that revolves around bad hair and tight jeans, thats not hardcore, and i guarentee you the dudes in the band who know what hardcore is will tell you that kids coming to shows with hair down to their asses, white belts, youth medium sized tshirts and eye makeup are not hardcore.....years spent cold comes from a completely different scene of music, one where you have to watch your back at shows, one where you have to keep an eye out for what is going on because it's the real deal, its hardcore music at it's rawest and although all of you kids who don't go to real hardcore shows, and stick to starland ballroom and places like that label us as "thugs" and "scene bullies" it's the way it is, thats what the hardcore scene is when you actually go to "underground scene" shows....your user name entales that you know something about the underground music scene....from autumn to ashes and boy sets fire are far from the underground music scene....where do you think these bands were 5 or 6 years ago? Playing small balls and vfw halls and watching kids beat the shit out of each other, thats where they were, the first time i saw from autumn to ashes it was just kids beating the shit out of each other, now its whose hair looks the best....boy sets fire has no right to talk badly about anything, they were basically scared out of playing new jersey for the last 5 years after demanding 500 dollars for a benefit show for a good friend of a lot of people from new jersey who was in a wheelchair, when the singer of the band first came out his whole thing was "i'm gay" and you know what, thats cool, i didn't care when i found out he was gay, i thought it was cool that he was so open about it, but he changes his sexual preference like the band changes their style of music....what is it this tour? gay or straight? not that it matters to me, but don't preach to people about saying "faggot" when you can't even make up your own mind....if you're gay, thats awesome, if not, awesome, i really don't care....i don't think anyone does...as for years spent cold saying "faggot" a lot of bands say faggot, a lot of bands boy sets fire has played with i'm sure has said the word faggot while they've played, but im sure bsf didn't get up on stage and bash a local band just to try to gain some sort of recognition back in new jersey....I own the record label that Years Spent Cold is on, and i'm very happy to say that the "retribution" cd has been doing very well, and for every kid who claims to know what hardcore is and support boy sets fire, there are 5 real deal kids on our side....i'll take my "thug" friends over some 15 year old loser who buys his personality and image at hot topic....because i know what my scene is, and i know how it effects my life and the person i am....you kids might want to learn a little something before you start spouting off facts about what you think you know, because although you think we are the ignorant ones, take a look in the mirror and accept the fact that you just don't know what you're talking about

theundergroundscene (November 28, 2005)

kutz, maybe the scene and who it belongs to is such a hot topic because it's gone to shit in the last few years, with all the violence and shit?

i saw your kids starting fights with people that were just like whoa dude watch out, kids getting in their faces for simply telling them to STOP DELIBERATELY SWINGING YOUR FISTS AROUND THE OUTSIDE OF THE PIT

if kids want to pit, fine...most of the time, it's actually kind of cool to watch...but there's a line to be drawn, and when your band brings in kids that gallop to one end of the floor, run full speed head on to ONE FUCKING ROW of kids in the front against the barricade waiting to see another band play, and jumping directly on top of them, all limbs flailing, ON PURPOSE, then we have a fucking problem

i'm not saying all your guys were starting shit: in fact, a small few bigger guys were stadning out the outside, almost protecting the non-pitters, which was a surprise...but fucking thugs rolling around the outside of the pit punching people in the face? that's not fucking moshing, that's being a douchebag

simply put, your band draws some people that are deliberate assholes and that simply want to start shit, that garbage like that is what destroys the scene that you covet

Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

this will never be your scene, ever. when anyone on here has surpassed the 10 year show mark. then talk to me about who runs what. were here to stay. nothing will change. you will do nothing about it like i said and neither will anyone else. i do say the word nigger in front of my black friends from time to time. its not that big of a deal. thanks, KUTZ

Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

score is for scott, welcome to the party buddy.

score is also for the letter y, without you we wouldnt have bands like years spent cold, yellowcard, or yan tierson.


Anonymous (November 28, 2005)

score is for scott, welcome to the party buddy.

score is also for the letter y, without you we wouldnt have bands like years spent cold, yellowcard, or yan tierson.

maverick (November 28, 2005)

"the fact that boy sets fire is riding dick endlessly on how were such homophobes is hilarious. one time during the whole set the word faggot was used, while friends of ours, who are gay and bough tickets were there and somehow it turned into us being a homophobic band."

So, it's okay to say "faggot" if you only say it once? Or because you have gay friends?

How about you invite your black friends to your next show and slip "nigger" into your stage banter next time. That'll be totally awesome, bro!

Get off of our website, and get out of our scene.


dougkatz (November 28, 2005)

hey everyone

remember when boysetsfire demanded a ton of money to play the matt leveton benefits?


Anonymous (November 27, 2005)

Were you at the same show?

Lets face it, this really was just an attempt for BSF to regain some recognition in NJ after they asked for $700 to play the Matt Levton benefit all those years back and pissing everyone off. It didn't work. They still suck.

BSF; building a mountain out of an anthill at 33, you are so radical.

theundergroundscene (November 27, 2005)

i don't have the time or energy to respond with something formal, but i gotta say...

kutz, if this is really you (let's face it, this is the internet), then thank you for responding without getting completely crazy and irrational here. it's appreciated. i've seen how some of your band's fans have been talking, and it hasn't been like that. so, thanks.

i'm not up for an argument, or something that'll explode into something 200 posts long (like the bsf board), but i do think i have something more to say; i just don't have the time right now.

Anonymous (November 27, 2005)

hi this is kutz from years spent cold. just letting you know that we didnt get owned by anyone. i havent made a post on here yet nor has anyone in years spent cold. if boy sets fire was so tough and proud to say what they had to say why didnt they come out and say it in the 2 hours of time they had between sets. i have never liked boy sets fire or what they preach about and there bullshit, but it never ran through my head to go on stage and talk shit about them. its not what we do and we never have done it. if we have a problem with someone wed be more than happy to confront them about it first hand. if you really think your that hard talking shit on the internet please save yourself the trouble and come beat me up at a show.its never happened and never will happen.

coming from the biggest bunch of hypocrites ive ever seen: did nathan announce how he likes to tell molestation jokes about little boys when they played or did he tell any of you that? this isnt a made up story im telling, its something i heard from someone i know whos band played with boy sets fire and now im reading it on other message boards that people send me. not to mention bsf preached about the violence at shwos need to stop and then try and challenge us to a fight hahahha.

the fact that boy sets fire is riding dick endlessly on how were such homophobes is hilarious. one time during the whole set the word faggot was used, while friends of ours, who are gay and bough tickets were there and somehow it turned into us being a homophobic band. the internet is great. keep posting. if you want to read what i have to say go look at the boy sets fire message boards, i posted as myself and after i posted not a single person had anything to say about the situation anymore cuz there was no way they could respond to the truth.

Thanks, KUTZ


theundergroundscene (November 27, 2005)

HAHAHAHA! upon cruising over the the years spent cold myspace site: i stumbled upon this:

Wats up Guys damn right you set fire lmao at boy sets fire at starland trying to fuck with you you wouldov meeseed them up pz comment back!

fattstar tattos and piercings: thanks for the add! fattstarsetsfire hahahahahahahahahaha. fuck them.

chris everything sets fire: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b229/ChrisEverything/toomuchtim eonmyhands.jpg

don't look down!!: bsf is just jealous cause u guys can hold a good show and all they have are little scene kids wanting to suck their cocks

revival never goes out of style: years spent cold sets fire

frankie: "bsf killer"

nikki fucking reed is a nice girl !: I missss u ! Fuck Gay scene bands that dont know how to play real music.

joey manahawkin got a free rim job from boysetsfire: i listened to what kutz told me and got a free rim job from boy sets fire....

fat jeff is so over your life: Thanks for ruining the scene, guys. Gosh......Hahahaha. BSF are gayer than two men fucking.

fingerzsetsfire: So um now that boysetsfire is done sucking dick in the "industry" they have moved onto the niche of pissing off bands and people they know nothing about. Ahh they're just pissed cause no one likes them anymore. Fuck that band. You guys were awsome last night.

gunswick ty: Good shit last night.
BoySetsFire doesn't know shit about shit.
"They're ruining the hardcore scene"
Fuck that.
Your scene is what you make it.
They're just mad because I raped their moms.
Too bad you left early.

chris: bsf - fags

flo x hot rod: fuck boyonboysexfire.

spaced out roughly like martians playin rugby: dood as much as i would have loved to be at your show (circumstances prevailing "holland") all in all ifi was there i would have taken it upon myself to go onstage when the SHITTALKING was happening and proceed to push that bitch down drop trow and shit on his face, all becasue venue killer puts me to sleep at night lol

drew tang: yo .. i was at that fucking show lastnight and that shit was retarded that boys set fire was pulling .. yo fuck them .. they cant tell anyone how to pit or have fun at a show .. fuck them

cj: last night u guys were by far the bast band there and boy sets fire is a bunh of bitches.

100% true fangsta: FUCK BOYSETFIRE bunch of FAGGET-ASS pussies

xpat gerityx (sets fire): years spent fire


hhahahahhah these kids are so mad that their band got completely owned

Anonymous (November 27, 2005)

to the man under me.

cooperation is so 1998.


Anonymous (November 27, 2005)

It's interesting to me that YSC has been attacking the fact that BSF's musical style has changed on each cd they've released. They seem to think that a change in style symbolizes weakness, I don't understand, progession is bad thing? I guess it would be better if BSF played generic toughguy hardcore throughout their career and didn't mature in anyway. All this shit talking going on between fans of both bands is exactly what's wrong with the scene today. Isn't it ok to disagree without resorting to violence and insults? Looking at the BSF message board sickens me. Nearly every post contains something ignorant like calling someone a "faggot," telling someone to "get AIDS" or my personal favorite "Boy Sets Fire should fall into a puddle of AIDS." I think these comments further prove the point that these tough guy hardcore bands like YSC are promoting a homophobic mentality. What ever happened to acceptance and unity?

Russe11 (November 26, 2005)

Perfect review. Props on leaving after BSF. It would have been very anti-climatic don't you think?

Anonymous (November 26, 2005)

"yeah years spent cold is really bad, they sold 65 cds and around 50 tshirts

what a horrible band, i guess no one did like them

and the fact that they sold over 200 tickets to this show proves how bad they are too

and i can't believe the owner came outside and asked them to play another show at starland because they did so well, i guess thats because they're really bad

damn, what a bad band"

so you're saying that because they're popular that means they're good? by that logic, n'sync must have been the best band of the 90s.

Anonymous (November 26, 2005)

score is for boysetsfire keeping it reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllll

and to the brobrodudebro three below me.

1: you're probably in the band, and you suck'

2: if you sold 200 tickets, 175 of them were because boysetsfire was playing, 10 of them were to your grandparents, another 10 to your brobro drinking buddies, and 5 to the 14 year old tough hardcore kids who think you're really fucking cool, because, well, ya know, YOU'RE A BROBRO, BRO!

3: great review.


Anonymous (November 26, 2005)

the guy two posts below me is a total bro-core doucher.

skaboom (November 26, 2005)

How do you know those numbers? You must either be part of the band (most likely) or just flat out lying.

If your band was so good, they would be headlining. If your band was so good, they would be touring, not the local opening support act. I very highly doubt they brought 200 people to the show.

It is possible they were asked to return to the club. As much as that brand of tough guy bullshit sucks, it does attract some diehard fans. They could open for any type of band and the same handful of insecure wankers would be first in line to ruin the show for the fans of the other bands. Yes, it would get more people in the door, so club owners have a reason to want them back. That doesn't mean they have any merit, or that they or their fans aren't total assholes.

Anonymous (November 26, 2005)

yeah years spent cold is really bad, they sold 65 cds and around 50 tshirts

what a horrible band, i guess no one did like them

and the fact that they sold over 200 tickets to this show proves how bad they are too

and i can't believe the owner came outside and asked them to play another show at starland because they did so well, i guess thats because they're really bad

damn, what a bad band

Anonymous (November 26, 2005)

Goddamn I love this band. That's an incredible story. I can't fuckin wait for the new album. They inspire me. There I said it.

pabstboy (November 26, 2005)

I agree with Rookie being the best song. Cheers to BSF for their no nonsense style of giving no credit to a shitty opening band when no credit is due.

colin (November 26, 2005)

fucking good for boy sets fire, that's a great fucking tale right there. shitty hardcore metal toughguy bands can eat it, and that last bit just makes it all the better.

etwiels88 (November 25, 2005)

The fact that they had a crew and wanted to actually beat up a band like Boy Sets Fire just proves that Years Spent Cold are just as fucking stupid as their name

skaboom (November 25, 2005)

Kudos to BSF for standing up to those guys. Bands always throw in a nice word towards the other bands, even if you know they don't really dig their sound. For Nathan to call out those guys, they must have been pretty big assholes.

formerly-blade-runner (November 25, 2005)

that sounds awesome

Anonymous (November 25, 2005)

Nathan makes a great point/observation. Can't wait for their new record.


rkl (November 25, 2005)

good review, but i have to disagree on bsf's best song. i prefer "rookie," after the eulogy is jsut the song most people are familiar with.

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