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Hand to Hand: A Perfect Way to Say GoodbyeA Perfect Way to Say Goodbye (2005)

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Contributed by: AnchorsAnchors
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Dear Hand to Hand, I wish I didn't have to write this note. I wanted to like you guys, I really did. When "Preamble" began, and Robert Kellom's wicked scream came through my speakers, I was excited for things to come. I was a bit unsure what lie around the bend, but I knew that with a scream like.

Dear Hand to Hand,

I wish I didn't have to write this note. I wanted to like you guys, I really did. When "Preamble" began, and Robert Kellom's wicked scream came through my speakers, I was excited for things to come. I was a bit unsure what lie around the bend, but I knew that with a scream like that, I was in for a real treat. But you let me down, guys. I judged you too early.

See, things were all fine for me until about 45 seconds through the song; that's when my trust was broken. That's when the singing came in, and this disappointed me for two reasons. The first reason is the most obvious -- that it really didn't sound very solid. I know that's blunt, but to get better, you have to know what's wrong in the first place, right? I tried to like those singing vocals, but they're too bland, too off-key for my personal tastes. Those vocals sounded a bit unnecessary, too. Things were going well. Sure, it was only 45 seconds, but things were really looking up. That singing really changed my mind for the worst, though, and I don't want you guys to be too bothered, because I do have a few other small complaints.

When I heard the singing vocals, something unsettling occurred to me. I won't sugarcoat it, the lyrics are just plain terrible. Ah, feels good to get that off my chest. But let me level with you guys. "with my life wide open there is change in the air / I'm ripping out my eyes just to say goodbye;" that's awful. And the fact that those words are badly sung only further compounds the problem for me. The one positive I had originally found was increasingly overtaken by poor musical choices. Also of note is the relatively lazy way in which your band approaches its instruments. I'm no musical wizard myself, but I know there's more effort to be put into a song than what some of these show. "Insult With Injuries" shows only the most basic of musical understanding, and even the "heavy" riffing is pretty laughable. I hear bits and pieces of double bass drumming, but even there, it's some of the slowest double bass drumming I've heard in recent memory.

All hope isn't lost for your band, I do believe something can be done. But it's going to take some real effort, and a real commitment. Being the concerned friend that I am, I want you guys to do well, and I'll give you the fast track on just how to do that. Hardcore. That's it, one word, the answer to all your problems. Your vocalist has an extremely solid scream, and there's flashes of some heavy riffing; if that's expanded on, I'd wager your band would have a much more complete, and much less clich├ęd sound. But of course, that's only one man's opinion. I want the best for you guys, I do, so at least think about my suggestion. It's for the best.

A concerned friend.


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GreenVandal (January 9, 2006)

I love the anonymous retards that wander over from AP.net. They really brighten my day!

To think there are people who actually like killswitch engage...*shiver*

SilentStorms (January 9, 2006)

Bleeding Through and Killswitch Engage ... yes those bands do suck!
Well, they're just not original or hold any interest of mine. So they may not suck, but they're sure as hell not great. Or even average actually.

SilentStorms (January 9, 2006)

Good, honest review. And to the guy below me ... settle down. Most of those bands u named suck anyhoos.

Anonymous (January 9, 2006)

Ummm i think u got shit backwards buddy....now i love this album but the screaming is what sucks......the singing is amazing, he has a beautiful voice....and im really getting tired of people dissin bands that fuckin sing.......that means u must hate the likes of Killswitch engage, it dies today, caliban, and bleeding through....well fuck u, having melody just makes the song better that way its not the same sounding REPEATING SHIT......if they scream the whole time the song just becomes grey.... singing gives the song dynamics. fuck haters. If u dont like it than shut the fuck up...at least its metal and not fuckin nsync.....go to a rap website and dis.

Anonymous (January 8, 2006)

This is on the next episode of: When shitty bands get signed for no good goddamn reason.


heartfailure (January 8, 2006)

this review completely cheered up my night.

I heart you Anchors

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