Strike Anywhere / With Honor

Strike Anywhere / With Honor: live in Levittownlive in Levittown (2006)
Fat Wreck Chords

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Contributed by: InaGreendaseBrian
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We sauntered into Club Ritual as the Road Home was in the middle of their set. Apparently, the directions call for taking Mediocre Metalcore Boulevard, which turns into Rt. Late `80s / Revelation Highway about 3 lights down, the Awkward Melodic Part Bypass being optional. A Global Threat came up .

We sauntered into Club Ritual as the Road Home was in the middle of their set. Apparently, the directions call for taking Mediocre Metalcore Boulevard, which turns into Rt. Late `80s / Revelation Highway about 3 lights down, the Awkward Melodic Part Bypass being optional.

A Global Threat came up next to entertain their legion of pyramid stud-clad street punks, who made sure a circle pit was in full rotation just as the feedback started to ring out at the beginning of the set. Their style of, well, street punk didn't seem quite as alive as it was the previous time I'd seen them; it was still fiery and energetic however, and made for a decent set.

Next was an experience that was sure to be interesting: With Honor's first New York City / Long Island-area set without recently departed vocalist Todd Mackey. Scream Out vocalist Kevin White was there in his place, and having seen the Mackey version of the band a few times before, it was a relatively strange sight to see. White is a young, fairly scraggly character with a mop of blond curls tucked under and backwards baseball cap. His voice was a decently powerful one with good range that fit the sound of latter-era With Honor, but his stamina was lacking, as he definitely seemed to struggle towards the end of the set. The crowd was certainly reactionary in a positive manner for songs like opener "Like Trumpets," "Gun for Hire," "Rethink, Return," closer "Bridges and Gaps," and one or two others off last year's This Is Our Revenge. However, when pile-ons weren't occurring, White's stage presence was sorely lacking, as he seemed to do little else besides walking softly about the stage, obviously surviving solely off the crowd's energy. Two new songs were played as well, which were exactly what anyone would expect; super melodic hardcore that's a slight progression from Revenge, but mostly in that vein. Only one catcall from the deep back of the audience rang out, so it seemed White was mostly accepted. A good if not slightly awkward set, as expected.

Now, Strike Anywhere? They may've only played 12 songs for their first show on Long Island since a 2000 gig with Kill Your Idols and Silent Majority, but it was easily the best I've seen them play. Something about the general atmosphere and a wealth of breathing room despite at least several dozen fans going off presented a generally spectacular vibe. The band played flawlessly as per the norm, with Thomas up front pointing the mic in all directions, and plenty of sing-alongs ensuing. Two new songs were tested on the crowd, both of which don't deviate much from the Exit English formula, and one of which was ultra-catchy if not a bit predictable/repetitive (a few in the crowd could be seen mouthing the hook as the song closed out); solid nonetheless. Thomas kept the political banter a modest minimum, but informative and relevant all the same, mentioning the recent advancement of Patriot Act-backed legal intrusions. Highlights included "Amplify" / "Blaze," "You're Fired," "Laughter in a Police State," and of course "Sunset on 32nd Street."

Set list (from the paper and accurate):

  • STEAL [a star was drawn here next to it for some unknown reason]
In summation, see Strike Anywhere at any given chance, as it seems impossible for them to miss a beat. See With Honor if they're playing close, you prefer their later, more melodic material, and can attend with a wide-open mind. See A Global Threat if your studded jacket comes back from the cleaners in time.


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Anonymous (March 10, 2006)

I don't see the hype in Strike Anywhere.... saw em about a year ago. they had a big crowd though. i dunno

fritobandito (March 9, 2006)

oh, and Kevin's stage presence being shitty probably had to do with the fact that he seriously banged himself up a few nights before, the RVA show if I remember correctly. he wasn't that active in DC either, but that didn't detract at all from the awesome show.

fritobandito (March 9, 2006)

they both put on an AWESOME show at the DC date. A Global Threat bores the hell out of me though, there's only so many powerchord/monotone screaming songs I can take before getting really, really bored.

I honestly like With Honor's new vocalist more than Todd. He kinda has a Rise Against sorta sound, and it blends really, really well with their music.

and obviously, Strike was awesome, because they're fucking Strike Anywhere, and they're always awesome.

Sunset on 32nd made my night.

Anonymous (March 9, 2006)

Saw the show in Florida, the With Honor dude looked bored and was boring to watch, he really did softly walk around the stage, I think he moved his arms like twice. I'm not expected karate kicks and back flips, but damn, when the music rocks out, at least he could jump up and down. He put out as much energy as you would if you were sweeping the stage with a broom. His voice was alright, but he needs to man up and pretend to look like he was having fun.

GreatStoryOfApathy (March 8, 2006)

My favorite drunk bitch moment was when With Honor was getting on stage and she just lied in the center of the pit and someone dragged her to the side by her feet. I thought she was a dude at the time.

Anonymous (March 8, 2006)

yo brian he also said that his voice was shot from a couple nights before? u think that could effect his stamina?
show was sick kevin is gonna be good. He was good for scream out. A Global Threat was lacking energy since i last saw them at the knit. The Road Home was complete shit. SA had too short a set. The drunk punk bitch was fun to watch though.

lookmommyididit (March 8, 2006)

i wanted to kick that drunk punk bitch in the face

sickboi (March 8, 2006)

Nah, I was onstage filming. I saw those 2 guys though.

Anonymous (March 8, 2006)

the crowd kinda sucked cause half the kids on long Island Have the fucking flu. THe new vocalist sucks, no energy what so ever. Horrible stage Presence. A global threat was Good, Strike anywhere was amazing..:Pisses me off With Honor doesn't play The Mirror Anymore

Anonymous (March 8, 2006)

"shut the fuck up and stop worrying about what people wear."

Sounds like a plan. Now if only all the streetpunks where I live did the same...

Anonymous (March 8, 2006)

saw this show in richmond as well. shows don't get much crazier than strike rva shows. kids flying everywhere, awesome stage dives, and just a general atmosphere that makes me proud to be apart of this scene. and these days, creating that moment is a rarity.

sickboi, were you one of the two dudes i saw in the back filming? and when you postin that footage, nig!

Sick_Nick (March 7, 2006)

What's with this shit about generalzing street punks, it's getting old and it's showing the ignorance on peoples parts.

Blah Blah studded jacket,blah blah mohawks are so out of trend....

shut the fuck up and stop worrying about what people wear.

inagreendase (March 7, 2006)

I'm saying he lacked vocal stamina. His hurt foot shouldn't affect the lasting quality of his voice.

GreatStoryOfApathy (March 7, 2006)

Whoever mentioned the dumb punk bitch...yes, I know exactly what you are talking about.

She was either drunk, retarded, or both but she was just so annoying.

lookmommyididit (March 7, 2006)

didnt u catch on stage when white said he hurt his foot the night before? thats why he lacked in stamina

inagreendase (March 7, 2006)

With Honor is most definitely not metalcore, not even their earlier stuff that you might be referring to. Unless of course you're trying to rile us up, in which case, good work.

sickboi (March 7, 2006)

Kinda bummed its the exact same setlist as here....

I'd think we'd get something special..."Notes" or maybe "Cassandratic"? Nupe. Same exact setlist.

BlaquacadetZstyles (March 7, 2006)

By the way. With Honor's set was a fuckin' snorefest. And I like their CDs, but playing after A Global Threat and before Strike Anywhere is probably one of the most unfortunate situations a metalcore band can be in.

BlaquacadetZstyles (March 7, 2006)


Videos...pplleeasseee. I'll give you a kiss and all.

PillsAndAdvice (March 7, 2006)

With Honor only played one new song, and I think it turned out pretty well. Kevin definitely does sound a good deal like Tim from Rise Against, but I think that's a good thing.

Also, that one dumb punk bitch was so fucking annoying. If you were there, you should know exactly who I'm talking about.

Anonymous (March 7, 2006)

Is the new singer of With Honor, Kevin White, the guy who played guitar in Rise Against for a short while? I thought he looked familiar, but wasn't sure.

- Chris Kretzer

sickboi (March 7, 2006)

P-Fresh -

He does look kinda like the dude that does the "Paper Tiger" thing, so it could be.

Saw this show in Richmond. It was Strike Anywhere's first Richmond show in a long time. Kids were flying everywhere, fucking nuts. Saw some of the coolest stage dive moves I've ever witnessed, and got some great footage.

The first new song they played here was very bouncy, with a little more "pop" to it. Very Kid Dynamite-ish.

inagreendase (March 7, 2006)

You're a big dude!

GreatStoryOfApathy (March 7, 2006)

Also, yeah, that club is horrible at show promoting. They barely have a web site, and the building itself doesn't have an address (I don't think), or even the name of the club (I don't think).

Btw, I was the kid in the Lawrence Arms sweatshirt that had the With Honor guy clawing at his face.

P-Fresh (March 7, 2006)

I know this guy singing for With Honor was also an SOIA roadie at some point...is this the same guy who comes out during shows and sings the higher part in "Paper Tiger?"

joeg (March 7, 2006)

definitely a weak setlist. i've seen them play more songs at the 3rd slot.

lookmommyididit (March 7, 2006)

good show, i think with honor's new singer is a good fit, even if he still has a lot to get used to

kids were definetely divided between the 3 bands, a lot of asshole street punks and a lot of asshole hardcore kids, but none the less a good time

GreatStoryOfApathy (March 7, 2006)

I was at this show and I commented on here that the crowd was very divided amongst the three bands. 12 songs is pretty lame and I didn't catch that they played two new songs. I thought only one.

Thanks for reviewing it.

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