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Various: Plea For Peace/Take ActionPlea For Peace/Take Action (2001)
Subcity Records

Reviewer Rating: 4

Contributed by: maverickScott
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Wow. Talk about a compilation. Asian Man and Sub City, in support of their national Plea For Peace/Take Action Tour [which wrapped up Sunday], released this 23 track CD featuring the best and brightest in music today. If that's not enough, the majority of bands contribute either unreleased, live,.
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Wow. Talk about a compilation. Asian Man and Sub City, in support of their national Plea For Peace/Take Action Tour [which wrapped up Sunday], released this 23 track CD featuring the best and brightest in music today. If that's not enough, the majority of bands contribute either unreleased, live, or rare [i.e. vinyl only] tracks. Let's take a look at the highlights:
Alkaline Trio - My Standard Break From Life: from their Hell Yes 7". I used to hate this song completely. For whatever reason, as soon as I heard it on here, I fell in love with it. It's almost like a 60s pop song, ala early Beatles or the Monkees. Seriously. It's a great opener, especially for those of you who are without record players.
Hot Water Music - Dreamworld: it's a cover of an old Midnight Oil song, and to be honest, it fucking rocks. Way better than their Government Issue cover on the Living Tomorrow Today comp.
Thrice - To What End: Now I see what all the fuss is about. A track off their album "Identity Crisis," and it smokes. I think their bass player is completely insane. I need to get their CD pronto.
Thursday - Autobiography of a Nation [live]: This is a great song, and when it's live there's none of that lame reverb/echo that exists all over their album Full Collapse. Thumbs up.
DIllinger Escape Plan - Mullet Burden [live]: Insane. Simply insane. DEP will knock you for a loop, even on recording. Wicked metalcore.
The [International] Noise Conspiracy - Abolish Work: also available on their first album The First Conspiracy, this song is an ass shaker that makes you think from start to finish.
Seam - Inching Towards Juarez: sandwiched in between all these punk and hardcore bands, Seam really makes a lasting impression with their patented slow-core sound. Oh yeah, it's also unreleased. Bonus.

The thing about this comp is, even after all those standout songs, the majority of the rest are still great. There's unreleased tracks from Atom and His Package, Grade, Suicide Machines, Mike Park, and more. Even some of the bands I don't really care for [i.e. AFI, Good Riddance] contribute songs that, while it won't make me rush out and buy their latest album, they will at worst pass by unnoticed, and at best get a smile and some head bobs from me. The only real duds are the following:
Swingin' Utters - Heroes of the Corner Bar: this song just sounds really cheesy and dumb. Of course, maybe all their songs sound like this, I can't really remember another Utters song off the top of my head.
Zero Zero - Hello, How Are You it's bad techno. Seriously. That's all it is, for 3 or 4 minutes. Ari, wise up and get Lifetime back together. Zero Zero is just that.
Link 80 - The Last Time: why won't these guys break up? Of course, if they did, they'd probably each start a band that is as bad, if not worse, than this insanely shitty ska/punk band. Ugh.

So out of 28 tracks, you get 18 rare or unreleased ones, and only 3 songs total are worth pressing the deadly "skip" button. I think that's good odds. And considering this comp is only 5 or 6 dollars, how on earth can you go wrong? Something like 10% of every sale goes toward the National Hopeline Network [1-800-SUICIDE], so that's just one more reason to shell out some cash for this great benefit compilation.


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Anonymous (February 14, 2005)

Why is it that Earthbound on To Live in Discontent is the same as Notes on Pulling the Sky Down on Plea for Peace V1? Anyone ahve any insight on that?

punkboy_1 (December 10, 2002)

my girlfriend is starting to get into punk, so i bought her this cd. she loved it, but now i wish i had bought it for myself. great cd, i like the anti flag song a lot.

ApAtHeTiC-BaNd-GeEk (July 11, 2002)

Okay, LINK 80 an insdanely shitty ska/punk band , please, I want to see YOU start a band better than them. Maybe you'd have right to talk. And what about LAWRENCE ARMS? or... Strike Anywhere? or Selby Tigers? or Atom and His Package? please, write a more comnclusive review. In my opinion, nearly every band on here is good. , even the songs I like dont bother me. Its just fine.

xStreetPunkx (December 14, 2001)

What about T.S.O.L.? I know a lot of you might not consider them punk, but they were one of the few bands to succeed at the goth-punk/horror-core genre. They have definately had an influence of several hardcore bands of today. (I wonder where AFI got their idea for their "new" goth-core sound???) Anyway, T.S.O.L. was a great band (until '83 of course, then things just got ugly when the original members left.) and now they are back. The song on this comp, "Sold", is really good. You should check out their new CD, Disappear.

Anonymous (October 8, 2001)

See, everybody knows the Utters rule. Except you. Filthy Thieving Bastards are also great. And it's not my fault if you Americans bastardise our language. Offence has a c, not an s.

Annonymous UK Punk

nickr (October 5, 2001)

Sorry, but you are brain-dead. The Utters song is great, as are most of their songs. I was thinking about picking this CD up based on your review, but then you snuck that line in there and I completely lost respect for your opinion. But, seriously, no offense.

maverick (October 4, 2001)

You call me an asshole and brain dead, then you say "no offence[sp]?" Right.


Anonymous (October 4, 2001)

Just had to take issue with your assertion that the Swingin' Utters and Link 80 songs are lame. Uh, they're the two best bands on there you asshole. If you can't remember any Utters songs you're probably braindead. No offence.

Anonymous (October 4, 2001)

ehhh aside form the alk3 songs all those other bands you mention have great songs...oh and I think it was 2 dollars at warped tour the same reason every comp of this nature is 2 dollars...

Anonymous (October 4, 2001)

Great bands (Alk3, Thursday, Grade, Good Riddance, Shai Halud) but horrible songs.
Get a clue - this album was $2 at Warped Tour for a reason.

Anonymous (October 4, 2001)

the swiggin utters song is really good, sounds like a good driking, good times song to me.

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

its a good comp, but the alk3 song really sucks, im sorry to say, but its really bad

sXe_nick (October 3, 2001)

damn i love this comp. i agree zero zero sux. but LINK 80! no they are great. Thrice is awesome and i need to buy their cd. AFI are ok but nothing special. But Good Riddance is great. I disagree with you on some things but overall a good review. This comp has FEW faults and even though i disagree with you on some you pretty much did a good job on this review... My review for this sucked balls.

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

My fav song is the new version of "for the world(sauve qui peant or whatever) by shai hulud. That song owns the universe,fellas. I like this cd alot because it represents so many different styles of punk rock...some I like,some I'm not to found of but still I gotta love how diverse this comp is...

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

I would much rather have punk go in the Thrice, Thursday direction than the New Found Glory, Sum 41 direction...
oops. too late.

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

"my standard break from life" is definately NOT a cover, jackass

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

don't judge the swingin utters by the track on this comp...they are probably one of the best street punk bands around today....i'd say pick up "streets of san francisco" or "a juvenlie product of the working class" this comp is pretty good. i'd say the A3 song and the thrice song are the standouts....

pat41 (October 3, 2001)

Link 81 is a good fucking band. Killing Katie is a good album. What is the problem with them. They are funny, hardcore, ska, punk, whatever you want them to be. They kick ass!

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

Link80??? If your from Chicago see them at the Fireside, then youll know whats up...

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

Yeah Alkaline Trio is pretty good, but how can you say that you didn't enjoy Swingin' Utters or Link 80. Both bands are insane live and both kinda have that raw, edgy sound. Hell even when the Swingin Utters play the slow accustic songs they rock. Definate highlights are AFI and Good Riddance though. They person who reviewed this cd must just be in love with emo influenced punk.

sickboi (October 3, 2001)

Yeah, whats up with ripping on the Utters? Listen to "Juvenile Product of The Working Class". You'll mend your ways....damn, I wonder if thats been reviewed...

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

whoa whoa whao dude, save yourself some embarassment and go get either '5 lessons learned' or 's/t' by the Swingin Utters. Almost every Utters' song is great street punk. I just want to say that if punk is moving toward the Thrice, Thursday sound, I'll be moving out.oh yeah, the Atom and his Package song is really good too.- fathead again

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

the alkaline trio is a cover tune originally by an 80's band. i can't remember who, but i know it's not alkaline trio.i didn't like this cd that much, except for GR, AFI and Lawrence Arms.- fathead

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

Man that link 80 song is amazing!There is not a hint of "ska" at all in that song(don't eeeeven count the horns)...I just dont get some peoples....

Anonymous (October 3, 2001)

Yeah it's pretty damn good. Most of my favorite songs on this I already owned on album or had the song somewhere else. However, one nice thing about Sub City is that they put together a nice variety on their comps., and even if you don't like it, you're always giving to a good cause. Their Blindness benefit one is damn good as well.

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