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Dead and Divine

Dead and Divine: The FancifulThe Fanciful (2008)
Rise Records

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Contributed by: moneenerdmoneenerd
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I love writing a good review for an album that's deserving of praise, but I love trashing crappy albums and bands even more as the latter seems to receive more positive and commercial attention from the media and fans alike than the former. Now, the guys in Dead and Divine have played my town twice .
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I love writing a good review for an album that's deserving of praise, but I love trashing crappy albums and bands even more as the latter seems to receive more positive and commercial attention from the media and fans alike than the former. Now, the guys in Dead and Divine have played my town twice now, and are quickly becoming the latest craze amongst angst-ridden teenagers and scenesters, with the band's recent signing to Victory Records only adding to their momentum. To me, being handed their The Fanciful record was like tossing a lamb to a family of hungry wolves; I could not wait to (sadly) sit through the 40 or so minutes of over-dramatic hardcore tarnishing, tear it apart and expose it for the joke it truly is. However, Dead and Divine does a fairly decent job themselves on their MySpace alone, describing themselves as...

Aggressive, Melodic, Intense, Hard, Emotional, Heavy, Driving, In Your Face, Fancy.

That's right, Dead and Divine is not afraid to call themselves fancy, or even call their new record 'The Fanciful.' Jumping away from clich√© metal bands in their scene, Dead and Divine has created another lyrical masterpiece with ‚??The Fanciful'. 'The Fanciful' refers to the imaginary and the unreal, reflected in the album concept by the constant struggle between reality and illusion, heaven and hell, and passion and misfortune. Honest, thought provoking, and unafraid, Singer/Lyricist Matt Tobin sings with a Morrissey-like fearlessness and attitude, and with a maturity that goes well beyond the bands average age of only 20. (...) With influences ranging all the way from Poison the Well to Paramore, and Smashing Pumpkins to Blue Rodeo...
Good God, where do I start here? Ten-plus years of "melodic metalcore" and the genre is still going ass-backwards and has only dumbed down since its inception by bands like Poison the Well (who has since left the genre far behind). The mere fact that a metalcore band would describe themselves as fancy is laughable, but to compare themselves to the likes of Morrissey, Blue Rodeo and Smashing Pumpkins is tantamount to sacrilege. They also go on to list a bunch of adjectives we've heard used before by the cliché "-core" bands that D&D allegedly is trying to "jump away" from. Seemingly, one does not have to look past the band's MySpace biography to catch the punchline. But enough with D&D's self-glamorizing and self-importance -- let's get down with the actual music contained on The Fanciful, which, in a vast sea of melodic and metallic hardcore bands that claim to be the heaviest thing going, is everything but.

Apparently, The Fanciful is an "epic tale" of light and dark, good and evil, heaven and hell -- aspects of the universe that cannot exist without its complete opposite. Maybe I didn't care enough to delve into the lyrics further, but this theme is lost in its sloppy lyricism (though they mention the word "devil" a hell of a lot throughout the album), but is still quite evident in the actual music writing, as many trite metalcore groups like D&D tend to trendily tie together many styles of heavy music with their antagonists. It's all here on The Fanciful: heavy one-chord mosh parts coupled with melodic guitar solos, angry vocal roars backed by tender crooning, short bursts of technical and intricate rhythms followed up by slow and straightforward hardcore beats, douche-y tour haircuts and bad tattoos clothed in fashionable Rockett shreds. Obviously, D&D follow the same played out trends a million other MTV2 "punk" bands are. The difference is that D&D fit the cookie-cutter mold so perfectly it almost seems unreal (or fanciful!), and completely discredits the very write-up sampled above. The Fanciful shows no signs of jumping away from any cliché, but rather dives in headfirst and encompasses a scene that is a cliché itself.

The Fanciful may be a new record by Dead and Divine, but the band is still using decade-old tricks to get noticed by young girls and boys who can't wait to waste their allowance on albums about teenage problems written by adult males, as well as attract the eyes of the commercial schmucks who propagated this trend in the first place (ahem...Victory!). However, their reputation as being self-absorbed, horny, 16-year-old boys stuck in 20-year-old mens' bodies will hopefully hinder their success than further it. One can only hope that this trend dies off to give way to the hard-working and innovative bands that still tour this great planet of ours in the name of honest and true punk rock.


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leonidas (January 13, 2009)

That cover art has a strong resemblance to Goatse. Wow, I didn't know all these scene metalcore bands have to resort to using Goatse as cover art in order to appear fancy and artistic.

moleface (August 26, 2008)

yeah so, Dead and Divine used to be one of my favorite bands, next to A Wilhelm Scream and Trophy Scars, and maybe it still is, but after this review, I feel kind of stupid for liking them.

I'm happy though, that I have my own opinion and I can say that I actually liked this album and the previous one. Besides the fact that most of the songs sounded alike, you know, same topic for each of them,
the lyrics were written like poetry and I guess if you want to call it abunch of 20 something year olds trying to act like 16 year old boys, then so be it. Because I enjoyed it. haha.

I just really hope that this review about how shitting it was, won't steer anyone away before they listen to it first.

X3ni (June 24, 2008)

First of all, The Fanciful was released on Verona Records, in Canada and Rise Records in the US.
Second of all, I personally find this album to be better then their older ones.
Third of all, who the fxxk said this was released on Victory, idiot.

Laurier (April 9, 2008)

I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

INDW (April 9, 2008)

the only interesting thing to come out of this rise/victory debate is the fact that cduniverse call it a sale when they take 40cents (or just over 3% of the price by my calculations) a sale? CHEEK!

davepwnt (April 8, 2008)

They played in North Bay a while back, my band opened for them. The drummer (ex drummer now I guess) was one of the coolest guys I've ever met. But the actual band was terrible. I had the chance to tell the guitarist aswell that most of their riffs are as generic as their hair cuts.

I still can't believe people can adore this stuff.

moneenerd (April 7, 2008)

so before you question Paul's editorial skills, maybe ask yourself why you would feel the need to come to the rescue of some ridiculous boy-band that most ppl over the age of 21 could give a fuck about, no matter what label they're on? sure, my bad that i mistook the albums major and more prominent distributer for it's actual label (though, i hardly see a difference in the two as D D banners and ads are sprawled across both Rise and Victory's websites as if they belonged to both), i was also told by a lot of people and read on websites that Victory almost owns Rise anyway, as they sell more Rise records on their site than Rise does themselves on their own, and the question of who owns what comes up from time to time in interviews with label execs and the like.

moneenerd (April 7, 2008)

as in...

Detailed "The Fanciful" Music Information
List Price $13.97
Category Rock/Pop, Rock
Label Victory Records (USA)
Orig Year 2008

moneenerd (April 7, 2008)

ugh. obviously i need to spell this out for you since none of you guys bothered to peep the links i posted. rise records is distributed by VICTORY RECORDS!!!! and a lot of the sites i visited to get info on the album that i couldnt get from just the disc say "Rise Records/Victory Records (USA)". When you purchase a Rise records record, Victory gets a big chunk out of it. So maybe saying that D D were signed by Victory was a bit of a stretch, but nevertheless, THE FANCIFUL is one of the top sellers on Victorys website.

im_john_galt (April 7, 2008)

paul, paul, paul. you really thought the reviewer took the time to write such an extensive bashing, yet mistook victory! for rise? score is for paul's naivety.

blake88 (April 6, 2008)

this album was a complete fucking disappointment. d&d always ripped off a lot of good bands from lyrics and rhythms to style but they took the best parts of those bands and put them together to make a pretty good band but now this is just garbage and their once high energy live show is hurting aswell (big reason, NO WILL!!!) i would have much rather seen these guys make a compilation album of some of their older songs (behold!, stickaround chief, curiosity, goodnight quiet city, san dimas, and bronze goddess) and made a good ep for their first US release. this is shit, theyre going downhill fast but odds are theyre gonna get huge now so whatever.

Scruffy (April 6, 2008)


Scruffy (April 6, 2008)

"Get your shit straight if ur gonna be knocking a band. Dead and Divine are on Rise Records not Victory. This album is kick ass and so does the band"

It's so cute when scenesters try to act like tough guys. I'll bet you were all black and a matching scowl.

Cyanotic (April 5, 2008)

I stopped reading at "melodic metalcore".

moneenerd (April 4, 2008)

here too, smart ass: http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=7624412

need any more proof?

paul123 (April 4, 2008)

Get your shit straight if ur gonna be knocking a band. Dead and Divine are on Rise Records not Victory. This album is kick ass and so does the band

thus_spoke_sean (April 4, 2008)

wow, it's bands like this that make me glad im in my mid twenties and just starting to seriously pursue being in a band.

it's amazing how mature you think you are when you're 18-21, and how retarded you think you were back then when you are 24-25

moneenerd (April 4, 2008)

haha it would make sense if it were. this album is shit.

AnotherBoringStory (April 4, 2008)

Is that goatse?

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