Andrew Jackson Jihad - Only God Can Judge Me (Cover Artwork)

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Andrew Jackson Jihad: Only God Can Judge MeOnly God Can Judge Me (2008)
Plan-It-X Records

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Contributed by: genebuonaccorsiDarthNader
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First of all, I absolutely loved 2007's People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People In the World, and Only God Can Judge Me seems to pick up just where People left off: short songs, graphic lyrics and a folky twang matched by few making music in the punk scene right now. For those unfami.
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First of all, I absolutely loved 2007's People Who Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People In the World, and Only God Can Judge Me seems to pick up just where People left off: short songs, graphic lyrics and a folky twang matched by few making music in the punk scene right now.

For those unfamilar, Andrew Jackson Jihad are a two man "folk-punk" group consisting of acoustic guitar and standup bass. Following the trend of the album title, their most recent full-length contained songs about the most strange, yet extremely interesting topics. Lyrics about death, racism and other sometimes untouchable things juxtaposed with jangling feel-good folk jams. As for Only God Can Judge Me, it just adds more points onto the band's already successful scoreboard.

The lyrics are just as abrasive and blatant; "Human Kittens" discusses the death of small animals as a metaphor and "Candle in the Wind" states "I want to eat red, red, meat / I want to feel it digesting inside of my tummy / I support animal testing / I'd kill a kitten to save a human being." At times it is uncomfortable to listen to, but at the same time it is difficult to stop. In contrast to People, God has more slower tempos all over. The middle of the eight-song set ("Guilt: the Song" and "Candle in the Wind") are much less frantic than the majority of People, with impressive results. AJJ show that they are not a one-trick pony in this way.

There isn't much to say about this release that hasn't already been said about the band. If you are easily offended by relatively graphic subject matter, stay away. If you don't enjoy a good relaxing folk jam, stay away. However, if you want to hear one of the most promising young bands in folk-punk follow up a stellar full-length with a more fleshed-out EP, then you've come to the right place.


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SouthernLovin (July 1, 2009)

Okay record. Kind of lame though, lyrically. I dunno, it just doesn't seem like the proper vehicle for all this shock nonsense. And quit telling people they're assholes for eating meat. It's getting old. And I'm a vegetarian.

P-DITI (July 7, 2008)

"abrasive and blatant or juvenile and amateur?"

abrasive and blatant

Windfall (July 4, 2008)

I love this kinda stuff.

david_arquette (June 17, 2008)

Love 'em or hate 'em, these guys work their asses off and are great, genuine people. They've done more for Phoenix's local scene than anyone in at least a decade and their recent success is hardly unwarranted. And the "shock value" stuff isn't some new shtick or something; they've been doing that the whole time, and it's just who they are.

scientistrock (May 25, 2008)

They have a ton of stuff up for download on their website, so check that stuff first.

skolarx (May 24, 2008)

i'm really bummed out that i had to miss the asian man tour tonight with these guys because i had to work. considering i've only heard a couple tracks here and there should i check this out before the "people who eat.." record or after? or is there another older album i should check out? i like what i've heard but it was only a song or two

scientistrock (May 22, 2008)

Yeah, it rules.

steveman (May 22, 2008)

I'm definitely excited to hear this album. i've enjoyed almost all of their work so far. I can't really argue with people that say that the their music is simplistic, but if that was a bad thing there would be a lot more love for Mars Volta around these parts.

Lyrically they are great, hilarious, sarcastic, and downright pissed off sometimes.

telegraphrocks (May 22, 2008)

I gotta jump on the hate-wagon here... this shit is atrocious to listen to.

It's like the singer of Piebald got brain-damage.

RondoMondo (May 22, 2008)

I just don't get why so many people are into this band. I guess they're becoming the new Orgcore band. This site is becoming a parody of itself...

I'll give the stuff I heard from them 3 stars, but they're definitely not as hyped up as people have them.

clamum (May 22, 2008)

"Where did all this hate come from?"

It's the internet. It's ike alcohol for 12 year olds.

garyspaghetti (May 22, 2008)

Omg this folk-punk is way too shocking. They are going overboard. I think we should start using punk as synonym for fag, again, like the english did or something. I'm going to go listen to my set your goals ep. This band is way too shocking and they challenge my positive beliefs in a career in business. Punknews has failed me again. First they cut the bret michaels news i tried to post, then they post something about against me!, then they allow a folk punk review. Get the fuck out!

Jesus_H_Christ (May 21, 2008)

plan-it-x = awesome

rakehand (May 21, 2008)

get it through the plan-it-x website. and pick up their split w/ ghost mice while you're at it.

scientistrock (May 21, 2008)

Where did all this hate come from? One of my favorite bands. Anyone, what's the best way to go about acquiring this motherfucker?

joetheinvincible (May 21, 2008)

Band is so shitty.

SloaneDaley (May 21, 2008)

I don't know about other people but when I say hack I'm not refering to the lyrical focus persay. Take Paul Baribeau for instance, he has rather straightforward lyrics covering an array of topics both mundane and harsh but I love that dude. To me with AJJ it is the songs composition and delivery that killed it for me , mind you I have heard a few ongs I liked but overall I was expecting to like it a lot more than I did. Maybe this album is betterbut I haven't heard it.

ashtraymonument (May 21, 2008)

right on dante

Dante3000 (May 21, 2008)

It's funny that a lot of the backlash I'm reading now, I figured would have come out around their Asian Man LP. However, I guess they're a little more well known around these parts now and so more people have opinions on them one way to the other.

As for the lyrical content, I find it refreshing and great. It's a little simplistic, but that's because it's bare bones honesty. Some people use flowery language and metaphors (and we call them brilliant song writers). some use anguished hyperbole (and we call them great at creating an emotion or a feeling). Andrew Jackson Jihad using shocking juxtaposition to show you both sides of the human spectrum and you call it hacky?

I have always loved that this band shows the spectrum of humanity from absolutely shit, to those few glimmering moments that make trudging through the shit worth it. It's more shit than glory, but that's life. I get it's not for everyone but it's far from a gimmick, or juvenile.

briennis (May 21, 2008)

i had no clue that being like, totally offensive dude, and challenging PC attitudes was this band's "thing."

fuckin' boring.

SloaneDaley (May 21, 2008)

see I find this band has good intentions but the songs I've heard aren't very approachable and come off as hackish as some more amature unsigned stuff I've heard. On the other hand I found a lot of the socalled freak folk to be downright boring. I need something inbetween.

osloboditelj (May 21, 2008)

The problem with folk-punk is that musically it tends to be really formulaic and sticks too much to really basic folk arrangements. It just tends to bore me. If I'm listening to folk, I far prefer experimental/freak-folk stuff (i.e. Six Organs of Admittance, Sun City Girls). Just personal preference.

iamthebat (May 20, 2008)

Why's this band getting a lot of hate all of a sudden? :P

ashtraymonument (May 20, 2008)

love this band, Jesus Saves is amazing

Tim123 (May 20, 2008)

This band fucking sucks

klashedki (May 20, 2008)

I thought they were a 3 piece?

fallingupwards84 (May 20, 2008)

do they cover the 2Pac song?

theyounginfluential (May 20, 2008)

good band, good release

red_eye_inc (May 20, 2008)

abrasive and blatant or juvenile and amateur? Stop hiding behind shock value, you hacks.

mattramone (May 20, 2008)

Why was folk-punk in quotes?

bikeage (May 20, 2008)

somebody tell these guys god isn't real- they might stop being afraid of making real punk music!

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