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Your Best Friend: Your Best FriendYour Best Friend (2008)

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Contributed by: InaGreendaseBrian
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It's always questionable when a band associates with a completely unfamiliar network. Having never heard of any of the bands on the Top Friends list displayed by Your Best Friend on their MySpace page, going into this seemed a risky endeavor. There's a natural distinction to avoid bad music, and gro.
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It's always questionable when a band associates with a completely unfamiliar network. Having never heard of any of the bands on the Top Friends list displayed by Your Best Friend on their MySpace page, going into this seemed a risky endeavor. There's a natural distinction to avoid bad music, and groups of unknown acts tend to put up red flags for me.

However, if Your Best Friend is any indication of this group, maybe it'd be wise to invest some time in their best friends, too. The Saginaw, MI quartet's self-titled debut is a surprisingly unique and creative effort that boasts boatloads of potential.

Though Your Best Friend truly don't sound like any one specific band, you might argue that they bear similarities to a more nü-emo Bear vs. Shark, a less hardcore-influenced Jena Berlin and Polar Bear Club's most tender moments.

The band utilizes their dual vocalists well. Both employ certain levels of gruffness and lower pitches, but they often carry a more sentimental earnestness in their delivery. Listen in "Near Perfect Wrists" when they sweetly sing "I will make you proud again (If I could just save myself)" over xylophone plinks and, eventually, piles of distorted guitars to close it.

That open-heart focus is restrained a bit by a pretty creative instrumental bearing. They've got those seemingly mathy, noodly guitars and dynamic production tricks, along with an occasional increase in the general aggression, as subtle as it may be.

Other notable moments include the drop-out and plead of "And I screamed ??liar'! I screamed ??liar'!" in "The Path of an Illogical Liar," the desperate promise of "I'll save my soul" in the Gatsbys American Dream-esque "Decimals" and the energetic, riffy "I'm Afraid of Myself and Everything I Haven't Done." The acoustic/electric punches in closer "Aboriri" stand out, too.

Your Best Friend sure takes a few listens to better appreciate its careful lining. But after several rotations, one comes to really see a refreshing honesty and ambition. Your Best Friend aren't exactly firing on every imaginable cylinder here, but the engine's definitely revving promisingly.

Dear Heavenly Father
Near Perfect Wrists


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vande1kr (September 14, 2008)

This band is a lot better than most of the signed bands out there today...

Their cd sounds amazing when you first listen to it and it gets better with time. However, you gain a lot more respect for their sound when you get to witness them live. The emotion that is on the CD comes out so much more in their actual show.

As far as their album art is concerned...go to their myspace page and in one of their blogs they further discuss what the album art is actually about...the whole pamphlet inside the cd has a story through the artwork.

They are all good guys and really deserve more attention. Hopefully they'll get rewarded for all of their hard work soon.

Good review.

xote (September 12, 2008)

I really do apreciate you taking the time to talk to me inagreendase. I think you have brought up a valid point in that I guess there arn't that many albums comming in of these styles that I am refering too. And what is great about this site is the user reviews (and sometimes the worst part but trust me I do love this page) I have thought about writting about the bands that I refer too but in all honesty if you can't tell from my comments i'm not the best writter.

I do want to say sorry for pretty much attacking you at first. I really didn't mean too. But anyway we'll leave it at this... bands send in your shit! People who read this site send it cool reviews that are floating in the underground! All i'm doing is talking though I should take action before I even talk... which I do locally (and nationally) in my scene but not very much on the internet. I'm also in a green dase.

JonC (September 11, 2008)

The best album by an unsigned band I have ever bought. And as of right now, probably my favorite general release of the year. I hope they can last long enough to gain the following they deserve.

When I first heard them the description "Minus The Bear vs. Shark" popped into my head.

And the guy who mentioned the live show is right on. Great presence, great guys.

inagreendase (September 11, 2008)

xote: I try to give primary focus to the material that's actually sent to me since there's more than enough to try and cover from that. Experimental/noise bands just aren't as prevalent in the mail as you'd like to think.

Don't forget that close to half the reviews I post are from user submissions from a community of users like yourself. Most submissions are poorly written and/or given automatic perfect scores, which is why many go unposted. You're always welcome to submit a review of something yourself if you can score it sensibly and keep a level head (or score it however you like and be sure you write a review that completely justifies it -- see the Guided by Voices review as a decent example).

xote (September 11, 2008)

But I would also like to point out their are so many new "scenes" and "genres" and "comunitys" in this world of punk rock that don't represented. I still have no idea why. Wolf Eyes was just an example also Sunn and I'm just using bigger names but come on Henry Rollins claims these are his favorite bands... he's bought noise records off ebay for hundreds of dollars of thats not prove enough that a punk site should at least write a negative review then I don't know what is. The most experimental punk band to get anything is Sonic Youth from this site and most readers don't like them but I still think it's very important to give these very unkown bands the reviews. But I do understand sometimes shit just doesn't get reviewed... but it seems like a lot of stuff in more experimental realms of punk just get ignored which makes it even more underground which is kind of sad.

xote (September 11, 2008)

inagreendase I would like to apolgise to you for acting like an asshole and it was cool of you not to take offense.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 11, 2008)

no worries, the cover art is actually pretty cool.

icapped2pac (September 11, 2008)

You're right. I got too excited when I saw this cover and went to this review first. I consider myself owned.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 11, 2008)

aka the cover art like 2 reviews below. so before you assume bullshit, try checking your facts first.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 11, 2008)

hey icapped2pac, i wasnt being serious you idiot-- at first by an error of the site they put the degenerics cover art instead of the real cover art. i was sarcastically pointing out their mistake.

and a username is just a username.

carrymeoutlaw (September 11, 2008)

This cd is so damn good. My favorite song changes all the time still, but it might be the new version of Keeping Company.

As side note, this cd reminds me of some pretty amazing moments in the past few months, and I'm happy that a local band's cd is one of those personal era-defining cds for me. I may just be rambling, so I apologize if I don't make sense.

icapped2pac (September 11, 2008)

Also, I have never heard of the degenerics, and I'm guessing these guys haven't either, so your claims of plagiarism go unfounded. In fact, you can go to their myspace page and in their blog section a is a recent interview where they explain why they chose that for the cover art. Stop being a dick, xIxKilledxJesusx. By the way, your username is even lamer than mine, which is an achievement.

icapped2pac (September 11, 2008)

I fucking love this album. And for the record, there are 3 guys who sing lead vocals, and the drummer does backups too. Fair review, thanks for giving it a shot, Brian. I hope all the readers here do, too, because it's a breath of fresh air in terms of honesty an earnestness in a (sub-)genre full of trite garbage. That said, this really isn't a knock on the album so much as a compliment to their musicianship, but their live show blows the album away. Do yourself a favor and check them out when they come near your town (they're touring maniacs), and make sure to say hi, too. They're some of the nicest, most down-to-earth, and personable gents I've ever met.

inagreendase (September 11, 2008)

but at least now I know why my package of cd's I sent about a year ago never got reviewed...

Not true. I listen to at least a snippet of every single release that I receive. If I think I'm able to write a review on whatever I'm listening to, I'll do it. If not, it gets passed along.

You didn't get reviewed not because of your network, but because you're competing with a few other packages every day the mail delivers. If you wanted to bypass the usual initial methods of trying to get reviewed and ensure it will actually happen, you can always send me a personal email.

Also, a person can be familiar with a band and not care much for them. I'm sure most of the people who visit the site are familiar with Wolf Eyes, but I'm also sure the vast, vast majority of them don't "get" them or listen to them or whatever. Myself included.

xote (September 11, 2008)

Considering how their is only one Wolf Eyes and one Hair Police review on this whole fucking site you don't know shit about underground music "communitys" or the better word is "freinds"

If you go to my myspace and check out my top friends you wont know a damn band on there... and thats the fucking point. To help get the word out about my friends from a town where even punks can't handle the fucking music we make. Blah i'm rambling... but at least now I know why my package of cd's I sent about a year ago never got reviewed... becuse my myspace friends arn't fucking The Ergs (don't mean to shit on the band they are good) or other bands punknews reviews regulary.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 10, 2008)

still. so what if they didnt reach out to you? I dont get why people love to base music on everything but the music itself. i know you ended up listening to it and making a fair review, but biases like this shouldnt exist. You obviously dont know every scene. i admit that i know a lot of "scenes" but by no means do i know all of them and i am open to hear new "circles" of bands. You dont know the exact circumstances that makes them unknown.

inagreendase (September 10, 2008)

since when is unknown bad? every band you like was unknown to you at some point

That's not what I said. It's when a whole group of independent bands calls themselves friends and they're not remotely familiar.

When you receive 1000 CDs in the mail year after year you tend to become at least partially familiar with every independent scene/community there is. Being completely unfamiliar with a given group usually means they weren't reaching out to us for a reason.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 10, 2008)

since when is unknown bad? every band you like was unknown to you at some point

SilentStorms (September 10, 2008)

"It??s always questionable when a band associates with a completely unfamiliar network. Having never heard of any of the bands on the Top Friends list displayed by Your Best Friend on their MySpace page, going into this seemed a risky endeavor."

Wow, I've always highly respected your reviews. But after reading that comment I was taken aback. To judge a band by their myspace friends is completely irrelevant. I just don't know what else to say ... except that is complete bullshit. Shame on you. Let the music speak instead of the friends. Shame on your dirty ass balls.

Score is for that comment alone. Unless you're joking. In which case I didn't pick up on the sarcasm. Which I don't think is the case.

xIxKilledxJesusx (September 9, 2008)

wow.. this album cover totally rips off the degenerics.. isnt that illegal?

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