Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fire Works (Cover Artwork)

Hey Mercedes

Hey Mercedes: Everynight Fire WorksEverynight Fire Works (2001)
Vagrant Records

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Contributed by: SideLinedForLifeSideLinedForLife
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Well as I was scrolling through the top ten list for 2001 this year I noticed this band coming up a lot. I decided to buy their cd without really checking them out first and when I put the cd in I was more confused than I ever been before with music. . . As I pulled out of the parking.
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Well as I was scrolling through the top ten list for 2001 this year I noticed this band coming up a lot. I decided to buy their cd without really checking them out first and when I put the cd in I was more confused than I ever been before with music. . .

As I pulled out of the parking lot the music came on and started off with some great guitar riffs. Wow this is cool but I wonder what its gonna sound like further into this song. I came to a red light and when the vocals started to kick in the music changed. Wow that sounds so unorganized. It sounds like ten guitars are being played at once, but something kept me from pressing that button to change songs. I decided to get a bite to eat so I pulled into the parking lot of Wendys with gallons of music being poured out of the speakers. When I say gallons I mean almost more music than the average man can listen to at once. Almost like two bands playing at the same time. I parked and then opened the booklet of the cd to see what the lyircs were. I read along as track four "The Slightest Idea" played along, and the lyrics alone were just so beatiful and well thought. I put away the booklet and turned off my humming engine. As I was walking to the door it was then I realized I should review this cd. I was thinking at that time of things to say suck as: "Well this won't appeal to everyone because it has such a different sound." "Listen before you buy this." Or even, "I wonder why everyone thinks this cd is so good because it sounds so horrible."

Anyway as I was finally driving home I listened to the rest of this cd, and when the last song, "Lets Go Blue" came to an end I was home (perfect timing).

As I was saying before I have never been this confused with music. Even as I type this review listening to this band, I still wonder why one hour ago I thought it was bad. I kind of feel like writting a letter to the band saying I'm sorry for judging your cd before I really took a good listen. The music is so original and refreshing to listen to and keeps you wanting more. And you better believe there will be more. . .


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StonewallBindr (March 29, 2011)

Sensational album. And props to this guy below me on the comment line... Aptly put.

Apeman_on_the_moon (December 24, 2008)

Frowning of a Lifetime might be the best Track 1 in emo/pop punk/whatever genre this fits in history. Also a great, less obvious Simpsons reference.

Anonymous (October 6, 2003)

yeah emo is a fad. just like pop punk. you know, that genre that never died. hm..

emptycauses (July 6, 2002)

personally i dont know how you can say that hey mercedes sucks, even when compared to braid, take the music and listen, theres no need to fightthe song the slightest idea is amazing

Anonymous (June 7, 2002)

I don't understand why anyone's opinion here matters. Mine doens't matter, yours doesn't matter. It's like being in junior high and you can't like what you want to like because it's "not cool." Fucking grow up. I am a huge fan of Hey Mercedes, but I also listen to "punk" or "hardcore" or whatever and even fucking jazz for that matter. To put down someone for liking something is stupid and just makes you an asshole. And anyways, when I think of emo I think of Mineral or Promise Ring or whatever. Hey Mercedes rocks, maybe not your super macho asshole insecure hardcore rock, but still.

Anonymous (May 5, 2002)

What kind of review is this? "I listened to the album and it confused me..." You emo kids are so strange. I hated this crap last year but for some reason it is growing on me. Maybe there is an emo microchip that was implanted in my brain. Wait I am confused.

Sidelineforlife15 (February 22, 2002)

You suck ryan

Anonymous (February 3, 2002)

the album's ace. and all this shit about emo is a fad. and punk going mainstream. JEW are now getting dragged into the mainstream too. so why are we bickering amongst ourselves? why not try and support our related genres rather than seperating them. you people need to grow up.

Anonymous (February 2, 2002)

This album seems to get better and better with each listen. I have to agree that it doesn't appeal to everyone, but for me the music just clicks.

sickboi (February 1, 2002)

Punk isn't dead, some kid at Wal-Mart was wearing a shirt that said so.

Anonymous (January 31, 2002)

Yeah, Bad Religion were good in the early 90s. They won't be around much longer. Bad Religion a legacy? Ya Right!
Punk is dying "punks" and punk is now going mainstream so get over it!

evildeadalive (January 30, 2002)

While I like some emo, I've definately got to agree with you on that one. Bad Religion will still be kicking peoples asses when no one even remembers what emo is.

Anonymous (January 30, 2002)

For two decades Bad Religion has been delivering intelligent and catchy punk rock. If Hey Mercedes (or emo as a whole) lasts half that long, then you might be able to talk shit. Until then, know when to bow. Emo is a fad. BR is a legacy. -Suspect Device

MusicIsMyLife (January 28, 2002)

You "punk" kids need to get over yourselves. Please.

Anonymous (January 27, 2002)

Fuck Bad Religion? Id rather be raped by a syphelidic grizzly bear than listen to 3 seconds of this weak-ass shit. Emo and its fans needs to be cast back into the pit of hell which spawned it.

Anonymous (January 26, 2002)

EMO 4 Ever!
Fuck Bad Religion...Aren't they like 45 now?

Anonymous (January 24, 2002)

Does anyone else think that this band sounds like The Dave Matthews Band but more emo influenced and better.

Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

I love this album. I knew it would be incredible before I bought it, and I was correct. My first listen was awkward though, but my second, third, and the rest have been outstanding. Beautiful music.

Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

You don't like a review so the guy should go die? I love people who talk tough over the internet, it's so fucking easy. This guy telling people to die over the internet is the same guy who looks right as his shoes as he passes people in school, or on the street. He'll talk so much shit with his keyboard, but that's about as far as it usually goes. Now, YOU go kill yourself.

Anonymous (January 23, 2002)

You are the worst reviewer in this enitre globe. You are worthless. Please die.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

Sorry, I just couldn't get into this cd at all. It's not because I don't think they're as good as Braid, but because the music is just mass confusion, and after a few songs it all starts to sound the same. I was really disappointed after all the hype i heard for this.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

This album is amazing...i hated it so much when i first heard it..."it's not braid.." i kept telling myself....

but upon many more listens, i couldn't take it out of the cd player...i love this band...

and Bob Nanna's vocals are VERY good on this album...probably cleaned up studio work, but great nonetheless...


Kurt_F (January 21, 2002)

This album is great. Braid was great. Hey Mercedes is great. Greness all over the place. I'm sick of people bashing HM saying they aren't as good as Braid. BRAID IS IN THE PAST. Just because HM is Braid minus an original member doesn't mean crap. They changd their name for a reason. I will say though that HM is kinda like a more organized Braid. Word. Get the E.P. too by the way, the song "A-List Actress" is a gem.

evildeadalive (January 21, 2002)

This rating is for your review. You've told me nothing.

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

I love this record, it's truly amazing. At first I didn't think that it was going to be this good, but it's awesome.

theboywhocriedangel (January 21, 2002)

i wonder if bob nanna still sings out of his range for this one...

Anonymous (January 21, 2002)

good stuff. When people say it doesn't match up to Braid it just annoys me. I mean braid are excellent but its time to move on. All this 'Hey Mercedes wish they were Braid is rubbish' Hey Mercedes just about is Braid with only one band member different (i think!) so calm down and listen to the music. And what good music it is!

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