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Honest Don's

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Contributed by: homiehomie
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Well, I got slagged pretty heavily for calling Limp's track (Oh No) on Honest Don's Dirty Dishes "average". So when I received this disc I thought I should give them another listen and maybe I could see what the fuss is all about. Get ready to slag me again because "Oh No" is the best track on thi.
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Well, I got slagged pretty heavily for calling Limp's track (Oh No) on Honest Don's Dirty Dishes "average". So when I received this disc I thought I should give them another listen and maybe I could see what the fuss is all about. Get ready to slag me again because "Oh No" is the best track on this album (although "Ails" is pretty good, too) and it's, uh oh, average.

I have always found Limp pretty inconsistent. I have loved some of their songs, like "Fine Girl" and "Eighteen", but their albums just seem to lack much variety. This good for those people who are big fans of their sound. Hell, I love Bad Religion and variety is not the spice of their life. But for me Limp gets tiring after a few songs.

Bottom line is that if you love Limp, I'm sure you'll like this album. It's well produced and well executed. I would love to see these guys live because I have a sneaking suspicion that is how they have built such a loyal following. Let trash talk begin...


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cawknocker (July 19, 2002)

not even fucking close to pop and disorderly. their worst album, although not bad. average. get away and oh no are 2 of their best most amazng songs ever,........but the only two above average songs on it. but the rest is either boring, or experimental for experimenting's sake.they were better when they were the best pop punk band going, now they are just kinda like hard rock w/ pop punk roots.

Anonymous (February 26, 2002)

Here's my review i wrote of this album for an irish music mag.

The new self-titled album from LA trio Limp bears several striking similarities to its predecessor, 99’s Guitarded. Both were released in the same month, “Limp” arriving as it does almost three years to the day “Guitarded” appeared. Both are steps forward from their predecessors – Where Guitarded saw the band honing the dark pop edge that makes them instantly recognizable, this finds them reveling in 70’s and 80’s pop rock, from the Cars-esque “Atom Bomb” to the Knack like opening to “Lesson”. Singer Phil Ensor even sounds like Calvin Johnson’s younger brother on parts of the stand out acoustic number “Ails”. Both will light fires in the hearts of erstwhile They Might Be Giants fans. However, unlike its predecessor, “Limp” is an inevitably forgettable album. You may briefly warm to it, but fun beckons elsewhere, and Limp will take a place at the bottom of the rack to be briefly fished out, but never placed on top.


Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

damn local music store still doesnt have this damn record in yet. anyways from what ive heard so far its brilliant

Anonymous (February 21, 2002)

I submitted this but they didn't us it: Limp is looking for a new guitarist. go to their site for info.

Anonymous (February 20, 2002)

Yeah, this last post is very true. Pop and Disorderly was probably the best punk record to come out in '98. The lead singer Phil's voice is great because he can pull of the punk sound w/o crossing the line into obnoxious whiny teenager. Guitarded was less impressive, but still had a few quality tracks. The new album however, i feel, is awesome. They have kept their pop punk roots, and crossed it with a little bit of harder guitar. They still throw in 3 classic sounding limp songs, 1 acoustic which is amazing, 1 ska of sorts, and the rest are new sounds they are experimenting with. This CD is very worth buying, though i suggest you listen to P&D first. Limp is a very talented band, you just have to give them a listen. PS: lyrics are always good to have on-hand because although i love them, Phil does mumble a bit.

Anonymous (February 19, 2002)

I agree with whomever said that Pop & Disorderly is Limp's best effort to date. I got into Limp when I saw them touring behind this album. In my oppinion it is the best punk album to come out in that year (1998 I think). And I have become probably one of the biggest Limp fans out there because I've seen them so much (probably 8-10 times) and they have a good live presence. Now, I was not as impressed with Guitarded when I first listened to it. I still believe it's a perfectly good album it's just not as *punky* for lack of a better word, as P&D. Coming off of P&D, I also kinda hoped Limp was going to develope along the lines of Inspection 12 (if you don't have IN RECOVERY - Get It!) but they've chosen to blaze their own trail which is both punk and contemplative. The new album stays true to that and as Phil posted on the honest don's site this is probably the *truest* album they've ever done. The person who commented that they have lost their edge is, I think, regrettably accurate. Even though I like Limp live, the drive their music used to have (they play most of their old, fast songs slower now) has deminished. I still urge you to go and see them if you haven't but don't be expecting Pop-Punk dynomite. Lastly, in regard to Yellowcard and NFG. NFG are not completely derivative but their isn't a lot of territory in the vein of music they play which hasn't already been developed by Blink-182 and Fenix TX etx. And Yellowcard, while claiming to be original because of the violin are just basically a fat records wanna-be band (with a violin), not any more (and probably less) original than Lagwagon, No Use For A Name and the like. So if you like those bands check out Yellowcard and NFG, I happen to think both of them are okay but please do not argue that either one is any more ingenuitive or original than a band like Limp.

Anonymous (February 14, 2002)

Nah, they brought Billy (from Pop and Disorderly) back for this album as far as i know. And no, this CD is good.

Anonymous (February 14, 2002)

3 piece as far as i know...bad cd though.

Anonymous (February 14, 2002)

Does anyone know who played guitar on this album? Or are they a three peice now?

Anonymous (February 13, 2002)

Ok, to all of those saying this CD sucks. First off, i'd like to say that i was dissapointed with Guitarded. I liked Pop and Disorderly much better. I have been a fan since they came to my school and played (when pop and dis came out) I took that CD wherever i went; so those of you who have only heard guitarded, it is a bad representation of these guys' talent. I admit Guitarded tracks sounded all the same. But that doesn't change the fact that these guys are really good. This CD is much darker than anything before. No song sound alike, that's why its so good. Therapy and Get Away are classic pop-punk, but very catchy. Atom Bomb and Oh No are very dark, and they throw in some ska to top it off. These guys had fun with this album (i keep in contact with Serge on a regular basis). For those who just came on and said "limp suck..this album sucks..wah wah.." how bout some constructive critism? don't bitch because you expected more...I personally love the album, and really get annoyed by those who feel that whyning about how Limp aren't as good as other bands out there. Feel free to let us know about other bands, but being jerks about doesn't help anything

Anonymous (February 13, 2002)

ahahaha, sickboi, that was great...

and this album still sucks


sickboi (February 13, 2002)

"No, No its not the same, his goes dun-dun-dun-dun,dun,dun-dun, mine goes dun-dun-dun,dun,dun-dun, *ding*.....notice that ding? Its not the same."

evildeadalive (February 11, 2002)

Boring, boring, and more boring. Limp is... uhhh... limp.

And what's wrong with Vanilla Ice? Ice Ice baby is a good song. You gotta admit. You gotta. You bought the fucking tape. Admit it.

Anonymous (February 11, 2002)

I've been a limp fan for years and although I have'nt heard this album yet.I can assure you guys they are not anykind of ripoff band.But they're not like one of the top punk bands out there, their sound can be remeniscent of say lagwagon or the atari's but the first two albums were quality albums and I expect no less from this new one.I've heard "therapy" and their sound hasn't changed at all but Bad Religion's sound hasn't either so if you judge them by their repetitiveness then your being biased.

seek (February 11, 2002)

OK first off Limp blows. Second off, all this American talk is annoying. Generalizations are about as cool as Vanilla Ice. Whoever said we have a school shooting problem, I say suck my rock hard nipple, because that is old news. The media is done sucking the life out of that story, they moved on to greener pastures, such as Gary Condit, and then shark attacks, then 9/11. 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 AHHHH FUCK SHIT COCK. I'm so sick of hearing about that shit, and how our 'great and patriotic' leaders are exploiting it. Someone tell the guy in the suit who looks like a monkey to stop threatening countries like North Korea before we all find ourselves riding a nuke to hell. And why the fuck can't I score this album a 0? Fucking review module. P.S... Hi MOM!

Anonymous (February 7, 2002)

Yeh and Goerge W. seems to want to show the whole world how big his dick is. "nuke this, kill them, destroy that'
Granted, you're not all bad, but there is a real problem over there with the whole handgun and high school shootings thing.

Anonymous (February 7, 2002)

maybe it's just because Americans have bigger penises than Australians. I salute you mate.

The_stick (February 7, 2002)

in australia, there is more pubs then handguns, and we friendly people, so DONT blame alcohol for your bad temper.

Anonymous (February 6, 2002)

This is the single greatest cd made by any band in any genre of music, EVER. It sets the standard for all music from now on.

sickboi (February 6, 2002)

Because we drink too much and have too many handguns. Dumbass....

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

im making a big assumption here but: why do American people get so wound up all the time? Every 2 secs there one flying off the handle, calling people immature and hypocritcal. Its like Primary 1!! My dads bigger than your dad. NO MY DADS BIGGER!!! ***SLAP**** WAAAAAH!

sickboi (February 5, 2002)

I gotta admit, Limp has the best cover art. Everytime I look at "Guitarded" I laugh myself stupid.

Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

hum, that's funny...i'm not trying to win an argument because.....well, i'm right....

it's as simple as that...

this cd is horrible, as are you sir


Anonymous (February 5, 2002)

Actually, I disagree - you didn't grow up. Using "grow up" in attempt to win any argument is rather immature.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

hey champ, i'm not here to bash anything that is poppy punk, only the generic bands.....

this cd is flat out blah and uninspired....

there's plenty of good poppy punk bands....lawrence arms, smoking popes, alkaline trio, piebald, the impossibles ect....

there were even more when i was 16 and in high school....

hum, i wonder what happened....

oh, i grew up....



Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

I love limp, but this album is flat out is generic. It seems like all the guys in the band are bored, they lost their edge and they made an album because someone made them, not cuz they wanted to. There are no outstanding tracks or qualities to this whole cd. They do not seem to be into playing the music. The album just comes across as lacking, lacking everything. all the songs really do sound similiar minus one or two. I do not know the names as i had a feeling the cd might suck so i downloaded the tracks off of audiogalaxy. Compared to pop and disorderly and guitarded, this cd is a worthless piece of shit that should have had way more depth and intricacies considering how much time they had to make it. The production is awesome as always. As far as the comment about nfg and yellowcard. NfG long ago, not really generic, if you ever heard nothing gold can stay point out how that is generic the to me, the self titled yes, all their new songs have the same sound as all the songs on there. Yellowcard, while i admit they are not my favorite band are not generic at all. i believe you said something to the "they found a music style and copied it exactly". I am unclear as to what style yellowcard copied. I cannot think of any other band that has a violin player, and that can play fast then switch to more ballad like slow songs. If you can tell me who they copied kudos to you, but i think your ear for music in jaded or blocked up with something. Yellowcard are not the best but they are far from generic. Please let me know who they copied so i can go check them out cuz i am sure i would probably like them too. your comment about someone being on a crusade to bash any poppy sounding punk band around is stupid because you just did it yourself by bashing 2 bands in the same genre as limp (nfg and yellowcard) if you can't remember back to what you wrote 3 sentences earlier. Man, you are a hypocrite.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

Limp is not generic. They don't try to be cool, or funny, or mainstream. If you listen to their albums is quite blatantly obvious that they don't care what other people think.
In my eyes NFG is generic, so is Yellowcard. These bands saw a style of music and copied it exactly. Limp created their own style with Pop and Disorderly, and have modified and changed since then.
Granted, i've only heard 3 songs off the album but they all sound different. How can you say Atom Bomb is generic, where else do you hear that kind of weird beat or singing?
Looks like someone is on a crusade to bash any poppy sounding punk band around.

Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

this cd bores me to death....Limp is generic pop punk....

this is their worst effort to date too....ugh

don't waste your money


Anonymous (February 4, 2002)

I haven't heard it yet, but I'll be back then to talk shit.

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