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Dashboard Confessional

Dashboard Confessional: So ImpossibleSo Impossible (2001)
Vagrant Records

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Love him or hate them, Dashboard Confessional, and Chris Carrabba in particular, are not leaving anytime soon. Adored by many, hated by just as many, Dashboard Confessional is quickly becoming one of the names thrown around the world of indie/emo/punk music. From his heartfelt lyrics to his shy pers.
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Love him or hate them, Dashboard Confessional, and Chris Carrabba in particular, are not leaving anytime soon. Adored by many, hated by just as many, Dashboard Confessional is quickly becoming one of the names thrown around the world of indie/emo/punk music. From his heartfelt lyrics to his shy personality and the stage frightened look on his face at live shows, Dashboard Confessional is creating a buzz all over.

The disc is back to the stripped down guitar and voice only style of the first album (Swiss Army Romance). The disk consists of 4 great new songs that tell a nice little story of a guy trying to meet a girl. It tells of his attempts to talk to her, to her talking to him, to them dating and ends with a wonderful recap of the first wonderful kiss. It is a neat little "concept" CD that really gives the listener a true feel of what Dashboard Confessional is all about.

The disc starts off with the shy nervous track "Hit it Off". The song hits a chord in anyone who has ever secretly longed after someone, yet been too afraid to say "hello". The second song and title track "So Impossible" explains the first conversation between two people and all the silly questions couples ask each other, "do you like coffee in the evening? These are a few of the things I like to know." This track is probably not the strongest on the disc, but defiantly not the worst. It seems to be rushed at parts and the lyrics seem silly at times. It continues the story the disc is telling very well. "Remember to Breathe", the third song on the disc is by far the weakest track on this release. This is probably my least favorite release from DC so far in the bands short career. The song's lyrics are boring and not as interesting as others on the disc, it also kind of slows down the flow of the disc. Perhaps the lackluster elements of the third track are because of the sheer beauty and emotion that is exemplified on the EP's closing track "Hands Down". All ready a live favorite amongst Dashboard fans; this song includes some of the best lyrics Chris has ever written. "My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill, so why don't you kill me? So I die happy", Could a more true sentiment ever have been written about standing on your girlfriend or boyfriends porch awaiting that first nervous, wonderful kiss? The song is the perfect ending to the story of the first date and a perfect ending to a pretty good disc.

This is a must have for anyone that enjoys good acoustic pop music. The CD continues Dashboard Confessional's heart-on-sleeve happy yet sad approach to song writing. So Impossible, while not the longest record out there, is extremely enjoyable. People who are fans of well-crafted lyrics, a simple yet well-played guitar and a nice story, should check this disc out. A well made album for a great musician and nice guy, just please don't call it emo‚?¶


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joeg (February 25, 2005)

alright. finally a 0 stars option! dashboard is much deserving.

Anonymous (July 18, 2004)

HOw is this band popular? They arent even punk. Fags

Anonymous (August 20, 2003)

This is probably his second best relase to swiss army romance. His band thing now really really sucks they rerecorded hands down WTF. It was good just the way it is OH YEAH AT THE MALL TODAY I SAW A 4 YEAR OLD LISTENING TO THAT NEW CD OF HIS HAHAHA fucking dumb shit

yrthirdeye (January 31, 2003)

How lame can you get, man..

"Oh, gee, let me put out yet ANOTHER release that consists of nothing but my eternal whining and an acoustic guitar!"

I liked DBC a lot at first, but after waking up and realizing how horribly immature and childlike his "emotions" are, it's quite easy to see that he's not about to expand his horizons musically or as a person if it's making him money. I still give this credit for what it is, which is a fairly solid "emo" CD, but when compared to other "emo" musicians, Chris falls flat on his face.

Anonymous (January 12, 2003)

I like emo, but I also like making fun of it. Hey Mr Carraba (Age: 28) stop whining about that girl who dumped you in kiddy school. Music isnt about whining about fucking up a good thing, its about REVOLUTION!

To you all with your criticisms BRING THEM ON! :)

Anonymous (January 9, 2003)

This Cd is really good, but it is like 10 bucks for 4 songs, just download it on kazza.

Anonymous (December 7, 2002)

Man... I needed to buy this to remind me how much emo sucks. And how much Indie sucks. And how much all branches of Indie suck. Thanks, DBC, you made my day.

punkboy_1 (December 6, 2002)

i like every song on here. neat concept too.

Anonymous (October 29, 2002)

When will people realize this guy sucks. I like emo, but Jesus Christ, this is just pussy whinning crybaby crap.

Belve (August 30, 2002)

so imposssible contains my favorite song hands down

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Emo Sucks. I dont care about my and/or your feelings. thats why i hurt cats.

Anonymous (August 4, 2002)

Chris Codutu should be raped by monkeys and have sausages shove in his orfices

Anonymous (July 14, 2002)

I really don't understand a lot of people's comments on this.

Whether or not this is not punk, Chris is absolutely amazing and at his best (in my opinion) on this, although everyone is entitled to have their own opinions.

Personally, I think this pure brilliance and if you really listen to this, it tells a story. you can feel the want and the need in his voice... it's beautiful.

if you want to bitch at me or compliment me, email me at sarahanderson182@hotmail.com

* sarah

Anonymous (June 11, 2002)

This album huffs mad dong.
I want my money back for buying this pile of horse shit

Anonymous (May 30, 2002)

I downloaded all four songs, and shit my pants. This is amazing, its not punk, but it is just so amazing I'm goin to buy this tommorow....

Anonymous (April 10, 2002)

"Could a more true sentiment ever have been written about standing on your girlfriend or boyfriends porch awaiting that first nervous, wonderful kiss?"

What the fuck!? Is this a punk site or motherfucking YM?!

Anonymous (April 5, 2002)

Emo didn't come from Fugazi. There were plenty of emo bands before Fugazi, notably Rites of Spring (the first and best), which featured Guy and Brendan from Fugazi, and Embrace, which had Ian MacKaye as lead singer. Both of these bands were a lot more emo than Fugazi.

And the modern "emo sound" came from Sunny Day Real Estate originally, not Weezer, although most bands like the Get up Kids doubtless got it via Weezer.

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

dude...how many songs can you write about chicks? seriously, this dude has some serious issues with being a sandy punanny. i don't know how he gets a date, he obviously can't stay in a relationship. NO MORE OVERLY EMOTIONAL WHITE GUYS SINGING ABOUT THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY.

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

boo fucking hoo, grow up stupid whiney emo kids.

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

While I don't listen to much "emo" I do like Dashboard Confessional thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to them(him). However, I don't care how much I like Dashboard I'm not shelling out the $12.99 everyone near me is asking for to get 4 songs. It's a good thing I have a conscience, because I'm seriously tempted to just download the shit off the internet and save the money....krowdsurf

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

yeah the first song is for you to notice. It's not very "punk rock" of me to like this but it's very good

CallingLondon (April 4, 2002)

i haven't heard this disk, and i'm not really a fan of dashboard, but i respect them/him as artist/s. i just wanted to respond the first guy who said emo is not a branch of punk, but more an indie thing. Indie music itself is an extension of punk. emo came from bands like fugazi originally, but what most people know as emo today is because of Weezer's Pinkerton, which gave birth to bands like the Get Up Kids. Then Dashboard took the overall sound and pretty much took away the distorted guitars and fast beats, and was left with what he sounds like. So, in short, emo, and dashboard, are very much an extension of punk. that's all. this score is for dashboard in general.

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

Isn't the first track called "For You to Notice"?

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

EMo Sucks

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

totally blowing it.

Anonymous (April 4, 2002)

Dashboard Confessional has never been my thing, neither has emo in general. I've always found it way too soft, whiny and poppy. But this band does a good job at what it is trying to do and the whole concept idea thingy is actually pretty cool. I think it's kind of stupid to make a whole EP about a girl, but, hey, everybody's got their own thing. His voice get's kind of annoying after a while, it sound a little too much like he's begging and whinning, it doesn't hit my soul much, Greg Graffin's voice does the best job there, I don't know why that is, but he does have the best voice in music, in my opinion. For a fan of band like Black Flag and Minor Threat I am being very tolerable on an album like this, but it defintiely does a good job at what it does.

lockdown59 (April 4, 2002)

I must disagree with you on one thing, I do not consider Emo to be a branch of punk. Sure emo isn't exactly pop either, Its pretty much an indie thing. I know its confusing.

Anyways, I do like some emo, and Chris is an extremely talented musician. I need ot check this EP out.

Let the "EMo Sucks" outbursts start.

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