Paint It Black / Lemuria / Raw Nerve

Paint It Black / Lemuria / Raw Nerve: live in Chicagolive in Chicago (2011)
live show

Reviewer Rating: 3.5

Contributed by: sk8drum90sk8drum90
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Overall a fun time, but unfortunately, some stuff really lacked. First off, the venue Locked Out is a DIY art space with a 350 capacity. Yeah, sounds super rad, right? Kinda not really. The PA totally sucked (it got completely blown during Raw Nerve's set) and I don't think they really knew what .

Overall a fun time, but unfortunately, some stuff really lacked.

First off, the venue Locked Out is a DIY art space with a 350 capacity. Yeah, sounds super rad, right? Kinda not really. The PA totally sucked (it got completely blown during Raw Nerve's set) and I don't think they really knew what they were doing. Also, I felt a little uncomfortable with their politics on how the door money should get split up, but I won't get into that here.

Boilerman opened the show and sounded as good as they could given the terrible sound issues they were having. The clueless "sound guy" had them check levels for about 20 minutes before they started, and the vocals cut in and out the entire set. The crowd really didn't care about them, as everyone was there to see RN, Lemuira or Paint It Black, but they should have, because these dudes rock. For fans of early Alkaline Trio, Screeching Weasel and Jawbreaker. Definitely a solid set.

Poison Planet played second and by this time the PA was figured out more or less (although it still cut out every once in a while...ugh) and they commanded the stage pretty well. I'm not an expert on Chicago hardcore at all, but from my understanding, these guys are kind of veterans to the scene, and they played as such. Pretty standard hardcore, but awesome commentary on animal cruelty and government issues (they even played a Dead Kennedys cover!). Great set, the crowd got into it, and I'd definitely see them again.

Raw Nerve played after Poison Planet and one could feel the buzz in the room before they started. Raw Nerve has been getting a good amount of attention lately after signing to Youth Attack Records and has been really hyped everywhere. As far as their set went, however, I didn't really understand what all of the hype was all about. I mean, yeah, it was good hardcore, but what the fuck else is new? It's real easy to be a hardcore band and sound like everybody else. I was pretty disappointed on their set, as I was expecting something new, but it was just the same shit.

After RN, Lemuria hit the stage and let me down even further. A couple years ago, right when Get Better came out, I was a huge Lemuria fan. They were definitely on "favorite band" status and I had always wanted to see them live. This show was the first time I had ever seen them, and i was pretty bummed on their set. The PA at this point was barely functioning and Sheena's vocals were barley even audible, so I could understand some frustration coming from the band, but they did absolutely nothing to try and propel their set past a lackluster, muffled performance. They seemed to just be going through the motions and not really giving a shit. On top of it all, they played a couple really slow songs in the middle of the set that just dragged everything down. It was obvious that this was a standard set that they probably practice and play at every show, but given the circumstances that this was a predominately hardcore show, I think some quicker songs would have benefited them a ton. I really, really want to have faith in this band, but I am slowly but surely losing it.

To headline the show, Paint It Black took the stage. Thank non-existing God. PA sucks? Fuck it. Who cares. Let's rock. Paint It Black have a stage presence that few bands can ever achieve and ended up winning over everyone in the room. Sing-alongs and stage-dives were abundant, and the show was saved. Paint It Black is one of the best hardcore bands out there today, and I have no doubt that this is a band that will go down in legendary status 20 years from now. Thank you, Dan Yemin, for saving this show from a somewhat boring, muffled mess and turning it into a ton of fun.


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lifet1m (February 14, 2011)

bud_boomer - Those numbers are a little skewed because a good portion of the money that went to the Dog Rescue came from a raffle. I think that 1/7 is probably more around the 1/4 or 1/5 mark.

televisioneyes (February 14, 2011)

I saw Lemuria twice this weekend and they played two completely different sets. Both excellent. But I could hear the vocals. I've never seen PIB but I know that hardcore bands can get by a lot better without good PAs. I would be annoyed if I paid 10 dollars to see a band and the sound was shitty. Especially considering how far I travel to see Lemuria shows.

bud_boomer (February 13, 2011)

I don't know anything about Locked Out, but a lot of DIY venues will ask for approximately 1/4-1/5 of the door or more, especially if they don't have a bar to make money with and/or it's all ages show. From the numbers, it looks like the venus took in around 1/7 of the door, which seems pretty fair to me.

Out of curiosity, how much do you (the reviewer) think is fair for a venue to take?

thepopeofchili-town (February 13, 2011)

If you pay to see a band, you should be able to hear them as well. Punx cred be damned.

theproblemwithfire (February 13, 2011)

you could easily lump paint it black in with that "same shit" comment

drunkwithpower (February 13, 2011)

Maybe Locked Out will spend the $570 on a new p.a.

JerryCola (February 13, 2011)

I want to back the comments about it being a major bummer the PA turned to shit. In a way I get the ‚??it‚??s a punk show, why would you care about good sound‚?Ě comments, but overall I think it‚??s an unsettling comment to me. This wasn‚??t some house show in a guy‚??s basement, I‚??m sorry but I like going to shows because I enjoy hearing live music. I enjoy good sound!

Also, I want to mention that since this show was def going to sell out since the venue only had a 350 person capacity, and there was no advance ticket sales, it really sucked to have to show up at 6:30pm for doors in order to guarantee that you'd get in and then the first band didn't even go on until 8:30pm. And then when you also enforce a no re-entry policy along with no smoking or drinking then yeah just standing around for 2 hours before any music even starts, really sucks.

And before I get someone being like "oh sorry you can't go a single show without your vices" let me tell you, it's not that I was like in a desperate itch to kill my addictions, but look at the reality of it, having some drinks and smokes helps you relax and unwind a lot easier when you have to just stand there and kill two hours before the first band even goes on.

I really don‚??t want to be so harshly negative here, but it was so frustrating just standing around for so long, especially since I‚??m not too into hardcore and was there mainly for Lemuria, plus to check out Paint it Black. So to wait for so long only to have Lemuria‚??s vocals sound like they were underwater was pretty upsetting experience overall to me.

Hey_Asshole (February 12, 2011)

James, the fact that it was $10 is not the issue people have with the show. The fact that midway through, the PA shit the bed and that the show kept getting delayed due to equipment issues is.

conduit (February 12, 2011)

10 dollars is most definitely not too much to see Paint It Black anytime. I feel exactly the same way about Lemuria this dude does, got really into that band, the first time I saw them they were pretty good, the second time I saw them most recently it seemed like they had a quarter of the enthusiasm if even that. The point of my post is Paint It Black rules.

jamespastepunk (February 12, 2011)

Okay. I'm really angry, like, jealous angry about the response this gig is getting.

Seriously: Paint it Black hasn't headlined a show in Chicago since last decade, (2004/5 IIRC) and there's people saying with a straight face that $10 is a bit steep to see them. That seems shortsighted. I'll say that and be charitable.

In short: I wish I was there, it sounds like a great time and I hope to see Paint it Black when they play Chicago next, in 2018.

StraightToHell82 (February 12, 2011)

1- Yeah, those totals are pretty insane. Didn't know the venue took that much.
2- That is odd that they only said $5 to me. When they only asked me for 5, I figured that's how much everyone paid... my bad.
3- The money figure definitely does alter it a bit. For 5 bucks, I accepted and forgave the sound. For 10, I think I would've been a bit more peeved.
4- My apologies to all of those I was arguing with.

thenightprowler (February 11, 2011)

Ben Weasel may be an asshole but this show really made me think of this song...

d.i.y. why because we hate you and the dumb look on your face
d.i.y. why because your band's another weak charity case
our shows should be five bucks or less
we'll do it for the kids
two legs good, mtv bad and major labels suck no fucking shit
d.i.y. is simply your only excuse for why you always fail
initials on the flag you wave when your shitty records won't sell anywhere
politics and social comment, twenty dollar words
won't make your lousy music go down easier you can't polish a turd
d.i.y. means do it yourself because it's what you want
it doesn't clean the state when everything gets all fucked up
what would you do you phony fuckhead if you hit it big?
stop acting better then me we both know you're full of shit

Hey_Asshole (February 11, 2011)

$10 was the asked price, that is how much I paid. I asked when I got to the table for the door, the guy and girl taking door money said $10. That was the price on the flyer. No idea where the "it was only $5" is coming from.

As far as the opening bands, I generally do not like hardcore, and this was really no exception. Lemuria had a good set, after some equipment issues. Would have been better had the fucking PA worked properly.

I do not understand why people are saying it is wrong to compalin about shitty sound at a punk show. If we were talking a garage or house show, sure I could see the complaints as being dumb. But, if you are trying to run a "professional" event, you should have good gear. Charging $10 for people to hear bands as though the vocals were being done by adult characters from the Peanuts cartoon is ridiculous. Yeah, it is a free space run bar a collective and whatever, but, if you do not have the means to do a show properly, do not do one.

telegraphrocks (February 11, 2011)

Paint It Black $750
Lemuria $750
Sound (Alberto) $160
Locked Out $570


sk8drum90 (February 11, 2011)

heres what i meant about that "politics of the door money" comment. i was super stoked that Locked Out is big enough to fit 350 in it. thats so sick for a diy space! i was just a little thrown off when i saw the numbers for the show, and saw that Locked Out took $570. ive never heard of a diy space that takes that much from the door. what do they need it for? i fully understand that it costs money to maintain a show space. i live in one. i just thought it was a bit excessive. i paid 10 to get in, and thought that the majority of it was going towards battered animals. it still kicks ass how much that they were able to raise for the cause though.

from Nick Baran, who set up the show:
"So here are the numbers from last night:

Paint It Black $750
Lemuria $750
Raw Nerve $75
Poison Planet $75
Boilerman $75

Sound (Alberto) $160
Locked Out $570

Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue $1100 $200 (raffle tickets) = $1300"

zeedeepee (February 11, 2011)

All I know is that it was the first time I had been able to see Paint It Black since CVA came out, and I had an incredibly huge grin on my face the entire time they played.

slowstupidhungry (February 11, 2011)

Yeah but he also didn't seem to care for any of the openers... Which I personally don't agree with, because I would rather see Raw/Nerve than Paint It Black any day. But I didn't write the review. The guy doesn't seem to be claiming to be "in the know" about the hardcore scene, so I think it's kind of lame to pile on him as if he wasn't punk enough to appreciate this show. I guess I just find the idea of modern teddy boys telling some kid he's not adequately lockstep distasteful.

StraightToHell82 (February 11, 2011)

"Hey guy below me I think this show was $10, that's what the flyer said. I wasn't there, but I wish I could have been. Seems like a pretty great way to see a band that hasn't been here very often, but I feel bad for the people that got shut out. Had they done this in a legitimate venue that fits more people it probably wouldn't have been such a headache and I'm sure people would have paid $15 for this to cover the extra overhead."
"Hey, how ya doing? How much is it tonight?"
"Five dollars"
"Here you go, thank you."

Also, 350 is a pretty good sized place for PIB to play. It's basically like them playing at Reggie's (same legal capacity), and bigger than Subterranean, Beat Kitchen, Pancho's, what used to be Ronny's, and a bunch of other places.
You go up a bit in venue capacity and what do you get? Bottom Lounge? PIB couldn't fill that... especially jacking the price up to $15.

The only thing that was KIND OF a bummer about this show was the PA, but it wasn't terrible. I was in the back when Lemuria played, and I could hear the vocals. I was in the front when PIB played, and except for the mic cutting in and out, I could hear the vocals. It's such a minor thing, and I don't understand how it could have ruined anyone's experience at an all-around awesome show.

slowstupidhungry (February 11, 2011)

I like how no one complaining about the review is even negating that the show sounded like shit: The writer just evidently owes it to your scene to overlook anything he personally saw as a shortcoming. What a bullshit attitude.

eatdogs (February 11, 2011)

you all are doggin' this review a little too much. the writing is good and shows personality which is always a nice effect when writing. it bring you down to the writers level and ditches the usual academic way of reviewing. besides, i think it's great when the opening bands get more cred because they are trying hard and you never know when the next big thing will pop up. you all should know what a paint it black show is like anyway by now. same thing for lemuria...

drunkwithpower (February 11, 2011)

Hey guy below me I think this show was $10, that's what the flyer said. I wasn't there, but I wish I could have been. Seems like a pretty great way to see a band that hasn't been here very often, but I feel bad for the people that got shut out. Had they done this in a legitimate venue that fits more people it probably wouldn't have been such a headache and I'm sure people would have paid $15 for this to cover the extra overhead.

johngentile (February 11, 2011)

Eh, I think this review is okay. I mean, if you are at a show where the pa is busted, then it can be dissappointing, if not a bad show on the merits.

I would rather have an honest review than one where the person is like "I'm so punk that even though all I could hear was feedback, it was still an awesome show."

I'd encourage this writer to keep doing reviews, and maybe focus more on the main acts and the music itself, and maybe lay off incidential annoyances, unless they substantially affectecd how good the concert was.

usversusthem (February 11, 2011)

Score is for the review. Obviously concentrate the talking about the headliners into two or three sentences right at the end like an afterthought. Obviously. Have you ever read a show review before? Did you proofread this at all? I'm guessing no, and no.

StraightToHell82 (February 11, 2011)

I also attended the show, and coincidentally happen to know one of the show-runners / building-squatters / whatever for about 16 years.
The guy below me is right on... if you aren't going to get into how your $5 was split up, then don't even bring it up. Also, I have no clue why you'd even have a problem with helping good causes out. The people that run the place are all kind, good-spirited, positive folk that actually practice what they preach, and actually do positive things. Was the one thing you had a problem with helping out abused dogs? Whatever.

Onto the actual show, Paint It Black was phenomenal. Sure, the PA ended up being a bit fucked, but boo-hoo. For a $5 show where the money went to a GOOD cause, I can't think of one logical thing to bitch about. But, low and behold, you bitch, bitch, bitch.

damnitsderek (February 11, 2011)

"Also, I felt a little uncomfortable with their politics on how the door money should get split up, but I won't get into that here."

If you're not going to get into it, don't bring it up.

acris (February 11, 2011)

oh goddamnit carcass did you write this

don't come to my house to do laundry anymore

acris (February 11, 2011)

perpetually laughing at people who whine about shit PAs when they go to punk shows

ryan lowry 4 lyfe

thedopamines (February 11, 2011)

Sounds like a whiney baby to me. Sometimes punk doesn't sound good oi oi dip shit

lifet1m (February 11, 2011)

Was pretty bummed out with that night too. Boilerman rules (boilerman.bandcamp.com) and the new Lemuria songs would've been nice to actually hear live.

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