According to a recent story at, hardcore label Bridge 9 Records and affiliated band Have Heart have filed a copyright violation to MySpace over a cover song by a group called Youth of Togay.

The complaint states that the cover of Have Heart's "The Machinist" and the parody art of their album The Things We Carry have been illegally used. Youth of Togay had recently posted the new track "The Gaychinist" from their upcoming album The Dongs We Bury on their MySpace page. The article further states the page was deleted by MySpace without further investigation. contacted Bridge 9 about the incident and posted the response. In the posted response, Bridge 9 was quoted as saying:
There was no "cease & desist" or legal action taken, all someone from B9 did was email MySpace to pull the songs down because the band didn't think it was funny. No lawyers, nothing like that, just a "This isn't funny, and they're using our song" type of email, so I guess the page got pulled. Personally I can appreciate a good parody but no one at B9 or in Have Heart found "Youth Of ToGay" to be funny at all.
You can read the story here, and the posted response from Bridge 9 here. Youth of Togay has also established a Purevolume page, with a stream and download of the track in question, here.