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This week's Vinyl File Spotlight features Judge's rare and sought after Chung King Can Suck It 12". Also below you'll find a list of some great upcoming vinyl releases from bands like Coalesce, Isis, Mono and Pelican, Tigershark, Say Anything and more.

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One of the most sought after (and incidentally expensive) releases in American hardcore is Judge's Chung King Can Suck It 12".

Judge emerged from New York in 1987 and featured both John Porcelly and Mike Judge, both of Youth of Today. The confrontational straight-edge band released their first 7", New York Crew in 1988, but it's the follow-up to it, Chung King Can Suck It that we're interested in.

Chung King Can Suck It was an album that was never meant to be. The band had been recording what would go on to be released as Bringin' it Down. The studio playing host to the band was New York City's Chung King Recording Studio. A barely-functioning recording room, a coke head recording engineer and a replacement for said coke head engineer who had no experience recording punk music ensured that Judge wouldn't leave with what the band intended. After listening to the finished mixes, the band members decided that it wasn't up to the standards that intended. However, Jordan Cooper, who had just started Revelation Records had already paid for the album's mastering and pressing and simply couldn't afford not to go through with it. And thus, we arrive, at Revelation Record's Chung King Can Suck It.

Not surprisingly, the album wasn't released in wide numbers. In fact, Revelation only pressed 100 copies (as well as 10 test-pressings) on white vinyl, mainly to provide to people who had pre-ordered the album. They were given the catalogue number REV:-1 - Revelation negative one-. The 110 records were handed out and hand-numbers /100. For the 10 test-presses, covers were altered to say "/110" instead of "/100". It is these ten that have become the holy grails of some straight-edge hardcore record collectors and have fetched over $1,600 online. The album has such a following that Revelation gave the album its own website where they try to document the locations of known copies of the album.

Funnily enough, no producing or engineering credits are given. The producer credit is given to "He Who Can Suck it" while no engineering credit is given at all. On their CD retrospective What it Meant's linter notes the band said the album was "not produced" and was "Engineered by some cokehead loser."

If you have one and want to share your story with us, let us know.


With the Full Effect out of commission, Reggie has had plenty of time for his other band. Coalesce returns in October with a new 7", Salt and Passage. It's available now as a pre-order here. all color copies are available in limited numbers at the web store with the rest going on tour with the band later this year. The numbers are: 300 gold/brown/white in gold/brown jackets, 367 black/white, 369 clear, white, blue, 367 orange/red/blue, 60 rainbow speckles (in white/gray jackets) and 520 70 gram black in black/silver jackets. That's a mouthful. Some copies were sold out at press time, so if you want one, jump on it.

Robotic Empire is re-issuing Isis' third album Panopticon. Colors include smoke-blue, clear-green split, gray, and black. Word is it's already sold out from some retailers, but check for yourself. Isis selling out? Surprise surprise. Also, a while back Isis made mention of a vinyl box set, but there's still no word on that.

Virginia's Perpetual Motion Machine has two releases available for pre-order. The first is a one-sided 12" from Richmond's The Catalyst. Marina Trench follows up a split LP the band did last year with Mass Movement of the Moth. The 12" is limited to 700 copies on colored vinyl with 350 on clear and 350 on red. The first side contains four songs while the second is a silkscreened image.

The second release from Perpetual Motion is a split 10" from Virginia's Tigershark and South Carolina's Thank God. Each band contributes three new songs and the release is limited to 495 copies on black vinyl with silkscreened jackets. Tick Tock Records and Molsook Records are collaborating on the release. Pre-orders will be shipping shortly and will be in the hands of other distributors soon. For now, get them at the Perpetual Motion website.

Victory Records has a number of new vinyl releases available from their website now.Darkest Hour's newest effort, Deliver Us is available in pink, baby blue and purple. No word on which one is the Victory-exclusive color. The latest Silverstein album Arrivals and Departures is up for pre-order in clear dark orange, baby blue and yellow. Again, the website doesn't say which is exclusive to Victory (and usually the most limited). Victory also reissued Earth Crises' Firestorm and All Out War on one record. It comes in clear green, clear red and grey putty, the latter being the limited version. Why they haven't announced anything about the new album from Warriors is beyond me, but if Victory is listening - get on that!

1-2-3-4 Go! Records makes the Vinyl File again this week with a repress for the Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers Terminal Boredom7". The band consists of members of The Briefs. The label promises it comes in a thicker cardboard sleeve than the original press with altered artwork. It's limited to 200 copies on green and 800 copies on black. In other news from 1-2-3-4 Go! they have announced that a split 7" featuring Illinois bands The Brokedowns and The Arrivals. It's going to be officially known as The Illinois State 7" Finally, the label is carrying copies of The Ringers' Detention Hall LP. Check it.

Rx Bandits recently posted some news that ...And the Battle Begun is going to be released on vinyl. No word on pressing info or if other albums will follow.

Art of the Underground has made available The Only Children's Change of Living LP. It's up now for pre-order and is limited to 500. Even if you can't count that high, it's not a lot, so it'll likely sell out.

Temporary Residence has opened up ordering for Japan's Mono's Gone 3xlp which consists of a couple of their really old EPs and material from their split with Pelican It's on clear/cream/gold and black vinyl. They'll sell it to you for $20 postage paid. Order it here.

After being in the works for a year, the split between Catalyst and Brainworms is ready to be released from Rorschach Records. It's available on 3 different color with 200 on black, 200 on green and 100 on grey. The label is offering special package deals when you order more releases from either band.

New label The Mylene Sheath has some releases coming out that they're excited about. The first is from If These Walls Could Talk and is a vinyl version of the band's self-titled album previously released on CD through Procedure Records. They also promise albums from Beware of Safety and Gifts From Enola

Die Young has just made available their newest album The Message. It's limited to 600 copies with 100 on gold, 200 on silver and 300 on black vinyl. Each issue features a silkscreen cover and 16-page zine with testimonials from band members, a full tour history through to 2006 and more. It's available from the fine folks at Surprise Attack Records who also has 7"s available from Where it Ends, Ambitions and Pound for Pound.

It took a while, but ..Is A Real Boy from Say Anything is getting released on vinyl. The double gatefold album is expected in October and is being released on Doghouse Records. As a bonus it includes the Was a Real Boy EP as well as a previously unreleased track, 'Walk Through Hell.' One record in each copy will be on green and white vinyl while the second half is on black. Ordering info as well as track listing are available here.

If you have information about upcoming vinyl releases/sales/repressings/etc, please contact us. Also if you're in a band Punknews covers we'd love to talk to you about your vinyl collection. Email Ben [at] Punknews [dot] Org.