Red Dons, which features Justin and Daniel from Clorox Girls and Doug from the Observers, are in the midst of a European tour with Revisions (a band which also features personnel from both those bands). The tour includes shows with the Lost Patrol Band and Brutal Knights, among others.

The band is supporting a 7 inch and LP titled Death to Idealism released on Deranged Records in Canada and the USA and on Wasted Sounds in Europe.

Red Dons Tour Dates
August 25th Nijmegen De Onderbroek Red Dons & Revisions
August 26th Ieper Fest IeperFest 12:00pm Red Dons & Revisions
August 26th Paris Le Rocher w/ B.U.S.H
August 27th Paris La Melanique Onducatoire Revisions
August 28th St. Etienne L'Assommoir Pub TBA
August 29th La Roca (Barcelona) El Moli TBA
August 30th Madrid Wurlitzer Balroom TBA
August 31st Donostia / San Sabastian Atabal TBA
September 1st Arnedo Sala Sendero w/ TBA
September 2nd Bordeaux, Fr La Centrale 6 :00
September 3rd Lyon? TBA w/ TBA
September 4th Mannheim Juz Mannheim w/ TBA
September 5th Vienna The Arena w/ Brat Pack & B.U.S.H.
September 6th Munchen Kafe Kult w/ All My Hate For
September 7th Innsbruck PMK w/Zadopek
September 8th Tabor, Cz CafĂ? 7 w/ C
September 9th Chemitz Subway to Peter Red Dons & Revisions
September 10th Ujezd, Horovice, Cz Statek w/ TBA
September 11th Dresden Chemiefabric Red Dons & Revisions
September 12th Germany? TBA w/ TBA
September 13th Helsingor, DK Musikhuset ElvĂ?rket w/ TBA
September 13th Malmo TBA w/ Brutal Knights
September 14th Stockholm Brother Tuck w/ TBA
September 15th Umea TBA w/ TBA
September 16th Umea TBA w/ TBA
September 17th Stockholm Louie Louie Revisions
September 18th Malmo TBA w/ Lost Patrol Band
September 19th Copenhagen TBA Red Dons & Revisions
September 20th Bremen Golden Shop w/Austin Lucas (2:00pm)
September 20th Bremen Friese w/ Guided Cradle
September 22nd Metz La Tunnel w/ TBA
September 24th London TBA Revisions
September 25th Brighton TBA Red Dons & Revisions
September 26th High Wycombe TBA w/ TBA
September 27th Manchester TBA w/ TBA
September 28th Newcastle TBA Red Dons & Revisions in Store
September 29th Guildford TBA w/ TBA
September 30th London TBA Red Dons & Revisions

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