Image`77 era London based punk band the Pork Dukes are headed to the US later this month for a tour. The band will playing shows on both coasts, including a Los Angeles show with Mike Watt.

The Pork Dukes released their first single Bend & Flush in the summer of 1977, the first of three singles and two album releases from their original era. Due to the level of profanity and graphic subject matter in the group's songs, they received little radio airplay or managerial support and remained largely an underground phenomenon until their break up in `79. The group reformed in 2001.

Pork Dukes Tour Dates
18 Sep 2009 20:00 Sterling Hotel Allentown, Pennsylvania
19 Sep 2009 20:00 book signing /radio Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
20 Sep 2009 13:00 Jammin Java (ON STAGE AT 1.OOpm - early afternoon show!) Vienna, Washington DC
21 Sep 2009 20:00 Hard Rock Hotel! Las Vegas, Nevada
22 Sep 2009 20:00 Double Down Saloon Las Vegas, Nevada
24 Sep 2009 20:00 Music Room San Bernadino, California
25 Sep 2009 20:00 Redwood Bar Los Angeles
26 Sep 2009 20:00 The Legion (Pork Dukes on-stage at 11pm) Highland Park, California
27 Sep 2009 13:00 Anarchy Library (afternoon show!) Downey, LA, California

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