ImageAccording to Alternative Press members of the band Pennywise broke into Alesana's van following their final show on this year's Warped Tour in Denver. Alesana frontman Shawn Milke had this to say to AP:
Just to clear the air of any rumors, last night upon returning to our bus after a night out with friends, both our band and our tour manager were attacked blindly by by two very drunk members of Pennywise. Alesana is a non-violent band and always has been. We do not encourage or willingly participate in any violent activities. The two guys entered our bus and, without any instigating on our part, began punching us and trashing our bus. We are eternally sorry that this event took place and had it not been for the Denver police showing up and restraining our assailants, the night could have been tragic. Luckily, no one in our camp was injured.
No statement has been issued by Pennywise currently.

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