Deep Sleep Baltimore, MD's Deep Sleep have announced a two week run of East Coast and Midwest cities beginning April 21st. The band released their debut LP, Turn Me Off in 2011.

Date City Venue
April 21, 2012 Baltimore, MD Charm City Art Space
April 22, 2012 Philadelphia, PA (DAY) Road To Ruin Fest
April 22, 2012 Philadelphia, PA (NIGHT) Cloud City
April 23, 2012 New Brunswick, NJ Black Light
April 24, 2012 Boston, MA Trouble Ahead
April 25, 2012 Rochester, NY TBA
April 26, 2012 Chicago, IL Thee Tap Room
April 27, 2012 Milwaukee, WI Cream City Collectives
April 28, 2012 Nashville, TN Cirith Ungol
April 29, 2012 Memphis, TN Hi-Tone Cafe
April 30, 2012 Atlanta, GA Wonderoot
May 1, 2012 Carboro, NC All Day Records
May 2, 2012 Richmond, VA Strange Matter

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