Dan Webb and the Spiders Boston's Dan Webb and the Spiders are heading off to Germany for a tour this March.

In addition, the band is releasing a split with Germany's Irish Handcuffs, featuring a pair of tracks from each band. The split is due out on March 7, 2013.

Date City Venue Notes
March 07 Würzburg Immerhin w/IRISH HANDCUFFS!
March 08 Karlsruhe Carambolage  
March 09 Bremen Friese  
March 10 Hamburg Rote Flora  
March 11 Berlin Ramones Museum  
March 12 Hameln Freiraum w/ Dead Koys
March 13 Illingen JUZ w/Hunters (CA)
March 14 Stuttgart Wagenhallen, Kleine Kneipe  
March 15 Regensburg Büro w/Glorious Thieves & Underparts
March 16 Göttingen T-Keller  
March 17 Göttingen Kabale acoustic  
March 18 Freiburg Slow Club  
March 19 Landshut tba  
March 20 A - Wien Venster  
March 21 CH-Zürich Dynamo  
March 22 München Kafe Marat w/Balboa Burnout & Kuballa
March 23 Ravensburg Cafe Bar Balthes  

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