Blackbird Raum Today we are excited to bring you the premiere of a new video from acoustic crust-punk rabble rousers Blackbird Raum. The extra disturbing video is for the track "Disfigured Isolation" and appears on their latest full-length, False Weavers, recently released on Silver Sprocket.

The album was recorded at all-analog Tiny Telephone Studios and features artwork by legendary Dungeons And Dragons artist Russ Nicholson. The 12-inch vinyl includes a bonus treat from Nicholson, an 18x24 map of the "Known Lands in the Age of False Weavers" with references to DIY organizations, venues, and squats world-wide that the band has interacted with over their travels.

False Weavers is available now via mail-order from Silver Sprocket on CD and limited edition white vinyl.

5/18/2013 Petaluma, CA The Phoenix Theater
5/19/2013 Arcata, CA Phil's House
5/20/2013 Eugene, OR Tiny's
5/21/2013 Olympia Northern
5/22/2013 Friends hangout day! n/a
5/23/2013 Friends hangout day! n/a
5/24/2013 Seattle, WA Vera Project Folklife
5/25/2013 Seattle, WA Comet Tavern w/ Danbert Nobacon of Cumbawamba
5/26/2013 Portland, OR TBA
5/27/2013 Redding, CA TBA
6/11/2013 Frankfurt, Germany Klapperfeld
6/12/2013 Bremgarten, Germany KuZeB
6/13/2013 Lyon, France TBA
6/14/2013 Barcelona, Spain TBA
6/15/2013 Torelol, Spain Eclectic Club
6/16/2013 Palafrugell, Spain TBA
6/17/2013 Madrid, Spain Wurlitzer Ballroom
6/18/2013 Spain TBA
6/19/2013 Bordeaux, France TBA
6/20/2013 Le Mans, France TBA
6/21/2013 Tours, France TBA
6/22/2013 Nevers, France TBA
6/23/2013 France TBA
6/24/2013 France TBA
6/25/2013 France TBA
6/26/2013 Grenoble, France TBA
6/28/2013 Laussane, Switzerland TBA
6/29/2013 Geneva, Switzerland TBA
6/30/2013 France TBA
7/1/2013 Reims, France TBA
7/2/2013 Paris, France TBA
7/3/2013 Leuven, Belgium Chaosbar
7/4/2013 Nijmegen, Netherlands De Onderbroek
7/5/2013 Den Haag, Netherlands De Piraat
7/6/2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands Anarcho Folkfest at Binnenpret
7/7/2013 Groningen, Netherlands TBA
7/9/2013 Hengelo, Netherlands TBA
7/10/2013 Antwerp or Gent, Netherlands (help!)
7/11/2013 Koln, Germany Osterinsel
7/12/2013 Munster, Germany Baracke
7/13/2013 Bremen, Germany Sportverein
7/14/2013 Hamburg, Germany Gangeviertel
7/15/2013 Copenhagen, Denmark (help!)
7/17/2013 Malmo, Sweden (help!)
7/18/2013 Gotenburg, Sweden TBA
7/20/2013 Oslo, Norwal Blitz
7/21/2013 Halden, Norway TBA
7/22/2013 Horten, Norway TBA
7/24/2013 Trondheim, Norway TBA
7/25/2013 Bergen, Norway TBA
7/26/2013 Stavanger, Norway TBA
7/27/2013 Kristiansand, Norway Makeskrit Fest
7/28/2013 Aalborg, Denmark TBA
7/29/2013 Recklinghausen, Germany AKZ
7/31/2013 Braunschweig, Germany Nexus
8/2/2013 Berlin, Germany Kopi
8/3/2013 Poznan, Poland TBA
8/4/2013 Warsaw, Poland TBA
8/5/2013 Lublin, Poland TBA
8/6/2013 Krakow, Poland TBA
8/8/2013 Leipzig, Germany TBA
8/9/2013 Flensberg, Germany Haversmarkt
9/23/2013 Corsept, France Couvre Feu Festival w/ The Offspring
9/27/2013 London, England TBA
9/28/2013 Bristol, England TBA
9/29/2013 Leeds or Bradford (Help!)
9/30/2013 Liverpool or Norwich (Help!)
10/1/2013 Brighton, England Cowley Club

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