Image Vermont's Tyler Daniel Bean is heading out on an extensive US tour this summer, including an appearance at I Got Brains Fest in Blacksburg, VA. Bean is supporting his new 7-inch Everything You Do Scares Me. He released his Longing full-length last year.

Date City Venue
JUL 12 White River Junction, VT White River Museum
JUL 13 Boston, MA Democracy Center
JUL 14 Providence, RI Machines With Magnets
JUL 15 Willimantic, CT Willimantic Records
JUL 16 Doylestown, PA Siren Records
JUL 17 Fredericksburg, VA Horseshoes & Handgrenades
JUL 18 Alexandria, VA The Lab
JUL 19 Blacksburg,VA I Got Brains
JUL 20 Blacksburg,VA I Got Brains
JUL 21 Greensboro, NC House Show
JUL 22 Atlanta, GA TBA
JUL 23 Columbia, SC TBA
JUL 24 Orlando, FL House Show
JUL 25 Gainesville, FL 1982 Bar
JUL 26 St Augustine, FL House Show
JUL 28 Nashville, TN The Owl Farm
JUL 29 Jackson, MS Rampage Extreme Park
JUL 30 Fort Worth, TX 1919 Hemphill
JUL 31 Houston, TX House Show
AUG 01 Austin, TX 1808
AUG 03 Tucson, AZ Brootal Sun Fest
AUG 04 Las Vegas, NV Cack Shack
AUG 05 La Puente, CA Bridgetown DIY
AUG 06 Fresno, CA China Town Youth Center
AUG 07 Oakland, CA TBA
AUG 08 Redding, CA The Pastry House
AUG 09 Portland, OR TBA
AUG 10 Seattle, WA Victory Lounge
AUG 12 Curlew, WA Stots RV Park (acoustic show)
AUG 13 Missoula, MT TBA
AUG 14 Fargo, ND The New Direction
AUG 15 Milwaukee, WI TBA
AUG 16 Chicago, IL Kyle Haus
AUG 17 St. Louis, MO Lemp
AUG 19 Champagne, IL House Show
AUG 20 Kalamazoo, MI Wayne Manor
AUG 21 Grand Rapids, MI House Show
AUG 22 Columbus, OH House Show
AUG 23 Akron, OH It‚??s A Kling Thing!
AUG 24 Toronto, ON A Mountain Far Fest
AUG 25 Pittsburgh, PA 222 Ormsby
AUG 26 Philadelphia, PA Yarga‚??s Basement
AUG 27 Boston, MA House Show