Chumped The pop punk band from New York, NY that has stole hearts from across the country in 2013 is heading out on a short tour. Chumped will be supporting their 2013 release Chumped. All dates will be supported by Adult Dude, with appearances from The Fake Boys, The Young Leaves and Jawbreaker Reunion.

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Date City Venue Playing with
Jan. 29 Boston, MA O'Brien's The Fake Boys and Young Leaves
Jan. 30 Providence, RI The New Funky Jungle Math the Band and Gertrude Atherton
Jan. 31 New Brunswick, NJ The Cooler Ranch Worriers and Casual
Feb. 1 Brooklyn, NY Lulu's Jawbreaker Reunion and Island Twins
Feb. 2 Philadelphia, PA Golden Tea House Albondigas, Marge and Cool Points