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Classic Case

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC (USA)


Classic Case keep on keeping on. This four–year–old band, whose members are from North Carolina and New York City, is a study in perseverance and continuing to rock, despite surrounding circumstances. Even with its dark, tongue–in–cheek title and its stormy, moody undertones, the chunky, guitar–driven Losing At Life represents a new opportunity for a band that just wants to be heard. And after all, the best, most honest art is always born from darkness, frustration, and struggle, things Classic Case are familiar with. Classic Case started out as a quartet, but added a second guitar to their lineup to thicken their sound. The band formed in Brooklyn, when vocalist Jared Draughon moved to the borough, eventually hooking up with drummer Durijah Lang (who originally sat behind the kit for Glassjaw) and bassist Eric Mendelson, and self–recording the EP, Itâ??s Been Business Doing Pleasure With You.

The band toured in support of the EP, despite being label–less, thus building a recognizable name and reputation in the independent rock/emo/metal/hardcore scene. Classic Case logged shows with likeminded acts like The Used, A Static Lullaby, and The Bled. They eventually moved back to North Carolina, and hired guitarist Josh Moore (who cut his teeth in the defunct Tooth And Nail band Beloved). Classic Case were gearing up for the release of Dress To Depress via Fiddler Records, when the label folded. Despite that crushing blow, the band kept its collective head up, and soldiered on, touring and eventually signing to Fearless Records.

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Classic Case Losing at Life

Classic Case

Losing at Life (2007)


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