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Hometown: San Jose/Oakland, CA


Formed by members of Link–80, Shinobu and countless other Bay Area heavyweights, Gnarboots came to be in 2009 with the sole intent of creating chaos and good times through their music, both recorded and live. Since their formation the band has played with the likes of Bomb The Music Industry!, Hard Girls, Kepi Ghoulie and Sean Bonette (Andrew Jackson Jihad). Gnarboots is typically associated with their wide variety of musical stylings (ranging from Garage Rock to 80's synth–pop), as well as their boisterous live shows which have been known to include free style rapping, improvised dance numbers and the occasional chicken fight.

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Gnarboots Dark Moon [EP]


Dark Moon [EP] (2014)


Gnarboots Steal my Sunshine [single]


Steal my Sunshine [single] (2013)


Gnarboots live in San Francisco


live in San Francisco (2013)

live show

Joyce Manor/ Classics of Love/ Gnarboots Live in San Francisco

Joyce Manor/ Classics of Love/ Gnarboots

Live in San Francisco (2012)

live show

GnarBoots A.L.B.U.M.


A.L.B.U.M. (2012)

Asian Man Records

GnarBoots Live in Berkeley


Live in Berkeley (2012)

live show

Destroy Nate Allen / GnarBoots With Our Powers Combined

Destroy Nate Allen / GnarBoots

With Our Powers Combined (2012)

High Endurance Records

Minibosses / Gnarboots / Hard Girls Live in Cupertino and Berkeley

Minibosses / Gnarboots / Hard Girls

Live in Cupertino and Berkeley (2012)

live show

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Picture of Gnarboots


Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 8:00 PM (EDT)

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